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Calendar Shoot August


NOTE: For those of you who have not been following this series, it's about 24 main characters that are all news anchors. They are doing video shoots and using select pictures in the shoot for two calendars. One calendar is of single and married anchors. The second calendar is of MILFS. The proceeds are going to their selected charities and each anchor gets to act out one of their fantasies. Some anchors will be in multiple fantasies, but will be a main character only once. Hope you enjoy and would like any feedback on the series, thank you.

The August shoot is with Carol Lin from CNN weekend. She's a tiny China doll who barely stands five foot tall. She's a real cutie with nice sized breasts, a tiny waist and a nice bubble butt. She has a pixie style hairdo that barely touches her collar and it's a dark brown with auburn highlights. Her greatest asset is her dimples, when she smiles or talks her dimples pop out of her cheeks and are a real turn-on and I always wondered if her dimples show when she sucks cock, I was about to find out.

I met Carol Lin when filming Bonnie Schneider, Tony Harris and Betty Nuygen. She seemed interested in what we were doing, but was rather reserved. I dropped it, but received a call a few days later. She was interested in doing a shoot, but didn't have a fantasy other then having a romantic dinner and returning to my place for some hot sex. She did mention that she liked sex wet and when I asked what she meant she said she liked it in the shower, hot tubs, swimming pools and bathrooms. The bed was always nice afterwards, but only liked sex one on one. That was a disappointment to me, I always pictured her in a gang bang, but it was her shoot and I respected her wants and needs.

I picked up Carol at her apartment in Atlanta and she was dressed to kill. She was wearing a short dark brown leather skirt that ended just above the knee. It hugged her large bubble butt beautifully and I couldn't wait to sink my cock into that ass. Above that she had on a see through frilly white long sleeved blouse, even the cuffs had lace around them. Under the blouse a very sheer lacy half bra was visible. The upper slopes of her breasts were visible and very tempting.

She smiled showing those cute dimples of hers as she invited me in. I followed that gorgeous ass into her parlor as she offered me a drink.

"No thanks Carol, we have a seven PM dinner reservation and I don't want to be late."

"That's great John, I'll just get my jacket and we can be on our way."

She reentered the room with a dark red leather jacket which I helped her into and when I put it on my hand grazed her right breast.

Again she smiled and said; "Thank you, you're such a gentleman; nowadays men don't do that for a lady."

"Most men don't come in contact with real ladies like you Carol."

She gave me a peck on the cheeks with those red lips and we were out the door.

Dinner flew by and we talked about everything under the sun. I kept my eyes glued on her gorgeous eyes, full red lips and those adorable dimples. I had to ask; "I don't know if you noticed Carol, but I am fascinated with your adorable dimples and I have a real personal question, if that's okay with you?"

"Why thank you John, most men find them childish and a turnoff. No I don't mind what's your question?"

"Well Carol, when you are having oral sex with a guy, do those dimples show?"

She blushed and licked her lips seductively; "Are you asking me do my dimples show when I give a guy a blowjob, when I suck his cock?"

I swallowed hard; my cock began to stiffen just hearing her say that in her soft quiet voice; "Yes Carol, that's the question."

She giggled; "Well John, I never looked when I was sucking cock, I guess you'll have to tell me when I suck your cock."

I let out a little moan and she laughed again.

"Carol how about dancing with me, I know a little club not far from here."

"Is this a date or are we suppose to be going back to your place for the shoot?"

"Listen Carol, you wanted a romantic evening and that's what I wanted to give you."

"Okay, let's go."

We got to the club and ordered drinks and again talked like we knew each other forever. The band played a fast tune and I asked her to dance and she accepted.

Her moves were sort of reserved, but I could tell she was having a good time. The next song was a slow sang and Carol melted into my arms. With the height difference her head rested on my lower chest seeing she was barely five foot tall and I'm six foot three.

I played with the hairs on the back of her neck and she moaned her approval. Her firm breasts rubbed against my lower chest and I caressed her ample hips as we danced. She looked up at me with those dark oriental eyes and they sparkled. As the song ended she stood on tiptoes and pulled my head down to hers and our lips met. It was a tender kiss that grew as the next slow song began. I cupped her face and kissed her harder. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth and fought with mine.

