tagBDSMCaitlyn Ch. 01

Caitlyn Ch. 01


Caitlyn was Alexandra and Brian’s neighbour – a perky blonde in her late 20s. Alex had met her while walking the dog and invited her for a barbeque dinner in the weekend. Brian guessed that Alex had a reason; the cute woman who turned up to dinner confirmed that guess.

Alex had a ‘thing’ for blonde women (with some notable brunette exceptions) and Caitlyn certainly fitted the bill. Her hair was a gush of shoulder-length gold; she had an ever so slightly askew smile and her lightly freckled button nose matched her little-girl laugh. She and Alex were of similar build, cuddly and curvaceous figure without being overweight, with Caitlyn being a little taller.

Brian was a large man — easily over six feet tall, and a little overweight, although he swore he was working on that. Most people noticed his smile and brilliant green eyes, and a special few had experienced his kissing and large hands. Alex was a study in comparison: busty, short and curvy, piercing blue eyes and curly brunette hair falling to below her shoulders.

Over the summer, the three became close friends, and would often spend an evening enjoying a glass or two of wine with some great conversation.

The conversation of late had become a little explicit, partially due to Caitlyn’s frustration with the dating scene. While Brian couldn’t help but feel for her but a few words of solicitude and the occasional hug were about all he could constructively offer.

Alex, on the other hand, had fun helping Caitlyn construct wild schemes on how to seduce the ‘perfect man’. Had Brian been the man in question, he certainly would have enjoyed some of those plans. He also enjoyed Caitlyn’s frequent comments like “Well, I could always borrow Brian, he’s perfect.”

Alex and Brian had a passionate relationship, and she had no doubts about Brian’s affections. Not a jealous or possessive person anyway, she took Caitlyn’s sideways hints and covert flirting good-naturedly. From what Brian had noticed, she was far too intent on her own enjoyment of Caitlyn to be too concerned.

This particular evening, Caitlyn was discussing the various imperfections of her latest dating failure, with Brian supplying frequent refills to Caitlyn’s glass as consolation. “I miss sex,” Caitlyn was complaining. “I’d give up completely, but I need some intimacy.”

“Sex is important,” Alex pronounced. “Great sex, amazing sex — life’s not the same without it.”

“I’m not sure I’ve ever had ‘amazing’ sex,” Caitlyn muttered, and then laughed to cover her admission. “Well, it’s true. I need sex, but it always seems to be disappointing somehow.”

“Well, people do grow into their sexuality. I know I did, though I was a bit of a late starter. It wasn’t until I hit my thirties that I knew enough about myself to explore what sex could really offer. So don’t worry, there’s hope for you yet,” Brian called from the kitchen, putting away the wine bottle. He avoided supplying details of exactly what it was he had explored — no need to scare the poor woman.

“So what’s missing? What do you think would make sex ‘amazing’ for you?” Alex asked.

Brian returned to the living room and sat in the armchair, next to the couch on which Alex was sprawled. Caitlyn was following his not-quite-sober progress from the floor.

“I don’t know it’s like I always have to think of what to do next, when all I really want is for it just to happen, to be totally swept off my feet and ravished.”

“Do you mean like a princess, with a knight in shining armour, come to carry her off and worship her?” Obviously, Alex had decided she needed some in-depth knowledge of Caitlyn’s fantasy life.

“Well, being carried off appeals. But I think I want someone I could worship, rather than someone to worship me.”

That caught Brian’s attention. “You mean you want to be dominated?”

“Well, I guess so. I want a lover who knows exactly what he is doing with me, anyway. Someone who can make me experience ecstasy, turn me into jelly. Not someone who I have to drag into bed.”

“Sounds to me you may be a little submissive.” Alex laughed at Brian’s pronouncement.

“I’m not sure what you mean.” Caitlyn looked at Brian quizzically, obviously expecting some explanation of what ‘submissive’ meant.

Brian paused to think, not wanting to scare her or ruin a friendship that Alex enjoyed. Instead of answering, he looked at Alex, and tried to catch her eye. “Shall I tell her?”

Alex was looking a little concerned, and Caitlyn looked from Brian to Alex and back again. “Tell me what? Come on Brian, I’ve been confessing here, I’m sure you can return the favour.”

“Well, it could scare you off, Caitlyn, and Alex and I both enjoy your friendship.”

“Oh don’t be silly!” Caitlyn leapt up from the floor where she’d been sitting next to Alex, and plonked herself on Brian’s lap, throwing her arm around his neck. “Come on, tell me. I promise I won’t run off screaming.”

Alex laughed. “Tell her before she does something serious!”

