tagToys & MasturbationBuying Love Ch. 02

Buying Love Ch. 02


Love Mechanics

Olivia was happy all through dinner with her kids and sent them off to bed early because she was understandably tired. Her new Exercise machine had completely satisfied her after a second go on it right before the kids made it home.

In her nightie on the way to bed she decided to "check on it". A good thing too as she had forgotten to switch the machine off.

"Please check your mail." Pulsed up on the 10inch tablet screen.

Olivia sat down on the saddle and instinctively hooked her feet into the stirrups at the back.

She opened the internet browser, logged on and checked her mail. Nothing new since she checked this morning. So why he message she though.

"Please enter mobile number for mail updates." Flashed on the little tablet screen.

"Arhg - phone mail " thought Olivia and entered her number in.

Straight away a texted came through with a thank you from New-life.

And something about features... she was tired and it could wait till the morning...

"Please complete setup." Flashed on the tablet screen.

Olivia looked for an off switch. She thought "if she had spent less time giving the delivery man a blow job and more time asking about the instruction manual... no the blow job was worth it."

So she clicked on the flashing button and the saddle came to life on level one.

Olivia giggled and thought "Hmmm maybe in the morning." And continued looking for the off switch.

The screen read "Calibrate level one to continue."

There were three bars with speed, depth and rhythm.

Olivia slid the bars around and the speed and amplitude of the rocking as well as the pulsation feeling through the saddle varied with her settings.

A moment ago she was ready for bed but now she was ready for another ride, third of the night and fourth that day. She felt so naughty, but more than anything she felt horny.


Three weeks had gone by since the day she bought the machine.

Olivia stood naked in front of her favourite toy, now in pride of place looking into the mirrored wall of her built in bedroom closets.

She caressed her newly toned abs and shoulders and slid her hands all over her butt and thighs.

This was something that was becoming a ritual now before she followed the yoga master app on the Tablet every morning.

Once so shy, now she just loved being naked, and looking at her new toned body was always exciting. She thought she could be a model now. Posing with her bubbly spherical ass cheeks toward the mirror she thought it was a pity she wasn't 16 anymore and felt too old to start modelling.

A reminder beep snapped her out of her daydream. She had become totally obedient to the prompts of the machine.

After nude yoga Olivia gleefully slid onto the familiar warm saddle for a pre breakfast ride.

She had long since forgotten that the machine used to ask for a level setting. Now all settings were automatic. She wasn't sure how the machine knew, but she was always happy with its choices for her.

The morning routine was set to climax her at 6.40am, just enough time for her to have a shower before getting the kids off to school.

Along with the house and both kids she had gotten quite a generous settlement from her recent divorce.

The familiar warm buzz building to a climax filled her mind and body. The machine had conditioned her to climax in exactly seven minutes.

Just enough time to check her email and schedule for the day.

Her attention jumped to her credit card bill. The machine lifted in intensity and Olivia closed her eyes for a second as she had trouble focusing on the screen.

Opening her eyes briefly she saw the bill from New-life was six instances of $32. Along with some random purchases she had but on the card.

She remembered the "$32 but wasn't it only supposed to be once a week? Wasn't that three?"

The longer she focused on the mail the more the machine built up intensity. So intense now the vibration was shaking her vision.

Olivia began to cum with a ferocity and strength she had never felt before. She only noticed she was screaming when the machine went quiet with "Cycle complete" appeared against the black of the screen.

Olivia grabbed her mouth with both hands and listened... no kid sounds, "wow they could sleep through anything" she thought.

"What was she doing? Email something? Whatever it was time for her shower" she though.

Looking up at herself getting off the saddle, she loved to see the outline of her breasts as she leaned over the machine. Made them look two sizes bigger. She gave them a little squeeze and got a rush from her still sensitive nipples.

In the shower she soaped up her pussy and got very turned on. As it happened sometimes, she got off on the slightly painful over sensitive feeling.

Olivia came for a second time in ten minutes and felt very good. Like really solid but also centered and clear.

After the kids left she felt like a snack and checked her phone for the snack suggestions from the New-life diet guide text.