Breaking the kiss she whispered; "I think it's about time to go back to your place, what do you think?"

I nodded and taking her small hand in mine headed back to the table to gather our things.

In the car back to my place was a little awkward, I held her hand and she played with the back of my hand with her thumb as it rested on her thigh. We arrived back at my place and I took her jacket and pulled her into my arms. She moaned quietly as I kissed this China doll and she whispered; "Where is the powder room?"

I led her to it and she walked in, leaving the door open, checking her make-up in the mirror she kicked off her heels and she was even shorter without her shoes. Walking barefoot to the shower she opened the door and turned it on.

Closing the door she walked over to me and kissed me; "Would you like to join me, I hate the smell of smoke on me after going to clubs?"

She smiled up at me, those dimples showing again. I just nodded and began undressing. She just stood there watching me. When I lowered my boxers she let out a gasp; "My, my John, you are built large, Betty told me you were big, but I had no idea."

She reached out and slowly stroked my cock. The room was filling up with steam as she turned and holding my cock led me over to the shower. Turning around she looked up at me with those innocent eyes, licking her full red lips she whispered; "Would you mind helping me undress?"

I smiled broadly as I reached for the frilly collar of her blouse and began unbuttoning it, one by one the buttons came undone and as the material parted her golden skin came into view. Under the blouse Carol was wearing a lacy white bra that did little to hide her large dark nipples. I slid the blouse from her shoulders and she looked up at me with those innocent looking eyes. She smiled softly and those dimples melted my heart. It was hard to get sexy with someone who looked so innocent. As I was to find out later, beneath that innocent look was a hellcat waiting to be unleashed.

I pulled her to me, my stiff cock sliding against her upper belly and slid up under her bra. I reached behind her and unclipped her bra. When we parted she covered her breasts as they came into view. I gently lowered her hands and her firm breasts, the size of large oranges came into view. They stood high on her chest and had no movement at all. The large nipples were very dark and she had no aureoles so to speak, just nipples. Covering both breasts with my hands I slowly thumbed both nipples. Carol closed her eyes and rolled her head back. Her tiny tongue licked her parched lips and a tiny moan escaped from her throat.

I bent down and rolled one stiff nipples around with my tongue causing her to groan and crush my face to her breast with her hands. Her lower body wiggled against me as her tiny hand rose up to stroke my cock, spreading my precum up and down my shaft. She was making small noises as I moved from one nipple to the other. Both were near bursting point from being so stiff and they shined from my oral ministrations.

She looked disappointed when I stopped and her eyes pleaded with me to continue, but I wanted to see the rest of her body. My hands traveled across her bubble butt, it felt fantastic encased in that tight leather skirt. I wanted to continue to feel her, but at the same time wanted to free her from her confinement so I could fell her ass naked under my hands.

Finding the button and undoing it I slowly tugged at the zipper. As the material parted it clung to her ass. It had a mind of its own, not wanting to let go. I worked the skirt down hr hips and after several attempts if finally gave way and slid off her shapely legs to puddle about her bare feet. She stood before me in a tiny thong covering a thick patch of black hair. Gripping the string at both hips I lowered the thong and she kicked it away.

Carol looked down embarrassed by her nudity. Placing my index finger on her chin I raised her face so her eyes met mine. She wet her shiny lips with the tip of her tongue and I whispered to her; "My god Carol, you're absolutely gorgeous"

A huge smile crossed her face and those dimples popped out again.

"You look like a tiny China doll, but with all of the curves and sensuality of a centerfold model."

She jumped up and threw her arms around me molding her firm tits and generous hips against my straining cock. She kissed me and her tongue skittered into my mouth. It was as if I unleashed a whore when I spoke those words. Her legs wrapped around my body and hugged me as she ground her pussy against my stiff cock/

I walked her over to the bathroom counter and set her down on it. Breaking her hold I knelt down before her and started kissing her belly and running my tongue through her dark patch of hair I found her dripping pussy. She spread her legs wide and her pussy opened like a flower blooming. The inner pink folds were wet with her juices and the scent was overpowering and erotic. I lowered my mouth and my tongue parted her inner folds as I dipped into her pussy. Her taste was like honey and she ran her fingers through my hair as I found her clit. She stiffened and let out a groan as she came for the first time. I continued to suck and lick at her dripping pussy and she rolled her hips up and down, around and around as she built towards another orgasm.

