tagErotic CouplingsBusiness Trip Encounters Ch. 02

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 02


I wake up from my nap with a huge hardon, obviously still feeling the effect of the welcome blowjob that I received from Clara this afternoon. I check the time and realized it's already 7 in the evening. I wash up a little and decided to go out for dinner. I am still quite tired from the trip and decided to have my dinner in the hotel as I am not too familiar with the area and was not in the mood to be too adventurous. I had a quick dinner and took a walk around the hotel parameter, but did not venture too far as I am still not too sure of the security in the city. At about 8.30 in the evening, I decided to head back to my room to relax.

Back in my room, I watch TV for a while, then saw a brochure on the table introducing the hotel's massage service and thought to myself, "Well, it's been a long time since I had a massage..."

I called up the fitness center, checked the price and decided on a 60 min aroma massage in the room.

I do not know what to expect for this massage service, because in some part of South East Asia, massage service always carries with it a tad of sexual flavor; there aren't many around where you would manage to complete the massage without some kind of release of your build up frustration in your pants. But again, this is a five star hotel and the fitness center is a world renowned franchise, so I half expected a decent massage service and nothing more.

I waited for about 15 minutes when I heard the door bell rang; I open the door to a young lady, early twenties, and dressed very professionally in white blouse and white pants. Being the naughty me and a breast man, I directed my view to her chest and noticed she has a more realistic boobs size for a Filipina, about a B cup. Her body looks firm and well toned; a very good representation of her profession.

"Good evening Sir,'" she said, and I snapped out of my dream. "Sir, you asked for an Aroma massage?"

I make a quick check with her regarding the massage to make sure I understand what it is all about, she explains that it is a full body massage using oil and will last for 60 minutes.

"Sir, do you mind if I change into something more comfortable during the massage?" she asked.

Dirty thoughts began to creep into my mind and I told her, "Sure, as long as you are comfortable."

She then took something out of her bag and went into the bath room to change.

I am not sure if I should remove my brief, but decided to take it off as I do not want the oil to stain it.

Joanne, the masseuse's name I found out later, came out of the bathroom in the same blouse, but has now changed into a tennis skirt, long enough to just cover her panty. I now have a good look at her face, very decent looking, a girl next door look, short hair, and her toned legs suggest to me that she worked out quite a bit.

I lie down with my face down and Joanne turned down the lights a bit and started the massage.

She started on my shoulder and gave me a very good cracking massage on it, she then proceeded to rub down my back, the tender touch of her hands and fingers were very relaxing and very soon, I was totally relaxed under her touch and the dim lights.

I commented on her massage skills and she told me that she graduated from college , majoring in physiotherapy, which explains it.

We made small talk for about 10 minutes and then she was kind enough to stop the conversation and let me enjoy the massage.

After finishing my back, she moved to the front of my head to give me a rub down from my shoulder to my lower back again. I could smell the aroma of her perfume mixed with her pussy smell, and it started to drive my imagination in overdrive and I could feel my cock jerking under me. She was making circular motion on my back with her hands and when she push them down to my lower back, her skirt rise up and exposed her creamy thighs to me, and the aroma of her pussy grew even stronger. I could also feel her boobs brushing over my head and I could feel my cock growing harder between me and the bed.

After finishing my upper body, she started to work on my legs. I am not really a leg man when it comes to massage so the next 5 minutes was not very interesting until she started to work on my thigh. This is where I usually start to get goose bumps and all nervy, maybe because it is so near to my cock and most of the time, masseuses will raise the man's anticipation by accidentally or intentionally brushing his cock lightly.

I was enjoying Joanne's light touch when it happened! She was rubbing my left thigh and was going higher up until she reaches just below my balls. She uses her hands to make circular motion on my thigh and moved her hands upwards in very quick fashion, and I am sure I felt her finger tips brushing my balls. Immediately, I felt a stir in my groin and let out a soft moan.