The doorbell rang and Olivia dashed to get it. She smiled at the courier silhouetted in the bright morning sun and took the tiny package and the electronic signature device.

She hunched over resting the device on the box pushing her robe up and open a little to give the delivery man a bit of a show.

Delivery men had become a special treat for Olivia's imagination for some reason.

Handing the device back with a "Thank you" and a sexy smile Olivia's eyes adjusted to the light now noticed the delivery man was a woman and was giving her a super sexy smile right back.

Olivia snatched closed her robe and squealed like a school girl. The delivery woman gave her a wink and said:

"No, thank you Ma'am."

Olivia felt the super flushed, hot faced rush of shyness and embarrassment, but also felt like she had discovered something really right feeling.

She smiled widely.

Her hand slid up the fluffy divide of her robe almost on its own. Olivia spun around the door closing it in a swirl of pink terry towelling and red cheeked lustiness.

She ducked down and peeked through the window just in time to see the delivery woman drive off and blow her a kiss.

"God, oh my god."

The words ran through Olivia's exhilarated mind. She didn't know what to think but really enjoyed whatever it was.

Now quite a bit turned on but also curious about the package she was momentarily frozen by indecision.

She tore open the package to find an exquisite black lace push up cami' and pantie set. She dropped the robe and put them on immediately.

Running to her bedroom to see herself in the mirror wall of her closet she was awestruck.

"But where did they come from? Her size and perfectly suited to her? She wondered was it a gift?" she wondered.

Looking through the plain packaging there were no notes or cards or even an invoice or return address. Curious, Olivia tapped open the internet browser on the tablet.

She caught a look at herself bent over in lingerie and got seriously horny.

They looked familiar somehow. Olivia remembered seeing them... something told her they were connected to the Life-rider in some way...

She climbed on to the saddle and the machine fired up once more.

She knew that she would be climaxing soon so she slid off the new panties and started browsing while the machine saddle cycled through the wiggly figure eight and pulsed through the groin ridge.

Searching through the browser history was not helping. That first day was just thousands of downloaded sexy images from New Life.

Some images Olivia had never seen before.

The images tugging on her attention, drawing her further and further off topic. The climax was building.

Olivia fought to stay in control. The machine fought a little harder to take over her body through pleasure.

Olivia struggled to recall the first night with the machine. She had spent an hour before she had come to the end of the image library.

And then something like:

"Sleep mode for downloads." And the saddle shut down with a blank screen on the tablet.

That was the first and only time she hadn't cum before the machine finished and she had a clear memory of giving it a little grind as if it was a horse that needed encouragement. After a few minutes she went to bed, horny.

Two hours later and she was still awake. Her phone beeped, another message from the machine:

"Download complete."

Olivia slid out of bed and quietly walked down the hall to the laundry where the machine sat. She was so horny now she was thinking about using the vibration feature on her phone.

"Please continue calibration."

Olivia clicked and the machine started up with level two. As before there were three bars that controlled the pulses and movement and as before she set them to her liking.

The machine did not progress to the image section. This was maddening, all this stimulation and... where were those new pictures? She thought.


"Would you like a chance to win a $5000 shopping spree?"

With no other option but to choose yes or continue calibrating level 2. Olivia agreed.

She was starting to get anxious and short tempered now.

"Please rate the following clothing purchases."

Under this message scrolled a list of workout clothes, evening gowns, and lingerie, each more daring than the last. The list scrolled and repeated with the "Accept" and "Reject" button on each picture.

Each time she clicked a button that image was replaced by another. Looking at sexy clothes was fine but Olivia was eager to get to those new images.

That was it - the cloths she "rated" or was it "reviewed", anyway it was... did she win them?

The saddle writhed and growled under her and her frustration grew.

She was so engorged and excited that her pussy and nipples ached.

Her legs aching and her pussy on fire she was almost ready to give up... almost. The soothing sway of the saddle and the humming buzz filled her with a warmth... just a few more minutes she thought.

She had agreed to buy the images... had she bought other things that night?

The saddle grew in intensity in that familiar way. Olivia's mind was snatched away and the climax begun.

"No!-no-nonono-no-NO!" Olivia screamed desperately trying to keep focus.

