tagSci-Fi & FantasyBustyland Ch. 01

Bustyland Ch. 01


Jack threw the controller down in frustration as Kevin got yet another touchdown. Fucking XBox, he thought. Useless piece of shit. Re-adjusting his glasses and pushing the fringe of blonde hair away from his eyes, he glared at his friend.

Kevin was the nerdy-type. No glasses, much to Jack's annoyance, but with mousy-brown hair and a shy disposition. He'd never had a girlfriend as far as Jack knew, and that did not surprise him, especially when he was majoring in computer science. It didn't get much geekier than that.

Jack himself was a medicine student. He'd taken up the subject for numerous reasons, but primarily it was the promise of money down the line and women for the here and now. The first aim still seemed on course - his grades were very good, after all - but the second was far less successful. He'd had a girlfriend for a while, but other than that his interactions with the opposite sex were pretty limited.

He cast his eyes round the room as he passed the controller back to Kevin. Two other friends were there, Mark, the good-looking engineer who never seemed without a woman when he wanted one, and Drew, the ugly little weasel of the group. Jack wasn't quite sure why he had accepted Drew's offer to move in with them - the boy was of rich stock and offered to pay the rent for all of them, but Jack wasn't sure it was worth it given what they had to put up with.

There was a fifth member of their household, but he wasn't in the lounge at the moment. Paul was the college baseball star, athletic and good-looking. His grades weren't great but he was there on scholarship and he was coasting by. He was going places when he left college - big teams had already started to sniff around - and everyone knew it. Most importantly, he knew it, and Jack was frequently wound up by the man's self-entitled grandeur. Still, he could be fun to be around.

Jack's mind wandered to images of Paul's girlfriend, Sally. The busty blonde was studying zoology at their college, though as far as he knew her grades were pretty poor. She certainly wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she was hot. Boy, was she hot. Long legs, flowing blonde hair and a pair of tits to die for. Jack knew damn well what Paul saw in her. The fact that they were upstairs together only irritated him more. On the few occasions that the noise in the front room died down, they could all hear the rhythmic thumping of Paul's bed against the wall above them.

A sigh of boredom brought his mind back to the fifth person in that front room. Jessica was Sally's friend, and if Sally was gorgeous, Jessica was smoking. Straight red hair framed a perfect face of two blue eyes, a dainty nose and a pert mouth that seemed constantly pursed in annoyance. Massive hooters swelled on her chest and yet the rest of her body was taut and slim in all the right places. She was sitting across from them, reclining on an armchair, and bored out of her skull. Sally had obviously asked her to come round with her, but hadn't bothered to explain to poor Jessica that she'd be left with four men playing on a video console whilst her best friend got ploughed in the room above.

"This is fucking bullshit," Jack said out loud, and all eyes turned to him. "I'm so fucking bored."

Kevin dropped his controller on his lap. "Yeh. We really need something to do."

"Well can anyone think of anything?" Jack looked around the room questioningly.

Drew sat forwards, a grin on his ugly face. "I think I might know something fun."

"Oh yeh?" He had gotten Jack's attention with that, along with everyone else's in the room. "What you got in mind?"

"You know that carnival on the edge of town?" the weasel-faced man continued.

Jack narrowed his eyes. "The closed one?"

"Yeh. It shut after some cheerleaders were killed there. Insurance couldn't pay so they shut it up, or so the story goes."


Drew's disturbing grin widened. "Well, I've heard that it's still got electricity. There's nothing stopping us from going there and... turning it all back on."

"What, you mean we could just, like, re-activate it?" Kevin said, excitement on his face.

Drew nodded. "Yup."

Jack glanced over at Jessica. She had leaned forwards slightly, staring at them all. She actually looked quite interested in what they were saying. As she caught his eye, however, she glared at him, and sat back in her seat.

"Let's do it," he said, standing. Then he sighed and sat back down. "Although I suppose we have to wait for those two upstairs."


Paul leaned forwards on the mattress, reaching around Sally's body to grasp the two huge tits that swung pendulously beneath her. She was kneeling before him, her hooters dangling wonderfully, and he could not resist but grasp the massive globes as his cock hammered into her snatch.

