tagIncest/TabooCabin Fever Ch. 01

Cabin Fever Ch. 01


"Well, isn't this fucking lovely?" Claire groused as she, her daughter Gina and brother Brent hustled into the cabin. All three were soaked to the skin, their boots caked with mud and cold.

"Chill Mom, it isn't Uncle B's fault!" Gina said, her jeans clinging tight and uncomfortable. "We checked the weather forecast, remember -- it said sunny and mild!"

"Sunny and mild, my ass!" Claire said, shaking out her long, soaking-wet blonde hair. "Maybe your father had the right idea, staying home and watching the Humphrey Bogart marathon."

"Daddy hates anything to do with the outdoors and you know it," Gina said as she pulled off her hiking boots. She was disappointed, but she was with her two favorite people in the world -- her Uncle B and her Mom, so it was all good. "Hey, where'd Uncle B go anyway?" she asked, wringing out her long, dark hair.

"To bring in your luggage -- how long did the two of you think we were staying anyway, a month?" Brent groaned as he hauled in 4 large suitcases. His sister had been like that since they were kids -- she packed like she was going on a cruise.

"You're lucky I packed -- you always forget to bring something!" Claire teased back, but it was true, he'd been absent-minded since they were children. On a camping trip years back, he had forgotten a toothbrush and razor. They had an extra toothbrush, but by the end of the week, Brent looked like Grizzly Adams. Claire didn't like him looking that scruffy, because he had such a beautiful face and strong jawline.

"The weather reports says it should clear by Monday, guys!" Gina said as she came back into the main area. "We're here until next weekend, so we should get some nice outdoor time in, meanwhile, why don't we get dried off and warm up? Uncle B, can you build a fire? We installed a wood-burning stove after your last visit."

Brent and his sister co-owned the cabin; their respective spouses had despised it on sight and rarely came up. Brent was now divorcing Miranda, as for Claire -- Alex did his thing, she did hers, if they crossed paths, fine. If not -- fine.

Claire felt her brother's arms around her waist, just below her breasts. She snuggled against him, at 49; he was still rock-solid, even though he had a sedentary job as an author, he rode his bicycle whenever he could and swam almost daily.

"Remember the first time we had a situation like this?" He asked, kissing her ears.

"Yes, I remember."

"Does she know?"

"No. I don't even think Alex knows -- if he does, he's never said a word."

"How could he not know? She doesn't look anything like him."

"You don't look anything like Mom or Dad."

"True. But she's got my ... hold on, she's coming." Gina came back into the room, she never could figure out why her mother and Uncle B often stopped talking when she was around. They were always so close, there was something she didn't know about and one day, Gina vowed, she was going to make them spill the beans.

"Uncle B, the fire isn't lit." Gina pouted.

"Oh, sorry Angel. I'll see to that, why don't you and your mother unpack? You can have the big room if you like."

The "cabin" was that in name only, inside it was more of a chalet, with 4 good-sized rooms and two floors. It had satellite TV and the roads were finished, it was near a beautiful lake -- but it was still outdoors and not for Alex, nor for Brent's ex.

"Does he know?" Gina asked her mother as both of them dried off.

"Of course not -- I'm certainly not going to tell him."

"You don't think he'll notice?"

"How would he notice?"

Gina relaxed a bit, knowing her mother was right. It wasn't as if Uncle B was looking at them thinking you're your mother's lesbian lover Gina and she's yours . No one in their right mind would suspect that fact or that Claire hadn't been sharing her husband's bed much over the past little while, preferring her daughter's company instead. Gina always thought there was some great sadness in her mother that her father had not been able to fill. The sexual relationship with Claire had just happened -- but they decided to continue it, as it seemed to make Claire very happy.

Gina saw the change in her Mom -- in her day-to-day life, she smiled more and had more confidence. She had been mentally beaten down a bit by Alex -- Gina saw her mother regain her fire and fight back, she was more like the mother she had been in Gina's youth. She didn't even bother to hide the relationship she shared with their daughter, for Alex was sensible enough to know having a smart, good-looking wife helped him in business and a divorce would be a mess. None of their friends or colleagues would have believed Gina and Claire were lovers anyway, they were very discreet. So, Alex just retreated to his Den and slept there most nights. Once they got past the initial bitterness, her parents began speaking again and a sense of calm reigned over their home again.

Claire opened her daughter's suitcase and took out a very pretty piece of gold and black lace lingerie. "Well, this is very pretty little outfit -- just why did you bring this along, hmm?"

