tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 12

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 12


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Mistress Calista parked her car and walked into her favorite lounge. It was called The Dungeon, but only a few people knew that it was owned by a lifestyle Master. His name was David, but to those who knew him, he was Master Gordon. David was seated in an elegant booth and greeted Calista as she walked by. She returned the greeting as she headed for the restrooms. Once inside the restroom she made sure it was empty and then put her key in the door marked, Janitor. She entered the small supply room. Locking the entrance door, she proceeded to unlock another door inside the room that led to a basement staircase.

Locking the door behind her, Calista descended into the special lounge for lifestyle members. The men's room had a similar entrance to accommodate Masters. Submissives were brought in by their Dominants, blindfolded so they were unaware where they were. Entering the cellar lounge, Calista sought out a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of Blush wine. The bartender, Sophie, was a lesbian Mistress who always hit on Calista, but in a playful way. Tonight was no different and they both enjoyed a laugh, however they both knew that if Calista said yes it would happen instantly. Calista had no problem with Sophie's being a lesbian. It was that they both wanted to be the Dominant. There was no compromising by either one.

It was early and not too many people were in the 'Playroom', as the members called it. All activity was done in the open for all to see and participate, if the Mistress or Master of the submissives allowed participation. Usually it was encouraged, except for some over eager Dominants who were more interested in inflicting pain than using pain as a sexual stimulant. Thankfully, those Dominants had been denied permanent membership by the owner. Calista looked about at some Dominants and their subs at a booth near the dimly lit back of the Playroom. The Mistress and Master sat in the booth and their subs, two females and a male were kneeling naked at their feet.

The Mistress waved to Calista and she returned the greeting. As the Mistress lit a cigarette she recognized her as Mistress Endora, an acquaintance, but not a close friend nor associate. Calista did not know the Master. The two female slaves smiled at Calista and she grinned back at them. One of the slave girls arose and walked seductively towards Calista. She kneeled before her and said, "Mistress Calista," she began, "Mistress Endora would be honored if you consent to join her for a drink, Ma'am." Calista smiled at the pretty brunette with magnificent upright breasts topped with hard dark pink nipples. She nodded yes, picked up her kit bag and followed the slave girl to Endora's table. Calista was introduced to Master Duane and to Jenny and Barb, the slave girls. Duane introduced Sissy, the male slave who kept his eyes downcast.

"Well, Calista, we've been discussing breast torture and agony," Endora recounted. "It seems that not many of today's submissives have a proper appreciation of breast torture. What do you think Calista?"

"I think that the Dominant is obligated to train the subs to appreciate well tortured breasts, among other parts of the anatomy," Calista replied with a smile. Master Duane stated that he believed that male slaves nipples should not be wasted on torture as there are much more enjoyable ways to discipline them. "I have a non discriminatory policy toward nipple and breasts torture, male or female, I treat them all the same, harshly," Calista told him still smiling. Duane and Endora laughed heartily and gestured to Jenny and Barb.

"These two slaves say they adore it, according to Endora," Duane said, "They enjoy tit agony."

"Is that right, Jenny?" Calista asked the pretty brunette kneeling at Endora's feet. "Do you enjoy breast torture?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Jenny replied.

"How about you, Barb, do you enjoy sweet agony in your tits and nipples?" Calista asked the slim redheaded slave girl, kneeling seductively between Calista and Endora.

"Yes, Mistress Calista, I do indeed," she replied with a seductive smile.

"Do we have anyone's breasts in absolute agony yet?" Calista asked mischievously.

"Mine aren't, Ma'am," Jenny stated, grinning.

"Too bad, lets do something about that, shall we?" Mistress Calista asked everyone at the booth. Jenny pushed her chest out to offer her breasts and body to MistressCalista. Calista quickly removed her clothes revealing her naked body. She reached out and gently rubbed Jenny's nipples with her forefingers. Jenny felt her nipples harden at Calista's touch, and moaned softly. Calista grasped Jenny's nipples with her thumbs and forefingers then rolled, pulled, pinched and tweaked them. Jenny gasped as her nipples were pulled harshly. Calista pulled her to her feet by her nipples as the slave girl groaned in sweet agony. Mistress Calista continued to pull and twist one nipple while she licked and sucked the other one. Jenny felt her nipples expertly used to give her pain and pleasure as she groaned in sweet torment.

