tagErotic CouplingsBusiness Trip Encounters Ch. 05

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 05


Ch. 5 (Great Service...Again)

I was sent to Manila to prepare for our new office setup and was supposed to be just settling some initial administration work and return home within a week or so. However, our office back home received some pressure to complete the setup earlier and I was asked to stay another couple of weeks to finalize the furnishing of the new office and also to meet up with some suppliers while I was there.

I arranged for viewing of some office spaces with Amy again and needless to say, the signing of the lease did not take place until I had a piece of her ass again.

I had a very hectic week, but had managed to hire my sexy PA, signed a lease for my apartment and the office space. And in midst of all this business work, I found time for the hotel Customer Service Officer to suck me off, got to sample my new PA's pussy and also fucked the Real Estate Agent's ass a couple of times. In fact, I haven't got a lay for the last 48 hrs, which was quite a drought considering my encounters so far.

It's Friday night and I am preparing myself for a long awaited rest over the weekend when I received a call from one of my supplier, "Hey John, this is Gomez from Hydro Technology."

Hydro is on our preferred supplier list and was in business with us for a long time, and I have also known Gomez for a few years as he has been serving our account since the business started.

"Hi Gomez, I was about to call you to arrange for a meeting next week. You are truly well informed as none of my suppliers know I was here," I told him as a matter of fact since I have not planned for any meeting with suppliers until I have to extend my trip.

"Well, John, you really should have informed me so that I could host you for a couple of days at least," Gomez said, mocking an angry tone.

"I did not have any plans for visits to any supplier originally, but I received instructions to extend my trip, so it's all last minute," I said, almost apologetically.

"John, sounds like you do not have any business agenda even if we were to meet up next week, why don't we have a round of Golf tomorrow instead?" Gomez said enthusiastically.

The idea of Golf sounded good to me, so we agreed to meet at the hotel lobby at 7 am so that we could avoid the afternoon sun.

I went to bed early and got up fresh and ready, on Saturday morning, for the Golf session with Gomez.

I went down to the lobby at 6.55 am and Gomez was already waiting for me, with a big smile on his face.

We exchanged the usual greetings and hug each other like old friends. Gomez was babbling away on the usual but I was not really listening;. my attention was taken away by the lady standing beside Gomez.

It's really refreshing to see such a sexy creature first thing in the morning. She was about 1.5 m tall, a petite lady by all standards. She has short wavy hair on top of a small face with big chinky eyes most appropriately decorated with long eyelashes. A small but athletic body carried the cute face. In contrast to the petite body, her pair of C cup boobs stood out prominently, stretching her tennis top to the limit. She was wearing a short Golf skirt that put her slender but well toned legs on display for all to see.

I then heard Gomez saying something and woke up from my moment, "Yes Gomez, you said something?"

"Ha ha, I was just introducing my personal assistant to you, her name is Rachel," Gomez said, giving me a naughty smile.

"Good morning sir, pleasure to meet you," Rachel reached out her hand and the moment I touched it, it sent a shock down my body and my cock reacted with a twitch.

We took a one-hour ride to the Golf club, exchanging some nitty gritties along the way and I found myself stealing glances at Rachel along the way. Her petite but toned body suggested to me that she might be a good fuck in bed, but I did not think I could be so lucky as to land a piece of her, although looking back at the last week's event, I could be forgiven for thinking it could just happen.

We reached the club at about 8 am and got ourselves some equipment on loan and started a round of casual golf. The club was not exactly an up market place, so the greens were not too well maintained although it's still decent enough for a few rounds. Not one who was too serious about the game, the condition of the place did not really matter to me, although the presence of Rachel did make up for it all.

Only Gomez and myself was playing and it was soon quite obvious that Rachel was brought along as a companion for Gomez, probably helping him to raise his status by having a PA walking around with him.

Although Rachel was dressed in golf attire on the outside, it was soon apparent that she did not dress herself fully for the occasion. The first time she bent down to retrieve a ball for her boss, I thought I saw too much of her ass, not the usual white sports shorts that a lady golfer would wear below a golf skirt. After a few more "flashes", I am sure what I saw was a thong below those short skirt. So every time she was going to retrieve the ball, I would make it a point to stand close enough to see her flash her ass to me. By the fourth hole, I was already spotting a huge hardon in my pants.

