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Cab Ride


[Note from sub: This, like all our stories, are real accounts of our experiences together.]


We were at a Carnaval festival, one of the biggest of its kind outside of Rio. The colors were bright, the music was thrumming, and everyone there seemed to be out on the prowl. I was topless and being paraded around by Him, my breasts covered in body paint, wearing only a pair of silver snakeskin hotshorts and killer heels. I also had two handprints made of edible body paint on my thighs, flavored blueberry and strawberry. I pushed willing participants' heads down to my thighs to make them lick me. A few men would get feisty and run their tongues along my pussy as well.

They often asked Him for permission first. It was a curious dynamic, I the center of attention with the power to command men and women alike to kneel before me, but ultimately they were licking His handprints, His mark on me, and He was the one who gave them permission to touch me.

I felt like a celebrity, at the peak of power and at the center of attention. But Sir put me in my place.


Sir has a cab driver that He always uses, who drove us down earlier that night. As the evening drew to a close, Sir told me that we were going to fuck in the cab that night.

Our driver, J, picked us up in a roomy van-style cab. Sir told J to drive us around downtown. As we pulled away from the curb, I moved to kneel in front of Sir and begin to suck His cock. I wrapped my lips around the head of His cock and swirled my tongue around it several times. Then I licked His shaft from base to tip with a soft, wet tongue before taking Him wholly in my mouth, letting His cock slide in until I felt it stop at the back of my throat. I began to stroke up and down with my mouth, glancing obediently up into His eyes as I serviced Him.

He, cock hard and dripping with my saliva, was ready to enter my pussy. I straddled Him on the seat and pulled my shorts off, now wearing only a glow necklace and my body paint, and slowly lowered myself onto Him. We were seated directly behind J, so he had a partial view of what we were doing through the rearview mirror.

I sat all the way down on His cock and felt Him penetrate me as deep as He would go. I began to grind up and down on Him as we zoomed through the quiet city streets at 3:30 in the morning. The lights in the cab were on so that I would be completely exposed to passersby as I rode Him, breasts bared and my head tossed back in pleasure. We flew by the State Capitol building and ended up stopped next to a car. A kid on his skateboard caught sight of what was going on in the cab and stared, dumbfounded.

Sir's cock felt so good inside me that I wanted to let out a moan, but I felt shy letting J hear my gasps of enjoyment. It made me feel dirty somehow, a slut who couldn't keep her mouth shut around other people while having sex. I couldn't hold it in any longer though and ultimately gave in to the release of pleasure, feeling ashamed by my weakness, but relieved to be able to make noise as I bounced on His cock. Sir smacked my ass and whispered in my ear: "You are such a whore. Everyone can see you."

J, who had been silently watching us through the rearview mirror, told me to turn around into reverse cowgirl so he could look at my tits while I fucked Sir. I did as he asked, now watching J's reflection in the rearview mirror while feeling Sir's cock inside me.

I went back to sucking His cock again, but J, encouraged by my quick compliance last time, wanted more.

"Move over to the center so I can see what she's doing."

Sir moved us to a center seat so that we were in the light and in direct view of J.

"Oh yeah, that's good." I was on my knees, bare ass raised towards J, not half a foot away. Sir told me to sit on the seat next to Him instead so that J could get a full side view, and I obliged. J turned his rearview mirror to a 45 degree angle and watched me.

"Yeah, suck that cock."

Sir stroked my hair approvingly in His lap and told J, "She takes it really deep". I locked eyes with J through the rearview mirror. J told me he liked it when I looked up, so I continued to maintain eye contact with him while stroking Sir's shaft with my tongue, lips fully engrossed in the task at hand.

But J was getting more curious.

"I may have to break a cardinal rule here, but can I touch your titty?" So many people had touched my breasts at Carnaval that night that I didn't think twice of it. "Of course!" J fondled my right breast, still covered in bodypaint, and squeezed my nipple. The paint rubbed off onto his fingers, leaving my nipple exposed amidst the sea of paint that had been protecting me.

Relaxing, Sir sat in the seat while I moved to lie in a backwards tabletop position, head on His lap. He and I were both satisfied with the sex we had just had, but J was only getting started.

"You know what you should do, you should touch her in that position." Sir decided that wasn't a bad idea and began to rub my clit and finger me.

Now J wanted to see my pussy.

"Spread your legs for J", Sir commanded. This was edging into new territory for me, but I obliged, timidly spreading my legs to this man I barely knew. It was such an intimate part of my body to have someone do nothing but look at. I felt naked and suddenly aware of my vulnerable position in this cab. At a stop light, J glanced back at my pussy and looked me up and down appraisingly. The power I was enjoying earlier that night had completely sapped away. Silence as we drove on. Then he asked, "Can I touch it?"

I looked at J. He was in his early fifties, old enough to be my father, slightly overweight and balding, with glasses. This was not a man I wanted to touch my pussy. I responded lightly, "No, that's just His territory for tonight" and J nodded. Pleased with my handling of the situation, I glanced up at Sir for approval.

Sir said, "J, you can touch it."

I felt nervous. To look at my pussy was one thing, but to have this man touch actually me was a whole other level of engagement. But I wanted to please Sir and do whatever He wanted to see done to me. Reluctantly, I spread my legs towards J again, and he began to run his fingers along my pussy and gently rub my clit.

It felt good, and that was what I had been dreading the most. I knew that I was going to like his fingers on my pussy and hated that I was deriving pleasure from someone I hadn't even wanted to touch me. But I couldn't ignore the fact that my pussy was dripping wet on this man's fingers, and I wanted more. Timidly I asked: "J, can you fing... - ah!"

J anticipated my question and slid a thumb into my pussy before I could finish my sentence. I squirmed towards his finger, sighed with pleasure and watched him thrust in and out of me while Sir whispered in my ear, "You're such a little slut! He's your cab driver, and you're letting him finger you!"

After a little while, I closed my legs and said, "That's enough for now." I let Sir take over rubbing my clit, feeling safer, like I was back where I belonged. But He had His own reasons for giving me pleasure. Sir whispered in my ear, "You need to come for him." I told Him that I couldn't right then and there, and He replied, "Then fake it. It'll make J happy."

I nodded. My job that night was to please everyone in that cab, and I didn't want to fail at my task. After letting Sir rub me some more, I convulsed into a fake orgasm for J, moaning and writhing for full effect. It did make J happy, and, my job done, I pulled my shorts back on and climbed into the seat next to Sir.

J told us he had been married for 21 years, had married one of the strippers at the club he owned and shut down the business soon afterward. I asked him if I was the first other pussy he had touched in 21 years. J said no, but that I was the first pussy he had touched in 2 years, his wife included. I could tell that it had meant a lot to him, and it pleased me to know how much I had pleased him. Sir sent J a photo of me dressed in only my shorts, ass sticking out, as a souvenir. J told Him that he would be masturbating to the photo for awhile.

The cab ride cost $100. Sir paid and we got out at His house. I felt the need to shower and tried to scrub off all the body paint, then pulled on one of Sir's shirts and settled into sleep, duties fulfilled for the night.

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