tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 08

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 08


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

William knocked, reservedly, at Mistress Calista's Tower entry door and waited nervously for someone to answer. A voice from a speaker mounted over the door responds with an order to remove all his clothes outside and get on his hands and knees totally naked. Sheepishly, William disrobed and neatly folded his clothes into a neat stack. A groundskeeper drove by on a tractor mower, paused to watch and laughed at him. William was mortified and tried to hide his genitals, but that only caused the man to laugh all the more. The door creaked open and Mistress Calista stood haughtily in her black and red silk cloak looking down at William, on his hands and knees. "Welcome to my Dungeon, slave, William," Calista told him, "you may enter, slut." William quietly crawled to the center of the room and raised himself to his knees.

William whispered, "Thank You for permitting this worthless one into Your Dungeon, M'Lady." William parted his knees as he reached behind himself to clasp his hands together. The tip of his flaccid cock and his balls barely grazed the floor. Mistress Calista walked around him, examined his body carefully, noting his huge uncircumcised cock and large balls. His genitals were covered with hair and Calista made a mental note to fix that. William kept his head held high, with a bit of pride, but with his eyes were cast downward to the floor locked on a single spot. Mistress Calista stopped behind him, placed a leather collar around his neck and buckled it securely. William trembled slightly then froze in his submissive position. "Place your hands higher behind your back, slut" Mistress Calista said. William moved his hands further up his back as far as they would go. She placed restraints on his wrists, locked them together and fastened a short chain from the back of his collar to his wrists, lifting them securely. William tried to quiet his pounding heart, beating harder and faster, uncertain of what Mistress wished to do with him.

Calista moved in front of him to stand about three feet away. She dropped her cloak and revealed her nakedness. "You may crawl to me and smell the fragrance of my cunt," Calista said. William, unable to help himself, let his eyes trail up her body. Quickly he caught himself and returned his gaze to the floor. William moaned as he stumbled to the floor and tried to crawl on his knees to his Mistress. "Crawl to me and inhale my scent," Calista said to him. William felt his face hit the cold floor when he stumbled. His lust and anticipation of inhaling Mistress Calista' scent made him forget that his arms were bound. "Work your nose between my wet cuntlips, you slut whore," Calista chided him. William slid his knees underneath him and struggled to return to his knees. He crawled to her and nestled his nose between her cuntlips.

"You may lick the outsides of my cuntlips, but do not touch my clit," Mistress Calista commanded. William purred softly, his nose bypassed her erect clit and went into her moist pussy until he could barely breathe. William pulled his head back slightly and started licking at her cuntlips with the tip of his tongue, caressing them. "Mmm, that's a good little slut," she moaned with delight. William softly uttered muffled groans and placed his tongue flat against her puffy outer pussylips. Mistress Calista stepped back to look down at her slave. "Place your forehead on the floor between my legs and raise your ass high," she ordered him.

William crouched on his knees, lowered his head and touched his forehead on the floor. He moved his head forward until it was between her legs and he lifted his ass up high. Calista selected a long thin braided leather buggy whip, leaned over him and drew it up and down his asscrack. William let out a soft gasp and clenched his eyes shut. Calista raised the whip high and without warning delivered a savage blow to his left asscheek, raising a deep purple welt. William screamed, unable to control himself, his eyes instantly filling with tears. Another cut of the whip fell his right asscheek. William whispered in a shrill voice between screams, "Thank You, Mistress." In quick succession, spurred on by the lovely sound of his screams she placed five more brutal welts on each asscheek. William tried to steady himself on his knees, weeping with tears streaming down his cheeks, "Oh God, Mistress," he whimpered from the blows. Calista aimed carefully and savagely slashed the whip into his asscrack, striking his asshole brutally. William screamed in pain, trembled and shifted about on his knees, betrayed by the arousal of his erection. He shuddered from the violent blows, having great difficulty keeping his balance. William tried to lean his head against Calista's leg for support, but she thwarted his feeble attempts. She kneeled to fondle his cock and balls with one hand while she placed shackles on his ankles. Between gasps for air, William whispered, "Thank you…this cunt is yours, Mistress."