"We're going to be here for 2 weeks Mom -- sharing a room and a bed; you think I'm not going to want to fuck you? You like it?"

"It's lovely darling, but don't you think your Uncle might here us?"

"Didn't you say he's a sound sleeper? We'll just have to be quiet, hey, do I hear a fire crackling? Let's go, you know I love a fire!"

"Gina, cover yourself ... Gina, dammit, get back here!"

Gina hadn't discussed her plans for the upcoming week with her Mom, which was odd, for they normally held nothing back -- but she'd decided a week or so back that she wanted her first guy-fuck to be with Uncle B. No other male even close to matching him for rugged good looks and she knew her sexuality was just too far advanced for a boy. Brent had a raging fire going and looked up to see his pretty niece, clad in just a towel. He could hear his sister yelling after her.

"I think your mother is calling you, young lady," Brent said, trying not to notice his daughter-niece's long legs and obvious curves under the snug towel. He could hear the tone in Claire's voice and knew she was furious at her -- their -- daughter.

"I can hear her Uncle B -- Uncle B, are you looking at me?" Gina asked coyly, knowing full well he was. This was part of her master plan this weekend -- to bring them all together so the coming week could be a cumming week.

"You are hard to ignore in that, sugar," Brent smiled, seeing some of the similarities to her mother. His cock stirred, but he was fairly certain he'd get that taken care of by Claire a bit later on. He threw another log on the fire as Gina stretched out on the rug in front of it, just as her mother entered the room.

Claire tried to calm herself down. "Gina, you really should go get changed -- it isn't right, you being out here like that."

Gina just looked over at her mother, back at her uncle and said "I don't think Uncle B minds, Mom."

Brent smiled a goofy grin, then saw his sister's scowl. "Young lady, you are practically naked and ..."

"Oh, is that what's bugging you, Mom? No problem." Gina stood up, threw off the towel and her full body was now on display. "Now I'm totally naked -- problem solved."

Claire's jaw just dropped, she was torn between the urge to laugh or tan her daughter's ass -- but knowing the naughty little slut, she'd probably get off on it. Brent just stood there, dumbfounded.

Gina did a spin, showing off her body -- it was almost that of a sex goddess, perfect in every detail. Long, sleek cyclist's legs, tapering into perfect calves -- even her feet were sexy. If you looked up, her pussy was shaved and her stomach flat and taut. She had her mother's tits and Brent saw his own green eyes looking back at him. She had Claire's soft, kissable full lips and impish smile, but her hair was jet-black, like Brent's had been before it had begun graying. Her nose was a cute little pug, unlike his or his sister's, but like her grandmother's.

"Uncle B, what do you think? Is your niece a sex-kitten, or what?" Brent just nodded as she walked over to him and kissed him sweetly, then returned to her place in front of the fire. It illuminated her sexy body and the flames danced and painted a sexy little mosaic all over her prone form.

Brent whispered to his sister "Is she trying to ...?"

Claire whispered back "I think so. She really is a little ..." then she stopped as Gina stood before them.

"Why do you two always stop talking when I'm in the room. It's ..." Gina stood back.

She had seen it. She was looking at them both at the same time, seen his face and eyes, her mother's mouth and the pieces had all come together. She had seen all those components mixed together -- in her own mirror . Gina was struck dumb.

"Y-you're my ..." The words wouldn't come.

Brent sighed and her mother nodded. Gina literally fell over and landed on the carpet in front of the fire with a dull thud.

"Uncle B is really Daddy B. Shit -- holy shit. Why didn't you guys ever tell me?"

"Right Gina, what should I have said? Oh, by the way Gina, I've been fucking your mother for years and we weren't always careful and you happened ? You have a great father, in most ways, we didn't want to ruin that. It wouldn't exactly be something you just say outright, now would it?" Brent said in a stern tone.

Gina was angry and wasn't going to be outdone. "I guess not. It isn't like me saying hey, Uncle B -- sorry, Daddy B -- Mom and I have been having a lesbian affair for over a year now, now would it ?"

Now it was Gina and Brent's turn to be rocked off their heels. Gina hadn't expected her daughter to share their intimate secret, Brent had been bowled over by the revelation his sister and niece liked women -- each other. The brother and sister both sat down on the plush leather sofa, both looking at their naked daughter, trying to come to terms with the revelations that had just unfolded.

"Well, this sure as hell is going to be an interesting week, isn't it?" Brent laughed nervously.

"I would say that, yes," Claire smiled, looking at her daughter who was still slightly red. It was passing though, she could see Gina's wheels turning.