We were on the ninth green and Gomez just sank his ball, and just like the whole morning, I was anticipating Rachel to flash me her ass cheeks again. This time, it seems like Rachel had a bit more problem trying to retrieve the ball and was in her bent position for a tad longer then before. I had a bird's eye view of her ass and I swear I could see a strand or two of her pussy hair glittering in the sun. I was so engrossed in the view in front of me and did not notice that I was slowing moving towards a sand pit just beside the green. Unknowingly, I took one small step to my right and felt myself stepping into space and fell straight into the pit. I felt a sharp pain at my right ankle, "Owwww!"

Gomez and Rachel immediately came to my assistance and asked if I am ok.

"I think I sprained my ankle," I said, clutching my right ankle.

Gomez helped me out of the pit and I tried to walk off the pain, but found myself struggling. After trying for about 5 minutes, it was apparent that I could not continue anymore.

"Do you need a doctor to look at your ankle?" Rachel said, giving me the sweetest version of the question I have ever heard.

"No, I don't think it's that bad, But this is definitely the end of the day for me," I said.

Gomez then drove me back to the hotel and both of them helped me up to the room.

"John, you sure you don't need a doctor?" Gomez asked.

"No Gomez, I'll be alright. If it gets any worst, I will see the hotel doctor. Thanks," I replied.

"Alright then John, I will leave you to rest," Gomez said.

I was then left with the lingering sight of Rachel's cute ass swaying away out of my room.

I must have dozed off and was awaken by the door bell. I flipped myself out of bed, and forgetting that I had a sprained ankle, I felt a sharp pain when I landed hard on the hotel carpet floor. The pain did a good job to wake me up from my afternoon nap and I almost hopped on one and a half leg to answer the door. I looked through the eye of the door and was greeted by the lovely sight of Rachel's smiling face. Although pleased to see her, I was puzzled as to what she was doing here.

"Maybe, she left something behind," I thought to myself.

I opened the door and noticed that Rachel has changed into a lovely body hugging white dress which was held up by a pair of transparent spaghetti straps, giving one the illusion that it was hanging on to nothing and was about to fall off her body anytime. Her C cup boobs were also threatening to spill out of her plunging v neck, and the dress was doing a good job to show off her tiny waist. The hem of the dress ended about 4 inches above her knees, and there was also a slit on the right side, giving me another full view of her well toned thighs.

"Hello Sir," she said in her sweet voice.

"Hi Rachel," I returned a greeting, forcing myself to look at her above her chest, "I am surprised to see you here, have you left anything behind?"

"No Sir, I am here to see you. May I come in?" Rachel directed her view over my shoulder.

"Oh, how silly of me, of course you can come in, please," I stepped aside to let her in.

"Please, Rachel, take a seat. Can I get you anything to drink?" I asked.

"Oh no, Sir, you should sit down and let me get you a drink, you should not be walking around too much with that injured leg of yours," Rachel said, while placing her soft hands on my right arm, directing me to the bed. As Rachel was much shorter then me, I had a great view down her dress, giving me a bird's eye view of her boobs; we are not even talking about cleavage here, I could practically see a good half of her boobs bouncing away ever so slightly. And when Rachel tried to hold up some of my weight while I was lowering myself, I felt her left breast pressing against my arm, giving my already hard cock a final wake up call. After making sure I was properly seated on the bed, Rachel then bent down, asking me if I wanted a drink, in the process, giving me another close up view of her boobs. With much effort, I directed my view from her boobs to her face, and vaguely remembered I said something like "brandy". Rachel then placed her hand on my shoulder, gave it a light squeeze while flashing me her megawatt smile. I was quite sure she caught me looking down her dress, but she definitely did a good job to act ignorant about it to save me my embarrassment.

