tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 04

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 04


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

* * * * *

The doorbell rang several times as Mistress Calista hurried to the door. Through the translucent glass she could see the outline of a young woman standing on her porch. She opened a small security viewer to see a very nervous, but lovely, young woman. The girl looked uncertain about being here and Calista sensed some fear in her eyes. She opened the door and smiled at the young woman. "Yes?" she asked.

"Is this the home of…ah…Mistress Calista?" the young woman inquired, with a slight tremor of her lip.

Calista smiled and said softly, "Yes, it is. And whom might you be?"

"I'm the woman that called you last night, Tatiana Kos---." Calista stopped her in mid-word.

"No surnames, please. Are you here for a training lesson?" she asked. The woman nodded nervously. "Very well, welcome to my home. I shall call you Twatiana, as that slave name seems to fit you," Calista said with a wicked smile, "please come in, darling Twatiana." The young woman stepped inside the entryway and followed Mistress Calista into an elegant living room, very expensively furnished and decorated. "Are you feeling as wicked as I do, Twatiana?" Calista asked.

"Oh yes, Mistress, I do feel wicked and aroused," Twatiana replied. Calista had been expecting this young woman as a referral from one of her other clients. She led the soon to be submissive girl to a door which was the entrance to the staircase to the Dungeon. She ordered the woman to lift her skirt high and smiled when she saw the wet panties the woman was wearing. Yes, she is feeling wicked and aroused, judging by the growing wet spot on her red panties, Calista thought to herself.

"Get completely naked and kneel down before me, slave," Calista ordered her. Twatiana quickly removed her shirt, unhooked her red lacy bra letting it fall to the floor. Next, she dropped her skirt, took off her hose then, pulled her wet lacy red panties down to the floor and stepped out of them. God, her tits are so beautiful, Calista thought as she looked at the upright breasts, perfectly shaped and tipped with hard erect nipples. She felt her own pussy become moist.

Twatiana kneeled down on her haunches spread her thighs revealing well-shaped pussylips under a neatly trimmed auburn bush. Her long auburn hair fell over her shoulders as she looked down at the floor. "And there is my sweet little cunnie, dripping nectar for her Mistress," Calista said. Twatiana trembled and nodded affirmatively. She walked to the kneeling slave girl and grabbed her by the nipple of her right tit. Pulling her upright by her nipple, Calista walked the groaning slave to the stone steps leading to her Dungeon. Jerking and pulling the slave's nipple cruelly, Calista led her up the stone steps to her Tower Dungeon as the girl groaned in pain.

"Walk to the sling that's hanging from the ceiling. The sling is cut to hold your wrists and ankles in restraints, with your legs spread exposing your tits, cunt, clit and asshole to my whims," Calista tells her, releasing her nipple. Twatiana walks to the sling rubbing her sore nipple and smiling weakly at her Mistress. "Place your wrists and ankles in the restraints." Twatiana moved willingly, but with apprehension, to the sling to be bound. Calista secured her in the sling then grasped Twatiana's cheeks with her hands and kissed her passionately. Twatiana twitched excitedly as their tongues touched and entwined in the passionate kiss. Activating the lift, Calista drew her up on her back, spread eagle, about four feet high and parallel to the floor. Twatiana, bound and defenseless, squealed softly from anxiety and some fear at what will happen to her. Moving to her slave's side, Calista tweaked her nipples and kneaded her lovely tits. Twatiana squealed louder this time and seemed to swoon at Mistress's touch.

Reaching for her slave's bush, she pulled at Twatiana's soft curls, as moisture formed heavily at the edges of the slave's cuntlips. Kneeling down Calista drew her tongue along the edges of Twatiana's closed cuntlips. The slave trembled at the touch of her Mistress's tongue to her pussy and groaned with pleasure, wanting more. The sling had four elastic bands, with clamps on the ends. Calista stretched one of the bands and attached the clamp to her slave's cuntlip. Twatiana flinched as clamp was attached and groaned in pain. Mistress Calista did the same to the other cuntlip, spreading her cuntlips open oozing with her juices. Twatiana wiggled excitedly in the sling, but her excitement was tempered by the realization that she was totally helpless and defenseless. Calista brought forth a Y chain with nipple clamps at each of the three ends of the chain and securely clamped each nipple. Twatiana groaned painfully as the clamps bite into her nipple flesh. She managed a slight, but apprehensive smile at Calista, as her Mistress placed the long end of the Y chain on the overhead chain and pulled it taut, stretching her slaves, nipples cruelly.