Mistress Calista smiled wickedly, "Yes, it is, and don't ever forget it, cunt!" she told him, attached a spreader bar between his ankles and shackled them securely. William moaned, his body lost between ecstasy and pain, his mind reeled as though in a drunken state. William felt his ass and asshole burn with pain. Mistress Calista fastened the spreader bar to an overhead chain and activated the chains motor, pulling him upside down, with his head just inches from the floor. William moaned, as his body slapped against the floor before he was lifted off the floor. Mistress Calista pushed another button and the chain moved, slowly carrying William up the stone stairway to the Tower Dungeon. Calista followed behind him striking his asscheeks and thighs with the buggy whip, smiling at his cries. Sobbing, William reached the top of the stairs with his Mistress behind him. She moved him inside the Dungeon and stopped the moving chain over a platform in the center of the dimly lit Dungeon. Mistress Calista turned on a bright spotlight the illuminated William and the platform under him.

Calista inspected his inverted ass and the vertical welts upon it as William tried to remain still. "I think we need some horizontal welts to offset the vertical pattern, don't you think so, slut?" Mistress Calista asked him. William moaned and reluctantly nodded his agreement. Without waiting, she struck both asscheeks with the whip, raising horizontal welts. She struck his ass four more times in rhythm with his horrid screams, raising more lovely deep purple welts to form a check pattern. William screamed, his body shaking violently caused him to start spinning as he hung inverted with his hands bound behind him. Calista raised him higher so his face was opposite her wet cunt. William sniffed the air, inhaling her cunt fragrance deeply. He started to drool at the possibility of licking her wet cunt.

She shoved his head between her thighs and forced his face into her sopping wet cunt. "Suck it, you slut whore," she commanded him. William lifted his face into her pussy and began to tongue her cuntlips and probed inside to gather her nectar. As he licked her cunt, Calista selected a leather paddle whip, two inches wide, with a ten inches long dildo butt plug for a handle. Unable to see his Mistress and her whip, William continued to wiggle his tongue into her pussy, sopping up her juices. "Ahhhh, I like that, slut," Calista said. She gripped the dildo's handle and began to lightly spank his balls with the paddle whip. Enjoying the light spanking of his balls, William purred between breaths, nursed at her pussy and set him at ease. His balls turned to a crimson shade as his cock became rock hard, pointing at Calista's face. She began to strike his balls harder as William worshiped her cunt. William flinched with every blow, his cock oozed streams of pre-cum that dripped onto his neck and face. Mistress Calista levied several hard blows to his balls and William howled in pain.

"Oh how I love the sound of leather slapping your balls. I like that sound almost as much as I like the sound of your screams and wails when I slap them," Calista mocked him as he twisted painfully on his chain. William's screams prevented him from lapping his Mistress's cunt and his head pulled out from between her thighs. Calista watched his pre-cum gather at his cockhole in large thick clear drops that rolled off his cock to fall onto his lips. "Lick your pre-cum, bitch," she ordered him. William opened his mouth, licked his lips and caught as much pre-cum as he could. Mistress Calista returned her attention to his balls. She wrapped a rawhide cord very tightly around the base of his balls. William moaned as he felt the rawhide being tied to his balls. He continued to lap up his dripping pre-cum, and wished he could rise up to lick and suck his own cock, to please his Mistress. Calista fastened the other end of the rawhide cord to the spreader bar. The cord pulled and stretched his balls, securing them to the spreader bar. William gritted his teeth as he felt the leather cut into his scrotum.

