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Caleb Gets a Genie


This is my very first attempt at an erotic story. I hope it turned out well, and that you enjoy it. I was reading genie stories on this site and I couldn't really find one I liked all that much, so I was inspired to write my own. It's also a lot longer than I thought it would be, twelve pages, so I don't know how many pages it will be on this site. So, thank you.


It was an hour after he left that old shop, the owner having convinced him to buy an old brass pot for his girlfriends birthday. She had been saying that she needed a new flower vase and the tall pot was perfect. It was a bit dusty, so he decided to clean it off with an old rag.

When the last speck of dust was wiped from the surface of the pot, something came out of the inside of it. It had begun spewing blue smoke. The smoke made him cough as it cleared, and when it was clear, he could see a man standing in front of him, at least it looked like a man.

He had blue skin and pointed ears and wore a white vest and a gold belt with matching wristbands, but from the waist down there were no legs, only a long blue tail. It was Genie. Genies were real, apparently as there was one floating in front of him.

"You have freed me from my prison." The Genie said. "And for that, I will grant you any three wishes."

"Wait, wait, wait." He said. "Really?"

"Yes really. Now then, there are rules to follow. First, I can't kill anyone, too messy. Second, I can't make anyone fall in love, again too messy. And finally, no extra wishes. Some of my kind allow extras, but I do not. No make it quick so I may get back to sleep."

"Okay." He paused to think about it. "Well, I don't want anyone killed or to fall in love with me. Hmmm" He started thinking again. "And I can wish for pretty much anything, right?"

"Yes, that's correct." The Genie answered him.

"Hmm...." There wasn't much he wanted or needed, but his mind settled on something more primal that every guy wanted. "I wish my penis was over a foot long."

"A common request." The Genie said before snapping his fingers. "Done."

He felt a tingling sensation in his groin, a tingling that continued as he felt his penis begun to grow. His pants tightened as it moved down his pant leg, and it began to harden as it stopped growing. He could see its outline through his pants, his normal average sized tool was now a massive meat-pole bigger than most he'd seen in most porn. It almost looked like he was hiding a deli salami in his pants. He touched his new dick outside of his pant leg and found that he couldn't put his hand all the way around it, and even though the fabric his touch sent a shiver up his spine.

It was big, it was hard, and he desperately wanted to use it. His girlfriend, Maria, wasn't here, but they had yet to have sex anyway. But then he got an idea for his second wish.

"I wish you were a woman." He said to the Genie.

"What?" The Genie asked in surprise.

"You said I could wish for anything but death, love, and more wishes so that's my wish."

The Genies looked angry but said. "Fine." He snapped his fingers, shortly after his black hair begun to grow longer and longer until it reached the middle of his back. His muscular frame begun to soften and shrink, his waist curing inward as his hips grew out in an hourglass shape. His face went from its normal angular, square shape to a soft heart shape and eyes grew a little bigger as his nose and mouth became more feminine. And finally, the Genies pecs started to grow outward becoming more and more round until they were a pair of huge F-Cup breasts that the Genies vest couldn't cover, the nipples of which pointed outwards.

"Done." The Genies said bitterly in her now female voice.

"Wow..." He said, somehow watching the Genies transformation made his already steel hard dick even harder.

"Just make your third wish." She said stretching her vest to cover her new massive tits.

"Okay, I wish to have sex with you."

The Genies face turned angry again, but her face reddened in embarrassment. "Fine." He watched as the blue tail she floated on split and became a pair of long legs covered in puffy white pants that matched her vest. She walked over to his couch and sat down on her knees with her back to him, she undid her belt and pulled down her pants as she bent over the couch. With her pants down he could now see how huge and shapely her ass was. It had blown up much like her tits had. Beneath her big bubbly ass was her brand new, bright pink pussy. "Get it over with."

The sight was unbelievably sexy, and his new dick wanted to plunge right in, but that wasn't what he wanted. "Now hold on a minute. Let's take this slow. Enjoy it."

"I don't want to enjoy it." She said bitterly.