Calista bit the nipple she was sucking hard enough to leave her teeth marks on Jenny's nipple flesh. The slave girl cried out then whimpered and sobbed as Calista's teeth sunk in deeply, leaving marks that soon will become welts. Mistress Calista held Jenny's nipple fast with her teeth and pulled it out as far as it would go! Breathing hard Jenny watched her nipple and tit being stretched by Calista's teeth pulling cruelly upon it. Calista reached in her kit bag and brought out a silver chain with alligator clips on each end. Jenny's eyes opened wide, her face showing fear as she viewed the cruel alligator clips. She watched Mistress as she clipped the nipple she was biting and released it as the metal teeth of the alligator clip dug into Jenny's nipple flesh.

Jenny screamed at the searing pain that burned through her nipple and deep into her breast. She groaned and sobbed as the clamp bit sharply into her nipple. "Ohhh, you scream so wonderfully, Jenny," Calista told her. Jenny embarrassed that she screamed, tried to hide her shame from her Mistress Endora, but to no avail. Smiling Mistress Calista did the same to the slave girls' other nipple while Jenny wailed in pain. Her nipples were on fire from the alligator clips, tears rolled down her cheeks as she watched her nipples darken as the clamps tightened. Mistress Calista's fingers found Jenny's sweet moist treasure nestled below her trimmed dark bush and drenched her fingers in Jenny's cunt juices.

Jenny shivered causing the clamps to renew their bite and she moaned with pleasure and pain. Calista rubbed Jenny's cunt nectar on her little titties and nipples. She offered them to Jenny to lick clean, as she pulled on the slave girls' nipple chain. "Mmmmmm, I love to have my nipples and titties licked," Calista moaned with pleasure while Jenny serviced her tits licking her juices from Mistress's nipples. The slave girl groaned with pain, as Calista continued to pull the nipple chain harshly. Calista retrieved a collar from her kit bag and placed it around Jenny's neck securely. Jenny, writhed and twisted, to relieve pressure on her nipples, looked surprised as Mistress fit the collar on her neck.

"A collar Mistress?" she asked, "but I'm collared to Mistress Endora, Ma'am."

"Hush, little one, it's just a temporary collar to heighten your pleasure and facilitate my perversions."

Mistress Calista lifted Jenny's tits up by the nipple chain and hooked the chain to a ring in the slave's collar. Jenny felt her tits rise up, the clamps biting deeper into her nipples. She winced then sobbed as the weight of her tits pulled on the chain. Mistress Endora looked on approvingly as Calista trained her slave girl.

"Now, sweet slave Jenny, the weight of your tits and gravity, will give you the agony and pleasure your tits crave," Calista, told her. Jenny sobbed and whimpered as her nipples were stretched from the weight of her tits. "Place your hands behind your neck, Jenny," Calista ordered her. The slave girl moved her hands behind neck to feel the constant pull of her the clamps on her nipples. Mistress Calista placed handcuffs on the slave girls' wrists and locked them to a ring on her collar. She reached in her kit bag and pulled out a leather flogger, with knots tied in the ends of some of the strands. Jenny shivered and groaned at the sight of the evil looking flogger. Calista smiled wickedly as she swung the flogger swiftly to deliver a savage blow to Jenny's right tit. The slave girls' screams resonated throughout the Playroom.

As Jenny screamed in 'pleasure', Calista delivered another more savage blow to her left tit. Jenny screamed in deep agony, unable to catch her breath as the pain in her tits consumed her. It felt to Jenny, as though her tits were exploding into objects of absolute pain. Jenny's tears flowed freely down her face and she sobbed uncontrollably, shaking as the clamps pulled hard on her nipples. Jenny admired Mistress Calista through the tears, kneeled to kiss her feet as Calista turned to the redheaded slave, Barb. The slave girl trembled as Calista watched her cringe in terror. Calista sat in her Chair and spread her thighs wide. "Kneel in front of me, slut," she commanded Jenny.

Quickly, Jenny moved in front of Calista and kneeled before her. Jenny's tits fell toward the floor, but the clamps pulled hard on her nipples holding her tits up. She stumbled, unable to use her hands to steady her self. Jenny caused even more pain to her tits and nipples as the chain hooked to her collar interfered with her stability. Calista looked wickedly at Barb and ordered her to sit next to Mistress Endora and wait her turn. Barb meekly sat next to Endora with her head down looking at the floor, fearing to look directly at Calista. "Nuzzle my pussy, slut!" Calista ordered Jenny. The aching slave girl crawled to Mistress Calista and kissed her sopping wet pussy. "Lick it all over, Jenny," Calista moaned, as the girls' soft velvety tongue stroked at her pussy.

