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Busload of Cheerleaders

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The Midvale High School bus drove through Sheldon Forest on the way back from the big game. On board was the Midvale High Varsity Cheerleading Squad, with their 23-year-old coach Sheryl at the wheel. They were all perfect breeding stock, that is drop dead gorgeous. A half mile ahead of them was the road block I had pushed into the middle of the road as soon as I saw them cresting a hill two miles away, through my binoculars. I jumped into my van and waited for the prey.

The bus stopped at the road block, and I drove my van into the middle of the narrow dirt road, behind them. I knocked on the door of the bus, and ran in as soon as Sheryl opened it.

I pulled my gun and pointed it at one of the girls. They all obeyed perfectly, and I was soon loading them into the cage in the back of my van. After the last beauty was loaded into the van, I locked the cage and drove off. Sheryl, Lisa, Lori, Janice, Shelby, Julie, Charlotte, Jennifer, Courtney, Kristen, Linda and Alyssa looked so cute in the rearview mirror, all bound and gagged together.

On the two hour drive to my house, I examined each woman's beauty in the mirror. Five brunettes, four blondes, and an Asian, Mexican and Black. All hand candy. Sheryl was a tiny brunette with a top-heavy hourglass figure. The Asian girl would look angelic in a Japanese school uniform. The chocolate one was Afrodite, and would look heavenly in a Sunday dress, like she's on her way home from church. The Mexican girl would howl as I pounded her in a Catholic school uniform. The white girls would play frontier gals, Southern belles and coeds. They would do routines for me in their uniforms, while I drank brewskies and watched Nascar.

I pulled into the driveway and parked in the garage. I carried Sheryl and the cheerleaders into the basement, locked up the house for the night, and then went downstairs to perform our wedding. By the following morning, they would all be mine, body and soul, and I would be exhausted.

I fell asleep that night on top of my final conquest. The rest were already sound asleep. Over the next few months, we explored the Everest of pleasure. The ladies whipped me into shape, physically and mentally, so that I was no longer anything like the freak who kidnapped them. Amazing what a few months in pussy heaven can do.

Six months after I grabbed my wives, I opened the front door, and my free, pregnant love slaves walked out into the world reborn. Sheryl and I would live in Phoenix, leading a normal wholesome family life. The cheerleaders would live all over the country, and would take turns staying with us two at a time for weekend foursomes at Holiday Inns. Two other cheerleaders would babysit the kids until they were old enough to be home alone. Every year, we'd all get together for two weeks in Hawaii, Sheryl and I with our kids for a week, and then just the wives and me for a week.

Sheryl and I would only have four children. No sense flaunting one's great fortune. The eleven cheerleaders were a very different story. They would together bear me 110 offspring. Each time I got them pregnant, they would abandon the last child they had birthed, until together they had given me 110 progeny. Each cheerleader would keep the last one or two babies she had. The cheerleaders would move every time I got them pregnant, to avoid suspicion, until their last child was born.

The ladies and I celebrated our tenth anniversary in the penthouse suite of a Ramada Inn. My harem danced for my pleasure in their uniforms. The following weekend, Sheryl and I had a separate normal anniversary date in New York City. The cheerleaders had been very fruitful, and were three offspring away from breeding retirement. I am truly blessed.

After the birth of the 110th heir, I encouraged the cheerleaders to start dating. The least I could do after they gave me 110 progeny was to set them completely free. Thanks to my thirteen year vacation in pussy heaven, I was completely cured of my lack of respect for their rights as human beings. All of my ladies avoided contact with their former families, for fear of exposing their beloved husband. The fake IDs worked perfectly, and nobody ever found out what happened to the Midvale High Varsity Cheerleading Squad, who lived happily ever after.

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