tagLoving WivesCabin Fever Morning Comes

Cabin Fever Morning Comes


She watched his body illuminated by the lanterns light. Shadows danced across his form. Her hunger awakened as his cock began to awaken. It always fascinated her that a man usually awoke with a hard cock. She decided to assist nature. Extending her tongue and lapping the head his cock seemed to instantly become fully erect. Circling, round and round as it became wet with pre cum. She could still taste herself slightly upon him.

Although still asleep, he was moaning and opened his thighs. She eagerly moved between them. Now she could swallow his cock and feel it push against her throat. Slowly she worked up and down on it. He moaned louder and nearly awoke, but she slowed and he returned. She did not want him to awaken just yet. Licking up and down his shaft and sucking his balls gave him time to deepen his sleep. Now she returned to his cock. .

Covering her teeth with velvety lips, she moved up and down in a steady rhythm. He was getting closer and his sleep was fleeting. She knew he would awaken soon, but when he did, it would be too late and she would have him at her mercy. His wonderful cock would be giving her all she could take and more. Faster and faster, she moved as his eyes fluttered open.

The realization hit him and he stroked her hair as he called her name His body tensed as if hit by a massive electrical charge and hips were thrust into the air. His balls constricted as his cock begin to pulsate. She drank his nectar, and then licked him clean. Moving upward, he met her in a long, deep, passionate kiss.

Good morning.

Mmm, Morning that certainly beats any alarm clock I have ever had.

You had better not want a snooze now!

Nope I am hungry.

With that, he rolled her over and kissed down her body. Moving gingerly between the valley of her breast. Slowly ascending the mounds until her pert nipples came to his lips. Treating them as she did his cock, she began to moan and purr. Hands roving through his hair as her need grew. He knew her body well and always took care to make sure he wrung every ounce of pleasure from it.

Her pussy grew wetter as her hands moved down to give her clit some attention. His hand joined hers and soon her world was starting to spin. Although this orgasm would not be earth, shaking it would be the first of many to come. As she bucked and moaned, he sucked her nipples with renewed ferocity. Soon the world drifted away and she floated in a plain pleasure that seemed to radiate throughout her body.

Grabbing his hair, she forced him ever lower. His hands resumed the assault his lips were forced to retreat from on her nipples, rolling them, gently tugging, and pinching as he moved closer to her aching pussy. Her sex scent filled the room and with each breath he became more and more aroused.

Eat my pussy!!! She barked; eat me until I beg you to stop.

He moved down and parted her tender lips like a plow in the soil. Running up until he found the bud that needed his special attention. Sucking it in and swirling around it like a hurricane as she pulled his face into her. She began bucking and grinding his face hard. Her nectar flowed freely and the thought of suffocating or drowning flashed through his mind. Moving a hand down, he began tenderly probing her inner depths until he found that special spot buried inside.

A second finger joined in the massage as she nearly broke his nose with the thrusts from her hips. Her moans turned to screams. Taking some of her nectar, he began teasing her ass. At first, the door slammed shut tightly but with gentle insistence, it slowly relented to accept the stranger. This new sensation seemed to make her even madder with passion. Unbelievably each new touch from fingers and tongue seemed to have even more of an affect. Her ass was new to this but quickly the pleasure overwhelmed any argument she may have had about its taboo nature.

She began to ride his fingers as his tongue lashed and massaged her clit. Focus became harder as her orgasm built. No longer could she see clearly, only his touch and the pleasure derived from it existed. Her body was awash with tremors of pleasure as he took her over the edge and unbelievably kept her decent from rapture from occurring. Each new wave seemed more powerful than the last. His fingers felt like hungry cocks ravaging her nether region as his tongue seemed to find new areas of pleasure.

Her nails dug into the bed as her body lifted off it. Sweat covered her body as her head thrashed back and forth. It seemed these orgasms were darker and different. The anal penetration had to be to blame. If she had known that, it had felt this good she would have done it years ago. She burned with desire of proportions unknown before. Her body whipped into a fury of pleasure that seemed without end.

