tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalendar Shoot Vol 1 January Pt. 1

Calendar Shoot Vol 1 January Pt. 1


I had a two hour delay a Kennedy airport and it turned out to be a stroke of good luck. As I waited at the airport bar I came up with a fantastic idea. As soon as I got back into Atlanta I called Robin and Juliet and on a conference call convinced them that this was the way to go.

Here was my idea. We could increase the amount of women in the calendars by doing two things, first a photo shoot of the women by month and secondly doing a fantasy video picked by each of the women by month. The primary ladies would decide who they would like to do the video with and then if all agreed have them do the calendar shoot together also.

Robin and Juliet loved the idea and both requested a video with me, but with no one else. Robin wanted December and a video shoot of a Christmas party that ends with us back at her place under the Christmas tree and roaring fireplace.

Juliet wanted her month changed to June or July and her fantasy shoot was of her in a wedding dress and the wedding night festivities.

I loved both scenarios especially seeing I was in both of their fantasies. I split up the list between the three of us and wanted the list finished by Wednesday when we planned to meet again at Robin's office to set the final draft and plan our first set of shoots.

I got on the phone and called all of my anchors and they were all receptive to the idea and promised to get back to me as soon as possible with their ideas. I called Robin and Juliet and got the same responses with one exception. Juliet told me that Laurie Dhue was dropping out, but we knew in the long run it was for the best. With the exception of her large full lips she was a little stuck up and sort of a prude.

Wednesday came along and we compiled our notes and it looked like an expanded calendar. A few months would have two or even three women in it. This was going to be a media time bomb and I couldn't wait for it to go off.

Okay Robin here is the lineup for the first three months. I'll reveal two months in advance so here are January through March. I don't want to get too far ahead in case some of the women change there minds or we find more and better ones to replace them.

For the MILF calendar January will be Amy Robach, seeing she is now pregnant she wanted to do it before she began to show. Her fantasy was to do a gangbang with three porn stars. I have Nick, Joel Lawrence and Peter North lined up to fuck her. February will be Carrie Lee. Her fantasy is to have a romantic evening that turns raunchy, ending up in the bedroom doing a Mazola party. March will be Gerri Willis who is the host of "Open House", her fantasy is to be a real estate agent who fucks her client and his wife played by Uma Pemmaraju in the model home bedroom and bath.

As for the other calendar, January will be Hillary Andrews her fantasy is to have sex with Vivian Brown and me in a sauna, hot tub and by a pool. February will be Betty Nguyen who will have sex on the set of CNN with her co-host Tony Harris and Bonnie Schneider. March will be Shanon Cook who will be a flight attendant having sex in a cockpit of a jetliner with Will Silva and Rally Caparis from Headline news.

"Well Robin what do you think?"

"I'm wet just thinking about the photo shoots and fantasy videos. What happens next?"

I already contacted Amy and Hillary. We will be doing the Hillary photo shoot first seeing there isn't as much to get prepared. I have a call in to some friends on the west coast about getting the male porn stars back here. As soon as I know I'll set up that shoot. Would you like to be present for either of the shoots?"

"I would love to, but I'm not sure if my schedule will permit. Give me a call when it's about to happen and I will let you know."

"Hillary talked to Vivian and they are set to shoot tomorrow can you make it?"

"Oh shit, tomorrow is bad; hopefully I can make it for Amy's shoot. Let me know, okay?"

Will do, well I have to run and get things ready for tomorrow; I'll talk to you soon.

When I got to the studio where the calendar photo shoot was to take place neither Hillary nor Vivian were there yet. I spoke with the photographer and everything was set on his end. The girls were to bring their outfits and we had a changing area set up for them.

Vivian got here first. I've seen her on TV and I knew of her because she was sleeping with Jen Carfagno's soon to be ex-husband. She looked stunning even though she was wearing a long red jumper with a starched white shirt under it.

Just then Hillary came in wearing a burgundy cashmere sweater that hugged her tits and a short tight black skirt and marching high heeled shoes.

Hillary gave me a big kiss and said; "When are you going to invite me back to your lace in Myrtle Beach. We all had fun there and I'm sure Viv would love to cum also."

Well Hillary, maybe after these calendars are finished we can get together/ Are we all set to shoot this set for January?"

Hillary jumped up and began to strip.