Brian paused for dramatic effect. “Well, I don’t know… having her do something ‘serious’ sounds like fun!”

Caitlyn rose to the bait, kissing him hard. Then she looked at him directly, and made her best ‘little girl’ face, batting her eyelids. “Please tell me, Brian? Please?”

Brian sighed — it was make-or-break time. “Caitlyn, one of the things I discovered about myself five years ago is that I enjoy being dominant. I enjoy owning and using women sexually. I love being able to capture their minds, make them bow to my will, and use them for whatever sexual purpose I desire.”

He paused again, waiting for some reaction. Caitlyn stayed firmly seated in his lap and was not even reacting to the predictable effect that her firm butt was having on him.

“My experiments led me into ‘BDSM’ — bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism. I’m not really into the whips and chains, or inflicting or receiving serious pain but I do like to have a squirming woman over my lap to spank and fuck.”

“Oh,” said Caitlyn finally. After a while, she turned back to Alex. “You let Brian do that to you?”

Alex laughed again. “Fuck no! Not unless he wants me telling him exactly where to go!”

“So you did this before you met Alex? But I thought you guys had been together for years!”

“We have,” Brian replied. “Six years now.”

“But then how did you?” Some light began to dawn and her face took on a disapproving expression. “Oh, you mean you’ve been fucking around with other women?”

“Well, I suppose you could put it that way.”

She smacked Brian hard on the knee and turned back to Alex. “And you let him do that? Doesn’t it piss you off?”

Alex was still laughing softly, making the most of the teasing that Caitlyn didn’t realise she was the target of. “No honey, it doesn’t piss me off. I enjoy it.”

“You enjoy him going off and fucking other women?”

“I enjoy it when I get to join in, to play. I enjoy it when we have a slut to share and use together.”

Caitlyn was sitting on my lap, so I could feel her reaction as the pieces started to fall into place. “Whoa! You mean you play with the women as well? Like you’re gay or something?”

Alex was still amused, for which Brian was grateful. He was getting the distinct impression that Alex desired this girl and was actually pushing this to happen. Dangerous if it didn’t work, because they could lose a fun friendship.

“I’m not terribly fond of labels, but you could call me bisexual,” Alex replied with a smile. “I still like men — I love Brian! But I like pussy as well, and I love watching Brian play with and fuck another woman.”

Caitlyn surprised Brian. “Oh wow.” There were a few moments of silence as she thought about what Alex had told her but the slight squirming on his lap was beginning to give her real reaction away. Then another part of what Alex had said earlier clicked. “Um, a slut?”

“Yes honey.” Alex moved over and surprised Brian by kissing Caitlyn lightly, then sat down next to them, leaving a hand on Caitlyn’s leg. She was definitely going for broke.

“We have taken women like you — just like you — and turned them into our sex sluts, ready to do anything and everything we want.”

Brian could positively hear the gears churning in her head. Sadly, Alex’s hand on her leg had stopped the slight squirming on his lap that had given away her earlier reactions.

“Anything,” she finally repeated. “Wow. That’s so sexy! You guys are amazing. I had no idea, especially about Brian!” She turned to him. “I mean, you’re such a kind, sweet and caring guy, not the kind who likes to push people around or screw around behind their backs.” She gave him a peck on the cheek, and then sank her teeth into his ear.

“I don’t push people around,” he replied. “The women we do this with love it, enjoy it, need it. And stop that you minx, or I will spank you!”

Caitlyn laughed softly in his ear, but obediently withdrew her teeth from his flesh. Brian was suffering now, as a cute woman biting his ear was guaranteed to drive him wild — and her earlier squirming had already had him halfway there anyway.

Rather distractedly, Caitlyn made her way home after a hug and kiss from them both. Later, she confessed exactly how shaken she’d been; playing back the conversation in her mind, she had pushed her hand down her pants, squirming it into her drenched panties to find a very wet pussy and almost instantly induced an orgasm.

In almost no time, she found herself in her bedroom half-naked, desperately burying her vibrator in her cunt, fucking herself repeatedly, unable to stop the constantly surging thoughts that made her so desperate to be used, owned and taken. To be made into a slut. To experience sex with a woman, to experience sex with several lovers at once. To feel that she belonged, that she was loved, appreciated, desired… owned.

Back arched, she had stabbed the vibrator into her cunt as hard as she could, crying out in her desperation to be used. A finger found its way to caress her arse, and then two fingers invaded her arsehole. Pulling the vibrator out and then slamming it back into her depths, she began to cum hard.