She screamed out, "Oh John, suck my clit, yes, yes just like that, oh fuck me I'm cumming again!"

She fell back against the mirror as her hips thrust upwards against my sucking mouth. She let out a long groan and then went limp. I had to hold her up from falling off the countertop.

When I stood up my lips and shin were shiny and wet from her thick creamy nectar. I licked my lips and looked down at that gorgeous body I knew I would soon be fucking.

Carol slowly came around looking up at me through heavy lidded eyes. She smiled weakly and said; "Let me get my strength back and then I want to take that shower with you that I promised."

I kissed her dimples and brushed her damp bangs from her sweaty forehead. I combed my fingers through her short dark locks and she moaned her approval as she started to regain she strength and her libido started awakening again.

Slipping from the counter on weak legs she took my hand and led me to the steaming shower.

I hoped the cameras would be able to pick up the action through all of the steam. I steeped into the hot shower and the hot water felt great on my back. Pulling Carol in I turned her around and the water pounded down on her soaking her hair and face. She giggled as I enveloped her body in my arms, but she broke free and slipped to her knees and licked my cock from root to head. Her tongue flicked back and forth across the head and it jumped each time she stabbed at the tiny opening.

Looking up at me with wet lashes she smiled and those dimples reappeared, slowly sucking my cock into her mouth the dimples increased and I groaned at the lovely woman on her knees. Her eyes never left mine and she sucked harder and deeper. I had to close my eyes to refrain from coming in her sucking hot mouth.

I pulled her to her feet and began soaping her body. Her slippery firm tits slid back and forth across my upper belly. I cupped her bubble butt and worked first one, then a second soapy finger up her ass. She ground her pussy against my leg as I fingered her asshole. She groaned against my chest as I continued my assault on her asshole.

Carol worked her tiny soap covered hands around my cock and pumped it up and down. It was my turn to groan as I pulled out of her asshole and gripping her large butt cheeks. I lifted her off her feet and placed her on my cock. She slowly slid down onto my shaft as she tried to wrap her legs around my hips. She was really riding my cock now, her arms around my neck; she drove her tongue into my ear and moaned as I thrust up into her extremely tight cunt.

Carol arched her back and let out an animal groan as she started cumming around my invading cock. With her arched back I belt down and sucked one of her large nipples into my mouth and sucked hard. This drove her over the top and even though the water was pounding our bodies. I could feel her juices squirting out of her hot cavern and drenched my pulsating cock.

"Oh fuck Carol, I'm about to cum!"

She looked at me with those dark eyes; "Please John cum on my face and in my hair. Shoot it on my tits and cover my body with your pearly white cum!"

That was enough and I quickly lowered her off my cock and as soon as she crouched down before my I aimed my cock at her dimpled face and shot my load all over her. The first hit her full red lips and dripped down her chin. The next one hit her forehead and up into her hair. I gripped her head and worked the cum into her hair. The next one covered her neck and tits. She sucked it back into her tiny mouth and drained the remainder onto her flicking tongue.

I pulled her up to me and I kissed her hard and tasted my own cum on her lips and tongue.

She jumped up and wrapped her tiny legs around my waist and hugged and kissed me, trying to stuff herself in me. My cock was still stiff and she impaled herself on my cock again and began riding me.

"Oh fuck me John, make me cum again. I'm so fucking hot and so close, fuck me, fuck me hard."

I once again jammed a finger up her tiny asshole and this drove her over the top.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming, yes, yes just like that drive that big cock up my tiny pussy."

She slowly stopped moving, clinging to my body, my cock still imbedded in her tight pussy.

She dropped her legs from my hips and slipped off my cock. It was covered in her thick white cum. The water quickly rinsed her juices from my cock and I picked up the shampoo and began working the lather into her hair, cleaning my cum from her short dark locks.

