tagLesbian SexButch Ch. 05

Butch Ch. 05


The salmon croquettes were all seated on their individual beds of lettuce, a Warhol-esque display of edible repetition. Ryan had lost count, and was starting over, ensuring accuracy before they went out into the dining area. She nodded to the servers, "Take it."

Ryan surveyed the domestic kitchen--it surpassed any restaurant kitchen she'd ever worked in. Stainless steel countertops, stained concrete flooring, Viking ranges, only the best knives gleaming and sharpened on magnetic strips. Marble and granite counters. The catering crew worked diligently, a well-choreographed ballet of savory and sweet. Ryan walked around, noting the professionalism. Her job was easy with this team...they all respected the craft and had appreciation for the work. No criticisms, no corrections.

A muffled speech could barely be heard in the kitchen for the event in the main section of the house. Dignitaries and politicians sat with activists and businessmen. Ryan jokingly referred to her employer as Madame Tolstoy, a heavyset Russian woman who held these gatherings periodically in her home. Her name wasn't Tolstoy, but something much longer and syllabically challenging. Always the same type of deal....high society food for a mixed crowd. Ryan kept to the kitchen--it wasn't her business to hear the conversations or the speeches.

At the end of the night, Ryan had dismissed most of the crew. She and a promising younger cook stayed to load the remaining equipment back into the van. She went back into the kitchen alone to check that everything was clean, nothing left behind. Madame Tolstoy entered as Ryan was inspecting the grates of the ranges.

"Bravo, my dear, " she said in her thick accent, smiling almost slyly. Ryan turned around, smiling in response. "I hope everyone enjoyed the food."

"Oh the food. The food is delicious!" she said, kissing her thumb and forefinger. "Very consistent with you...I like this very much," she struggled a bit with her English but her appreciation translated well. She handed Ryan an envelope with several crisp bills.

"Thank you," Ryan replied, taking the envelope. "It's always a pleasure to work here. Your kitchen is amazing." She started to walk toward the door, politely indicating her departure.

Madame Tolstoy approached, touching Ryan's hand gently. "You come at night tomorrow..."

Ryan looked a bit puzzled, inwardly panicking that she thought she had tomorrow night off. "Tomorrow? Did we..."

Madame T interrupted, smiling and shaking her head, "No food, but party. You come, I want you here." She handed Ryan a pre-printed envelope with her name printed in cursive. Ryan took the envelope politely. They bid their farewells, and Ryan got into the van.

"So what did you think, Drew? Not a bad night, huh?" she said, closing the driver's side door.

He gave her the thumbs up, eyes sleepy or maybe stoned. "That kitchen was insane. I wish we had half of that stuff at The Nines," he replied. "I didn't even have to use my knives."

"That's money," she replied, nodding toward the house. "I bet she's never even touched an appliance in there." They drove along the winding Twin Peaks streets, headed toward the heart of the city.

"This one," Drew said, pointing to the dilapidated walk-up in the Tenderloin. Ryan handed him a crisp $100 bill, and he palmed it. "Thanks for giving me this chance with the catering gig," he said, leaning against the frame of the passenger door. Ryan nodded. "No problem, Drew. Good work tonight. See you next shift." He closed the van door, carrying his knife case through the iron door to his building.

Ryan pulled the van behind the restaurant, sighing and looking at the clock. 2:13am. She grabbed her wallet and keys from the console, her eye catching her scripted name on the envelope Madame T had given her. She opened it, scanning the somewhat elusive details of the second envelope within: You are Cordially Invited...


The alarm buzzed at 6am sharp, and Kate lay supine and diagonal across the bed, comforter strewn around her legs, pillow across her forehead. She hit the off button with her left hand, not looking. The faint smell of coffee mingled with the fresh morning air from her cracked window. She yawned, stretched and shuffled to the kitchen in her panties and cami.

Kate took out her favorite mug, the one her sister had given her, filled it with coffee and sipped meditatively. The thick lip of the mug was somehow comforting, almost engaging her in a kiss with each hot sip. She opened the pantry and took out her protein powder, grabbed an apple from the fridge, and looked at her planner on the countertop. Two meetings, an interview with a potential artist to exhibit. She strained her eyes to read what was written smaller in pencil: pInc - 9pm. Kate jogged her memory, flipping to the back of her planner and retrieving the envelope. She read over the invitation to the party at the Twin Peaks address. Her mind pondered the phrases...by invitation only, anonymous indulgence, respectful discretion, innermost desires. She unconsciously ran her tongue along the lip of the mug, her intrigue and imagination overtaking her.