One orgasm seemed to drift into the next as the pace varied to allow her some recovery before the next and then others there was no reprieve. She was at his mercy, and would do anything to keep the pleasure from leaving.

He loved how turned on she had become and amazed at her vocalizations. Good thing they had no close neighbors or one might think he was killing her. The nectar was so sweet and that combined with her voice seemed to only make his hunger grow more intense. There was simply no bottom to his need. Working his fingers and tongue faster and in every changing rhythm like some mad puppeteer to keep her in ecstasy and sate his hunger.

He felt her riding his fingers as he moved. Surprised that he was allowed to enter what once was taboo and off limits and now to feel her riding his finger with abandon. The feeling was incredible to him too. So tight and hot as her nectar provided ample lubrication for this event then something surprising happened. She moved anther finger to her forbidden bud. Ever so slowly, this one too vanished inside of her as she rocked even harder and faster.

The second finger felt even better than the first. A little bit of pain at first then pure pleasure. She could not believe how good it felt and how different her orgasms were because of it. She had read stories of it and had heard her girlfriends rave, but this was even better than they described. A new orgasm was building, like a storm at sea, and it would bring sweet devastation to her body as it crashed over her.

Wrapping her legs around his head, as she wanted his tongue even deeper inside. Soon she lost it and came harder than she ever had in her life. This one was beyond comprehension and understanding. He body could take no more, it was too much to take and she pushed him away.

He moved along side of her trembling body. The spooned as he kissed the back of her neck and stroked her hair. The calm after the storm of passion was surreal. Slowly the world came back into focus as she snuggled deeper into his embrace.

That was incredible. I have never felt like that before.

I have been talking to lesbians and taking notes, he said chuckling.

Maybe I should just meet your lesbian friends, she retorted.

I see how I am rewarded for my research and hard work.

They both chuckled. She had experimented in college with other women, but always missed a hot cock in the end. However, if the girls could of done this to her, she may have switched sides for good. She could feel his hardness against her and now that her strength was returning, longed for more of his hard cock.

Rolling over she kissed him deeply enjoying the mingling their sexes. Continuing the roll, she was soon astride his body. With a deft movement of her hips, his cock was at the entrance of her already sensitive opening. Slowly she slips him inside. He somehow felt larger and she seemed to feel his entire length in her depths. Each vein and bump sent tingles through her body. Coming upright, she begins to sway her hips in circular motions and she rides him. Offering her nipples to him once again as she leans forward to peer into his hungry eyes and feed off his need. Everything seems more vivid as she rides him. Her body not only awakens but rushes to another orgasm.

Her pussy becomes unbelievably tight as she cums and milks his cock. He raises his hips so that each thrust digs deeper inside. As she recovers, he rolls her over and begins slow deliberate thrusts. He moves her legs up and soon they are over his shoulders and he kisses her calves and moves deeper inside. His pace quickens as amazingly she feels another orgasm coming on. He has awakened her passions like never before. She feels only pleasure and need. A need that grows with each passing orgasm and seems impossible to sate.

She wants to feel him deeper and begs lustily for him to fuck her harder. His pace does not quicken, but the power of the thrust gradually escalates until her breast rock wildly with each trust. It feels so good but she wants more.

Harder baby, fuck my harder! I want that fat cock of yours deeper inside me. Fill me up with it. Yes that's it fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum. Surprised at her own words she continues to encourage him to ravish her. A primal need has awakened and she wants him to take her like an animal.

He has never seen her turned on and her language while shocking coming from her mouth, is really turning him on. He feels her walls locking onto his member as he pounds her. Slow withdrawals followed by powerful hard thrusts. Each one seems to make her eyes wilder with need. He wonders if he has awakened a monster, but his own need grows with her every word. She cums hard as he gradually slows his assault to a tenderer pace.

Pushing him off her, she rolls over and raises her ass into the air. He readily accepts the invitation and moves behind her. Grabbing her sweet hips, he begins to enter her tight wetness. Grunting and cursing she encourages him to once again ravish her. Tearing at the sheets, she hisses at him to fuck her harder. They are like to wild animals who know only need and want. He takes his thumb and begins teasing her ass again. This is also new but feels so damn good. It slides inside and begins to move with his every thrust. This orgasm is going to be mind-blowing she thinks as she races over the precipice.

