tagGroup SexCabin for Three

Cabin for Three


Because I know how much you want it, I've gone to considerable lengths to meet a bi-curious woman. It started out online, of course. Chatting. A couple phone calls. Two weeks ago, I met Jill and her husband. Things went very, very well.

I've tantalized her by telling her about your gorgeous cock and your impressive control, your skilled hands and your intense mouth, your sensuality and your desire. She decided she is eager to take the next step.

Her husband, well, I appeased him with assorted activities last weekend and a promise of many more to come. He'll be home, hard as a rock and making himself cum at least twice while he thinks about Jill and me making another guy's dreams come true.

It's perfect, really. Not that I'm patting myself on the back. Okay... maybe a little.

As a general rule, when an established couple arranges to have a woman join them, the newcomer is the belle of the ball. Everything is set up to ensure her delight and her pleasure, to make sure that she feels completely welcomed and valued. To be frank, she is the scarce commodity in this equation.

Tonight's equation is a bit more complicated.


I decided that what we really needed was a cabin. A nice cabin, mind you. Not one that smells (faintly or strongly) of mildew. Not one that has weird old leftover blankets. A nice cabin with a king-sized bed, a living room area, a woodstove, and a small kitchen. Of course a nice bathroom for cleaning up afterward. Oh, and it needed to be far enough from other structures that no one would hear us scream.

Thankfully, this is possible. Not easy, but possible. Go west to the more rural areas and many things are possible. During mud season, they're not only possible but also available and even affordable. The weather may be raw and unpleasant outside, but that does not concern us today.

Jill and I arrive early. I drove to her house and we caravanned to the cabin. I understand and affirm her need to drive separately; if she starts to feel uncomfortable, she needs to know she has an easy way out. We unpack our cars, carrying things in. As the hostess, of course I was in charge of groceries.

We give each other meaningful looks as we carry luggage and food into the cabin. We go exploring, adjusting the thermostat, checking the location of the woodpile. Of course, we manage to brush suggestively here and there-- a hand on the ass, on a breast, between the thighs. Teasing is fun. Anticipation is arousal. Waiting and being rewarded is the essence of the game.

While I light a fire in the wood stove, Jill opens a bottle of wine. You may not be drinking much, but there's nothing to stop the two of us from taking the edge off her nerves.

Working ahead at home, I had prepped beef stew. We combine a couple of tupperware containers into an enameled cast-iron pot, give it a stir, put it in the oven, and sit down to enjoy the fire and get mellow.

Certainly, there is an undercurrent of eager anticipation. But at the same time, what we both want and need is to relax... to not be *quite* so high-strung about what is about to happen. We sit on the couch. I lean back and open my arms and legs for her to snuggle up. She rests her head on my shoulder and listens to the speed of my heartbeat. I rub her shoulders, run my fingers through her glossy brown hair, and tell her over and over, in different words and different ways, what I like most about you. We sip our wine.

In my life, I have never come closer to combining pure relaxation and pure arousal than I do in this moment.


Sooner than I expected, you knock on the door. A moment of flurry and nerves! I make introductions. You brought us each flowers... nothing fancy, but in April a bunch of tulips is a gift from heaven. Mine are a deep purply-red, the color of my labia while you're licking me. You chose pale pink for her... a lovely complementing color, and appropriately interested but tentative.

She busies herself finding a vase and arranging the two bunches mingled together while I welcome you, take your coat and get you something to drink. Looking at her flushed face, though, and seeing the glance she sends me, I know how pleased she is. Tonight is, of course, about fun and not the beginning of a Grand Passion. At the same time, "just for fun" need not exclude things like sweetness and thoughtfulness. I have no doubt that we will reward you amply.

You've already done a wonderful thing to help bridge the awkwardness, but it's not quite over yet. I set out bread and garlic-herb olive oil on the coffee table. I motion you into the side chair by the fire and take my previous place on the couch, calling Jill to join us. She does, and I pull her back in to rest on me as she was before. I'm in charge of conversation as the two of you exchange glances.

"Much as I love the outdoors, when it's rainy and cold like this there's nothing better than being inside by a nice hot fire." I tangle my hand in her hair, holding tight for just a moment to remind her of when I held her head between my thighs the last time we met. "Did your drive go smoothly? Oh, I'm so glad to hear that." My hand runs along her back and cups her ass. "The beef stew smells amazing? I couldn't agree more." My hand slides up, cupping her breast and pinching the nipple. "The bread and oil is SO good. I'm sure you're starving. I know I am." As she leans forward to get a piece, I slide my hand up the back of her top, startling her with my touch on her bare skin.

I don't always crave sexual power. There are plenty of times when I want to lie back and allow someone else to make all the choices and steer the whole ship. At the same time... sometimes, taking charge is intoxicating stuff.