By this time the Playroom was filling up with various members and their submissives. The members took note of the activity in the booth where the slave girl, Jenny, was servicing Calista. The crowd encouraged Calista to bring the action to the center of the Playroom dance floor where all could enjoy the action. Calista accommodated the members and moved her chair to the dance floor as Jenny crawled after her on her knees. Calista sat down and motioned to Jenny to resume pleasuring her cunt. Jenny inhaled Calista's scent deeply, nuzzled her pussy and reached out with her tongue to lick Mistress's pussy.

Jenny's tongue stroked Calista's pussy with long slow licks, lapping the creamy juices flowing heavily from Calista's cleft. Mistress Calista began to brutalize the slave girl's asscheeks with the flogger, raising several purple welts. Jenny wiggled her ass to avoid the flogger while she moaned into Calista's pussy. As she wiggled her ass, her tits swayed, pulling harshly on her nipple chain. Again and again the flogger struck her asscheeks hard, leaving deep red marks and purple welts. The other slave girl, Barb, felt her nipples getting hard and her pussy become moist just from watching Jenny as she sucked Mistress Calista's cunt.

The audience applauded the show as Jenny's face jammed deeper into Mistress's pussy each time the flogger hit her crimson colored ass. Jenny's ass felt on fire from the searing burning strokes of the flogger. Jenny drove her tongue deep into Calista's pussy, running it between her cuntlips and taking Mistress's long throbbing clit into her mouth, to suck it hard. Calista shivered with delight and swayed in rhythm with Jenny's velvety tongue. She beckoned to slave Barb to come to her and suck her nipples. Barb slowly crawled toward Calista, kneeled at her side and began to suckle her breasts. The Domina writhed with pleasure and felt her orgasm rising within her, ready to be released.

Calista ordered Barb to crawl behind Jenny and soothe her welts and marks with her tongue. Barb complied immediately and dropped to her hands and knees, to slowly lick Jenny's sore ass with her tongue. Struggling to prevent an early orgasm, Calista laid several lighter strokes of the flogger across Jenny's back as she pleasured her clit. Jenny endured the flogger as she felt Barb's tongue on her asscheeks and flinched painfully as the tongue touched the welts. Mistress Calista ordered Barb to lick her 'sister' slaves' asshole. Barb spread Jenny's asscheeks to tongue her rosebud. "Since we started this discussion about breast torture, we don't want to forget why we're here," Calista reminded everyone. "Barb slut, pull Jenny's nipple chain down so the clamps squeeze her nipples and tits hard."

Jenny screamed as Barb's hand moved under her body to grasp and pull the nipple chain. She wailed and howled in pain to the applause of the audience watching the training session. Calista pulled Jenny's sobbing and wailing head into her pussy again so she could resume licking her Mistress's clit, swirling her tongue around it. The slave girl gasped as Barb's tongue pushed against her rosebud pushing inside to tongue fuck her asshole. Barb pushed her tongue into Jenny's asshole as far as she could her hard tongue moved in and out, hands gently spreading her asscheeks. Jenny resumed licking Calista's cunt and clit as the Domina moaned with pleasure.

Mistress Calista sighs as she felt her orgasm rising from Jenny's tongue and from watching the erotic scene before her. Jenny pushed her tongue deep into Calista, wiggling it deep inside her pussy. Finally Calista screamed and erupted in a thunderous orgasm, her body shuddered as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Her nectar coated Jenny's face and mouth as her tongue licked it up to swallow it. Suddenly, Calista's body shuddered again, exploding in another massive orgasm, spewing cunt nectar all over the slave girl face once again. Mistress Calista's aroma filled the room as Jenny clamped her mouth over Mistress's pussy sucking and swallowing all the juices she could. Calista bucked and writhed in her chair, cumming with each spasm of her body.

Gasping for breath from the intensity of her orgasm, Calista's orgasm subsided and she sat up. Smiling at the slave girl, she gently pushed Jenny away to get up and walk to Barb, still licking her 'sister' slaves' asshole. Mistress Calista told Barb to lie down on the floor. Calista brought Jenny to straddle Barb's head and sit on her face. "Lower your cunt to her mouth, slave," Calista ordered Jenny. Barb's tongue reached up to lick Jenny's pussy as Calista raised the flogger to savagely swat Barbs tits. Barb screamed into Jenny's pussy as the flogger struck her tits again. "Do you like this breast torture, slut Barb?" Calista mocked her as she continued to pummel Barbs' tits with the flogger. Horrid purple welts covered Barb's chest and tits before Calista let up.