"Shit!" she snapped as coffee dripped onto her feet. She set the mug down on the counter, grabbing a damp paper towel to wipe the coffee from the floor. She glanced at the clock, gasping at the time. Kate downed her protein drink, bit into the apple and ran into the bathroom to start her shower.


Alex sat at the bar, sipping a beer, eyes intermittently glancing between the blonde playing pool and a pamphlet on the bar. The blonde was bending over in her tight, low-cut shirt, breasts almost spilling out as she took too much time lining up a simple shot. Alex licked her lips, bringing the bottle to her mouth. The blonde smiled at her. Alex noticed a guy behind the blonde, making thrusting motions with his hips as she took the shot. She swiveled on her stool, not wanting to get into the drama. She turned over her left wrist, glancing at her watch. 10:35pm. Fuck it. She grabbed her keys and laid a $5 bill on the bar.

Outside, the air was cool, smelling of asian food, cigarettes and trash. Alex donned her jacket and got into her truck. She picked up the invitation, reading the address. Home was closer, but this could be interesting. And it was still early.

Her truck groaned driving up the incline into the community. She passed some condos, looking for the number. The houses began to get bigger, gates more ubiquitous, cars more luxurious. She doubled back, parking near the condos and walked toward the home.

It was a mansion...a modern, angular residence with many windows. A faint glow of reddish-purple could be seen from a window on the far right of the home. The gate was open. Alex moved to knock at the front door, and was greeted by a buxom petite woman with steely green eyes. "Yes? Can I help you?"

"I think.." Alex began, checking the address on the invite, thinking she came to the wrong house. The woman saw the invitation and asked her inside. The black curtains made the foyer look smaller than it was. "Follow me," said the woman. Alex couldn't help but watch her ass as she followed her down a long hallway. They stepped into a large room, with white curtains hanging to create individual changing stalls.

"Please change in here," the woman said, pulling a curtain aside. "Leave your clothing, belongings and invitation. They will be stored for you and returned after the event." Her face was matter-of-fact, a polite but rigid smile, as if this were part of a museum tour.

Alex stepped inside tentatively, looking around. "What do I change into?"

The woman indicated a black silk robe and domino mask hanging from a solitary hook on the wall. "I assume you read the invitation."

Alex glanced from the mask to the woman, not quite understanding what she was getting into. Before she could reply, the curtain closed and she was alone in the stall, invitation in hand.

She emerged a few minutes later, glancing at her clothing hanging on the hook, ensuring her keys were in her pocket. She was glad she left her phone in the truck. A naked woman was standing in the dim light, paint adorning the skin around her eyes in dramatic flares and waves. "Follow me, please, " she said, taking Alex's hand. Alex adjusted her robe with her other hand, noticing a stripe of purple fabric on the lapel. They walked barefoot down a hallway with soft maple floors. The light became colored and dimmer, and the sound of moaning could be heard in the curtained rooms along the hallway. They stopped before a curtain with a purple trim at the bottom hem. The woman opened the curtain, leading Alex into a library. Candelabra's "Here are your things," she said, indicating a display of sex toys: harness, several cocks of different sizes and widths, beads, lubrication. Alex began to say something when she noticed the tangle of women on the leather-studded couch: one spread on the length of the couch, one perched on the back of the chaise, the other kneeling. A mesh of moans, lapping of tongues and whispered demands filled the air.

The woman removed Alex's robe. Alex could feel her heartbeat becoming more rapid, her eyes dilating. She stepped into the harness, eyeing her prey.


Kate's heels clicked along the winding concrete pathway up to the door. It had taken her a few minutes to even get out of the car, contemplating what she was even doing here. Before she reached the front door, it opened and she was received by a sexy, petite woman. Kate immediately recognized the dress. Prada. Good taste. The woman smiled to her warmly, her green eyes flashing in the dim lighting of the foyer. "Come in, please," she said, taking Kate's hand, admiring her shoes. Kate thanked her, slipping her keys into her purse as the door closed behind them.

The woman showed Kate into the curtained stall, closing it behind them. "I know this is your first time here...it can be a little intimidating. But trust that you'll have a good time, OK?"