They were both moaning, and as he roughly started to handle her tits he could feel himself getting close. The soft flesh felt so wonderful in his hands, more than a handful in each palm, and he squeezed and pinched the lovely pillows with glee.

Her cunt felt fantastic too, squeezing and milking his dick. He'd had plenty of experience with Sally now - they spent almost their whole time together fucking - but fuck she still felt amazing.

"Ooh baby, I love the way you grab my tits," she cooed as his hips slapped loudly against hers. The entire bed shook with the force of their fucking.

She was rolling her hips back against him, as into their sex as he was, and her brown eyes were closed tightly. Paul sometimes got a bit rough with her chest in the heat of passion but she didn't mind. She had already come more times than she could count, and now she was focused entirely on getting her man off.

Paul grunted, knowing he was close, and with a few shuddering pumps he threw his head back and cried out. His cum sprayed into Sally's eager womb, and he pinched her nipples hard as his jizz pulsed into her.

Afterwards, he slumped onto his back, staring up at the ceiling. Sally pushed herself onto her haunches, grinning down at him, and then climbed off the bed. Paul stared lovingly at her massive tits as they swung free from her chest, then groaned in annoyance as she reached for her bra.

"Oh honey, you know we've got to keep Jessica company," she smiled. "We should head downstairs."

"My friends can keep her entertained. Get back into bed," he said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Sally pouted at him. "You know I like your friends, but they can be a bit much. Jessica would go mad."

"Well, she could always come up here and join us. I'd love to know what those tits feel like in my hands. You could let me compare hooters."

Sally glared at him, pulling on her pants and t-shirt and opening the door. "You're a real fucking asshole, you know that?"

Then she stormed out.

Paul sighed, dressing himself quickly and following her downstairs. He found everyone sitting in the lounge, waiting for him. Sally had gone to sit with Jessica and was whispering animatedly in her ear. The daggers Jessica kept staring at him told him everything he needed to know about that conversation. Sally was a great fuck, but she could be beyond annoying.

"So, what's the plan?" he said, ignoring the two women.

Jack spoke up, a grin on his face. "We're going to the carnival at the edge of town, you coming?"

Paul considered a moment. He did want something to do, and maybe he could woo Sally back round whilst he was there. He nodded. "Sure."

Might be fun.


Kevin emerged from the bathroom still wiping his hands on his jeans. He'd just had a quick piss before they left, and he was about to head back downstairs when he realised that Paul's door was slightly ajar. He and Sally were both downstairs, but Jessica had come up to their room to change her top since she had nothing warm.

He paused, considering. He should just go back downstairs and wait, but he knew he didn't want to. Doing his best to remain stealthy, he crept towards the gap.

Sure enough, Jessica was in there, thumbing through the small collection of clothes that Sally kept in Paul's wardrobe. The redhead was slightly shorter than her friend, and was clearly trying to choose something that wouldn't look huge on her. Eventually she picked out a plain grey sweater with the college logo emblazoned on it, and a t-shirt.

Kevin couldn't believe his eyes. A fresh t-shirt too? It made sense; Jessica was wearing a baggy top, which wouldn't be comfortable underneath a sweater. His throat went dry as the redhead reached for the garment, and then she tugged it over her head.

Stood in front of the floor-length mirror as she was, he could see both her front and back. He licked his lips to wet them as she tossed her old top aside, and he could not draw his eyes away from her chest. The twin airbags she called tits were constrained tightly in a lacy black bra, seeming desperate to burst out. The movement of throwing her top aside caused them to shake, and he let out a tiny whimper.

Jessica's head whipped round, and her eyes opened wide as she saw him staring at her changing. Her face contorted with rage.

"You little fucking perv!" she hissed, storming towards the door. Kevin stood upright, stammering an apology, but even then he could not draw his eyes away from her massive tits. They shook as she marched towards the door.

"Fuck off you creepy little fuck," she said, slamming the door in his face.

For a moment, Kevin just stood there, the visual memory of watching those puppies bouncing up and down enough to fuel his fantasies for weeks. He grinned before heading back downstairs.


They went in two cars, Mark and Paul driving. Unsurprisingly, the two girls went with Paul, although Jack had noticed an iciness between him and Sally as they left the house. That wasn't uncommon, though; Paul could be a dick at the best of times, and the arguments that he and Sally had were near-legendary in the house.