Rachel took a short, sexy walk to the fridge to gather the drinks. I sat on the bed, watching Rachel's sexy ass swaying away. Her white dress was almost choking her ass and I could see the panty line of her thongs threatening to burst out of her dress. Rachel reached the bar and almost deliberately, bent down at her waist to get the drinks. Her position accentuates her toned legs and her ass was being pushed out, giving me an erotic view of her. I could not help but gave my cock a little squeeze through my shorts. Lost in my moment of lust, I could not react fast enough when Rachel got the drinks and turned towards me. She definitely saw me playing with my cock, but again, saved me from my embarrassment by pretending not to have seen it. But I did notice a slight smile on her face through the dim afternoon sun shining through the window.

"Here you go sir," Rachel passed me the brandy while she sat down by my side.

I was still feeling embarrassed and not knowing if Rachel took my action earlier on personally, and kept quiet for a good few minutes when she decided to break the silence, to my relief.

"Sir, actually Sir Gomez sent me here to take care of you. We were afraid that you might be physically challenged from your injury earlier on, but it does look like you are doing fine in certain area," Rachel said, while taking a glance at the budge in my shorts.

"Oh, I am so sorry Rachel, this is so rude of me. I hope you are not offended," I said, apologetically.

Rachel then placed her hand on my thigh, and said, "Don't worry sir, I will just take that as a compliment."

"Well Rachel, you really should be going, I am alright not and it does looked like you are dressed to party tonight," I said, taking the opportunity to look at her dress, but linger at her boobs long enough for a good look.

"Don't worry Sir, the only plan I have today was to take good care of you," Rachel said.

She then moved her face towards my body, pretended to sniff and said, "It does smells like you needed a bath too."

Only then I remembered that I did not shower after coming back from the golf game and headed straight to bed. And in actual fact, I did smell like I needed a shower.

"Well, you are right Rachel, I do need to wash myself up. Don't worry, I will do it before I go back to sleep," I said.

"Oh no sir, I am under strict instructions from Sir Gomez to take care of you. In your condition, I don't think it is advisable for you to wet your ankle. You just stay in bed and I will give you a sponge bath," Rachel said, without blinking.

Almost not believing my ear, I thought to myself," No fucking way! This sexy bitch is going to wipe me down?!!"

Rachel, almost seeing my hesitant," Sir, don't worry, I am trained in nursing before I joined Mr Gomez's company, so I know what to do."

Next, I remembered myself saying along the line of me being able to shower myself, and almost immediately, regretted saying it.

However, I did not have to pay the price of giving up the chance of having Rachel's hands all over my body when she said," Sir, I really have to insist as Sir Gomez has instructed me to take care of ALL your needs, you do not want me to lose my job, would you?"

Rachel then placed her hand on my thigh and gave it a light squeeze, which broke all my resistance.

"Alright, Rachel, I guess I will just lay back and enjoy getting pampered," I said, finding it hard to contain my excitement.

"Alright sir, why don't you remove your clothing while I get ready," Rachel said, almost in a believable way that she is actually a nurse preparing a sponge bath.

Although my body and brain was filled with lustful thoughts, I still would like to err on the safe side and expect nothing more then a wipe down from Rachel. And although seductively dressed, Rachel has also done nothing to indicate that this will be anything more then a wipe down. So I took off my t-shirt but kept my boxers shorts on as I lay on the bed, trying to be comfortable, but the excitement of the moment has kept my cock in a semi hard state.

After about 5 minutes, Rachel came back holding an ice bucket and a towel. She again flashed her megawatt smile, lifted the bucket slightly and said, "Well, this is the closest thing to a container that I could find in this room, but it serves the purpose."

Rachel has now pulled her hair back into a ponytail and it made her face look even prettier, she has also removed her heels, making her looked very comfortable.

"Sir, just relax and let me clean you up. Remember, I am trained in nursing so I know what I am doing," She said.

She probably has noticed that I still have my boxer shorts on but did not ask me to remove it, so I am quite convinced by now that I probably have to take care of my little one myself, after the bath. I thought the best thing to do now is probably to try to relax; hopefully my cock will soften down a little also.

"Sir, why don't we start from the back first?" Rachel said.

I turn around, with my face down and Rachel started to wipe me down with a warm towel. The warm towel felt very comfortable and I was soon in a very relaxed mood. Rachel was wiping me down in a very organized way, probably a result of her nursing training. About a good 10 minutes later, she has already wiped me down from my neck down to my little toes.

"Sir, could you turn around please," Rachel tapped me on my shoulder.