Calista resumed paddling his tightly held, stretched and exposed balls very hard, fondling his cock as she paddled his balls. William instantly started screaming, twisting and turning trying fruitlessly to dodge her blows. She grabbed his head between her thighs to stop his twisting and continued to pummel his balls with the accompaniment of his screams. Calista's juices flowed heavily all over slave William's face as she held his head tightly with her thighs. Finally, William could barely scream and she stopped paddling his balls. "See what you've done, whore. You stopped screaming, ruining my fun, you puny slut," Calista admonished her slave. William gasped tried to scream to please his Mistress. Her juices still dripped on his face and into his mouth, but he was unable to please his Mistress with screams. Calista pushed his face into her crotch and ground her cunt into his face and mouth. William swallowed her juices to soothe his throat and permit him to utter puny little screams as he writhed from the pain in his Balls. "Suck it, bitch whore," Mistress Calista orders him. William quickly buried his face into her pussy to fuck it, with his tongue. Calista resumed fondling his now flaccid cock until it became rock hard. "Umm, yes, ...I like that, you cunt slut," she moaned with pleasure. He tried to rock his cock into her hand as she fondled him while he sucked her engorged clit. Williams' cock slowly pulsed as his Mistress stroked him. He felt his orgasm building slowly. Calista selected another rawhide cord and tied it securely around his cockhead just behind the rim. William felt his orgasm stop building up behind the rawhide. Calista tied the other end of the cord to a lead weight and dropped it. The weight pulled and jerked his cockhead down as he found the will to scream loudly at the instant pain to his cock.

William swallowed hard, forcing his eyes, blinded by his tears, to open. Calista squeezed her juices from her cunt and directed her cunt nectar into his eyes, stinging them. William quickly closed his eyes again, moving his head trying to avoid her juices, but he ended up rubbing his eyes into Calista's juice coated thighs, making the sting worse. She tied another rawhide cord very tight around the base of his hard-on, sealing the blood inside to prevent him from getting soft and from cumming. She released his head from her thighs and picked up the paddle whip again, reaching out to lightly slap at his cockhead. William bit his lower lip hard as she started to slap his cock. Mistress Calista slapped lightly at the sensitive spot in front his cockhead, arousing him even more. "Oh, thank You Mistress…thank you Ma'am," William whimpered. He felt his orgasm building quickly, moving into the base of his cock where, suddenly, it stopped. Being denied, William trembled with desire, feeling the frustration build. "You are very kind to me, Mistress," William gasped softly, "and very beautiful, too, a true Goddess, Ma'am." She smiled and slapped his cockhead again.

"Yes, I am beautiful and I am your Goddess. Don't you ever forget that, you cunt slut," she told him, continued to slap his hard cock with the paddle and increased the force with each slap. William moaned and whimpered at his slovenly treatment from his adorable Mistress. His flesh is pained, but in his mind he knew that he belonged to Calista, mind, body and soul. He was hers to use any way she saw fit. Through his pain, William was comforted by that thought. His cock became very sore and turned to a crimson shade, but remained rock hard. It swelled from the beating and ached terribly, especially where his Mistress had tied the rawhide cords. Calista stopped beating his cock and let him watch her rub the whips' dildo butt plug handle through her cuntlips to lubricate it with her juices. William's cock spasmed when he saw the huge dildo butt plug and his juices accumulated behind the rawhide cords. He peeked, apprehensively, through his wet and somewhat encrusted eyes, to see Mistress move behind him.

Mistress Calista spread his asscheeks to reveal his wrinkled, brownish-pink and puckered asshole. She placed the tip of the dildo on his asshole. "I have purposely roughened the tip of the dildo to provide you more 'pleasure'," she told him while pushing it against his asshole. William gasped, his asshole tightened then relaxed, trying to let the fake cock to enter him. His sphincter resisted and she pressed harder to force it open. Finally, his sphincter surrendered and the fake cockhead slipped inside his asshole. His sphincter closed behind the fake cockheads' rim to hold it fast as Calista twisted and rotated the dildo to 'pleasure' him.

"Oh Mistress, thank you for using my asshole for your pleasure, Ma'am," William said to her. He tried to adjust to the huge dildo, though he can feel blood trickle down his thigh, as he is torn open. Calista pushes it in further and began to massage his prostate with the dildo. William's eyes filled with tears again as his jaw trembled in silent agony. "Oh God, Mistress, no deeper, please, Mistress," William whimpered. Finally, in a mighty thrust Calista buried the huge dildo deep in his ass. His sphincter closed around the butt plug depression to hold it fast in his boy-cunt. William broke into a screaming frenzy from the pain. She turned on the built-in vibrator to full and activated the dildo's mechanical fucking action. William feels the full length of the fake cock rub over his prostate, making the trapped cum in his cock even more unbearable. William screams begin to abate and they receded to a rhythmic moan, as the pain was slowly transformed into pleasure. William rocked ever so slightly, to enjoy the fake cock fucking his ass.

