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Business Trip


Melissa looked at her mirror image as she was getting dressed. She viewed her profile, then her ass, and then she smiled. She was hot. She'd lost 20 lbs and she loved her new figure. All of a sudden she didn't have that layer of fat, but her body was toned and her tummy was flat. Unfortunately it had affected her boobs. Where she used to wear D-cups she now only needed C-cups, but the good news was that they weren't sagging much. At the age of 33, having given birth twice, she still had remarkably firm tits, something she thanked her genes for. Her mother still had very firm boobs for a 60-year old so Melissa looked forward to the future.

She'd donned a new trouser suit and she loved how she looked in it. It was cut to be tight around the ass and show off the tits and her new push-up bra simply added to the overall impression. She checked that she'd packed everything, kissed the children goodbye and headed out to the waiting limo. In the limo her assistant Chloe was waiting. Melissa was off to give a keynote speech at a conference and Chloe was coming along to make sure there weren't any mishaps. This was incredibly important for Melissa's career. The director of sales was retiring and Melissa wanted his job. If she did well at this conference she knew that the job would be hers. She could practically taste it.

"Good morning Chloe," she greeted her PA as she got into the limo.

"Good morning Melissa," the buxom red-head replied. "You're looking great. Is that a new outfit?"

"Yeah, I've got a whole new wardrobe for a whole new me," Melissa smiled. "It feels great not to have to hide in baggy clothes anymore."

"I wouldn't know!" Chloe laughed in reply. She was curvy and freckly and even though she was at least as big as Melissa had been before her diet, she wore the pounds well and revelled in her curves by wearing skin tight shirts and skirts. Melissa was sure that there was a man in Chloe's life who kept feeding her cakes to keep her in the "yummy mummy" shape that she was in because she'd never before known a girl of that size who was so at ease with herself.

The two women worked all the way to the airport and during the long flight. When they finally reached their destination they quickly got changed and headed out for dinner with one of Melissa's major clients. It was 10 by the time they got back to the hotel and entered their adjoining rooms. Chloe soon came through the door between the rooms with a bottle of wine and two glasses. She'd taken off her shoes and jacket and unbuttoned the top buttons of her shirt.

"I had just enough time to run down and buy a bottle of wine earlier," she said as she uncorked the bottle. "Fancy a glass?"

"You've read my mind," Melissa smiled as she let her long blonde hair loose and stepped out of her shoes. "I love my job, but these long days are a pain."

"I guess I shouldn't remind you then that the next three days will only get worse."

"No, don't! I just need to relax."

The women sat on the king-size bed and sipped their wine and talked. It didn't take long for them to finish the wine. They were getting a little bit giggly and Melissa lay down on her back and sighed.

"What I wouldn't give for one of Dan's massages right now," she said, smiling as she thought of her husband.

"I'll give you a massage," Chloe volunteered.

"Are you sure? I wasn't hinting that you should."

"I'm sure, I find it quite relaxing to give them."

Melissa sat back up again and Chloe got behind her. She started massaging Melissa's shoulders through her blouse.

"It would be better if you took off your blouse," she said after a while. "And do you have any lotion that I can use?"

Melissa threw her blouse on the chair and got a bottle of heavily scented lotion from her toiletry bag. Chloe put some lotion on her hands and started massaging Melissa again. Melissa moaned as her assistant worked through her weary muscles.

Chloe brushed Melissa's bra straps off her shoulders and widened the area that she was massaging. The blonde threw her hair back and sighed out loud.

"This is so good," she moaned. "If you're ever tired of being my PA I'll hire you as my personal masseuse."

Chloe moved her hands down Melissa's back and got an instant reaction in form of another moan.

"It'll be better if you unhook your bra," she said and Melissa was quick to comply. She sat there with her eyes closed and didn't notice the look on Chloe's face as she looked at her boss's tits in the mirror.

"Lie down on your back," she whispered and Melissa did as she was told. Chloe put more lotion on her hands and spread them across the bottom of Melissa's ribcage, just under her tits. She then started circling the firm C-cups and Melissa's moans just got louder. Chloe finally got brave enough to cup Melissa's tits, still not touching her nipples.

"Mmmmmmm." Melissa moaned.

Chloe moved her hands in circles, closing her fingers in on the nipples that were fully erect by now. Then she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around one of Melissa's nipples.

Melissa was surprised by the move, but was more astounded by the fact that she didn't want Chloe to stop. Soon Chloe moved her lips to her other nipple and started tweaking the first one between her fingers. Melissa could feel the dampness in her new satin knickers. She didn't want Chloe to stop. Never before had she felt sexually attracted to another woman, but now she wanted to feel more of Chloe.

"Chloeeeeeeee." she moaned softly.

"Yes." the redhead mumbled against her soft skin. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No." she said hesitantly. "I was wondering."


"If it wouldn't be more comfortable for both if we helped each other get undressed?"

Melissa couldn't say to Chloe that she wanted the sexy redhead to make love to her, but her PA smiled as her lips left Melissa's nipple. She stood up and pulled Melissa closed. Her lips closed in on Melissa's and for the first time in her life Melissa experienced a woman's tongue in her mouth. Their kiss was fierce and passionate. Melissa quickly pulled Chloe's blouse and bra off and soon they embraced, naked tits to naked tits, kissing violently.

