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Cabin Fever


I awoke with his cock rubbing against my lips. I opened my eyes and saw my husband, David; standing on my side of the bed with his hard cock in is hand. I immediately took him in my mouth and wrapped my tongue around his stiffness.

Without realizing it, he had already pulled the sheet off of me. I only realized it when he began massaging my inner thighs and lightly brushed against my bush. I gently pulled him out of my mouth and whispered, "I like waking up like this." He replied, "Wait until I really wake you up!" He climbed on top of me and after sucking my nipples for a few minutes he lifted himself up and slowly entered me. With each inch penetrating me, I began to moan louder and louder. He felt so good; all eight inches of him! We moved together like two dancers in unison. Slowly, at first and then faster as he inched deeper inside of my wet, wet pussy. I was ready and he knew it. He sat up, reached out both of his arms and began massaging my breasts, pulling at my hard nipples. My pussy was tightening around his cock, then released. My back arched, my head rolled back and I yelled out with pleasure. He loved to hear me cum.

He pulled out and told me to stay where I was. He rolled off the bed and then gently pulled my head close to his body. He was stroking himself. (I loved watching him!) I knew what he wanted and was happy to abide. I opened my mouth wide, my tongue out, not wanting to miss a drop. He moaned, and then exploded into my mouth. His warm, sweet, tasty cum lingered on my lips. When he saw me lick it off, he reached down and kissed me hard on the mouth, he began to lick my lips. "I love the taste of cum", he said. "You can have all you want tonight", I replied.

Tonight. We had been waiting for tonight for weeks. A month ago David and I went on a cruise. We met a couple that we had a lot in common with. We had a lot of the same interests, including having lots of sex. On the cruise, we got to know each other pretty well. We invited them to our cabin in the mountains. We would be spending the weekend getting to know each other better.

David and I got to the cabin around 3:00 pm. We wanted to get everything ready. You know, the usual stuff. Making sure the Jacuzzi was working properly, the cameras had film in them, the toys had batteries, lots of condoms and of course plenty of massage oils.

It was 5 o'clock when Mike and Jenny drove up. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I looked over and saw Dave's pants expand. We both smiled at each other. We were very horny and hoped they were too!

Mike helped Jenny out of their car. Her short, white, clinging dress, looked fabulous next to his black Porsche. It was a low cut halter dress. Her 36C breasts, so round and tan looked delicious seeping out of the sides. It was also very sheer. I could tell she was wearing nothing underneath and when our eyes met she knew that I wanted to taste her. I turned to look at Dave and knew he wanted to take her right there. "You'll have to wait until I show them around first and then you can fuck her tight little pussy as much as you'd like", I said. He just smiled.

After all the welcoming and showing around we invited them into the Jacuzzi. We all changed into our bathing suits. I wore the one that Mike had liked when we were on the cruise. It was a mint green bikini. The thong showed off my tight round ass. The top was the adjustable kind that you can make to either show as much or as little as you like. Since we were not out in public, I did what I usually do and didn't bother putting on the top. I like seeing people's reactions (men and women) when they see my 38D breasts. I could tell they were pleased.

Jenny had a black string bikini. When she stepped into the Jacuzzi, she pulled the strings on both sides of the bikini bottom and it fell into the water. We were all able to see her freshly shaven pussy before her body submerged into the water. "I guess there is no need for this", she said as she pulled off her top. I followed by removing my bottoms. The men hadn't bother wearing anything when they got in.

After being in the tub for a few minutes, I reached over and took one hand from Mike and one from Jenny and placed each hand on a breast. I then took turns kissing them. As they massaged my breasts, their other hands began to massage my pussy. David sat back and was stroking his ever-growing cock, when suddenly a hand reached over to begin playing with it. It was Mike. He still had one hand on my breast, while now playing with Dave. Dave took his hand away and started hunting for Jenny's pussy.

We took turns massaging each other and reacquainting ourselves with those wonderful body parts that were still hidden under the hot, bubbly water. David suggested we head upstairs. Upstairs, where the California King Bed was, where four different video cameras were set up to capture our escapades at various angles. The only thing David and I liked better than watching ourselves in the bedroom, was watching us with another couple.