Riding out the storm and allowing her to recover his pace slows. She has a new need now. A dark, dirty need that a good girl should not have. Sliding her hand back and taking hold of his that is still inside her ass she pulls it away. Fear of going to far flashes through his mind till he feels her taking his cock from her pussy and placing it against her virgin ass.

Amazed he looks at her as she stares at him over her shoulder. Smiling, she quietly whispers, yes, and pushes against him slowly. He meets her thrust with a slow thrust of his own. Slowly her bud opens and swallows his head. Waiting for her to relax again, then slowly sliding more in. Amazingly, she takes all of him without much effort. He has never had anything so tightly wrapped around his member. It is incredible and the feeling grows with each gentle trust.

There was some pain at first, but now all she feels is pleasure. Reaching back, she works her clit and inner depths. Moving her hips, she encourages him to move faster. Soon he is working her as nearly as hard as he did her pussy. She is going to cum and can tell that he is close too. His grunts become louder and louder and the both step off together in one jarring orgasm. Collapsing on the bed the slowly recover.

That was amazing; I cannot believe how good that felt.

Yes, it was great, but I am still hungry.

I do not think I can take any more right now.

I was talking about pancakes. You have a dirty mind.

The held each other until his cock slide from inside her. Their strength returned. In addition, each stomach growled. Their bodies required nourishment as they prior activities had taken much. The clock showed eleven. Three hours had pasts since she had awoke him and he had awoken her darkest desires.

Why don't you take a bath and I will cook breakfast. By the time, the stove gets hot and I bet things ready you should be all squeaky clean. Who could argue with such logic? The room was cool to her bare skin but the water was hot as it filled the tub. He had even packed in some bath salts. The old cast iron stove creaked and banged as the fire stoked inside it. Soon the smell of bacon filled the air. He even brought some hot cocoa for her to sip while she soaked. She drained the tub showered off the suds and cleaned up the sex that remained.

Breakfast was hearty and soon her energy began to wane. Sleep crept upon her body like a shadow. The warmth radiating from the stove combined with the breakfast was making staying awake difficult. Her eyes grew heavy.

You look sleepy.

Sorry, guess I am just a wimp.

Not at all, long week, hard trip up and then the great sex will to that too you.

I do not want to spoil the day with a nap.

Don't be silly, I can ski up to Gravers cabin and look things over, feed his critters and mend that stove pipe that the bear tore out. Give you time for a good nap and if you get bored before I return you can always chop some wood.

A kick from under that table quickly followed the last remark. Soon the table was cleared and a fire stoked to keep the cabin toasty for even the longest of naps. He tucked her in and kissed her forehead. Then he bundled up and set out. She watched him through the window until the trees stole him from her sight. Then blissful sleep took her.

It was late afternoon when she awoke. The sun shown on the snow and all was bright and peaceful. She dressed and went out to see what nature was up too. A few deer tracks could be seen and overhead a hawk slowly looked for dinner. The lake frozen thick with ice held some tasty fish in its depths. She grabbed the fishing sled and moved out onto the ice. It took a bit to drill through the 18" of ice but soon her line was in. Not long after the fist bite came. It pulled hard and the line raced off. It was large no doubt, but felt like a salmon not a pike. Soon the battle subsided and a nice salmon flopped on the ice. It would make a great dinner, but a second would be nice to take home. The bites slowed and most were small. Late in the afternoon, a heavy bend told her that her luck had changed.

The battle was hard and tiring. This fish seemed to have boundless energy. Just as it gave in, she saw a hulking brown form moving through the woods towards her. It was bear, and it looked hungry. Normally they would all be asleep now, but some stayed awake to feed on what the hunters left behind and others just seemed be in a mood for trouble. This might be the one that had destroyed Graver's place. She felt the terror fill her, as she knew that he was too close to escape easily.

The second fish was out and flopping on the ice. The bear smacked it teeth in a challenging gesture. Its eyes were dark and almost doll like. Backing away slowly she hoped to get to the cabin and that the bear would be more interested in the fish. Luck was not on her side. He only eyed her and not the tasty treat flopping on the ice. It began walking to her and she began backing away. To turn and run would bring certain death.