It was a quick journey, and when they parked up alongside the chain link fence the sun was just sinking beneath the horizon. Jack climbed out, staring at the abandoned amusement park, and grimaced. It did look fucking eerie.

"There it is!" he heard Drew say, and he turned with a raised eyebrow. The guy was so excited by the prospect of breaking in. He was a creepy little shit at the best of times.

Paul's car pulled up behind them, and he could hear arguing even through the thick windows. Turning back to the car, Jack saw that Sally and his friend were red-faced in anger, screaming at each other over the loud music. Jessica was sitting in the back, stony-faced. Despite her haughty temperament, Jack actually felt sorry for her.

Even so, when Paul opened the door the arguing ceased immediately. Sally stormed out and joined the rest of the group, steadfastly refusing to make eye contact with her boyfriend, and Jessica drifted over too. Locking up the car, Paul turned to them.

"Well what are we fucking waiting for?" he snapped. "Get on with it!"

Drew squealed with a mixture of fear and excitement, and scrabbled towards the fence. Despite being old, it was intact, and they had to walk the perimeter of the fairground for a short while before finally finding a place it had caved in. Drew pushed through first, bouncing on his heels like a kid at Disneyland, and Mark followed up. Ever the gentleman, he held open the fencing for Sally and Jessica - the latter of whom pretended he didn't exist - and then the rest of the lads followed up.

By the time Jack had stepped through and glanced around, the sun had well and truly set. It was pitch black.

"Great, it's dark. What do we do now?" He gestured around. Looming shapes marked out the stalls and the rides, but other than that no more could really be seen.

He heard Drew giggle. "Don't worry, there's an electricity box around here somewhere. There always is. We've just got to find it."

They walked further into the amusement park, Drew scampering on ahead like a giddy rat, until they came to what Jack assumed had been the showground. The grass was long by his feet but the earth beneath it was flat; better looked after, it would be the perfect setting for a parade.

That was when it happened. It started with a faint buzzing, as if a swarm of bees were approaching from a distance, and then a bright flash that seared the night. Jack blinked back, putting his hands over his glasses to shade his eyes, and the faint jingle of music echoed through the air.

Sally shrieked, and he pulled his hand away to see her clutching onto Paul. Jessica had gravitated towards Kevin, fright on her lovely face, although Jack noticed that when she saw who it was she had approached she quickly stepped away again. Clearly, Kevin had done something to piss her off.

All around them the amusement park was springing to life. Stalls and rides lit up, music from numerous different sources had started to blare out, and the floodlights dotted about the grounds flared brightly.

"Holy shit," Jack breathed, staring around wide-eyed. The rest of the group, too, seemed shocked and unsure.

"This is fucked up," Sally said, clutching even tighter onto Paul, who looked about as calm as she did. "I don't like this."

Mark stepped forward then, starting back the way they had come. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting the fuck out of here. This ain't right."

The sound of laughter caused them all to freeze. Jack glanced round wide-eyed at his friends; all wore similar looks of horror. All except Drew, the fucking creep. A grin as broad as Jack had ever seen adorned his ugly little face.

The flap of the main circus tent opened, and a group of women emerged, talking amongst themselves. Jack almost fainted with relief; people he could handle. Sure, he was probably in serious trouble, but his mind had started to conjure images of the most supernatural shit and anything was better than that.

One of the women saw them then, and pointed. The group froze, and Jack stiffened. You asked for this, bud.

"You there!" a woman's voice called out. "What are you doing here?"

She strode towards them, her companions in tow, and as she came closer Jack's eyes almost popped out of his head.

She was probably in her mid-thirties, her brown hair in a ponytail and her beautiful face narrowed in concern. She was of average height, certainly shorter than Sally or Jessica, but her most striking feature was the pair of massive tits that pushed out from her chest. She wore a black golf shirt that stretched taut over those funbags, and a little green skirt that didn't even reach her knees. Those knees were almost covered, however, by the black leather boots that stretched up her calves.

As the other women came into view Jack almost wet himself with shocked delight. Despite their many differences, all the women in that group had two things in common: all were stunningly beautiful, and all had hooters almost sinfully large.