Twatiana shrieked, her tits and nipples ached from being stretched. Mistress moved to her Implements and Toys table to select several large candles. Lighting them she placed the candles on a stand near the sling. Her slave intently watched the burning candles, while her mistress smiled wickedly. The candles burned and melted wax filled the large wide wells on each candle. Calista kneeled between her slaves' legs to lick and suck Twatiana's clit. Squirming, from the velvety tongue on her clit, caused the slave's nipples and cuntlips to stretch hurting them 'pleasantly'. Her clit engorged, to stand erect like a miniature cock. Calista clamped the clit with an alligator clip on a chain, hooked a lead weight to the chain and dropped it! Twatiana screamed in agony as pain cascaded throughout her body when the weight came to an abrupt halt. Tears welled in her slave's eyes and ran down her cheeks. "Oh how I love to hear you scream, Twatiana! It makes me feel so good!" Calista exclaims while her slave writhed in agony.

"Oh, Mistress, I love your evil, but wonderful cruelty," Twatiana whimpered tearfully to her Mistress. Calista picked up a candle that had a considerable amount of melted wax in its well. Her slave watched fearfully as Calista held the candle over her right nipple and allowed several drops of hot wax to splash on her nipple. Twatiana wailed as the hot wax bathed her nipple and bravely pushed out her tits for her Mistress's pleasure. Calista waited for the wax to harden then dripped an equal amount on the other nipple, accompanied again by screams and wails. Next, she allowed the hot wax to drip randomly over her slaves' lovely tits, until they were incased in wax. Twatiana attempted to smile through the painful burning sensation, but her body trembled painfully at the hot wax droplets striking her tits. Putting the candle down, to let it melt more wax, Calista picked up another candle with melted hot wax floating in its well. Mistress Calista dripped hot wax in a line from her slave's tits to her navel, filling it with hot wax. Twatiana sobbed from pain, crying inconsolably.

Calista continued to drip hot wax droplets from Twatiana's navel to her bush. The hot wax mixed into the slave's soft curls of her bush and started to harden. The Domina worked at coating her slaves bush completely with the hot wax as she sobbed and whimpered from 'pleasure'. "Don't worry, sweet one, I won't forget your cunnie," Calista told her as Twatiana groaned and whimpered.

"Please, Mistress, don't burn my pussy, please. Fuck me with the candle all you want, but don't pour the wax on my cunt, please."

Mistress Calista, smiled at her whimpering slave, activated the chains motor to lift her legs up and slightly over her head. Now her cunt pointed straight up and her asshole became fully accessible. Twatiana's tears ran down her cheeks as she wiggled painfully in her sling. Calista produced a large dildo butt plug with a knotted leather cord on its end. Trembling, the slave watched fearfully, as Calista lubricated the dildo in her sopping wet cunt, then placed the tip at Twatiana's asshole and started to push it in. Her sphincter resisted momentarily, then parted to accept the dildo. The dildo felt good in her ass, compared to the hot wax she had just suffered. "Ooo, fuck your whore, Mistress," Twatiana moaned. She started to rock her hips and wiggle her ass to derive as much pleasure as she could from the dildo. Calista pushed the dildo butt plug into her asshole completely, until only the end of the leather cord stuck out. Her slave moaned with pleasure as Calista turned on the vibrator embedded in the dildo.

Twatiana's body shook and she purred while her pussy pooled in creamy sudsy cunt nectar. Calista dropped hot wax on her slaves' perineum, allowing it to build up. The Domina shaped the accumulated wax into a little wax bowl just below Twatiana's cunt. She lowered Twatiana's hips slightly to allow her cunt juices to flow into the little bowl, filling it. Dipping a spoon into the juice bowl, Calista brought the spoon to her slaves' lips. "Open please?" Calista asks in mock courtesy. Twatiana smiled and opened her lips wide as her Mistress emptied the spoon on her tongue, covering it with cunt juices. Returning to the juice bowl, which had filled again, Calista took another spoonful and raised it to Twatiana's mouth. Smiling, Twatiana opened wide and Calista poured the spoonful into her mouth again. Twatiana drank it down, reveling in the taste of her own cunt juice. Calista continued feeding her slave her pussy nectar until the little wax bowl was empty. Twatiana had finally resigned herself to the torments her Mistress provided, and settled uncomfortably into her submissive role, prepared to endure.

Calista picked up a little silver bell and rang it. Twatiana perked up her ears and looked around to see a naked male slave with a massive hard-on, coming quickly into the Dungeon. He kneeled at Calista's feet and reached out to kiss her cunt. Haughtily, she ignored his payment of homage, and she commanded him, "Fuck her cunt slave!" Twatiana legs held wide open by the sling, watched intently, eyeing his huge upright cock. He moved between the slaves' legs while Calista lowered Twatiana's legs so her cunt was level with his cock. Twatiana tried to slide her hips toward him as he slowly pushed his massive tool into her wide-open cunt. The slave girls' cunt was tight and made more so by the huge dildo in her ass. Twatiana moaned with pleasure as she felt the massive cock slide into her sopping wet cunt. He held her hips tightly and began to pile drive his massive cock in and out of her tight pussy.