A boom filled the air and ice exploded before the marauding bear. A second, then a third boom filled the air as ice and snow exploded. The bear turned and ran. Turning she saw Nikita still following the bear with the rifle. All went dark.

Opening her eyes seemed to take some effort. She realized she was inside the cabin and in bed. Her clothes were gone. Soon her vision cleared and she saw Nikita washing her hands and then carrying a bucket outside and a rifle outside. After a short time, she returned.

Ah, you are awake, good didn't want to have to call a medic for you. Hope you do not mind I undressed you. Did not want you to be in those wet clothes.

Ah, err, what happened?

Well I was coming up to see you people and I saw you and that bear dancing out there. I went inside grabbed a rifle and decided to see if he would let me cut in.

Thanks, I would hate to think what would happen if you were not here.

Nikita was a remarkable woman, moved to America from the steps of Russia and worked like a slave until she saved enough to buy her own business. She was only 23 and looking at opening a second store. She was beautiful in a non-typical way. Her body appeared to be cut from stone and a few patrons of her bar had learned she was mean as hell if need be. Her face on the other hand was stunning. Deep blue eyes that seemed to cut through anyone. She never talked about her earlier life in Russia.

They met when she started dating a friend of theirs. She was fearless and levelheaded, but one hell of a lot of fun too. It did not matter where she went; she just seemed always to fit in. Her heavy fur coat slid away to reveal her features. A stirring was felt inside that was not felt since college.

Nikita came to the bed and produced a small silver flask.

Drink this and you will feel better.

Taking a sip, it seemed like liquid fire. Suddenly the room grew hotter and hotter as it took her breath away and left you choking.

Laughing Nikita said, Ah you are not used to good Russian brandy.

The blanket fell down exposing your breast and erect nipples. It could have been the cold or the brandy, or even a new desire but the effect didn't go un-noticed.

Are you happy to see me?

Blushing you try to hide your face, but Nikita catches your chin and pulls you head up to look in her eyes.

Sorry, I did not mean to embarrass you. You have a nice body and I was just complimenting you on it.

Thanks, I can't believe I am saying this but you have a great body too.

When have you seen me?

Last year, here in the cabin, the door was open when you were changing.

Then a strange and wonderful thing happened. Nikita leaned forward and like a butterfly kissed your lips. A slow tender kiss soon involved tongues. Breaking away Nikita tore her clothes from her. Her auburn hair falling around her shoulders and dancing over her olive skin as she watched you enjoy the view. Her mound was closely trimmed and dark. Her breast seemed to defy gravity and her nipples defied belief. They were at least as big around as a penny and nearly as long. Pulling back the covers and joining you in bed.

The kisses grew hotter and hotter as hands explored each other's bodies. She moved and began sucking your nipples. Her talented tongue made you hotter and hotter as your pussy became soaked. Soon your need grew too great and you pulled her up and began sucking her nipples. Squirming to the center of the bed Nikita maneuvered so you both could enjoy each other's breast at the same time. She began strumming your clit between her forefinger and thumb. Following her lead soon both were on their way to orgasm.

Allowing for some recovery, she snaked slowly southward to your wet pussy placing hers directly in front of you. Her sex filled your nostrils. Her tongue was not shy as she began licking and sucking your clit. Grabbing her hips, you drew her to your hungry mouth. Slowly you start to explore her pussy and find her taste very pleasant.

Hands explore each other's bodies and probe and tease. One orgasm seems to drift into the next. You remember the events of earlier and begin to tease her ass. She moans and moves against your finger. Soon hers finds your brown bud and a mutual pleasure develops. This next orgasm is very powerful and leaves you too panting. This process continues for countless times. Finally, you lie in her arms kissing and stroking each others hair.

Suddenly there is the sound of boots stomping the snow off on the porch. I open the door and walk in. You stare in fear at me as you hold your new lover. I just smile at you two, take my coat off, and head to the stove to warm up.

I see Nikita found you ok.

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