Calista moved to her table to pour herself a cool glass of wine and began to sip it, while she watched the dildo fuck her slave. William moaned, instinctively rolling his ass like a greedy little whore, even though there was nothing to push or pull against. Calista moved in front of her slave and raised him up until his mouth was opposite her titties. She dipped each of her titties into the wine glass and offered them to her slave to lick clean of wine. William opened his mouth, tongue out, lapped timidly at her nipples then suckled them like a baby. He slathered his tongue about her little titties to lick up all the wine. "Oooo, I love my titties licked and sucked," Calista sighed in ecstasy. William pulled her nipples into his mouth, one after the other and licked them with his wet tongue. "Ummmmmmmmm," Calista moaned, "I could cum from that." William switched from breast to breast as quickly as he could, sealing his lips around her nipples, sucking them in and out, as if they were tiny cocks.

Mistress Calista stepped back and finished her wine. She reached up and begins to masturbate her slave. William began to breathe faster and harder, the fake cock within him pushing him hard toward orgasm. Hs eyes were closed and rolled back as William whimpered, wishing his Mistress would let him cum. Calista placed a stool under his head to hold it facing up at her and continued masturbating him. She untied the cord around his balls, stroking his cock faster as William watched her masturbate him. William cried out as the blood painfully rushed into his balls. Calista felt his cock throbbing and pulsating, gravely needing to cum. "Please, Mistress, please let this whore cunt cum, Mistress, I beg of you," William pleaded with her. He opens his mouth wide for her, at her command. Mistress Calista untied the rawhide cord at the base of his cock and watches him erupt in a sea of thick creamy white cum shooting out of his cockhole.

Each spasm of his cock shot a volley of thick frothy cum jetting into his mouth. William whorishly caught as much cum as he could. He tried to open his mouth even wider as his cum splattered on his lips, splashed on his tongue, to fill his mouth. Again and again his cock spasmed, arcing more cum into his mouth and down his throat. William lapped and swallowed several times as Mistress Calista said, "You may thank me now, William you worthless whore cunt." William managed to murmur thank you, gargling through the cum in his mouth. "Did you like the flavor of cum, slut cunt?" asked Calista.

William whispered, "Thank you Mistress. You are so gracious to use this worthless cunt as a cum dump, Ma'am."

"Answer the fucking question, bitch!" demanded Calista.

William cowered as he hung upside down, whispered, "Yes, Mistress, this lowly fuck cunt enjoyed it very much. I loved the flavor of cum, M'Lady."

"Good, I have another treat for you, cum slut slave," she informed him mockingly. William tried to open his eyes as best he could to see through the cum that covered them. Mistress Calista rang a little bell and a large male slave entered the Dungeon with a huge hard-on swaying as he walked. William heard someone enter and tried to look, but he was unable to see behind him. The male slave walked in front of William. Calista lowered the chain until the slave's cock pointed at William's face. William looked at the man's huge cock and realized what he was expected to do.

"This is my slave, Eric. Eric, this is William, he is a new addition to my stable," Calista said, introducing them. William listened intently as Calista continued, "Eric hasn't been permitted to cum for three weeks because I enjoy tormenting him like that. It amuses me to watch him strain when he fucks me, or another female until we cum, but he must remain unfulfilled." William knew what would happen next as he looked at Eric's cock, pointed at his mouth. "William, I want you to help Eric cum. See the large thick clear drop of pre-cum oozing from his cockhole?" she asked, "Open your mouth, William." Reluctantly, William obeyed and opened his mouth. Eric placed the tip of his cockhead on Williams' lips, smearing the pre-cum over them. William kept himself from closing his mouth around Eric's cock. Slowly, Eric shoved his huge cock into his mouth and Calista commanded William to suck him off. The huge cockhead enters his throat and withdrew as Eric began to fuck Williams's mouth. He wrapped his lips around Eric's cock and tried to get him as far into his mouth as possible. Eric grasped William's inverted head and thrust his huge pulsing cock deep into William's throat.

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