"Yes baby, fuck this cunt as Mistress Commands you. Yes…oh yes, baby, fuck this whore! That cock feels sooo good, fucking me!" Twatiana shouted. Mistress Calista poured herself a cool glass of Chardonnay and quietly sipped her wine as the two slaves fucked for her pleasure. Twatiana smiled as his mighty cock spread her cunt and nearly reached into her cervix, fucking her fast and deep. "Yes, fuck me!" she shouted and moaned delightfully. She rocked back and forth getting his cock deeper into her hot wet cunt. "Ooo, yes baby, yes, fuck this whore's cunt, yes, more…more…more!" she screamed.

Mistress Calista paused as she sipped her wine and sweetly said, "Twatiana, you may not cum, dear!" Twatiana tried to hold back from cumming, but knew she would lose this battle soon, to the magnificent cock fucking her. "Yes, little slave boy, you may cum," Calista told her male slave as he fucked Twatiana hard.

Twatiana screamed at the top of her lungs, "Yes! Baby! Yes! Shoot all your cum in my pussy!" She felt his cock throbbing and swelling as he cried out and exploded in a huge orgasm, splattering the inside of her cunt with his thick, creamy cum. Twatiana smiled with her eyes closed, feeling her cunt being filled with his cum. His cock spasmed again, to fill her cunt with more of his creamy cum. As his orgasm subsided, his cock softened and he pulled it out of her cunt. Calista ordered Twatiana to clean his cum coated cock with her tongue. Twatiana opened her mouth and waited for his cock. The male moved to her head and laid his spent cock on her mouth. Twatiana licked the thick gooey cum from his cock, looking up at him, smiling and licked his cock clean. Calista motioned to her male slave and he dropped to his knees, crawled to his Mistress to kiss her cunt then crawled out of the Dungeon. Twatiana looked at Calista, licked her lips to savor the taste of his cum. Her Mistress moved between Twatiana's legs, to watch the males cum flow into the little wax bowl, filling it. His thick pearly cum blended with Twatiana's creamy sudsy juices, to form a tasty cum cocktail. Calista dipped the spoon into the blend and brought it to her slaves' lips. Twatiana opened her mouth wide and willingly accepted the spoons' contents pouring all over her tongue. She slurped it down greedily while her Mistress fetched more. Again and again the juice bowl filled with blended cum and cunt nectar. Calista spooned it into Twatiana's mouth until she swallowed every drop.

"Now that your cunt has been fucked by that huge cock, it has been opened sufficiently to receive the hot wax from the candle I am holding," Calista told her. Twatiana trembled uneasily and braced her pussy to receive the hot melted wax. Slowly, Calista poured the hot wax into her open cunt, sizzling as it struck the wet tender flesh of her inner cunt. Twatiana screamed as it burned her sensitive flesh. "Such a lovely song, dear Twatiana," Calista mocked her crying slave. She lifted the slaves' hips slightly to bring Twatiana's asshole into view. She poured droplets of hot wax into the wax juice bowl, across her perineum and finally dripped hot wax on her asshole. Twatiana groaned and wailed with pain as the hot wax burned her asshole. Filling her asscrack with hot wax, Calista left only the end of the dildo's leather cord sticking out of the wax. The slave squealed in pain as Calista poured herself more wine and stood next to her slaves' head.

Calista dipped her titties in the wine and offered them to her slave. Twatiana readily accepted and started to suck on the wine drenched nipples, nibbling one lightly. Mistress lowered Twatiana's head and straddled her slave's head with her thighs, lowering her sopping wet cunt to the slaves' mouth. Twatiana pushed her nose in Calista's cunt and ground her face in her Mistress's pussy. "Suck my pussy, slut whore!" Calista ordered her. Twatiana drove her tongue deep and circled it around inside her Mistress's pussy, thrusting deep, tongue fucking Calista's cunt.

Calista held a short riding crop in her hand and struck at her slaves' inner thighs as she sucked her Mistress's cunt. Twatiana lifted her head and screamed as the riding crop welted her inner thighs. "Please stop, Mistress! It hurts so much Ma'am," Twatiana sobbed.