I turned around and was happy to see Rachel's gorgeous face again. She then rinsed the towel again and started to wipe my face. She had to get really close to me and I could smell her perfume up close, causing my half sleep cock to twitch. She proceeded to wipe my body and in her bent position, I have another bird's eye view down her dress. The wiping action caused her boobs to sway side to side, and from where I was, I could see how soft and suckable they were. I saw Rachel taking a glance at my face and had a little smile on her face. I am sure she caught me looking down but continued to wipe me down, almost professionally. When she reached across my body to wipe the other side, her boobs were almost touching my chest and I felt a raging hard on in my shorts, threatening to burst anytime. After completing my upper body, Rachel proceeded to clean my legs. With my cock in a very angry state now, I am both dreading having Rachel clean so close to it and at the same time, hoping that she will get closer then I thought she would.

Rachel continued wiping my legs down, stopping short of my groins. When she was cleaning my upper thighs, I was sure she noticed the tent in my shorts. I was also sure she could see the wet patch formed by my precum glittering in the afternoon sun.

Soon, Rachel has finished with both my legs and was rinsing the towel. I push myself up, resting on my elbows and said," Well, I guess we are done then, thanks for the help Rachel."

Rachel then turned around and placed one hand on my chest, almost pushing me back down," No sir, we are not done yet. There is still one place left to be cleaned, you know, the bacteria could get very nasty in places like that."

I was puzzled by what Rachel was saying but my confusion was soon cleared when she hooked her fingers into my shorts, indicating that she was going to remove it.

Still in shock, I lifted my hips to allow her to pull my shorts off completely, and my hard cock sprang out as though looking for relief.

Almost apologetically, I said," Sorry about this Rachel," I was obviously referring to my hard on, "I just can't help it."

"Don't worry about it sir, I'll be offended if you did not respond in such a way," Rachel said, while helping me to lower myself back onto the bed.

And although things are not bad enough, Rachel was pushing her boobs right into side of my face and I felt more blood being pumped into my groin area and my cock was hardening to a very uncomfortable level.

"Are you ok sir? You looked really uncomfortable," Rachel blinks her lovely eyes a few times while asking me the obvious.

"No, I am fine Rachel, lets just try to finish this shower," I said.

Rachel then rinsed her towel again while I wait in great anticipation of having my cock washed by this sexy cock teaser in front of me.

Rachel turned around with her hot towel, grabbed my hard pole, and started wiping my groin area. Her cool hand felt so good around my cock, I almost came in the moment. The warm towel felt so good, I had to close my eyes to enjoy this new sensation in my groin. After wiping my balls, which felt like eternity, Rachel then went into the bath room, letting my hard cock take in the cool air in the room. She then came back grasping both her hands together.

When she got to the side of my bed, I saw that her hands were well lathered up with soap, "Sir, it's better to clean your co....I mean penis with some soap, like I said the bacteria here could get real nasty."

With that said, Rachel wrapped her hands around my hard shaft and started stroking it. She occasionally returned to my balls and soaped it down. She was almost playing with my balls, wrapping them lightly in her cool hands and cleaned them with her palm and fingers. She then returned her focus to my cock and continued stroking it. I was not sure if she was really cleaning it or giving me a hand job, but I could not take it anymore and let out a groan, "Ooohhh....wooooooo......sssssss."

I could not remember if I started fucking Rachel's hand, but sensing that I could come any moment, she used her thumb and index finger and squeezed hard at the base of my cock, stopping the blood flow. I closed my eyes and must have jerked a few times, but managed to hold back my cum, with more then a little struggle.

I opened my eyes slightly and think to myself, not knowing what to expect next," Oh fuck, is she going to help me finish off or she's just going to leave me hanging?"

I felt a sense of disappointment when I felt Rachel removed her hands and then returned to towel dry my cock. This time she was handling my cock a bit more roughly, probably hoping not to arouse me any further.

I thought to myself," Oh fuck! I need to jerk off as soon as this cock teaser left the room."

I then lay my head down in disappointment. After about a minute of silence, I heard a familiar sound of a zipper being pulled. I opened my eyes and was both shock and surprised to see Rachel removing her dress right in front of me.

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