Mistress Calista ordered Jenny to lie down on her back. She removed the nipple clamps from the slave girl. She grinned as the slave cried out when the blood painfully rushed into her nipples restoring circulation. Calista clamped Barb's nipples with the same clamps and chain she removed from Jenny. Barb screamed in pain as the clamps bit into her sore and welted nipples. Calista ordered her on her hands and knees and had her move between Jenny's wide spread legs. A member of the audience produced a two-pound lead weight and handed it to Calista. She thanked him for his thoughtfulness and hung the weight on Barb's nipple chain to the tune of Barb's agonizing screams.

"Suck Jenny's cunt until she cums, slut!" Calista ordered Barb. The slave girl inhaled the sweet scent of Jenny's pussy and covered it with her mouth. Barb licked at the erect and hard clit, driving her tongue deep into Jenny's cunt. The slave girl moaned with pleasure as her 'sister' slave, Barb, lapped and sucked her sweet clit and cunt. Calista straddled Barb's back facing her ass, raised the flogger high to savagely swat her ass, cunt and clit. Barb screams in pain as the leather strands of the flogger land in the cleft of her ass and curled up to strike her cunt and clit. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she continued to lick Jenny's clit and cunt. Calista smiled at the crowd as she stepped behind Barb and brutally brought the flogger up into Barb's cunt and clit. Jenny felt Barb screaming into her pussy as the flogger targeted Barb's cunt again leaving deep red marks and purple welts. Jenny was breathing hard, calling to Barb, "Make me cum, sis. God, please make me cum!" Parting the cuntlips, Barb's tongue drove inside Jenny's sopping wet pussy, hoping to suck and lick her to orgasm. Jenny hips rocked wildly and pressed hard into Barb's mouth as the incessant tongue swirled ever faster and harder. Calista kneeled to whispers to Jenny that she has permission to cum them reached under Barb and harshly pulled the nipple chain again. "Thank you, Mistress," Jenny gasped as her orgasm consumed her. Gyrating and bucking she spewed her cunt nectar over Barb's tongue as she cried out, "Yesssss…I'm cumming…I'm cumming. Oh God, I'm cumming!"

Barb tasted Jenny's sweet juices, lapping them and thrusting her tongue deep into Jenny's cunt to lick up all her juices. Gasping for air and panting, Jenny thanked her 'sister' slave for bringing her to orgasm. "How nice," Calista said, "she cums so beautifully. Very nicely done Barb, you did a good job," Calista complimented the slave girl. The crowd was applauding and shouting 'Bravo' and 'Encore' as Calista accepted the accolades. The smell of wanton sex wafted throughout the air and filled the room as the assembled members were driven to begin their own sexual activities.

"Stand up both of you," Calista ordered the slave girls. Barb's nipples felt the bite of the clamps as her tits swayed from the weighted chain pulling at them. She stood with legs spread wide looking down at the floor as Calista released the clamp from Barb's right nipple. Barb screams as blood flowed back into her nipple. "Barb, lick, suck and bite Jenny's right nipple. Pull it out with your teeth as far as it will go and place the free clamp of your chain on her right nipple," Calista ordered. Barb leaned forward and licked Jenny's nipple, swirling her tongue around it and sucked it into her mouth to bite it. Pulling Jenny's nipple out, Barb clamped it to join the two slave girls' right nipples together.

Mistress Calista busily rummaged through her kit bag for some 'toys'. She pulled out two more nipple chains, both longer than the one on the slave girls. These chains had alligator clips on their ends. Calista placed an alligator clip on Jenny's left nipple and the girl howled as the metal teeth dug into her nipple. Next, Calista pulled the chain to Barb's clit and let the alligator clip jaws snap painfully shut. Barb shrieked in pain, tears running down her face as she sobbed to the applause of the crowd. Finally, Calista clipped Barb's left nipple to Jenny's clit. Both slave girls wailed as the pain burned through their nipples and clits.

Jenny stood with legs apart, head bowed, sobbing hard, placed her hands under her tits. "Please Mistress, continue to 'pleasure' them, Ma'am," she said, offering her tits to Mistress Calista, to torture them some more. Barb, sobbing uncontrollably did the same with her tits. Calista ordered the slave girls to each take a step backwards. The chains pulled taut and the girl's screamed in agony as their nipples and clits were pulled savagely. The girls stood with their legs spread wide were told to bend at their waists, still joined by the nipple and clit chains. Calista invited any males that wanted to fuck them to come have their way with them. The assembled members applauded and shouted 'Bravo' as several males lined up to fuck the slave girls. The males drove their cocks deep into the offered pussies tightly holding the girl's by their hips. Their thrusts made the girl's jerk and buck increasing the torment in their nipples and clits. The members watching applauded the efforts of the males fucking them and causing them sweet agony.

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