"Quit your noisy foolishness and keep sucking my cunt, bitch!" Calista rebuked her, striking her slave's inner thighs again, harder, raising deep purple welts. Twatiana tried to scream, but Calista pulled her head into her crotch and muffled her slaves' cries with her cunt. Calista moaned with pleasure as her slave licked and sucked her pussy. Twatiana, fearing more strokes from the crop, tongue fucked her Mistress faster, in rhythm with her moans. Mistress Calista, breathing hard with her eyes closed, threw her head back to fully enjoy Twatiana's expert cunt sucking. Twatiana felt her Mistress's juices flow down onto her mouth and chin. Mistress Calista groaned, quivered and erupted into a massive orgasm, spewing her cunt cum juices all over Twatiana's face and mouth. The slave girl tried to swallow all the juices as Mistress Calista shuddered through more several gut wrenching orgasms, sighing in pleasure. She came each time Twatiana's tongue touched and licked her clit. Calista's knees buckled and she fell onto her slaves' body, her weight pulling at Twatiana's nipples and cuntlips savagely!

Twatiana's screams resonated throughout the Dungeon. Her screams gurgled in Calista's cunt juices as her Mistress tried to lift herself off her slave, but could not, falling on her again, pulling her nipples and cuntlips brutally. Gasping for air, Calista grabbed the chain holding the sling and pulled herself off of Twatiana, easing the pressure on her slave's nipples and cuntlips. Kneeling next to her slave' face and lips, that glistened from Calista's juices, she kissed her. She whispered her thanks to the slave for a wonderful orgasm. Twatiana looked at Calista, smiled painfully, her face glistening with cunt nectar. "Thank you, dear Twatiana," her Mistress sighed. Mistress Calista regained her composure and unclamped Twatiana's nipple clamps, removing them by twisting them off through the wax covering, in tune with Twatiana's screams. The slave moaned and managed a weak smile. Calista pushed her fingers under the wax covering her slave's tits and nipples to rip it from her slave's breasts in a single move! Twatiana screamed from the sudden pain, but secretly craved Calista's innovative cruelty.

She pulled off the wax drops leading to the slave's navel. Reaching her navel, she ripped the wax covering from Twatiana's navel! The slave shrieked with pain feeling as though her skin had been ripped off. Tears ran down her cheeks again as she whimpered and cried. Amused by Twatiana's shrieks, Calista slowly slipped her fingers under the wax that covered Twatiana's bush, as the slave girl implored her Mistress, not to rip the hardened wax from her bush. Mistress Calista ignored the pleas and ripped off the wax from Twatiana's bush, pulling out a lot of her pubic hair in the process. The slave screamed in agony, writhing in her restraints. "Hush, little one. Most of your bush is intact, but there are spots that are a little thinner that they were earlier," an amused Mistress Calista told her slave. While her slave sobbed and moaned, Calista poured more wine into her glass, lifted Twatiana's head and gave her several swallows of the cool wine. Her slave thankfully accepted the wine, whispering her thanks to Calista.

Calista turned to Twatiana's cunt and twisted the clamps loose from her cuntlips through the wax, to the accompaniment of the slave's screams. She did the same to the alligator clip on the slave's clit! Twatiana slowly stopped her shrieking and sighed with relief as the clamps were withdrawn. Calista broke off the little wax juice bowl to separate the wax between Twatiana's cunt and asshole. Grabbing the wax covering of her cunt, Calista ripped it out of the slave's cunt! Twatiana screamed loudly again and tears immediately flowed from her eyes. Ignoring Twatiana's screams, Calista grabbed the wax covered leather cord connected to the dildo, in her slaves' ass. Very slowly and very painfully her Mistress pulled on the leather cord, putting pressure on the inside of Twatiana's sphincter and on the wax covering her asshole. Twatiana shrieked as the pressure and pain threatened to overwhelm her. She wailed that it felt as though her whole insides were being torn out through her ass. "I am prolonging extracting the dildo and wax from your asshole, darling, so you can savor the 'pleasure' of its extraction," Calista whispers to her slave.

Finally, Twatiana felt the tip of the dildo exit her asshole and her Mistress pulled the dildo and wax free from her asscrack and asshole. The slave girl sobbed and cried as her asshole and asscrack ached from the rough extraction of the dildo and hardened wax. Twatiana's mind reeled from the torments she endured. She wondered how her Mistress could be amused, by providing her slave with such evil cruelty. Mistress Calista rang the little silver bell again and two male slaves entered, paid homage to her cunt and knelt submissively waiting instructions. "Twatiana, would you like them to fuck you until you cum?" Calista asked her slave girl. Twatiana nodded eagerly. Calista smiled ordering the male slaves, "Fuck her to orgasm, both of you, then have my female slaves take her to be bathed, perfumed and brought to my bed, ready to make love to me." Twatiana opened wide to take a cock in her mouth as the other slave moved between her legs to fuck her with his massive cock. "I'll see you later, sweet one. You did marvelously! You endured well. Mistress loves you. I'll see you later in my bed, love." Calista left the Dungeon to the sounds and smells of raw sex and slaves fucking rapaciously.

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