She then went on to work on the other thigh and when she moved higher up, I could not help but have the familiar feeling of anticipation in my groin. Once again, her fingers brush ever so lightly on my balls and my cock responded, but again, I thought it was just an accident as the girl looks real decent and this hotel is, after all, a five star establishment. But my cock wouldn't know the difference and responded nonetheless.

When Joanne finished with my right leg, she went on to position herself between my legs. She carefully lifted each of my legs and spread them wider to accommodate her kneeling between them.

She removed my towel covering my butt and I felt the cool air of the air conditioner hitting me. She applied some oil to her hands and gave my butt a good squeeze. She then let her two thumbs brushed into my butt crack and started to massage very close to the butt hole, the feeling was sensational and it definitely raised the temperature of my blood a couple of notches. This went on for about a minute, her thumbs found their way into my ass a few times and it's beginning to drive me nuts.

She then went lower with her hands and they are now in the area between my butt hole and my balls. She pressed hard with the tip of her thumbs and kept them there for a while, and then started to press and rub in circular motion and it broke all my resistance. I could now feel my cock straining against the mattress just couple of inches away from her fingers. I closed my eyes, and was enjoying the sensation in my groin.

Joanne then paused for a while, seemingly to pour more oil into her palms. I then felt one of her hands grabbing my balls and she started massaging them in her palms, I gave out a more audible moan this time and felt my sperm building up in my balls. All her ten fingers then started running all over my balls, tickling it, and I started to rock my hips a little bit.

For a while, I could not take the teasing and I twitched and trembled a bit and Joanne put her face closed to mine and asked," Sir, you feel ticklish? Do you want me to stop?"

I turned my head towards her and told her," Hell no Joanne, it feels fantastic, please continue, I love the feeling."

"Damn, she is definitely trying to lead me somewhere.....oh...shit, ...it feels gooood!!" I thought to myself, and all thoughts of this being nothing but a straight Aroma Massage is out of my mind now.

And almost reading my mind, Joanne proceeded to run her thumb over my ass crack over and over again. My butt muscle, almost automatically, cramped together on her continuous teasing, only this time, Joanne did not say anything and continued to tease me.

After about 5 minutes of mind boggling teasing from her, Joanne stopped and asked me to turn around. I was a bit disappointed but at the same time, my anticipation grew higher.

My cock is now rock hard, but Joanne was still trying to be professional about it and raised the towel in front of her face while I turned.

Through the years, I realized that it is not only the actual act of sex, of any kind, that you might get in a massage session that gets you excited, but also the mystery that if you will actually get any that will keep your blood boiling. And at this moment, my blood is definitely boiling, although I am quite sure Joanne is up for it, only question is how far will she go?

After I lie down on my back, my hard cock is pointing north, straight at my stomach. I caught Joanne stealing a quick peek at it before covering it with a face towel.

The towel did not do any good to cover it, the bulge was too obvious for her not to notice which she confirmed by saying, "Sir, guns are not allowed in the room." And then she tapped my cock playfully with her finger, giving me a sly smile. I played along and pretended to cover my face in embarrassment.

"But don't worry sir, I won't tell anyone," she giggled a bit and continued her massage.

She proceeded to massage my head and arms and my hardon managed to subside after a while. I am now relaxed again, but my experience tells me that Joanne will be trying to tease me once again in a while. I was actually waiting for the upper body massage to be completed so that she could work on my legs again, but in truth, I was waiting for her to work on what is between my legs.

Joanne completed my upper body and proceeded to my legs. Again she massaged my right leg without much incident, until her hands went higher and started working on my thighs. While squeezing my thigh, again, she "accidentally" brushed her finger tips at the side of my balls and I could feel my cock hardening again. All this time, I had my eyes closed, opening just enough to peek at what Joanne is doing. I caught her looking in the direction of my face a few times, maybe to check if I am sleeping.

Maybe she thought my eyes were really closed; I saw her lifting my towel a little to check out my cock. She is definitely trying to find out if I am responding to her teasing again, and is gauging when is the best time to pop the golden question. My cock is only semi-hard now but with a little more teasing, I am sure I will be at my full glory again.