It was three weeks before they met again. Caitlyn had dressed to impress for their dinner together but it took some time for her to come out of her shell during the conversation. Remembering their last conversation, Brian started to assume the potential he saw there had only been fantasy.

The food and wine softened the mood, and they sat down to watch a movie over dessert. Alex snuggled up next to Brian, and Caitlyn sat at their feet between them and rested her head on Alex’s knee.

Alex had selected the sexy movie especially, and all conversation died as the woman on screen was spanked, and then examined her glowing butt in the mirror. Brian kept expecting Caitlyn to comment, but she said nothing and he realised he was more intent in watching Caitlyn than the screen. As the movie drew to its romantically satisfying ending, Brian got up to fetch more wine from the kitchen.

“So is that what you’re like, Brian?” Caitlyn called from the living room.

He returned with the bottle of wine and poured. “Every person is different, and that’s true of Dominants as well. There are similarities — I certainly enjoy spanking a willing woman to that gorgeous rosy glow. But no, I don’t really go for finding little details to punish someone over. I prefer having a woman’s submission outright, and spanking her for fun.”

“Oh,” Caitlyn responded thoughtfully. “So you don’t do what he did and punish or humiliate women?”

He laughed. “I didn’t say that! Let’s just say it’s less a feature of what I do than it seemed to be with him. I concentrate more on outright sex.”

“So what DO you do then?”

“Are you sure you want to know? I might shock the panties off you!”

“Can’t,” Caitlyn replied smugly. “I’m not wearing any. See?” With that, she quickly flashed Alex and Brian both.

Brian blinked, and Alex burst out laughing. “She’s got you there!”

“So it would appear,” Brian growled. “But just you behave yourself young lady or I’ll have you over my knee pleading for forgiveness.”

“Promises, promises,” Caitlyn laughed in reply.

“To answer your question,” Brian continued, pointedly ignoring the flirting. “I like to train a woman so that she’s always available to any sexual desire I might have. So that she becomes our slut. Teach her to only orgasm with permission, and to orgasm when she is told. Keep her constantly turned on and wet. Then take advantage of that in many ways; have her wake me by deep-throating my cock; have her beg to be fucked and used; have her suck me under a table or desk while I work; have her clean up my cum with her mouth; have her pleasure my gorgeous partner it’s a long list, Caitlyn.”

“That’s a very busy lady!” She turned to Alex. “What about you, Alex? What do you do with Brian’s sluts?”

Alex sat back and examined Caitlyn intently, before answering. “I like them to be our sluts, Caitlyn, not just Brian’s. I like them to belong to us both, mind and soul. To be friends as well as lovers. And yet, to be their own person.”

“Yeah, okay, but what do you DO?”

Alex leaned forward and slid her hand over Caitlyn’s cheek. “Quiet, little one. Let me answer you in my own way.” Caitlyn accepted the endearment and bit her lower lip to keep quiet.

“I like kissing, licking, lots of licking. I love it when Brian fucks me and a slut is between my legs licking my pussy. I love watching Brian fuck a slut, especially if she’s licking my pussy as well. I also like making a slut cum — using toys, or my fingers, or my tongue, or even my entire hand. I love hearing her say ‘thank you, Mistress’ each time she orgasms. And I love seeing that look of adoration in her eyes and knowing that she desires me.”

Caitlyn’s nipples were jutting out now and she was breathing heavily. Finally she drained her wineglass and jumped to her feet. “Oops, too much wine in a hurry. I have to go while it’s still light enough to walk home. Thanks guys — it was a lovely evening!”

She gave Alex a kiss full on the lips and then Brian a peck on the cheek. A quick hug and she was gone.

Brian turned to Alex. “Well, that was a panic reaction if ever I saw one! Still, at least we now know that she’s not a bottle blonde.”

Alex laughed and gave him a passionate kiss. “Come on babe, I’m horny!” She proceeded to drag him by the hand upstairs.

Alex was teasing Brian back to full interest when the phone rang a while later. As she had a mouthful, he reached across the bed to answer it. “Hello?”

“Brian, it’s Caitlyn. I’m sorry, I know it’s late, but I need to talk to you.”

“Caitlyn? Is something wrong?” Alex was watching him now, but her tongue was still busy.

“I need to talk to you both. Please Brian!”

“Well, what is it, honey?” Brian was struggling to concentrate. Alex was gently nibbling her way down the sides of his cock, and then lightly licking back up to the top, taking the head into her mouth to suck.

“Can I come over? I really do need to talk to you both, Brian. It’s important.”

“God, at this hour? Hang on a sec.” He covered the mouthpiece, and then muttered to Alex. “It’s Caitlyn. She says she needs to come over now to talk to us both.”

