tagGroup SexCabin Fever Parts Ch. 13

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 13


The girls were giggling like school girls when they brought the chicken out with the sauce and potatoes. As I looked at them, I saw what they were giggling about. Joan had convinced Crystal that the two of them should do the meal topless. What a delight to see both their beautiful breasts swaying as they walked. A sight I had seen a lot this weekend, but one that I would never get tired of. Dan and I swapped jokes and told tales as the chicken was grilling. About the time it was finished, I told him," Dan, we must be about the two luckiest guys ever and I'm so glad that we met."

He agreed and said, "Don't worry Jake. We will all be friends far into the future." Soon the chicken was finished and we called the girls out to the picnic table to eat. Thank goodness these cabins are so secluded.

Crystal sat on my side of the table, and Joan sat with Dan, but directly across from me. The jokes were a constant at the meal, such as "That breast is far too nice for barbeque sauce!" I think it was just wanting to do something the others weren't aware of, but from the beginning of the meal, Joan and I were playing Footsie under the table. However, I suspected Crystal and Dan were doing the same. I fully enjoyed feeling the muscle in her calf with the back of my foot, her skin was so smooth and soft. What a feast this was, grilled food and two beautiful ladies to enjoy it with!!! By the time the meal was over, we decided to go inside for the pie.

When we got up and cleared the table, the girls escorted me and Dan inside. Crystal with Dan and Joan with me. Actually, Joan had me by the arm and was rubbing her breast against it as we walked. Inside, Dan and I sat at the table as the girls brought out the pie. The pie was just at the "eating temperature." Just to start things off, right after sitting down, Crystal took a finger full of the creamy red sweet filling from her slice of pie and carefully placed it on Joan's nipple. Then she leaned across the table and sucked it off. I tell you, there is just no way a man can watch his wife suck another woman's breast without getting a hard-on. She knew this and looked right into my eyes as her luscious red lips closed on Joan's red coated nipple.

As I licked the cherry pie filling from Joan's beautiful breast, I looked at Jake from the corner of my eye and saw him take in a deep breath as he watched my tongue slide across her luscious nipple. I heard the chair squeak as he shifted his weight, and I knew he had a raging hard-on. He always gets aroused when I do something totally unexpected, like rubbing my cherry pie filling on Joan's sexy tits. I smiled to myself and thought to tease the men even more by taking her whole nipple and the area around it into my mouth and suck hungrily on it as I slid my hand across her chest to caress the other one.

I heard Dan whisper to Jake, "Holy Shit Dude! That is so fucking HOT!"

Jake replied, "It sure is, Brother! Damn, I want some of that hot tongue action on my cock!"

I heard Dan say, "So do I! I want your wife's hot cunt wrapped around my throbbing dick right now, Jake." Jake must have nodded and given Dan permission for that because within seconds, he was pulling me away from Joan's tits and standing me up on my feet, then bending me over the table and ramming his cock into my pussy from behind.

Joan had gotten up and went around the table to Jake and was on her knees between his legs, sucking his cock, his hands kneading her tits. I smiled then and said to Joan, "Damn Joan! Seems like these men of ours can't get through one meal without getting horny and wanting sex!" She agreed and we both laughed, the guys joining in the laughs as well, and they both agreed with me, Dan grunting as he said, "You girls are just too fucking Hot to ignore long enough for us to finish a meal. Besides, this is much more fun than sitting and eating and talking, baby!"

As Dan fucked me doggy style over the table, I watched as Joan moved the plates and other dishes from the table, putting them on the buffet table out of the way so they didn't get broken. Then she laid on her back on the table, and Jake moved between her legs and began eating her pussy. He surprised me though, when he took a moment to get his plate of pie, and scooped some of the filling out of the crust, dropped it on Joan's cunt and began eating it from her. He rubbed the filling into her wet pussy and licked it clean, then stood up and shoved his cock deep into her vagina, fucking her hard, as Dan fucked me.

After a few minutes, Dan pulled out from me, and told me, "Get on the table like Joan is, but with your feet at the other end. I want to watch you and Joan with each other as Jake and I fuck you both." So, I stood and went to the other end of the table and climbed on, then laid down so my head was by Joan's shoulders. Dan lifted my feet and put them over his shoulders as he pressed his cock into me again and started ramming my cunt hard and fast, like Jake was doing with Joan. We were all panting and moaning with pleasure and within moments, we all were screaming each other's names as we climaxed hard. I looked over at Joan and she smiled at me, then leaned over and kissed me on the lips, her tongue sliding between my teeth and touched my tongue as we kissed and as the guys continued fucking us. Joan and I were so wrapped up in that kiss that we didn't even notice when Dan and Jake switched places and Jake started fucking me and Dan was fucking Joan.

Within moments, we were all completely exhausted after orgasming again, this time the guys pulled out and shot their cum all over Joan and I. I reached over and started rubbing her tits where Dan's cum had landed. I ran my finger through a large glob of it and brought my finger to my lips and licked the cum from my finger. I moaned with delight at the salty sweet taste of his cum, and I needed more! I rolled over onto my side and ran my tongue all over her breast where the cum was sitting, and I licked it all off her as she did the same thing to me, licking Jake's cum from my breasts and belly as he licked my pussy. I glanced over and saw Dan standing by Joan's legs stroking his cock, and I licked my lips. He looked at me and smiled and asked, "Would ya like some more, baby?" I nodded and eagerly took his cock into my mouth, sucking hungrily on it, since this was going to be the last time for a couple weeks that Jake and I would see Dan and Joan. I don't want to admit it, but I think deep down, I was starting to love Dan as more than just a friend or fuck-buddy.

He made me feel alive and loved, even though I was a bit hesitant about the woman-woman thing at first. As I laid there sucking his cock and bringing him closer to another explosion, I heard Joan moaning as well. I stopped for a moment and looked at her to see her sucking Jake off again and I smiled. I was happy he was enjoying himself with her and right then, I decided we should be exclusive with Dan and Joan for our sexual exploits. Within a few minutes, I had Dan cumming hard again, deep in my throat as his cum shot in and hit my gullet. I swallowed every drop without releasing his cock and I kept sucking til he was drained. He pulled out of my mouth and bent down to be face to face with me. He smiled tenderly and said, "Thank you babe. That was totally awesome!" Then he kissed me before helping me to sit up and wrapping his arms around me in a strong embrace, and helping me down from the table.

I had to hold onto him for support as my legs were wobbly from my strong orgasms. He helped me into the bedroom and I dressed. Jake came in a few minutes later and also got dressed. I told him what I had decided about the exclusivity with Dan and Joan and he thought it was a good idea. He'd run it by them to see what they thought as well. We went back out to the dining room and saw that Joan was in the kitchen doing the dishes and Dan was wiping down the table, removing the drops of cum and pussy juice from our dessert. They saw us come out from the bedroom and we all hugged and said our thanks and goodbyes after Jake talked to them about being exclusive, about which they also agreed. We made plans to meet up again in 2 weeks at their house in the next town, just 50 miles from where Jake and I lived, and we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses too, then Jake and I left to walk back to our cabin and pack to go home.

All in all, it was a very exciting and wonderful weekend full of the hottest sex I've ever known, and I was happy that I found my inner bisexual being, thanks to Dan and Joan and my loving husband Jake all being so supportive and offering encouragement when I hesitated. I'm really looking forward to seeing Dan and Joan again, and can't wait for the weeks to pass!

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