I started by giving David a long, soft kiss. I moved on to Mike. While kissing him, I began stroking him. I got down on my knees and began licking his smooth balls. Taking both of my hands and massaging them at the same time as I sucked. Moving up his shaft I felt him twitch. He really liked having my tongue glide over his member. Wrapping it around him as if I were licking a Popsicle and trying to get every last drop before it melted. I moved up to the tip where I ran my tongue in circles. He oozed a little. When I pulled away we could all see the string between my lips and his head. In unison, we all four said, "Mmmmmm". I then took him in my mouth. I could feel him touch the back of my throat. I pumped him in and out of my mouth.

I lifted my eyes and looked at David. I could tell he wanted to join in on the fun. He lowered himself next to me. I pulled out let David have his turn. He too began by licking Mikes' balls. Jenny lifted me up and we began running our hands all over each other while watching the men. David lifted his neck and ran his tongue up the shaft of Mike's penis. It was a fantastic sight. Jenny said, "Let me see you suck him, Dave". Dave obliged. He began sucking the tip and then took him in deeper.

This went on for a few minutes and then Mike pulled away. He walked over to the chair and motioned for Dave to sit. Dave obeyed. Mike started by massaging Dave's inner thighs. He ran his hands up and down Dave's chest and gently took his cock and rubbed it across his lips. Dave smiled, took Mike's head and pulled it down. Mike opened his mouth wide and took all of Dave in.

As much as Jenny and I enjoyed watching the men, we had other things on our mind; like eating each other. I pulled Jenny onto the bed and we positioned ourselves into the 69 arrangement. Her freshly virginal pussy was so smooth and her juices tasted yummy. With each lick I got more and more turned on. I couldn't wait. I came in her mouth. I could tell she liked it because she moaned a little louder. I took my finger and began fucking her. She yelled out, "Yes!" I could feel the men watching us. Wondering what they were up to, but too absorbed in my own pleasures now. I stuck another finger in her. She moaned. As I stuck the third finger in I ran my tongue across her clit. I knew it wouldn't be long...her warm, fragrant juices flowed into my mouth. I lapped up all of her juices. Knowing I could have more, but feeling as if this would be the last time, I remained there for several minutes.

I lifted my head and saw that the men had now joined us on the bed. They were stroking each other's cocks and running their hands over Jenny's breasts. Mike began kissing me. He lowered my body onto the bed and feeling how wet I was, climbed on top of me. "Yes, fuck me, fuck me." I moaned. He entered me slowly. My pussy adjusted for this new cock. Dave was standing next to me watching and rubbing his member along my cheek. I turned and took him in my mouth. Jenny was behind Mike, playing with his ass. She then came over and took David by the hand. They walked over and stood behind Mike. I watched the expression on Mike's face. I could tell that Dave was slowly slipping into Mike's ass. I smiled. Mike smiled back. Dave was inside him now. Slowly pumping his big, hard cock into Mike. As he went deeper into him, Mike would go deeper into me.

Jenny was running her hands all over my body. "Sit on my face. I want to eat that tasty pussy of yours again." I said. She climbed on top of me and holding onto the headboard began rubbing her clit across my tongue. I reached my arms up and grabbed her breasts. Squeezing her nipples, I could tell that we would both be satisfied again in a matter of seconds. I heard Mike say fuck me harder to Dave. As Dave did, Mike began fucking me harder. I was ready. "I'm coming!" I screamed in ecstasy. As I said this, I could feel a warm stream of sweet juice trickle down my throat.

Jenny climbed off and once again I could see Dave behind Mike. He had a huge smile on his face and I knew he was close. "Yeah, that's it fuck that pussy", I said. I heard Dave say, "I'm going to shoot my wad into your tight ass and then I want you to pull out and come all over her tits." Mike replied, "With pleasure". A few seconds later, David exploded into Mike. I could tell they both were enjoying this. Mike kept fucking me for a little while longer and then I felt him pull away. He sat up, stroked his hard throbbing cock and exploded all over my stomach and tits. Dave and Jenny bent over and started licking it off. I sat up and whispered (loud enough for everyone to hear) into David's ear, "I told you, you could have all the cum you wanted tonight." We all laughed and lay down on the bed. As our hot, wet, bodies touched each other, we knew this was the start of a very good weekend.

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