Kate smiled a bit uncertainly, but something in the woman's face intrigued her. Those green eyes reminded her of something, or someone. She was aware of fingertips deftly unzipping her dress, then soft lips on her neck as her dress slid along her body to the floor. Kate moaned as this mystery woman seduced her into the black robe, applying the domino mask as her tongue entered Kate's mouth. She was aware of a cold sugary taste on her tongue, not entirely unpleasant, but unexpected. Kate's clothing and purse sat crumpled on the floor, forgotten as the woman walked hand-in-hand down the hallway.

They passed several curtained-off rooms, with the sounds of moaning. On the other side of one curtain, the activities sounded much more rough, primal. A woman was grunting loudly, something bumping rhythmically with each grunt. "Harder! Oh, yes. Fuck me!" she screamed.

The woman giggled, squeezing Kate's hand. They walked into a room with a discreet red lining to the curtain it concealed. Kate again saw hanging curtains in a similar fashion as the changing stalls. Only these contained what looked like small beds. The woman guided her to one, and they sat side by side on the bed. Soft, memory foam comforted their bodies as the woman moved to kiss Kate, untying her robe and letting it fall to the floor. Their tongues mingled as they caressed and petted one another, lying on the bed. Kate felt herself being pinned down, as the woman smiled lasciviously above her. Every touch felt electric, and somehow very soft. The air seemed to take on a charged feeling, and she was aware of sounds of moaning nearby. Kate moaned loudly as she felt a warm, wet sensation on her nipples, looking down to see the woman licking and sucking hungrily. Kate arched her back, barely noticing her arms bound to the wood frame of the bed. She could feel the woman's body between her spread thighs, her kisses and tongue moving downward. Fingertips pinched and pulled at her nipples, which felt ticklish and erotic all at once. Soft lapping at her inner thighs, her slit, then a rush of warm wetness inside her. Looking down, her thighs framed the woman's face as she tonguefucked Kate. Her breath quickened, eyes closed, she felt her head being turned to the side by a gentle hand. She was aware of an object being placed on her lips, looking to see a strapped cock and its masked wearer telling her to suck it. Kate looked up into the anonymous face, opening her mouth wide to receive it as the wearer began to pump it slowly.

Her whole body felt charged as moaned, the strapped cock in her mouth, the tongue in her pussy. Change happened fluidly, as the woman slid up Kate's body and straddled her face, rubbing her pussy all over Kate's mouth, lips and chin. Kate could feel her legs being handled, raised, and then a push of something hard inside her. She groaned as her lips smothered the woman's shaved pussy. They seemed to work in syncopated rhythms--as one woman grinded on Kate's face, the other thrust steadily into her from the foot of the bed. Kate succumbed to this process, letting go and being active all at once. She could feel the woman's clit on her upper lip, as she sought it out and sucked it at brief intervals that inspired lustful groans. Kate pulled at her bound hands, useless tools in her surrender to lust.


Ryan locked the deadbolt, suddenly aware of warm hands covering her eyes.

"Guess who?" whispered an accented voice.

Ryan smiled, recognizing Melisa's voice, her perfume. Melisa kissed her with sultry full lips.

"I think Al's at the station tonight," Ryan said. Melisa responded with a devilish smile. "I came to see you, Papi."

Ryan felt that familiar blend of lust and guilt swirl up inside her. She had the mind to open the door and fuck the life from both of them on the living room floor. She felt Melisa's hand on her crotch. "You're packing, Papi. Let's use that here, don't go out." Melissa curled her hand under Ryan's jaw, lips kissing her cheek.

Ryan sighed, wanting what was offered, but using her intelligence, conscience not to fall for the bait. She had said she'd stop this, and here was here chance to do so. "I have to go to work," she lied, pulling away and trying to walk past Melisa.

Melisa narrowed her eyes at Ryan, standing in her path. "Oh, es like this now?" She put her hands on her hips.

"Look," Ryan began. "You know we can't keep this up. Alison's my best..."

"La mujer perdona las infidelidades, pero no las olvida, Papi," interrupted Melisa.

Ryan shook her head, not understanding the words, but getting the meaning loud and clear. "I'm sorry, " she said, sliding against the wall of the corridor, past Melisa and down the steps.