"Yeah, but it's my wish." He gently grabbed the blue-skinned beauty by her waist and lightly pulled her until she was sitting on his couch, and he sat next to her. Her face was still flushed, and her shiny brown eyes were intent on looking away from him.

He leaned in slowly and kissed her, gently at first on the lips. After a few seconds, he got a tiny bit more forceful. He started to probe her mouth with his tongue and she was reluctant at first, but her lips parted and allowed his tongue inside. As his tongue tasted hers he wrapped one of his arms around her tiny waist as he pulled her closer to him, as close as he could with her massive tits. With his other hand, he grabbed hold of one of the giant orbs, and fondled it, rubbing and pinching her pointy nipple.

The stimulation of her sensitive nipple seemed to wake up her tongue as it begun to probe his back. She still refused to look at him, but her mouth was reciprocating him as they made out on his couch. He switched arms, rubbing her other tit, while his other hand caressed her curved hip.

The Genies face reddened even more as their tongues wrestled a little more aggressively. If he didn't know any better, he'd say that she was really starting to get into it. He hugged her close, pressing both of her huge tits into his chest and reached down with both hands to grab her expansive ass, still bare from when she pulled her pants down.

He pressed into her, slowly laying her down and never breaking their kiss. Her arms finally moved and wrapped gently around his neck as her back hit the couch. As much he enjoyed making out with her, her mouth had delicious sweet taste to it like candy, he broke the kiss. She actually looked a little disappointed, but that ended when he kissed her cheek.

Slowly he moved down her, planting kisses on her face, and then her neck. When he kissed her neck she made a little sound, that sounded awfully like a moan of pleasure. He continued downward, and as he did he grabbed hold of her tits in each of his hands and kissed them all over. She had more tit flesh on one of hers that he had ever seen on both of a normal girls. He loved Maria, but he couldn't help but love this Genies body more than hers.

He didn't notice before, but her nipples were an almost purple dark blue. While rubbing the other one, he grabbed her tit so that her nipple pointed straight up into the air. He licked it gently and he felt her shudder. He felt his new dick throb with need, but he fought to ignore it. He wanted to enjoy this as much as possible for as long as possible, and she was clearly enjoying it despite that she was still avoiding his gaze.

He couldn't help but smile as he sucked her entire nipple into his mouth, the act made the Genie cry out loud in both surprise and pleasure. She panted as he sucked on the long nub and continued to rub and pull on her other one. He was making her moan loudly, and it made him wonder how much noise she'd make once he finally reached her pussy.

After a minute of sucking her purple nipple, he was about to switch to her other one when he tasted something sweet. He felt a liquid flowing into his mouth as he sucked, she had started lactating. He could feel a small amount in his fingers as the milk trickled out of her other tit. It was sweet much like her mouth was, tasting much like liquid cherry lollipops.

Drinking the sweet liquid seemed to make her moan more, and she cried out again as he switched to sucking her other nipple. After another minute on her left nipple, he pulled her other close to his mouth and shoved her other nipple into his mouth. It was tight fit with her tits being as big as they were, but he managed to drink from both of her engorged, flowing nipples.

The Genie suddenly started seizing, and loud moans turned into a full-on scream as her whole body rocked and shuddered on his couch. He finally pulled away from her nipples and sat up. Looking down at her crotch he could see her pussy and the insides of her thick thighs were soaked in a clear liquid that dripped down onto his couch. She had had her first female orgasm and he was glad he settled for the faux leather instead of a cloth couch.

He was smiling as she calmed down, panting and out of breath. He felt a sense of pride for a minute before he leaned into her again. Her tits were still leaking milk as he kissed her navel. He left another trail of kisses on her as he made his way down to her pussy. He pulled her pants the rest of the way off as he tasted the girl-cum coating her pussy mound. It too was sweet like her mouth and breast milk.

He could feel the heat radiate off of it as he licked into her labia, and she started to moan again. He found her clitoris hood and stuck his tongue into it to uncover the sensitive pleasure bud. Her clit like the rest of her was bigger than normal girls, it almost looked like a third nipple. He licked, sucked on, and even nibbled on her clit, making her cry out in pleasure again. She even grabbed his head, and begun to grind her hips into his face as he sucked on her pleasure bud. Then he pulled away from it only slightly to find her pussy entrance, before sticking his tongue into her tiny hole.