Gina said "I was trying to seduce you, you know?" Brent smiled as his daughter reclined in front of the fire yet again. She was a totally striking beauty, combining the best of his features and her mother's. She stretched out a bit. "I want you ... Daddy ... and later on, I was going to let you catch mother and I ... or have her catch us, wasn't sure. This just moves my plans up a bit. You're going to be my first -- Daddy -- and Mom, stop giving me that look there isn't a damned thing you can do about it."

Gina had their undivided attention. "We have a whole weekend to get intimate -- to fuck our brains out and be as noisy as we want, then we can fuck outdoors. I've always wanted to fuck by the lake, we're going to do that and more. Now c'mere Daddy and eat my pussy while I lick Mom -- time for us to get this show on the road."

Brent had given up any qualms he had regarding incest years ago after he'd begun fucking his sister. He moved down between his daughter's long legs, spread them wide and began to use his tongue to pleasure her. Gina moaned -- his technique was a lot like her Mom's, he was slow and deliberate and sensual. She felt her mother's familiar cunt lowering to her mouth and she grabbed her ass and began to feast on her wildly. It had all come to fruition a lot sooner than she had planned, but that was a-okay with her!

Claire couldn't believe how fast this had all happened -- but there was no question that watching her brother eat her -- their -- daughter's pussy was a kinky, depraved, sexy sight. She knew how good his tongue was -- and how good Gina's was -- and shuddered at the lewd thought of seeing her baby girl suck cock for the first time. The fire crackled and snapped behind them as Gina's tongue shot deep into her cunt and devoured her pussy. There seemed to be an extra bit of hunger there tonight -- as if having an audience was inspiring her baby girl or if knowing she was going to be fucked very soon was making her mad with lust. Either way, Gina's tongue was really going to work on Claire's snatch.

Brent was still reeling from the news that his sister and Gina were not only bi, but bi together. Seeing Gina eat Claire's pussy was really hot -- but what he wanted right now was to have Gina suck his cock. He moved from between her thighs, she mewled in protest.

"Come on baby, I want you to suck my cock. Suck Daddy , you nasty little slut -- Claire, you eat our daughter's pussy. We might as well push the envelope, right?" Claire nodded in agreement, hungry for some sweet, juicy, girl-cunt. Claire had a secret she had kept from both her brother and daughter -- Gina was not her first female lover, she and Miranda had shared a few drunken nights when their respective husbands were away. It was a shame Miranda and Brent were splitting up, she would have loved to share her daughter with her drop-dead gorgeous aunt.

"Oh God Mom -- I can't believe this is happening -- fuck, look at that cock, you lucky bitch, getting to fuck that ... I've got to have it!" Gina exclaimed, stroking it reverently. Brent twitched a bit, but he knew he had to be patient -- Gina licked it a few times, then down her mouth went, back up, back down -- the girl was a natural.

Her dark hair flailed about as Gina sucked Brent's thick cudgel. She was loving it -- she was now a confirmed cocksucker, she saw her Mom give her the "Thumb's Up" before she went down between Gina's long legs and began eating pussy. Gina almost hoped it would rain for the entire week -- a menu of non-stop family sex didn't seem so bad.

Brent was trying to think of ways not to cum -- he was lucky his soon-to-be ex was a wildcat in the bedroom, so he had attained tremendous self-control. He wasn't divorcing Miranda over their sex life -- they were just so different and out of the bedroom, she seemed totally indifferent. He wanted someone who was full of the passion of living all the time -- like his sister, like his -- daughter. Her deft little tongue whipped around his cock and he knew he was going to want to fuck her as often as time would allow.

"Baby -- I think you've teased your poor Daddy enough -- look at that nice big cock, you're going to fuck it -- it will be in you and you'll be a slut , just like Mommy -- do you want it darling, do you want that?" Claire purred.

"Yes Mom, oh Yes, fuck me Daddy, give me that cock!" Gina cried out. She no sooner had done that then her uncle-father was in her -- he had moved in so quickly, there was barely enough time for pain to register. All the dark-haired teen could feel was pure, gentle erotic bliss and the joy of being a woman at last. Her mother's hands found her tits and her lips nuzzled Gina's neck as she surrendered her virginity to her Uncle / Daddy B.

She seemed to have all the right moves, Brent thought ... his daughter was as sexual as both of them, she'd inherited his and Claire's unabashed hedonism. He looked at his sister, who winked back and enjoyed the loving attentions of her family. Brent grinned and thought that if it rained all week, he was fairly sure he and the girls could find something with which to occupy their time.

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