The woman came up and glared at him. "I asked what you were doing here?"

"Um, we were just looking around," he said. "We thought the place was abandoned."

"It was," she said with narrowed eyes. "Until a few days ago. My company has just bought this fairground. We're going to reopen it."

Mark tilted his head. "Reopen it?"

"Yes. We were going to have a trial run tonight."

She paused then, eyeing the group, before turning back to her own companions. Stepping towards them, she spoke to them in hurried whispers.

After a moment, she returned to Jack's friends. "Look, you're not supposed to be here. But rather than call the cops, how about we make this your lucky day? You can be our first customers."

"Customers?" Paul said. "You mean, we get to use the fairground?"

The woman shrugged. "Someone's got to. Why not you? You're here already, handsome." She winked at him, and Jack saw Sally instinctively grab a tighter hold of Paul's arm as if to display that he was already taken.

Drew giggled then. "See, told you it would work out!" He stepped forwards and raised his arms. "Let's have some fun!"

The group murmured agreement, and the woman waved her hands to her companions. They dispersed, each heading for a different stall or ride. Jack and his friends followed her as she walked towards the closest stall.

"So when is this place going to open?" he said.

She turned back to him with a sweet smile. "As soon as it's ready. We've been testing most of the rides; they all work. The rollercoaster needed some work after the accident that shut this place, but it's ready to go now. Everything's coming together."

"And what's it going to be called?" Paul interjected.

The woman stopped, grinning wickedly at Jack's friend. "Bustyland," she said, placing her hand on her hip and seeming to push her already impressive chest out. "Seems to suit, no?"

Paul merely stared in response, although Jack did not blame him. All of his friends were doing the exact same thing. An elbow from Sally broke the baseball star's reverie.

"Yes, it seems... apt," he spluttered, avoiding his girlfriend's evil stare. Jack could sense another argument on the horizon.

"Is that even legal?" Kevin asked, a quizzical look on his face as they set off again. "I mean, surely it's discrimination."

The woman shrugged. "Maybe. Not against me, though. And hell, the pay is amazing given the job, so I'm not complaining." She laughed sweetly.

They were almost at the stall now. "Wait here," the woman said, stepping in and flicking some switches. Jack could see it was a coconut stand; a staple of any decent fairground.

"Right, who gets the first go?" she smiled sweetly, gesturing behind her.

Paul stepped forward, obviously eager to impress. "I'll go."

The woman pulled some small balls from beneath the counter, placing them in front of Paul. "These will be themed balls when we open properly," she said. "But until then you'll have to make do with baseballs."

Paul grinned as he picked up the first baseball, tossing it up in the air to gauge its weight. "That's fine by me."

Winding up his baseball pitch, he tossed the ball with venom at the stand behind. Sure enough, the coconut was knocked clean off its perch, landing on the ground with a crash.

The woman clapped. "Good job, sweetie!" Then her eyes narrowed slightly. "Then again, maybe I'll need to tighten that on when we open properly. Can't have everyone winning." She turned back to Paul with a flirtatious smile. "What's your name, superstar?"

"Paul," he grinned. Sally coughed behind him.

The woman ignored the blonde. "I'm Mary," she said, before finally acknowledging the presence of the buxom woman behind Paul. "Don't worry, honey, I'm not going to steal him away. Not that I'd have much chance against you, beautiful." Sally almost looked flattered by the compliment.

Next was Mark's turn, who unsurprisingly did far worse. They all took a go, bar Jessica, who stood cross-armed at the back of the group looking bored. Jack had to appreciate the way the position pushed up her already-massive hooters, though.

Even Drew attempted to throw the ball, though he failed miserably, the baseball clattering harmlessly against the screen behind the coconuts without remotely threatening one of the targets. The group laughed, and Drew glared at them. Jack thought that the weasel seemed almost disappointed now the amusement park turned out to be occupied.

All around them, the other stalls had been opened, a woman standing behind each looking bored. Jack couldn't help feel a little sorry for them. "Maybe we should try out some of the other games?" he said.

Mark pursed his lips and nodded. "I'd say so, this one is a lost cause anyway. Paul's got us all beat."

Paul grinned. Wrapping his arm round Sally's waist, he bowed. "I certainly have."

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