From the corner of my eye, I can see you fidgeting, brushing your hand with increasing frequency over your groin. I drink deeply of my wine and decide it's time to be a bit more active.

I whisper to Jill. Her eyes dart to you and then back to me, nodding her agreement. We stand up and together move the coffee table off to the side, leaving an open space in front of the wood stove; I pull a blanket off the back of the couch and spread it on the carpet.

I stand on the blanket and pull Jill around to face me. (We're standing with our sides to you, so you can see clearly what we're doing.) What this sex party needs... is more nudity. We kiss again, very deeply, running our hands over each others clothed bodies.

In a more traditional threesome... the additional female is the guest of honor. But in this case... I've been with her, I've been with you. Who is the guest of honor??? Well, of the three of us... you're the only one who hasn't been a part of a threesome. It's unusual but true. YOU are the guest of honor. Our goal tonight is to make YOU feel as excited and welcome as possible. We're here to satisfy and fulfill YOU.

With that in mind, we continue kissing and groping. I unzip and remove her top, then push up the cami underneath so I can feast on her lace-clad breasts. My nose, my lips, my fingers, my tongue explore and excite as I remove her clothing. Soon, she is topless and leaning back into my supporting hands as I suck hard on her nipples.

Of course, this can't last long. Our clothes come off in pieces and chunks-- my jeans and panties, my sweater, her pants. I spend some time on my knees in front of her, eagerly sucking her clit through her wet panties. She writhes on my mouth, twisting and arching and throbbing but never quite able to cum-- the cloth barrier is just too much. I accept defeat gracefully, pulling her panties down gently... and then honing in twice as hard and furious as before. I cup her ass with my hands and hold her up as she cums hard on my mouth, twisting her hands in my hair and crying out for more.

As she's winding down, I shoot you a glance. Your eyes are glassy and your cock is out of your jeans and in your hand. I have both of you where I want you... perfect.


Jill is still absorbed in her post-coital sensations as I gently pull her down next to me on the blanket. She lounges back on a pile of sofa pillows as I run my hands lightly over her stomach, breasts, shoulders, arms. I know how good extra sensations feel a time like this and I want to make sure she stays where she is, floating on a sea of no-thought-just-instinct.

I shift my eyes to your face. You are still stroking lightly as you do your best to absorb every moment and every detail of the scene before you. I know you want to be able to recall it perfectly afterward, and you want the memory to feel this amazing and this revelatory each and every time. You want time to slow down so this evening can continue for days.

The living room is not large; to move from touching her to touching you requires nothing more than changing my position. I kneel next to your chair and graze your cock with my hand, smiling to myself as you cry out in sudden eagerness. I brush your lips with mine for the first time tonight. I stroke-- ever so lightly!-- a few more times as your head falls back and you moan. When I turn my attention to removing your clothes, you groan again-- this time in frustration about my hand's departure.

Your noises have roused Jill from her daze and aroused her interest in getting to know you much, much better. My pussy has been wet for hours now, and is aching with familiar need at the sight of your hard cock. Even more exciting, though, is watching her look you over. Her face registers a flash of surprise, followed by sly delight, as she realizes that I had not exaggerated the delights in store. Her movements are catlike, sleek and predatory, as she covers the short distance and kneels in front of your chair.

As I finish removing your clothes, she licks the tip of your cock and then captures it in her mouth in one smooth motion. You cry out again, shuddering from her touch and her readiness to suck you. She looks up and meets your eyes, giving you a teasing smile with your cock still in her mouth. She grips your shaft and removes her mouth long enough to ask, "You like that, hmmm?" before returning to her explorations. Gently she teases and licks and tastes your head, then the length of you. It's been years since she touched any man except her husband, and I know that's she's hungry for the newness of you.

I slide my hand under her ass and gently tease her slit. She was very wet before, but somehow she seems even more sodden now. Her lips and clit are swollen and heated. I tease them and she gasps on your cock, drawing an answering gasp from you. I smile to myself as I see the possibilities of this arrangement.

I moisten my fingers with her juices and penetrate her, earning another pair of gasps. I begin moving my hand, slowly and deliberately, pushing in and out of her pussy. Now her attention is divided... she's still exploring your cock, but her body is involuntarily arching and rubbing against my hand. She moves so she's on all fours and I shift and kneel behind her. I add a second finger, keeping my tempo slow so her pussy is aching for more.

You and I are facing each other, looking from her to each other. You're completely dazed but doing an admirable job of hanging on. I'm smiling.

I add a third finger to her pussy, then pick up the tempo. Her mouth is still on you, but she's only barely sucking you. Mostly, she's gasping and moaning and begging incoherently for me to make her cum. I slide my left hand around her thigh and touch her swollen clit. Just a light touch is all it takes to push her over the edge. She's cumming and cumming and cumming, fucking back hard on my hand and sucking jerkily on you and whimpering in pure, pure pleasure.