"What a minute Hillary, we want to take photos as you and Viv strip, so take your time and make it sexy."

She nodded and put her top back on. She smiled wantonly and flipped her sexy hair over her shoulder and slowly raised her sweater to her bra and rubbed her belly ring. She walked over to Vivian and lowered the zipper on her dress and slowly slid it off her shoulders. Hillary kissed the back of Vivian's neck and snaked her hands around the front of her and cupped Vivian's large tits.

Vivian let out a low moan and ground her ass into Hillary's crotch. The camera man continued shooting as the action got hotter. Hillary grabbed the white shirt of Vivian's in both hands and with one quick motion ripped it open from collar to crotch. Vivian's large firm black tits nearly popped out of her lacy white bra.

Hillary stepped away and pulled her sweater off and threw it across the room to Vivian who raised it to her face to smell.

Looking over her shoulder Hillary unhooked her black satin bra and slowly slipped it off. She cupped her tits and squeezed her ripe red nipples.

Focusing back to Vivian, she slipped the red dress off her hips and down her long tapered legs. She stood there in her overflowing white bra and matching panties. The camera man moved from Hillary to Vivian and back again trying to get as many great pics as possible.

Hillary lowered the zipper on her tight skirt and wiggled out of it. Across her pussy was a narrow band of material. She slipped out of it and slowly slid to the floor. Her legs were closed as she squeezed her tits. She slowly parted her legs and began running her fingers up and down the length of her slit. Hillary let out a groan and started cumming when she buried two fingers deep in her juicy pussy. She laid there with a thin film of sweat on her body and the camera picked up every little movement she made.

Back to Vivian, her eyes were wide as she watched Hillary and she reached around her back and released the straining bra. Her large firm tits tumbled out. Her large dark black nipples were as hard as rocks begging to be played with. Viv reached up and rolled both of them between her fingers and let out a moan. She slowly slipped to the floor near Hillary and slid her panties off her full rounded ass. Vivian like Hillary began fingering her slit and within seconds was cumming also.

When both woman regained their composure the hugged and kissed each other on the lips.

I broke up the embrace and had them go and change into sportswear. Afterwards they changed to lingerie and once again when they were naked got themselves off again.

After nearly two hours of shooting and finger place the shoot was complete.

"Hillary and Vivian, that was fantastic. Tonight I expect both of you at my penthouse suite for the shooting of the video. I'll have two camera men there and I want both of you dressed to kill. I'll see you both there at 6:00 PM, okay?"

Hillary smiled, "I can't wait I'm so fucking horny right now I'd love to do it right here and now."

Vivian kissed Hillary and laughed; "I feel the same way, but seeing we'll be on film we should look our best and right now I need a shower. See you both at six and be ready."

She walked naked to the dressing area and came out moments later dressed as she arrived, but without the torn white shirt.

The camera man had the perfect mood and low lights and candles were lit all over the living room and bedroom in preparation of Hillary's fantasy shoot.

There was a knock on the door and I went to open it. There stood Vivian in a tight short white jersey dress. It hugged every curve and I could tell she had nothing on underneath. Her big hard black nipples showed through the white material and the dress clung to her ass like a second skin.

"Welcome Vivian, come on in."

She walked in and turned as I closed the door. She planted an open mouthed kiss on me and I could see why Jen's husband had an affair with her. Her every curve molded my body as our kiss intensified. My hands cupped her gorgeous ass and pulled her harder against me. She moaned in my mouth as her tongue attacked every nook and cranny of my mouth. I could not believe how firm her ass was.

Vivian broke the kiss and moaned; "That was nice, I'm sure Hillary and I will be well serviced by you tonight."

Just then there was a knock on the door and there stood Hillary. Her hair and make-up were done to perfection. She wore a knee length men's trench coat that was belted tightly at the waist. The camera man started the cameras that were set remotely around the room. There were additional cameras set up in the bedroom for later and they were also set up on remotes.

Hillary moved past me as if I wasn't there and took Vivian in her arms and gave her a soul searching kiss. When it ended Vivian was breathing hard and her lips were wet with Hillary's saliva.

I asked Hillary if she wanted me to take her coat.

She turned to Vivian; "Why don't you take it off for me Vivian?"

With nervous fingers Vivian unbelted the coat and slowly unbuttoned the coat from neck to hem. As it parted it became evident that Hillary was naked under the coat with the exception of high heeled shoes and a wicked smile.