Outside, she jumped on her prized Triumph, strapped her helmet on and sped into the night. She knew every side street to get where she needed to go to fulfill this desire.

Ryan noticed the cars lining Madame T's street. Parties were common here every day of the week, so this was nothing new. But she didn't feel right parking near the back entrance for this, as surely this wasn't a catering gig.

She walked calmly up the pathway, the door opening for her. She was greeted by a petite asian woman. Ryan smiled, knowing what this was, that it could be this easy. Without a word the asian woman took her hand and they walked down the hallway.

Ryan took off her clothing resolutely, the woman waiting outside. She kept the harness on beneath her robe. Ryan smirked at the silliness of the mask, but these were not her rules. She put it on and opened the curtain.

The asian woman was nude now, smiling at Ryan and gesturing with her hands to the hallway. Ryan walked beside her, not knowing where to go. She felt a sense of surrender to the moment, being ready for almost anything. She needed this night of anonymity and release. The glow of candlelight was ubiquitous, even beneath the curtains that cordoned off the rooms. Moans, whimpers, grunts, pleadings and demands could be heard in various intonations, all indicating surrender to lust.

The woman led Ryan through a series of rooms. Ryan visually noted the bodies rhythmically moving in so many positions, contortions to achieve sexual pleasure. But she also took in the design of the rooms, trying to architecturally piece together a map of the house in her mind. Any semblance of furniture had to have been removed and stored someplace, for all that were present were basic surfaces on which to fuck and be fucked. Curtains facilitated some sense of modesty, but they were really unnecessary.

The asian woman spoke for the first time. "Politicians, celebrities, businesswomen, teachers, artists, and those of many trades are all here tonight."

Ryan raised her eyebrows, impressed with the anonymous power of everyone present. She watched two women hungrily 69 on a tabletop, imagining their real lives, wondering if they'd ever intersect to fulfill such a need as this occasion allowed.

She was led into an alcove, where they seemed to be alone together. The asian woman looked at Ryan with a sort of kind courtesy, leaving her in the room. There was a singular high-backed chair, and side table on which something lay wrapped in a dark cloth. Ryan opened the cloth, and looked at the silicone cock. She attached it to her harness, hearing the door open softly. Ryan turned and saw a blonde woman approaching cautiously. Their eyes met briefly, the blonde's turning down after contact. Ryan turned to her, the erect cock jutting out from her small, muscled frame. Without words, the blonde kneeled and took the cock into her mouth, sucking just the head initially. The moving her mouth along the shaft. Ryan watched her objectively, feeling the animalistic lust begin to form inside her. Ryan's nipples were hard with arousal, and she pinched at them as the blonde sucked her cock. Ryan licked her lips, watching the blonde's breasts sway gently as she bobbed her head. She was aware of the pressure on the base of the cock, stimulating her clit. Ryan responded by thrusting gently into her mouth, stimulating her clit more. She placed her hand gently on her head, fingers locking into her hair as her sucking became more ardent, wet-sounding. Ryan felt herself begin to climax, and pushed the blonde back, almost knocking her over.

"I'm sorry," Ryan began, but the blonde got up, walking into the adjoining room, motioning Ryan to follow her. And she did. Ryan walked in to the massive library, books on shelves as high as the ceiling. She was entranced with the sheer volume of literature, before her senses adjusted. The scent of sex was heavy in the room. Leather studded couches lined an inner rectangle, and tangled bodies were heaving on all but one of them. The blonde moved over to the empty couch, looking at Ryan through her domino mask. Ryan moved to her instinctively, bending her over the couch and slapping her thighs to spread them wider. The blonde whimpered in need as Ryan rubbed her fingers along her pussy lips, feeling her mouth salivate at how soft and wet she was. Ryan knelt behind her, running her tongue along her slit, sucking at her pussy lips. The blonde moaned, grinding her face gently on Ryan's mouth. Hungry for sex, Ryan thrust her tongue into her cunt, gliding it back and forth, a finger poised to her rosebud. She could feel the blonde clenching her pussy on her tongue, Ryan's face glazed with her excitement. Ryan licked back to her taint, pressing the tip of her tongue against it. She moved upward still, pressing it to her rosebud and rimming her slowly. Ryan heard muffled moans in response to her actions, pushing her tongue into her ass, and feeling that familiar sensation of excitement between her own legs.

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