She moaned her approval as she leaned her head against my chest as I soaped up her locks and her entire body.

Once done she did the same for me. Once done we climbed out of the shower and proceeded to dry each other with large fluffy towels. She giggled like a school girl as we finished she dropped the towel and scampered into the bedroom.

I picked up a hair brush and followed her. I had her sit crossed legged in the bed before me as I brushed her semi wet hair. It was short and it barely covered her neck.

I dropped the brush and turning her head I stared into her gorgeous dark eyes. They sparkled back at me as I leaned forward and kissed her forehead, then her eyes, her nose and as she parted her full wet lips I placed my lips on hers. She parted them and I slipped my tongue between them slowly. I licked along the bottom lips and pulled on it with my teeth. She let out a groan and ran her fingers through my wet hair.

I slowly lowered her to her back and I covered her body with mine. Her legs came up and drew me to her wet pussy. I slowly entered her tight cunt and the air rushed out of her like a deflated balloon.

"Oh yeah John, fuck me with that big cock of yours, make me cum again."

I clamped down on one of her stiff nipples as I drove my expanding cock in her wet box.

All of a sudden I had an idea.

"Carol put your arms around my neck and hold on."

She did as I said and I rolled her over and now she was on top. She began bouncing up and down on my stiff rod and I let out a moan as her tight cunt tried desperately to cum again.

"Hold on tight!"

I slid off the bed and stood. Carol's tiny body clung to mine as she slid up and down on my cock. I walked over to the closet and reached in for two large white terrycloth robes.

With Carol still riding my cock I slid one onto my body, not before nearly dropping Carol from my cock.

"Carol, let go one arm at a time and slip this robe on."

"Why, what are we doing?"

"Just do as I say, I guarantee you'll love it."

She did as I said and slipping my keys into my pocket I walked to the door and walked out into the hallway. We were both covered but Carol was still attached to my cock as I walked to the elevator.

"Oh my god John, this is such a turn-on. Here I am sliding up and down on your cock and we're getting on an elevator. Where are we going?"

"You'll see!"

The doors opened and another couple in there middle thirties were already on the elevator.

We moved to one corner as the doors closed.

Carol let out a small moan as she rode up my cock and slipped down again.

The other woman in the elevator turned and watched as Carol rode my cock. The man's cock was tenting in his slacks and he caught his wife's hand and placed it on his cock. She smiled and continued to watch us as the elevator continued its assent. The man was also watching now and I got bold.

With my hands under Carol's robe I flipped back the back of her robe which exposed her bubble butt. This also allowed our onlookers to see Carol riding up and down my cock which was covered in her pussy juices.

The man unzipped his pants and fished out his stiff cock. He placed his wife's hand on his exposed cock and she began jerking him off as she watched Carol and me fucking right in front of them.

The elevator came to a stop and the door opened and the other couple rushed out and as the door closed I heard her say; "Come on honey hurry up and open the door, I need you to fuck me good and hard......"

The door closed as it made its way to the top.

When it opened again we were at the top, I opened a set of doors with Carol still attached to my cock. Walking in we were at the rooftop pool area. One couple was at the shallow end making out in the moonlight, they had to be in their late teens or early twenties. One other couple were in lounge chairs across from us. They both looked up as I approached the pool.

I pulled off Carol's robe and shook mine off. She let out a squeal as I turned quickly and jumped feet first into the pool. We hit the water and she slipped off my cock. She tried to get away but I pulled her to me and trapped her against the pool wall.

I kissed my way down from her ear across her bare neck and shoulder and sucked in one puckered nipple which was as still as a pencil from the cool water.

She whispered in my ear; "We have an audience!"

I chuckled; "So let's put on a show, I know how much you said you love sex in water, here's your chance."

Her eyes sparkled and those dimples drove my crazy again as she tugged at my stiff cock. I pulled her up and she fitted the head of my cock at her entrance. She let out a hiss as she lowered herself down on my cock. She splashed about as she rode my cock. Sucking hard on her pebble like nipples drove her wild, she groaned as she came on my cock.

The couple on the lounge chair watched intently as we fucked. The young couple in the shallow end got into the act as she tugged his trunks down and began sucking his cock.

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