Alex stopped and thought, then nodded, and returned to her slow licking. Brian groaned, and then uncovered the phone. “Okay Caitlyn. Will you be safe coming over at this time?”

“I’ll be fine, Brian. See you soon.”

Brian tore himself away from Alex’s talented tongue, wrapped himself in his robe, and made his way downstairs to open the door to see Caitlyn wrapped up in a knee-length jacket and bearing a torch. “Where’s Alex?” she asked.

“Upstairs in bed. Come on.” He took her by the hand.

Alex was sitting up in bed, her back against the pillows and wall, with the blankets huddled around her waist. She was wearing black lace lingerie that left nothing to the imagination, and Brian noticed Caitlyn admiring the view.

He snuggled into bed next to Alex and Caitlyn sat on the end of the bed. “So what’s wrong?’’ asked Alex. “What’s happened?”

“Alex, I… I don’t really know how to say this.” Caitlyn’s eyes were downcast and she fell silent once more.

“Come on girl, you came over this late, got us out of bed, so it’s obviously urgent. We will promise to help if we can.” Brian was doing his best to sound reassuring.

Caitlyn blushed. Very quietly, she said “Brian, Alex can you teach me to be your slut? Please?”

Brian was lost for words. He was a little stunned. He’d barely begun to think of Caitlyn in that role and hadn’t guessed that she would actually want to make it a reality.

“Are you sure this is what you want, honey?” Alex purred, obviously pleased

Caitlyn seemed caught by Alex’s gaze then took a deep breath and then began to unzip her jacket. Underneath, she was completely naked.

Alex pulled Caitlyn into a cuddle. It was a gorgeous view: two women, one blonde and naked, one brunette and almost naked. Caitlyn was shaking, obviously scared.

“Caitlyn you don’t have to do this, you know. If you want to be our lover, I’m sure we’d both be happy to have you. Becoming and training as a slut is a much larger commitment.”

Caitlyn peered at Brian from between Alex’s arms. “But it’s what I want, Brian. It’s what I always wanted! I just didn’t know until you described it to me. I haven’t been able to sleep for a week, because I am continually imagining belonging to you both. Please teach me?”

Alex caught Brian’s attention with her eyes. “What do you think?”

Caitlyn was pleading now. “I know I don’t have any experience, but I want to try! I love you both so much, and I want to please you both. Please?”

Brian was still hesitant.

“Okay, here’s what I suggest we do,” he eventually said. “I suggest that this weekend we spend training Caitlyn, without committing ourselves to owning her. Let her have a taste of exactly what is involved, some experience, and a chance to say no without anyone’s heart getting broken.

“For tonight, Caitlyn can stay here with us. And she can help out finishing up what we were doing before she so rudely interrupted us.”

Alex smiled and nodded and they heard a snuffle from within her arms. Caitlyn had been crying! “Thank you Brian, I promise to be a good slut for you both.”

“We shall see, Caitlyn.’’

Caitlyn kissed him passionately while Alex smiled. “Yes, you kiss him, I’m going to be busy somewhere else.”

Time stood still as Brian lay beneath the two women: one squirming against him, bathing his face with her tears and kisses, the other slowly teasing and tormenting him with her mouth and tongue wrapped around his cock.

Caitlyn was a sweet kisser, although tentative at first. Almost raping her mouth with the intensity of his kisses, Caitlyn helplessly began to respond to Brian. Her tears disappeared and she pushed her body against him, her breath deepening until she was panting and moaning into his mouth.

Alex looked up from her licking, and decided it was time to move things around a bit. “Brian, I think you should fuck this little girl. She needs it, don’t you honey?” Caitlyn moaned louder into Brian’s mouth, and he pulled her head away from his own and stared into her eyes intently.

“Is that what you need, little girl? Do you need me to fuck you?”

Caitlyn blushed, but managed to answer him. “Please yes. Please fuck me Brian. Do whatever you want with me.”

“Fuck her honey,” urged Alex. “She needs it so badly. Look how wet her little cunt is.”

Alex slid two fingers straight up into Caitlyn’s sopping wet pussy, pushing the puffy lips apart so her juices could run down her fingers. Caitlyn gasped, and resumed panting, thrusting herself back on to Alex’s fingers.

“She definitely needs to be fucked, honey! In the mean time, I think it’s about time I had her face between my legs.”

Alex had taken over kissing Caitlyn and while Brian fumbled with unwrapping a condom and pushing it down over his aching cock, he enjoyed the view of two sexy women with their bodies pressed together, kissing intently.

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