"NO!, God-No." Olivia clawed back mid orgasm.

"Focus woman. It's got to be in the history somewhere!" Olivia shouted at herself.

Scrolling through the countless downloaded images it was hard not to look at a few.

"Oh-God. Nnnnononon." Olivia babbled as the Orgasm made a big comeback.

"Oh-oah, who, O-oh, o-oh, mmmm No!" Olivia continued her argument against the persistent eruption.

"O- God, Hmmmmm. No! Just fo-cus!" Olivia had lost all memory of what it was she needed to focus on.

"Just turn it off." She thought "... it always turns itself off ." she realised.

"Fuck!, Fuck me! Fuckfuck fuck! Awwwwwww" Olivia climaxed harder than ever before, not thinking of fit guys or cute girls or her own growing beautiful fitness but just a nameless animalistic high of being totally defeated by pleasure.

Olivia was dripping with sweat and cum and looked a hot mess. So drained, so defeated, but so shiny and sexy.

She realised the saddle was still going. Her new bra was clinging to her sweaty torso.

She unhooked it and slipped it off.

Her very shiny breasts plopped out. Olivia tried to get off but the rocking motion made it difficult.

She had next to no power in her legs now. She looked ahead to see her shiny toned body flex and sway as the saddle cycled around.

God it was building again. That wave of lust and ...heat and expectation.

"Oh-Aw!" Olivia was overstimulated. The lips of her pussy cooked with a buzzing fire.

"Hm-Oh, Aw!" The sweep of the saddle forward pressed her discomfort home.

The feeling of being unable to remove her legs from the stirrups gave her an unexpected rush.

Four years trapped in a loveless marriage and she never once got turned on by that.

Now just three months divorced she was discovering orgasms, other women and now mechanised bondage.

"This was, Uh, Ridiculous. Uh" she thought. "I, Uh, choose when I Uh, Oh, God. Just don't think, Uh, Oh God." Olivia's thoughts a little rambling she started to vocalise "Uh" each lap of the saddle.

A new kind of buzzing pattern started through the saddle seat, a soft start building to a hard finish and a little pause. Olivia found herself singing along:

"Hmmmmmaaaaaarh -Uh!"

Each cycle a little faster than the last her body was spasming in time.

Each cycle her voice louder and body more exaggerated writhing in a harsh mixture of pleasures from pain.

"Ar-Mmmmmmmmaaaarh-UH!" Olivia felt a little orgasm at the end of each lap now.

She was overheated and exhausted and felt as if she might pass out.

"Ah!-Uh-Mmmaaarh-UH! Mmmmmaaarh-Uh!" The buzzing pattern now doubled the laps of the saddle and the little orgasms started to lengthen.

"Mmmmmm-oooooooH! Fuck!" Olivia screamed against the euphoric agony.

Desperate, she stooped down and tugged on the power cord as hard as she could.

The Machine came to a sudden stop and an error message popped up on the tablet screen. Olivia collapsed on the saddle and started to cry.

Each sob shooting a spasm through her. Each spasm bringing a little twich of pain followed by a orgasmic cum sensation.

After a minute of sobbing and cumming, slowly, a smile crept across her contorted face. Each sob now more of a chirp.

The chirps turned to giggles and Olivia ground the lifeless saddle for a little extra kick.

"Fuck!" Olivia said out loud, she was too exhausted to move, other than a slow grind on the saddle.

She fell asleep and dreamed of getting some more deliveries.


When Olivia woke it was late, not dark out, but definitely late afternoon. Olivia didn't care at first; she was feeling the aches and pains of her ride and sleeping in an odd position.

Then she realised the kids would be back soon. She looked around and saw herself naked on the exercise saddle and had mixed feelings about getting off it.

She decided she must, her legs not cooperating she fell down to the floor. Her arms too weak to lift her and with no help from her legs she rolled into a heap.

Looking over at the mirror wall she thought to herself "I could be a stripper... or maybe a playboy model..." The fact she was immobile on the floor in a pool of her own fluids did not phase her.

"What is happening to me? I must get ready before the kids come back." Olivia's self-talk more what she thought she ought to say rather than what she was feeling.