Her pussy was so tight that he really had to force his tongue inside, and she begun to wriggle more forcefully than before and gave another loud scream. He spent a minute assaulting her pussy with his tongue, making her scream like she was losing her mind. But finally his monstrous new dick had won love his restraint. He couldn't hold it back anymore. He had to fuck her and he had to do it now.

He pulled away and stood up, giving her a much needed but short-lived break, and pulled off his pants and boxer shorts, finally unleashing the beast. Somehow it felt even bigger than it was in his pants and he grabbed hold of it, his hand was not able to fit completely around it. He saw her finally looking at him, or rather the huge dick she made. She had a look of fear on her face like she hadn't realized just how big she had made it. It was at least a big as his forearm if not bigger.

He knelt back down on the couch and leaned into her, pressing his massive mushroom head against her tiny pussy. "Are you ready?" He asked her. The Genie didn't speak, but she shook her head to say no. He grabbed her by hips and pushed. He watched her clench her teeth and brace herself as his huge member pressed into her. He humped her, jabbing her tiny hold with his big head. He repeated jabbing her over and over and each time he did she made a quiet moan through her teeth.

He pulled back far and gave a big thrust, and with the help of her wetness, his big dick head popped inside of her tiny pussy hole. The Genie gave a scream as the big invader punched into her tiny virgin pussy. He started to make small gentle thrusts to get deeper inside of her, but she was so tight. He was honestly surprised his fist-sized head fit into her at all.

He pulled on her hips hard as he thrusted more frequently. The Genies breaths shortened considerably as he worked to push more of his giant dick into her. Both of them lost track of time until finally, he was able to slide his dick into her more. She felt electricity shoot up her spine, and screamed again as the massive meat pole filled up her insides. She felt her skin tighten as her stomach bulged with an impression of his dick. She could breathe again once he had stopped pushing.

"Okay, that's half." He said.

"Half!?!" She cried out in horror. She was so full already and she could see it outlined through her blue skin.

"Yeah, you really know how to make a dick." He joked. She was about to respond but was cut off when he pulled out, sending shivers throughout her body. He pulled out up to his head again, and plunged back in, making her scream out in pleasure again. He started to thrust in and out of her in a steady rhythm. Each time he thrust back into her, she screamed, and he got his huge dick a little further into her.

He had sex before but he had never felt a pussy that gripped his dick so tightly before. Despite it tight resistance, the Genies pussy felt like it was trying to suck him in deeper each time he thrust into it. The Genie meanwhile was completely lost in an overwhelming sense of pleasure. Her mind completely empty of a thought, her skin hot to the touch.

Finally, he pulled back as much as he could without leaving her then gave if one big thrust. This time it worked well, and his whole dick tore into her pussy, his balls smacking her ass with a loud slap. The act of thrusting in balls deep for the first time made her cum again. She screamed louder than ever as he felt her fem-cum spray out all over him.

The Genie was a lovely, and sexy, sight to behold as she spasmed on his dick. He waited for her to settle down before he pulled almost all the way out be for slamming all the way back in. That was when he really started fucking her. Neither one of them knew how long he spent thrusting in and out of her pussy with his huge dick, and they lost count of how many times she orgasmed.

He leaned into her, resting his head in between her massive tits which heaved with each of his thrusts. He pushed her legs further apart in order to get inside of her a deeply as possible. He felt his dick head hit something that made her jump when he hit it. It had to be her cervix. Feeling a challenge he thrusted into her a hard as he could. The Genie started spasming again, moaning loudly, as he forced his big head into her cervix.

That was the last straw. They both could feel his dick tighten and engorged inside her. The Genies screamed her loudest scream as one final orgasm exploded out of her. And finally, he grunted as he felt his own cum shoot out of him. It traveled up his huge shaft for what seemed like an hour before spraying directly into the Genies womb. It shot again and again into her, filling her tiny, inhuman womb up like a water balloon.

