tagErotic CouplingsCabin Fever

Cabin Fever

byShelby Lynn©

It was a small cabin out in the woods, away from civilization, phones, tv, and her computer. When the agent said it was available, she didn’t hesitate to book it. Afterall, she needed the vacation. She arrived just before dusk on Friday evening. Her Jeep was fully stocked with a week's worth of provisions. She hated to bring so much but she didn’t want to be caught unprepared. She been there and done that. No sense in going hungry or being cold she thought to herself as she started unloading. Before long everything was inside and she decided to treat herself to a warm soak in the tub. She went into the master suite and drew the water. She set about undressing and slowly lowered herself into the tub.

As he approached the cabin he turned off his lights and sighed as his truck came to a stop. He didn’t know how she could do it alone. The drive about killed him with the rain. From the looks of it, though, it hadn’t been raining for long there. He gathered his things and made the quick dash to the front porch.

As she finished drying off she heard footsteps on the porch. Smiling to herself she put on her robe and wrapped her hair up in the towel and set out of the bedroom to greet him. He came thru the door just as she rounded the corner from the stairs. He reached out and pulled her to him, kissing her lips and then each side of her neck. Her hair, freshly washed, always smelled so sweet to him. She helped him put away his things and then made a small dinner. After they had finished, he remarked that it had stopped raining, and thought it would be nice to take a walk. They walked down to the dock and decided it was the stars were much better from there on the water to look at.

She sat down on the edge and dangled her feet over side. He knelt behind her and massaged her shoulders. He pulled her hair to one side and gently kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear lobes. He pulled her sweater from her shoulders and laid it aside. He reached around front and unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it aside and further exposing her shoulders to the cool evening air. Her nipples hardened as the cool breeze picked up. He kissed her neck, shoulders and reached around to feel her breasts. She sighed as he squeezed them and firmly pinched her nipples. It was always such a turn on when he did that. She could feel the wetness between her legs and guided his hand down under her skirt to explore it. He slowly stroked her lips and rubbed her clit. Her wetness increasing as he touched her deeply inside with his fingers. He pulled her back to lay down on the dock and pulled her skirt off. He spread her legs apart and knelt before her, stroking her more. He then took his cock and rubbed up and down her slit before pushing deep inside in one stroke. He pushed her legs further apart and drove his cock in deeper to her. Increasing his strokes, the friction making is dick harder each time it wasn’t long before he was ready to cum. He pulled out just before and turned her over. She got up on to her knees and he entered her from behind. Just as they started to move in rhythem a boat started to approach the dock. They quickly scrambled for their clothes and headed back towards the cabin. Laughing the whole way at fearing being caught for doing it in the great outdoors.

They went back into the cabin and settled in for bed. Just as she had fallen asleep he heard a noise in the living room and got up to investigate. He walked across the living room to turn on the light. As he did he felt something hit his head and the sensation of falling. He was out before he even hit the floor. The man tied him up and gagged him so that she would not hear him when he awoke. He proceeded to the bedroom where she lay asleep.

He approached the bed and quickly tied her hands to the head board and gagged her as well. Before she could realize what was happening he had pulled the blankets off of her. He caressed her body with his hands. She shrunk back from him as best as she could. He could see the fear in her eyes. She fought the restraints but it was no use. He turned her over on her stomach and told her to get on her knees. He left the room for a short moment, but there wasn’t enough light to see where he went. She heard the front door being opened and closed. She hoped he was leaving but her hopes were dashed as he came back into the room with a large switch.

“I saw you two on the dock tonight. You are a very naughty girl. You need to be taught a lesson about public displays of affection.” He said as he brought the switch down firmly across her buttocks. The sting from the swat made her jump. Again and again the switch landed on her buttocks and the back of her legs. Even in the dim room he could see the welts rising on her skin. He stopped and gently rubbed the welts with his cool hand. He gently probed her between the legs and discovered her wetness.

“Ah, so you do like to be punished? I had hoped so when I saw you earlier. You looked fine when you were on your knees that is why I chose that position for your punishment. “ From the corner of her eye she caught him removing his pants. He got behind her and pushed his hard cock deep inside. She grinded back against him. He smacked her reddened buttocks with his hand as he fucked her from behind. Just as she was about to come he pulled out and pushed his dick into her ass. Hard and deep he plunged in and out of her. Her cries were muffled by the gag but he got the message that she had never had it that way. He pulled out of her ass as he came, squirting his load all over her backside.

He grabbed the switch again and gave her 10 more lashes. Each more firmly than the last. He stroked her cunt and found it dripping wet again. He fingered her and he felt her muscles tighten as she came, her body quivered as she the orgasm overcame her.. He quickly dressed and untied her. Instead of trying to flee from him, she laid there on the bed in amazement. She heard the door close as he left and found herself wishing that he had stayed….

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