She rolled across the floor, down the hall and into the bathroom. The cold tiles shocking out of her what little Adrenalin she had left powering a lunge into the bathtub.

A half hour of warm bath later and she had most of the control of her limbs again.

She had an urge to taste the water and was surprised that she liked it. With the water cooling and deciding that she must be a little dehydrated she walked to the kitchen and drank the whole bottle of Aloe juice in one swig.

The doorbell rang and Olivia dreamily wandered off to answer it.

It was that delivery woman again.

"AH, oh! Hello, I um. Well. I mean I, you didn't answer before and I thought I heard you in a fight or something. ...Um ...do you want me to come in?"

Olivia was very tired and could not understand why the delivery woman wanted to come in and what was she...

"Oh, right, no clothes." Olivia realised as the lightest of breezes gave her a chill and super hard nipples.

"Oh, ah um I was." Olivia too... well, too everything to think of a reason she was at the door naked and covered in soapy water.

"Just taking a bath?" Asked Joan the delivery woman.

"Hehe, yes. How did you... yes." Giggled Olivia inviting Joan in and retrieving her fluffy pink robe from the floor.

"Sorry, did you want something?" Olivia realising the oddness of everything.

"Yeah, I'm... like I said, you didn't answer and I thought I heard a strange angry voice. I was worried you might need ...help... or something."

"Oh, Um that. That was Um, just me on my exercise machine." Olivia thinking a half truth is betting that none at all.

"Oh, hehe, right, OK. Um OK. Sorry." Joan feeling very awkward and looking every bit the part.

"So...? Do you want a cup of tea of something?" Olivia still in the dark about the repeat visit.

"Oh no! I mean, yes actually that would be nice, but there was a second package for you... not sure how it got miss sorted, maybe it came through late or something? Anyway you need to sign again."

Explained Joan.

Olivia signed and gave the pad back to Joan.

The two women went into the kitchen for tea and Joan realised she hadn't actually given Olivia the package.

The two women walked out to the van and Joan handed over another tiny box. Olivia's hand shook as she took it, grasping Joan's finger a moment before sharing another sexy look.

"That must be some exercise machine, you have to show me sometime." Joked Joan.

"Sure, have you the time now?" Olivia blurted, a little fearful Joan would just disappear.

Olivia took Joan's hand and the two women walked back into Olivia's house.

Leading her into the bedroom and pointing. Olivia had come over shy again and couldn't really think of what to say.

"Nice. So you're not curious about your package?" Asked Joan.

"What? Oh, ah yes, it's clothes." Answered Olivia.

"You can give them a try, I will look at your machine if you like." Assured Joan.

Olivia regretting her choice, feeling that she should have said "lingerie" not "clothes" but she had a good feeling about Joan and she had seen her naked already so what the hell.

As Olivia put on the underwear, Joan plugged the machine back in and started the "new user" setup cycle.

Joan was half way to a climax when Olivia walked in with her black lace bra pantie suspenders set with purple velvet inserts and fishnets.

The pained look on Joan's face prompted Olivia to try to lift her feet out of the stirrups.

"No! ...at the front!" gasped Joan.

Olivia walked to the front and straddled the tablet stand as she looked down trying again to turn it off.

Joan grabbed Olivia and stripped her purple velvet paneled lace panties down and plunged her tongue deep inside Olivia's pussy.

Joan's tongue hard and strong pushed Olivia's swollen pussy lips out like pink ice cream escaping a cup when the spoon goes in too far.

The heat and texture of Joan's Tongue was so great and so unexpected.

Olivia slid her hand down without looking to the touch screen and turned up the machine. The two women came loudly together.

Joan got off the machine sheepishly looking down at the wet patch on her work pants.

Olivia gave her the lace panties from the first delivery and an old pair of yoga pants.

Still caught up in the moment Olivia walked Joan back to her van.

The school bus drive gave Olivia a toot-toot in her bra and suspenders in the front yard.

Joan drove off before Olivia could ask for a number or even thought to.

Olivia ran back into the house hoping that not too many of the people in the street had seen her.

End of part two.

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