When she finished my right leg, I expected her to get off the bed and climb up from the other side so that she could work on my left leg, but no, this girl is definitely pulling out all her tricks. She stood up and cross over to the other side by stepping over me, and now I understood why she changed to a short tennis skirt for the massage, besides to be more comfortable, it is designed to let me "steal" a peek up her skirt at this moment. And as if to make it worth her trouble changing, she stood with one leg on each side of my body and pretended to check for Air flow from the Air Vent near the ceiling. She was in full view for at least 5 seconds and I could see that she is wearing a white silky thong, again the color well chosen to be seen in a dimly lit hotel room.

She kneeled down on my left and pretended to adjust the towel covering my cock, but in actual fact, she was checking if my cock is responding to her teasing. As my excitement managed to subside a little, my cock is only semi hard.

Joanne continue to massage my left leg and use the same "oops, I touched your balls" trick again. At this point, I am really into her game and decided to resist her teasing, waiting see how much she is willing to do before popping the question. I was thinking of my work, football statistics, cartoons, and it seems to be working, and when I saw Joanne lifting my towel to check on my cock again, I could almost see her frowning on seeing a half hard cock after so much teasing.

Joanne finished massaging my legs and opened up my legs again so that she could kneel between them again," Sir, can I remove this?" she asked, pointing at my towel.

Knowing where all this is going to lead to, I told her to go ahead.

"Ok, I think she is really working hard for this, if she is up for it, I could use a little relief," I thought to myself.

Again you never know if a lady is up for it until she pops the question, that's just how it works in some parts of Asia. Most of the time men do not want to get into trouble by assuming that things are going to get sexy, so it's best to just play the waiting game, and sometimes, like now, the lady make your wait worth while by teasing you and building up your expectation near the final part of the massage.

Joanne raised herself up, and placed both her palms on my torso, just above the head of my cock.

"Ok, here we go, the final assault," I thought to myself.

I know this move too well now; it's one of the ladies' favorite moves to prep the man before things get any further, supposedly to direct more blood to your groin. And at this position, I could see that the top button of her blouse was undone and I have a full down blouse view of her cleavage. She has on a lacy white bra and the action of massaging my torso causes her boobs to jiggle under her blouse, and from where I am lying, they definitely look soft and suckable. The position of her hands also causes her boobs to be pressed together and it formed a even deeper cleavage and I am now imagining sticking my hot rod in it, a thought that drive so much blood into my shaft, it is now rock hard and veins are popping up all over my rod. I could see Joanne smiles a little, almost celebrating her victory over my resistance.

She then dragged both her hands down around my cock, and placed both her thumbs on each side of my balls, and skillfully without really touching my cock. She starts massaging in circular motion again and continues to apply pressure with her thumbs. I am normally a sucker for this move, and I could feel my cock jerking beyond comfort and if Joanne could hear my thoughts, she would know that I could now be blackmailed for anything in exchange for some relief.

She then applied some oil to her hands, and while I am still figuring out what other parts she needs to massage, she grab my hard cock and gave it a few strokes, rubbing oil all over it and my balls, this definitely took me over the top and I gave out a loud moan, "mmmmmm.......oooooooo." I then look at her face and gave her a consenting smile.

Joanne returned a smile and climbed over my body, careful not to let the oil on my body stain her white blouse, and whisper to me, almost afraid to let her words travel through the walls. " Sir, you want to massage here?" she said while holding on to my hard cock.

I then hold up my fist and make the action of blowjob.

"No Sir, no blow job, just massage and cum, I give very good massage here for 10 minutes to make you stronger, then I handjob you to make you more relax."

It seems that is the only service on the menu so we agreed on the price.

She then stood up, giving me another glimpse of her thong, and prepare to sit down next to me to start the final part of her massage. When she was lowering herself down, I took the opportunity to place my hand on her butt and started stroking.

"Sir, you naughty, but no finger huh?" she said, almost reading me the rules and regulations. She pours some oil into her hands and rubs them all over my already hard cock. I lay back with my eyes closed to enjoy the "massage" and my hand is giving her ass a good squeeze for all it's worth. She then changed her sitting position to a kneeling position to allow me more room to stroke her round ass, all in the name of good service.