She collapsed fully onto the couch, her finally relaxing, and then he collapsed on top of her, burying his face in her massive blue cleavage. They just sat there, damp from sweat, and exhausted. After a few minutes she finally spoke. "You know, most people just wish for money after getting a bigger dick."

"Hey," He said. "You can't be mad at me when you said I could wish for anything. Besides you looked like you were enjoying yourself."

"That's the problem! You broke me!" He looked up at her and saw that she was crying, but she didn't look sad. "Damn it." She tried pushing him off of her but he didn't budge. "You're just lucky I'm not Djinn."

"What's the difference again?" He asked.

"They're like Genies but with a fine print." She answered.

"Oh. Are Majins a thing?"

"Yeah, but there's only one. Now get off of me, we have to talk."

"Okay, okay." He rose off of her, though he was reluctant to move.

"Now get out of me already."

"Huh," He looked down and saw that he was still balls deep inside of the Genie. "Oh sorry." He pulled his massive member out of her, making her visibly shudder and giving her a new sense of emptiness. "So, what is it?" He asked.

Sitting up, she pulled her puffy white pants back on. Then she snapped her fingers, making a sheet of parchment appear out of thin air, as well as a pen. "Sign this." She said pushing the objects towards him.

"Sign what?" He asked.

She looked away from him, blushing again. "Just do it."

"I never just sign something without knowing what it is."

"Ugh, fine." She said putting it down. "It's a Binding Contract okay. If a Genie likes their summoner they have them sign a Binding Contract to bind them together. I'll never have another master, and you'll have unlimited access to my powers."

He spent a few seconds absorbing the information before asking. "Why would you want that?"

Her face flushed more. "Because...." She paused. "That was the best thing I've ever felt, and I don't think I can live without you anymore, okay. You broke me. I've never been more blissful. It's the strangest mixture of disgust and joy I've ever felt, so just sign it."

"Aw, you're cute when you're embarrassed. Okay, I'll sign." He took to the parchment on the other side was a contract with everything that she just told him. He reread it just be sure, then he took the pen and started to sign his name at the bottom. As he completed the first letter, he felt a sharp pain in his hand. "Ow."

"Oh, yeah. The pen uses your blood to sign the contract." He could see that she was smirking.

"Forgot to tell me did you?" He laughed. He actually found the whole situation funny. "Ow, ow, ow!" He said as he finished signing his name. Then he handed the contract and pen back to her.

"And now I sign." The Genies said as she signed her name next to his. The words on the contract then begun to glow and turned into smoke. The smoke then flowed away from the parchment and floated to and wrapped around her neck. The smoke then begun to solidify, slowly getting more and more solid until it turned completely into a black choker with a silver charm on it.

"And it's done." She said as the parchment and pen disappeared. "You're now my master."

"You can just call me Caleb." He said before asking. "Wait, you signed the contract too. Doesn't that mean you have a name?"

"You couldn't pronounce it. It's in a dead language, long forgotten by time. But if you must call me something I suppose you could give me a nickname."

"Ooo, really? Awesome...ugh...." He started to think. "How about, 'Lazuli'?"

She raised an eyebrow. "It's because I'm blue isn't it?"

He laughed. "Yeah."

"My masters an idiot." She said burying her face into her hands.

"That's not very nice." Then he remembered something. "Oh, crap! I got to get Maria another birthday gift!"

"A cute idiot." Lazuli quietly added as he hurried to pull his pants back on and ran out the door. She couldn't believe it, but she felt happy.


Thank you for reading. :)

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Great story

When can we expect more of this story?

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by FieroGT198805/17/18

More Chapters?

That did not seem like 12 pages. I hope there is more. The opening is great. Can Lazuli change to a more human form or is she going to have to stay out of sight? How is he going to explain her tomore...

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Good stuff! Really enjoyed your different take on a Genie story.

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Funny and sexy cute

Interested to see if you continue this one, well done.

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Interesting twist - Very cool !

At first I was not sure where the tale was going at first . Very creative imagination .
I hope that you continue writing more to this story and others .

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