Vivian's large black hands slid into the coat and placing her hands on Hillary's bare shoulders slid the coat off and down her arms. Vivian let out a gasp as Hillary stood there naked. As she does on the Weather Channel several times an hour she struck a profile pose and tossed her head back. This caused her hair to swing about and her sexy blue eyes bore into Vivian's dark eyes.

As if in a trance Vivian closed the distance between them and taking Hillary in her big black arms enveloped her smaller body in her embrace. As they kissed Vivian's hands touched every inch of Hillary's petite tight body and she had her squirming. Vivian broke the kiss and taking Hillary by the hand escorted her over to the couch where she had Hillary sit down. Vivian loomed over Hillary. She stepped back and never losing eye contact with Hillary slowly began slipping her tight white dress off her shoulders. She held it against her tits as she pulled her arms from the material. Licking her full red lips she lowered the dress from her tits and Hillary let out a moan as she feasted her eyes on those full black nippled tits. Hillary had one foot on the couch and one on the floor. She was slowly stroking her dripping pussy as she looked on at Vivian's gorgeous black body.

With the dress now around her waist Hillary's eyes followed the exposed flesh. Vivian's tight flat stomach rose and fell with her heavy breathing. Hooking her fingers in the dress she lowered it off her full hips and ass and it fell to a pool around her shapely ankles.

Hillary let out a groan as she now noticed that since this afternoon Vivian had shaved off her rather large black bush. Moisture was seeping from the tight lipped cunt that Hillary was staring at. Hillary pulled her fingers from her our cunt and licked the cream from them. Dropping her foot to the floor she sat up and pulled Vivian to her as she sat on the couch. Hillary kissed her flat belly and moved lower to her tight lipped pussy. Digging her fingers in Vivian's luscious ass she pulled her to her face. Hillary lapped slowly at the lips that parted for Hillary's tongue. She ran her tongue up and down the length of her pussy. As it parted she was rewarded with a large flow of Vivian's juices. Vivian let out a groan and cupped her own tits and squeezed and tugged at her hard black nipples.

Hillary's hands found Vivian's asshole and slid a finger up it as she also found Vivian's clit. She flicked away at it as Vivian began moaning harder. She let go of her tits and dug her fingers in the golden locks of Hillary.

What a sight to see, long black fingers surrounded by Hillary's golden locks, lily white face buried deep between two pillars of solid black thighs, my cock was harder then ever before.

Vivian let out a scream and came all over Hillary's once perfect face. Vivian's juices were dripping from Hillary's cheeks, lips and chin. Vivian turned and fell to the couch beside Hillary. As if possessed Hillary attacked Vivian, sucking on her tits and driving her fingers into her dripping pussy. Vivian continued to moan and groan as Hillary worshipped her body. Vivian came again and Hillary finally let up as she slid up her body and kissed her lovingly.

"Well Vivian, how did you like the first round?"

Vivian smiled; "I'm in heaven and to think it's only been twenty minutes. By the end of the night I'll either be exhausted or dead, I can't wait."

I walked over to the couch; "Would either of you ladies like a drink now?"

"Yes!" They both replied.

I just stood there with my hard on staring at those two sexy sweaty bodies. I turned and went to get the drinks.

Hillary looked at the camera man and said; "Could you cut the camera so we can go and get cleaned up and fix our make-up?"

The camera man nodded and shut down the cameras and came over to me to get a drink for himself.

"Damn that was hot; I sure wish I could get into that."

I turned to him, who knows, if they really get wild in the bedroom, maybe you may be able to join in. Let's play it by ear and see where things go."

I bought the drinks into the living room and both Hillary and Vivian we fresh and gorgeous again. Both were still naked and I handed them the drinks.

The camera man turned the cameras back on and I sat across from them. We chatted aimlessly until our drinks were gone. I suggested that we go into the bedroom for the finale.

I followed Hillary into the bedroom and still could not believe how petite and well built this woman was. Her ass was gorgeous and was as firm as could be. Her hair barely touched her shoulders and as she moved it moved sexily with her. Her firm B cup tits sat high upon her chest and were crowned by large erect nipples.