Eventually, her orgasms fade. I pull my fingers from her pussy. Her knees give way and she slumps down, her face still buried in your crotch. She rests her head on your thigh as her breathing returns to normal.

I gaze levelly at you as I take my middle finger in my mouth and suck on it thoughtfully, then lean over and feed you her juices off my index finger.

I'm proud of you-- no, more than that, I'm amazed by you. I know you're holding on for bigger and better things to come, but, damn. Your control is impressive. Not to mention sexy as hell.


I move over to kneel next to you. My mouth on yours is hurried, urgent, eager, passionate. For the first time tonight, I feel my control slipping a little. My pussy has been achingly hot for hours, but that's not what's driving me at the moment. I feel, rather desperately, the need to make you cum.

It's a funny idea, isn't it, that the urge to make someone *else* cum could be so driving, so consuming? But it is. I may be the one ostensibly in charge, but the underlying reality is that I'm doing it all to serve you. Your aching cock, your cries of pleasure, your cum... those are my rewards. And I need those rewards. Badly.

Quickly, a plan forms itself. It's nothing I've tried before. If it works, it will be memorable.

I tear my mouth from yours and order both you and Jill onto the floor. You, on your back. Her, on her stomach between your legs but not sucking you. Both of you comply with pleasing alacrity. Jill, in particular, is bouncing back admirably from her post-orgasmic haze. She's a good girl. Before tonight is over, we'll make sure she cums again and again.

I survey the scene before me and am thrilled someplace in me that's far, far deeper than my pussy. My soul? Perhaps.

I should be staying in control, but my eyes betray me. They can't seem to pay attention to anything except your wet, hard cock, standing erect in midair as you lie on your back. Oh god, oh god. How I've waited for this moment.

Two quick steps take me to where your hips are. I kneel down, facing away from you. (My only regret is that I won't get to see your face. But, there's no other way to do what I have in mind.)

I lean over and kiss Jill, long and deep. I'm telling her with my lips and tongue how pleased I am with what she's done, and preparing her for what we're going to do next. Drugged with pleasure, she responds eagerly and utterly mindlessly. She has moved far, far beyond thought and is acting on pure instinct. She would fuck anything I tell her to, any way I tell her to. Perfect.

Still facing away from you, moving smoothly, I swing one leg over you and lower myself onto your cock. Unsurprisingly, you gasp and convulse as my throbbing heat envelopes you. A younger man, after all you've been through, would have cum spontaneously.

Pleasingly, you do not-- though, naturally, your cock jumps to full attention and you writhe beneath me. You grab my ass, try to thrust up into me. You, too, are acting on pure instinct. Your balls are aching and you need-- NEED-- to shoot. Thought and reason and process are past. Emptying and pleasure, pleasure and emptying, those drives alone control you.

Quickly, I rebuke you. Your job is not to move. There will be a time for moving. Your job, impossibly enough, is to lie still. I lean back a bit, careful not to lose you. Your cock is in my pussy. Your balls, the base of your cock, and my slit are now one glorious pathway presented to Jill for her to stroke and lick and suck.

Stroke and lick and suck she does. Your balls, the point where we are joined, my clit. Up, down, and around. Her hands are always on your balls, even when her tongue is not. She pays special attention to the base of your cock where it enters me, teasing us both by varying her licking from intense to gentle and back to intense.

Occasionally, you're unable to control the reflex that makes you arch up into me. More often, I'm unable to stop myself from thrusting my clit eagerly toward her mouth, then slowly moving back down on your cock. Each time we move against each other, you cry out your need for me. Each time, I deny you just a moment longer.

Finally, instinctively, she focuses on my clit. It only takes a moment of hard sucking before I'm completely and utterly lost. My pussy is seizing, clamping over and over on your cock. At long last, my brain too has surrendered. I rut against you, my cries more of a constant howl than intelligible words.

As I expected, you have been edging for what feels like ages. My pussy shuddering on you, my hips grinding... you immediately begin your orgasm.

For better or for worse, I'm far beyond heeding-- or even hearing-- you telling me it's too much. The contractions of my orgasms continue to clench you. I continue fucking against you, filling myself over and over with your cock. You are amazed, then overwhelmed, then begging for me to stop-- but there's no help for you now. I cum hard, over and over, on your hypersensitive cock as you writhe underneath me.

Finally my orgasms wane. I can hear again, and I'm filled with concern and contrition. I pull off you suddenly and you shriek. I turn toward you, curl up next to you. It seems like everywhere I touch makes you twitch and gasp. Jill snuggles up on your other side, finding similar reactions to her hands.

She and I lie as still as we can, watching you struggle through the extremities of your pleasure. Eventually your body calms, relaxes. We can snuggle up, on on each side of you. I know from your blissful smile that you are far from sleepy, despite the intense languor that's soaking every fiber of your being.

Your cock softens... but not fully. I know that you'll be ready again soon enough.

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