tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalendar Art Ch. 4

Calendar Art Ch. 4


The Fun continues...

Chris took Heath in her arms, pulling him down next to her on the bed. They kissed each other hungrily, Heath sucking her tongue and lips, she responding likewise. Orly snuggled up to Chris' back and began kissing her neck. Turning her head, she captured Orly's lips in hers as Heath bent his head to kiss her neck and breasts.

She gently pushed both of them back, and slid off the bottom of the bed.

Orly reached for her. "Where you goin', babe?"

She winked at the two. "Just to answer a different call of nature, and get cleaned up a bit. Don't worry, I'll be right back. We're not done yet!" With that, she disappeared into the bathroom.

Orly grinned over at Heath. "Damn, I think I'm in love!"

Heath gave his shoulder a push. "Just remember, she belongs to both of us."

Orlando hopped off the bed. "No worries, mate. Just so you know how to share..." He headed to the spare bathroom.

Heath crossed his hands under his head. Hell yeah, he could share, not that he really wanted to now, but, some was better than none. Chris was very special, and he could feel himself falling...

Chris felt better now that she had taken a quick shower. What was happening to her? She had so many mixed emotions, and the only conclusion she could come up with was she had feelings for both men. Looking in the mirror she sighed, combing through her hair. "I'll worry about that later."

Heath slipped past her as she was coming out of the bathroom. Kissing her cheek, he assured her he wasn't going to be long. She assumed Orly was in the other bathroom. She slipped on a robe, and began to straighten up the room. The smell of sweet jasmine candles mingled with the scent of their loving. Chris sat back onto the bed, propping herself up with pillows. She really was falling for these men...

Orly came back into the room, humming softly. She patted the bed next to her. He slid beside her, resting his head against her shoulder. He loved how her skin felt to him, so soft and smooth. Chris put her arm around him, stroking his hair.

She was tired, but wanted to wait for Heath. Orly snuggled closer, his hand thrown over her waist. His head was getting heavy on her shoulder. Gently, she shifted him just a bit. Opening his eyes just a bit, he grinned at her. His lips moved against her skin. "I love ya, babe."

She kissed the top of his unruly brown curls. Just then, Heath made an appearance in the doorway of the bathroom.

"Am I interrupting?"

Chris shook her head. "No, not at all." She rubbed her free hand over the sheets at her side. "This space is for you, luv."

Heath reclined next to her, placing his arm around her shoulders. She laid her head onto his chest, and started to drowse. Heath kissed her forehead. The last thing she heard was Heath's soft whisper of "I love you, Chris."

Chris slowly opened her eyes. Heath was spooned snugly against her from behind, while

she was facing Orly. Orly's head rested against her breasts and Heath's against her shoulder.

She could feel Heath's fingers stroking her hip very lightly. As she became more fully aware, she felt his lips gently kiss at her neck. She had one arm slid under Orly's shoulders, and the other she reached back to caress Heath's gorgeous bum.

This slight movement had wakened Orlando. He took advantage of his position and began kissing Chris' soft breasts.

Heath raised his head a bit, and caught Orly's attention. They could read each other's minds, it seemed.

Orly shifted just a bit so Chris' arm was held down under him. Heath slid his hand up her side, drawing her hand above her head. They held her that way, not roughly, just enough to let her know they were in charge.

Orly continued to nuzzle her breasts. He sucked first on one, then the other. His fingers teased the skin of her neck. Heath tickled down over her hip and thigh, sliding over her bottom, squeezing it a few times.

Chris whimpered softly. The sensations were just too much.

Heath slid his hand between her legs. She was so wet already! Just knowing how they had affected her caused his cock to grow even harder.

She could feel it pressing against her butt. Orly's very hard erection was against her belly. She could feel the dampness from his precum on her.

Chris threw her leg over Orly's hip. Heath continues stroking her slit from behind. He slid a finger into her just as Orly began rubbing her clit.

Orly kissed up her neck, capturing her lips with his. His tongue plundered her mouth as she moaned and writhed between the men. Meanwhile, Heath licked and sucked the nape of her neck, sending her into a frenzy. They continued to hold her down, and she exploded into orgasm.

Finally they loosened their grasp on her. She immediately slid her hands down, taking each of them in hand. She stroked them both in rhythm, feeling them get even harder.

Heath reached down beside the bed into his little leather bag. He pulled out a little tube of numbing cream.

He put his lips next to her ear while teasing her little bud with his finger. "You up for something a bit different? I promise, I will stop if you want me to."

Orly could see where Heath was going with this. "Promise, luv, remember, this is all for you."

She looked first into Orly's brown eyes, then Heath's. She couldn't deny them anything, and she trusted them both. Reaching back, she pulled Heath to her lips, kissing him deeply. Turning back to Orly, she kissed him.

Heath took his time, using some of the cream while gently massaging her virgin bottom. The guys continued kissing and stroking her. She gasped as Heath slipped his finger into her bum. Slowly, carefully, he slid in another.

Chris was finding the cream helped immensely. No pain, just a slight pressure but a lot of new exciting sensation. Heath was glad for this cream, his cock was so hard he was afraid he'd cum before even getting into her.

Orly pulled her closer now, his arm wrapping around her leg and pulling it further around him. His throbbing member was rubbing against her clit. Sliding a bit forward, he pushed into her tight pussy with a groan.

Heath waited a minute, continuing with his fingers until he sensed Chris was ready. He gently eased just the tip of his cock into her.

Her moans were silenced by Orlando's mouth on hers. Heath pushed in slowly deciding half in was best. He could feel Orly thrust into her.

Chris couldn't even begin to describe the bliss she was in. Heath and Orly, both inside her! So gentle, so careful, they continued to stroke together, the three of them. The men showered her with kisses and love bites. She could feel them getting harder within her. Orly slipped his hand down and began to play with her clit. She crashed over the edge, causing such a contraction both men came with loud moans.

They were wrapped together, the three of them. Kissing Heath, then Orly, Chris declared her love for both men, and they for her.

More to "cum"...

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