Eventually they broke their kiss to breathe. Both women had a mixture of lipsticks around their lips as they breathed heavily. They watched each other strip off their final garments. Melissa saw Chloe's soft, white curves and her fully shaved pussy. Chloe took in Melissa's toned body and the thin strip of blonde hair on her pussy. She smiled and cupped Melissa's tits, teasing her nipples.

"I'm new at this," Melissa admitted. "I don't know what to do next."

"I do this all the time," Chloe admitted. "You're a woman. You know what you like. Try doing the same to me. If I like it, you can tell. If I don't respond, try something different."

"Are you a lesbian or bi?" Melissa asked curiously.

"A lesbian," Chloe smiled back. "No cock, other than strap-ons and vibrators, has ever made its way inside my cunt."

"I never knew."

"I know, but I've fancied you since I started working for you."

With those words Chloe took Melissa's hand and walked to the bed. They stripped the cover off and lay down in an embrace. They kissed for ages, taking time to taste each other and feel each other's tits and even make an occasional quick dip in a pussy. Melissa brought her finger back up from Chloe's pussy and tasted it.

"You taste so sweet," she smiled and was rewarded with another kiss.

They continued discovering each other's bodies, leaving trails of kisses as they moved along, but staying away from the pussies while this was going on. Ever so often they'd kiss again and then it would be the turn of the other to go on a journey of discovery. Eventually they were both moaning so much that Chloe decided it was time for action. She straddled Melissa's face and started grinding her pussy in the blonde's face. Melissa responded by running her tongue along Chloe's slit and then tickling her clit. She soon started using her fingers to help her unearth the secret of Chloe's pussy and it wasn't long before she was rewarded by her first gush of pussy cum. She lapped it all up and continued by sucking on Chloe's clit and finger fucking her.

Chloe leaned forward and spread Melissa's legs. She started lapping up the juices that had already escaped. She spread Melissa's pussy lips wide and started tongue fucking her. Melissa too was ready to cum and generously deposited her juices in Chloe's mouth. The two were now locked between each other's thighs, licking, sucking, tongue fucking and finger fucking each other. Chloe, who was on top, kept grinding her pussy on Melissa's face, fucking her tongue, and Melissa hungrily ate and sucked her PA's pussy.

They both came again and then Chloe finally lifted her head from Melissa's pussy and smiled as she saw the wet rosy skin. She released Melissa from her pussy and lay down next to her again. They kissed, deeply, sharing their juices and caressing each other once more. Melissa took her tit in hand and started circling one of Chloe's nipples with her own. It made them both moan.

"Wait a minute," said Chloe and got out of the bed. Melissa watched her tits bounce as she ran into her room. She soon returned with a huge vibrator and a tube of gel.

"I don't have my strap-on with me," Chloe panted. "But we can fuck each other with this."

Chloe squirted the lubricant on the thick 8-inch dong and parted the other woman's legs. She lay next to her and kissed her as she slowly inserted the quietly humming rod into Melissa's cunt. Melissa raised her hips to welcome all of it inside her. Once it was all buried, Chloe turned up the vibrations and started massaging Melissa's clit. Melissa came with a guttural groan, but that didn't stop Chloe. She slowly started pulling the vibrator out, feeling how much tighter Melissa's cunt was so soon after cumming. She then started fucking Melissa.

Melissa moaned and writhed as Chloe fucked her with the vibrating monster. Every time Chloe thrust the artificial cock into her cunt she teased her clit and kissed her on the lips or on the tits.

"Oh Chloe." she moaned. "I love you!"

Chloe started sucking Melissa's nipples as she kept fucking her with the vibrator. Her hand was dripping with the juices that had escaped from Melissa's hungry cunt. She was going as fast and as hard as her arm could handle it. Her hand didn't miss a beat as she manoeuvred herself lower and started sucking on Melissa's clit. This proved to be the final straw for Melissa who came with a glass shattering shriek. Chloe quickly pulled out the vibrator and placed her lips at the gaping hole and drank up all the juices. She then kissed her way up Melissa's body and placed her tongue in Melissa's mouth, sharing the sweet juices she'd just lapped up.

Melissa made Chloe get on her back and then she straddled her PA. She placed the vibrator on her lips and licked off her own juices while playing with Chloe's tits. She rubbed her wet pussy against Chloe's hairless mound.

"I'm horny again," she announced after a while.

"Then give me your pussy to play with while you fuck me with the vibrator," Chloe told her.

Melissa kneeled next to Chloe's face and soon felt the redhead's fingers finding their way inside her hole. She squirted lubricant on the vibrator and Chloe parted her legs in anticipation. Melissa slowly pushed the vibrator inside. Chloe was tighter than she was and it took more work to get it balls deep in her cunt. But Melissa kept teasing Chloe's clit and it wasn't long before the redhead's cunt swallowed the entire shaft.

Chloe's fingers started fucking Melissa slowly and Melissa mimicked the rhythm with the vibrator in Chloe's cunt. As Chloe's fingers got faster and more demanding, so did the pace that Melissa fucked Chloe with. Her lips homed in on Chloe's clit and she sucked on the throbbing red berry. Melissa had four of Chloe's fingers fucking her cunt with fury when Chloe finally came. Melissa then allowed herself to cum again.

They licked the vibrator clean between them and kissed some more. Then Melissa pulled the sheet over their sweaty bodies and they fell asleep. Melissa's last thought was that the rest of the conference was going to go by too quickly, but since male bosses managed to fuck their PA's in the office, why shouldn't she?

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