As for Vivian, she was the complete opposite. She was big boned with a lush body that was built for fucking. Her ass was as firm as Hillary's but a lot larger, no fat anywhere just larger. Her tits were D sized with large licorice aureoles. Her nipples were not as large but the aureoles made up for it. Her shiny black hair hung just above her shoulders and I couldn't wait to sink my fingers into it as she sucked my cock.

I sat in a chair near the bed as Hillary and Viv climbed up onto the crisp white sheets. Vivian lay back as Hillary straddled her hips and began squeezing her tits. Hillary lowered her head and captured one black crown and ran her tongue around and around the nipple.

Vivian arched her back and pulled Hillary's face harder against her tit.

I stood up and slowly undressed and when I was naked I stood there stroking my cock. I slid onto the bed and hovered over Hillary's gorgeous ass and Vivian's already dripping pussy. I lay on my stomach and ran my tongue first over Hillary's ass and speared her asshole with my tongue. She pushed her ass back against my mouth. I slid lower and began licking the entire length of Vivian's pussy. She let out a groan when my tongue found her pink button.

I wet my finger and slowly slid it into Hillary's tight asshole. She let out a groan and I flipped over and pulled her cunt to my mouth. I felt another body on the bed and I heard Vivian moan as I noticed the cameraman Jose slip his cock into Vivian's mouth.

I pulled Hillary off of Vivian and gave Vivian and Jose space beside us to get comfortable. I resumed eating Hillary's tight cunt and finger fucking her asshole. She dropped to my cock and I've never to this day felt a hotter or wetter mouth on my cock. She went berserk on my cock. The slurping and gagging sounds she made on my cock just heightened the need to fuck this gorgeous compact body.

I pulled Hillary off of me and I laid her back on the bed. I hovered above her and just starred at this lovely creature.

She smiled back at me, "What's the matter? Why did you stop?"

I smiled back at her; "I just wanted to look at that gorgeous face of yours. You are so fucking beautiful I just wanted to burn this image in my mind. I want to make love to you, not just fuck you."

I lowered my mouth to hers and she moaned as our tongues dueled back and forth.

On the bed next to us Vivian was on top on Jose riding his big cock. Her rounded black ass bounced up and down as he drove his hard cock into her dripping cunt. His dark cock was covered in her creamy cunt juices as she came for the second time,

He reached up and played with her huge tits and squeezed her rock hard nipples. He flipped her over and straddled her chest. With his cock covered in her cream he slipped his cock between her tits and started tit fucking her. She raised her head to catch his cock between her full red lips with each upward thrust. Squeezing her tits together Vivian made a larger cavity for his cock. Jose cradled her head in his hands, running his fingers through her shiny black hair. Jose began breathing harder as he felt his balls tightening. With a mighty groan he pulled back and let go spurt after spurt of his creamy white cum all over her tits, neck and face.

She smiled up at his as she wiped it off her tits and sucked his cum from her fingertips.

I went back to concentrate on Hillary who has also stopped to watch Vivian and Jose. I bent down and lovingly sucked first one nipple into my mouth and then the other. I ran my tongue all around the aureole and nipple sucking on it until it was hard and erect.

Hillary grabbed my cock and aimed it at her dripping pussy and I slowly pushed forward sinking about three inches into her. She wrapped her finely tapered legs around my back and pulled me deeper into her cunt.

I withdrew a little and pushed forward sinking another three inches into her. She arched her back trying to get all of my cock in her clutching pussy. I started in a steady rhythm now fucking her harder and faster. She held on for dear life urging me on.

"Oh yes John, fuck my tight pussy, fill me with your cum. I want to feel your cum bathe my inner walls and drip into my asshole."

I picked up the pace as I felt her cunt tighten. I knew she was cumming and with her tightening I would soon follow. I suddenly pulled out of her and she let out a loud scream.

"Oh Fuck, why did you do that. I was so close to cumming again. Please put it back in."

I flipped her over and pulled her up onto her knees. I knelt behind her staring at that gorgeous trim ass and tapered sexy back of hers.

She buried her head in the pillow as I pulled her hips to my cock and in one quick move buried my cock in her pussy.

She yelled out; "Yes, oh yes fuck me harder, oh I love the way your balls slap against my clit. Go deeper you fucker, yes, yes I'm cummmmming."

Vivian slipped under Hillary and began sucking on her firm tits. Jose scurried around on the bed and straddled the pillows and fed his cock to Hillary.

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