By the End of the Week


"I think that's normal, Jessica, and very flattering. I think plenty of girls have crushes on their teachers, but it's important to remember that I am your teacher, and that these things pass." He wondered if he was being sensitive enough. It was important to turn her away without damaging her self-esteem. At least, that was what the loudest voice in his head was saying. He struggled to ignore the whisper which said other things.

He could not help but stare at her. In the afternoon sun, her skin glowing amber, she seemed like a goddess. He watched a single drop of liquid appear on her upper thigh and run lazy zig-zags down her leg. He did not know if it was left over water from her shower, or if her pussy was moist and leaking. He had to fight the irrational urge to scoop the drop up on his finger and taste it.

"I think it's slightly more than a crush, Mr. Crandall," Jessica said, lowering her voice, attempting to sound sultry. Their gazes held for a few moments. Needing to break the spell, Mr. Crandall moved to stand up. At the same moment, Jessica yelped in pain, grabbing her upper thigh.

"What is it?" he asked, concern evident.

"Ow, cramp, ow ow ow!" Jessica had crunched over her right leg, holding it close to her, pain evident on her face.

Not thinking, but simply following his instinct to help, Mr. Crandall became clinical. "Here, let me." He quickly pushed her own hands off of her thigh, and set to work vigorously kneading the skin. "You have to rub these out quickly."

Jessica smirked, but Mr. Crandall was too intent on his task to notice. She did not lean back, but continued to huddle so that she nearly right on top of him. They could feel each other's breaths. He stretched and massaged her leg, attempting to relieve the cramp. "Feeling better?"

"You have great hands, Mr. Crandall." She slid her left leg away from her right leg, opening herself up, and causing her skirt to lift. Her pussy blinked into view. She was not wearing any panties.

Mr. Crandall stopped rubbing, but he did not remove his hands. He was mesmerized by the appearance of her pussy, like he was under the power of a hypnotist, or a snake charmer. It was puffier than he remembered, and glistened, but it still looked so fresh and so clean. Suddenly he noticed how close his fingers were to it.

"Please touch me, Mr. Crandall," Jessica whispered, grabbing his hand and pushing it up toward her.

His hand cupped her pubis, his middle finger entering her furrow, squishing just between her pussy lips. Jessica squeaked. Still holding his hand in place, she began to gyrate her hips, grinding her pussy against his hand. Mr. Crandall stared, dumbstruck, at his hand and her pussy, together.

"Do you feel how wet I am, Mr. Crandall?" she purred. "Do you feel how soft I am? I shave every day." Her pussy was truly very wet and very soft. "Mmmmm," she moaned, closing her eyes briefly. "Let me feel your cock." She brought up her other arm and grabbed Mr. Crandall's bulge through his pants. She could feel his cock's outline through the soft material of his slacks. She began to gently squeeze his lump in synch with humping his hand.

Mr. Crandall raised his gaze to look at Jessica. Although he still was making no effort to leave, and was, passively at least, rubbing her pussy, and was sporting a full erection, his expression was one of fear, like a rabbit staring down a wolf. Jessica met his gaze, her eyes half-lidded, her mouth smirking. She looked confident and seductive. She writhed on his hand, and gently pushed down on it. His middle finger, rather than just creasing her furrow, slipped inside her vagina, sliding past her love-ring. Her pussy was so tight it was almost uncomfortable for his finger, like having a rubber-band constricting it.

She stopped moving her hips. Her gaze dared him to move his finger -- to curl it, looking for her g-spot, or push in deeper, or even pull out a little. His hand did not move.

The lump in her other hand was appreciable. Rather than just squeeze it, she wrapped her hand around it, like she was offering a handshake, and began to tug, lightly jacking him off. His legs began to shake under him. His cock felt like a volcano, like it was tapped into the primeval blaze at the center of the earth, and that at any moment it could spurt. And she had just barely begun touching him.

"Do you want me to suck you, Mr. Crandall?" Jessica murmured. Whatever was left of Mr. Crandall's sanity suddenly broke. He began ripping at his pants, haphazardly undoing his belt before shoving his pants down. His cock leapt out, glistening.

"Oooh, you do have a nice one," Jessica cooed, holding his cock in her hand briefly, admiring it. It was good sized -- not a porn star's cock, but certainly nice enough, at slightly more than six inches length and a good thickness. His pubic hair was closely trimmed and lined just the base of his cock and the tops of his balls. Jessica swooped down upon his cock.

Mr. Crandall cried out as his cock disappeared into her mouth, sliding all the way back in one movement. His hands fell into her blonde hair and grabbed, and he began to buck into her mouth. Jessica squealed, but it was a good sound; she was not used to men taking control and needing her so quickly. She held her lips over her teeth and tight together, trying to create suction for him as he pounded into her. Her hands gripped his buttocks, her nails leaving white trail marks in his skin. She began to pull him into her almost as frantically as he was pushing into her, her breath escaping in hot bursts through her nostrils.

Her bet with Amy had included that she could not let Mr. Crandall cum, but she did not have a clue how she was going to pull that off. Mr. Crandall no longer seemed to be in conscious control of his body, and by the way he was humping her, he did not plan to last long. He was holding her tightly, too -- she could barely breathe.

She grabbed his hands, and after a few more strokes, he stopped pushing on her. She gasped as his cock fell from her lips, saliva and precum all across her lips and chin, and more puddled on the ground. "Mr. Crandall, you can't come in my mouth," she panted.

Mr. Crandall let out a moan, not of anger or aggression, but of mindless need. He put his hands on her shoulders and began to push, attempting to make her lay backward. His body also pushed into hers, his cock stabbing at her wildly, hitting her knee, and then her abdomen, and then her thigh. It was like Mr. Crandall had become some sort of caveman -- no language, no civility, just the urgent need to fuck.

He began to hump the air, his cock smearing saliva and precum against her thigh as it hit her. He was not hurting her, but the pressure was mounting, and she was starting to have to lean back against it. His cock was inches from her pussy. "Mr. Crandall, really, I don't think we should have intercourse!" She tried to sound shocked and prim.

Of course, she was anything but prim. She had fucked her share of cocks (and sucked a lot more), but she was no slut. She didn't just fuck whoever, whenever. Especially over a bet.

She realized what she had to do. It was something she had done before with more than one aggressive boyfriend in more than one parked car.

"Here, try this instead." She quickly contorted to the side to escape his hands, and then using her hands, angled his cock upward. As he thrust forward, his cock disappeared into her mouth. She slurped around it.

He began to buck and moan, really fucking her mouth. She began to knead his balls, moaning through the cock in her mouth, slurping on him and lashing him with her tongue.

Suddenly, Mr. Crandall stopped jerking. The first spurt hit her in the back of the throat, then there were more and more. Jessica swallowed as quickly as she could, licking her lips to get at the saltiness. More came than she could handle, and it became to drip down her chin, onto her cheerleading outfit and onto the floor.

Mr. Crandall collapsed into a chair, shock on his face.

A few minutes later, just outside the school's gate, Amy was impatiently pacing when Jessica caught up to her. "Did you do it?" she asked.

Smiling and flushed, Jessica nodded. "Where's your proof?" Amy asked, slyly. With that, Jessica stopped walking, turned to face her friend, put her hands on either side Amy's face, and before she could react, moved her mouth against hers. The kiss was instantly open-mouthed -- tongues wrestling and exploring. It lasted thirty seconds, before Jessica dropped her hands and stepped back. Now both were out of breath. Amy was stunned.

"I thought we agreed that you couldn't let him cum?"

Jessica had lost fifty bucks.



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