By Chance


The story I have to tell is one of raw passion...You know , that "at the right place at the right time..." kind of deal. I was never a wild child when I was young, so most of what my story is about was all new to me at the time. On with it than, shall we...

The day started out like every other day. Woke up, dragged myself to the bathroom; Stepping in the shower, (I sleep in the nude...) still not fully awake, I let the water cascade over my nicely shaped C-cupped breasts. I stood there for a while to let the hot water stream down my body. After a quick wash, I thoroughly dried myself, got dressed, and in about ten more minutes, I was out the door. Today was suppose to be an easy going day for me. i was off from work, and felt like having a little fun. So naturally, I was prepare for any event that may happened to take place. What I got was a bit more than I bargained for. On my days off, I like to jog in the park across from my apartment. I always loved the outdoors and the smell of the grass in the morning. On this fateful day, I was doing just that. Some children were throwing a Frisbee back and forth, and I was taken in by the huge smiles on their faces. Lost in thought, I didn't realize, of course until it was too late, that I was on a direct collision course with another jogger. The impact knocked us both off our feet. A bit confused, I stayed on the ground for a moment to gather my senses.

"Are you ok, miss?" a voice asked.

Still in a daze, I muttered "Fine, thanks.."

A hand was stretched out in front of my face. I accepted the gesture and brushed my body off. Trying to compose myself, I didn't notice that the gentleman who helped me up was still there.

"Is everything ok? I'm sorry about that," he said.

"No, I wasn't looking where I was going, I should be apologizing to you." a replied sheepishly.

I found myself staring at him. I couldn't help letting my eyes wonder over his perfectly shaped body. He had an olive complexion that nicely complimented his muscular physique. I've always had this thing about shoulders and backs. I don't know, I just find them extremely arousing. His were sharply toned. He was wearing a sports top, you know the kind that has those huge cuts for the arms so that they show off a bit of the chest. I could tell that his chest and abs were rock hard. I had to stop myself from looking further. His eyes than meet mine. He smiled when he realized I was checking him out.. My face turned all shades of red. I smiled and quickly shifted my eyesight away from his glare.

"I was distracted myself." His face blushed slightly. I let a giggle escape from my lips.

"I was wondering if you didn't have anyplace to go soon that you'd join me for lunch? I know this wonderful place we could sit down and try to sort out exactly who's fault it was." He flashed another smile and again extended his hand to me.

"My name is Daniel. My friends call me J.D. And yours?"

"Avae. What does the J stand for?" I joked.

"My first name."

I watched him look me up and down, trying to absorb every one of my soft curves. I felt my face burning with heat.

"So, what do you say?" His stare finally rested on my eyes again. "Ok, you're on. I'll meet you here in about 30 min."

Needless to say, I ran home. (this time paying close attention to where I was going...) In no time I was ready to go. I had chosen to wear a short sky-blue wrap-around skirt with a sheer cream colored top. I twisted my dark auburn hair into a braid letting some strains fall around my face. I wanted to look natural, so I decided not to wear make-up. I did, however, apply lip gloss to my lips to keep them moist. When I was satisfied with my look, I grabbed my keys, and headed to the door. i hesitated there for a brief moment. It has been a long time since I've dated. Since the divorce, in fact. That was two years ago. A smile crossed my lips.

Its now or never.. I told myself. I was ready to do this.

I reached the spot almost expecting him to change his mind. Maybe I was a little nervous. You could imagine my surprise to see him waiting for me. Even more surprising when I noticed he hadn't changed. (he had been waiting there the entire time...) We walked to the restaurant slowly, exchanging tid bits of information about ourselves here and there. He was from Italy, which explained his dark olive skin. He had adapted to America rather well, for there was only a small trace of his accent left.

The walk seemed to take forever. I was so intrigued with this man, I didn't even notice we had arrived. It was a small cafe with an outside sitting area. He helped me to my set and order some white wine. he than started to ask more questions about me.

"So, are you from around here?" he laughed nervously.

"Oh the small talk, huh..." I gave him an ensuring smile. "Yes. I actually live right across the street from the park. "

He nodded and then asked,

"So why does a beautiful women like yourself live alone?"

His intense stare burned right though me. I could feel the sexual tension between the both of us. My skin was on fire. I noticed he too was sensing it. His bulge was obvious.

"After the divorce, I just didn't feel like making a fool of myself again."

"Sometimes its the other person who is the fool. In your situation this is undoubtedly the case."

I was in shock. I couldn't even respond. We order our lunch and ate slowly, enjoying each others company. After we finished, we made our way back towards the spot we met. We decided to continue walking. After about ten minutes, we came across a trail that lead into the wood. I had found this trail before on one of my jogs. I looked at him, and without a word started for the trail. He followed quickly behind.

While we walked I felt his hand on my shoulder. We came to a stop. He than turned my around and gave me a kiss that sent electricity through my body. I grabbed his shoulders as he began move his kiss to the nip of my neck. When he did this, I just let go. I let him remove my shirt and bra. My nipples were erect. His hand were gripping my ass tightly as his lips made their way towards my creamy white breast. I gave out a low moan as he sucked and teased them, making my nipples even harder. I had managed to discard his shirt as well. I was able to admire his back and shoulders up close and personal. He leaned my up against a tree and undressed me the rest of the way.

He than removed his jogging pants revealing his massive cock. I felt one of his hands on my breast as the other made its way to my wet silt. His playful fingers teased my clit. My hip began to move to every touch. I wanted so bad to taste them. I took his hand from my pussy and put his fingers in my mouth one by one. He understood what I wanted and let me take over. I leaned him up against the tree and immediately started my way down his body. Without hesitation, I got on my knees and stuffed his rock hard dick into my mouth. I started at the head and let my tongue taste the pre-cum that had already discharged. I than glided my tongue down his throbbing shaft. He grabbed my hair and I heard him moan with pleasure. This only made me suck harder. I felt him getting close and wanted to taste his hot jism. Only he had other things in mind. He lifted my from my knees.

"Bend over. I want see how that tight pussy of yours feels around my dick."

I bent over and held on to the tree for support. His huge cock spread open my pussy lips as he entered me. He began to thrust his dick hard in and out of my dripping cunt. I could feel the orgasm building quickly. He grabbed my hair again. I couldn't hold back any longer. I exploded on him hard. He only pumped harder into me. I couldn't believe it. I never came before a man and I could feel another coming on.

Without warning, he stopped. He laid me down on his shirt. He than proceeded to let his tongue explore my body stopping briefly at my tender nipples. He glided his body slowly down mine until he reached my swollen clit. His tongue flickered across it making my body jerk with ever movement. He continued to eat me out this way until i reached another explosive orgasm. After licking up every drop, he dipped his dick again into my convulsing slit. Holding my legs up, he pumped deep into me. This time I couldn't hold back the screams. My body was ready to come again. I tensed up and came so hard that I felt it squirting out. At that moment, he withdrew from me and let his hot cum shot out all over my body. I got up just in time to let some of it reach my lips. He rubbed it off with his hand and put it to my face. I accepted it, licking every finger until every drop was gone.

He held me close for a while. It was dark before we decided to leave. We got dressed and made our way back to the original trail. We exchanged numbers and promised to keep in close contact. He kissed me again, and than he was gone. I lingered in the park for a while recalling the events that had taken place. Even if he didn't call, I had the time of my life and was satisfied with that. As I walked across the street to my apartment, I let my thoughts wonder again. Realizing that that's exactly how this day began, I decided that I should do that more often.

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