As promised by her, she did not try to jerk me off immediately. She started with a massage of my cock, stroking my balls and pressing the veins on my cock. It's almost believable that she is actually giving my cock a massage. She pressed her two thumbs just below my balls and massage in a circular fashion, maybe the anticipation has died off, or this is really a healing massage, my cock starts to turn flaccid by the second.

Joanne continues to massage my cock in a very orderly fashion, stroking my cock from the base to the head, holding my hard cock with a very firm grip.

I am a bit bothered that my cock has now turn soft, and almost reading my mind, Joanne said," Sir, now you relax, I make you stronger, later you enjoy, ok?" I gave her a smile and just lay back and relax.

And almost remembering that my hand is on her butt, I started to stroke and gave it a light squeeze. Her skin is smooth and I could smell her perfume from being so close to her. In her kneeling position, her butt was pushed out and I could see how round it is, and being wearing a thong, it was easy for me to just push the tiny piece of material covering her ass crack aside and run my fingers all over her crack. She twitched a little in her position, but despite her earlier warning of "no fingers", she did not seem to dislike what I am doing. My middle finger found her pussy and sensing that Joanne is not resisting, I push my finger into her pussy and realized she is actually quite wet. I could hear her breathing harder and her massage of my cock seems to be less orderly now. I took the opportunity to feel up her pussy with my finger and start finger fucking her.

"Oooooo,.....umm...Sir...slowly please," Joanne managed to say with a muffle. She seems to be grasping for air now, and I pull out my finger from her pussy and continue stroking her butt.

Joanne stops massaging my cock, seemingly to catch her breathe, and then she poured more oil into her palm and started to stroke my cock. Amazingly, my cock starts to harden and my finger was frantically trying to find her pussy again. I found it in a second and begin to rub her clit, pinching it a bit. Joanne's body is rocking slightly and she was enjoying it as much as I do. I inserted one finger into her and finger fucks her slowly. I can hear her breathe quickens and her stroking of my cock has become frantic, for a moment she stopped stroking my cock and was just resting her head on my thigh to catch her breathe.

Knowing that she still has to earn her tip she recovered in a while and continue to jerk me off. With the aid of the oil, she was stroking my cock in a controlled manner, making sure that the whole length of my shaft was being serviced. My sperm has been building since she started to tease me half an hour ago, so I could feel myself coming very soon. My body is jerking upwards a little bit and there are visible precum on the tip of my cock. I am literally fucking her fist with my cock and my finger is fucking her pussy faster and faster.

Joanne, who probably has worked more then a few cocks in her life, recognized that this is a sign of me going to cum, bit her lips and quickens her pace on my cock. I could hear the sound of the oil between her palm and my cock and also the sound of her pussy juice getting stirred by my finger.

I could not hold out anymore and exploded and shoot out gushes of sperm into Joanne's hand. In my frenzy, I gave Joanne's pussy a few final strokes and she too came to a loud scream, her body shook for almost 10 seconds and her head fell on my torso, catching her breathe.

After what seems like a minute, I removed my finger from her pussy and could almost see her pussy juice dripping down my finger, "Joanne, you are so wet," I said while lifting my finger to my nose to smell her juice," and you smell good too."

Joanne blushed and lightly pumps my cock a few more times to squeeze out the remaining sperm, I gave another moan and thought to myself," Fuck, this is one of the best handjob I have ever had."

Joanne holds up her hand, full of my fuck juice now, and said," Sir, you are very strong, now you sleep well."

She patted my spent cock, got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom to wash up, but not before I gave her ass a final squeeze.

Joanne came back from the bathroom with a warm towel to clean up my cock, making sure that my groin area is well cleaned up, very professionally, I must say. I paid her her tips and she gave me a light kiss on my cheek," You have a good night Sir."

I will definitely have a good sleep tonight, having shot 2 loads within a few hours.

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