Call of Futy: Modern Fuckfest Ch. 02

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Sergeant Cain Irons offers a deal to Valeria Garza.
5.5k words
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Welcome to the next installment CoD: MW II fanfic series! This chapter features the fiery Valeria and Cain once more! Stay tuned for Farah!

All comments/feedback are welcome and encouraged!

All characters are +18


Valeria Garza cursed and pounded her fist into the rickety table, causing a few loose bullets to roll off and clatter to the floor. Her thumb anxiously flipped the safety on her desert eagle back and forth as her eyes gazed over the various papers. She ran her fingers through her black shiny hair and sighed. Leading a cartel was not as lavish as media outlets made it out to be. It felt like every other week they were losing another stronghold or production lab, either to authorities or rival cartels. Everything felt like it was going wrong, and she just couldn't fucking take it!

"Mierda!" she shouted and flipped the table over, scattering papers, ammunition and drugs all over the floor. She stomped out of her office in a huff. "Diego!" she barked, startling the bald, bearded man playing a game on his phone.

"Sí, Valeria?"

"I have to let off some steam. Do not bother me!" She pushed the barrel of her pistol against his head for emphasis. The man nodded.


"Bueno." She holstered her firearm and rushed off to her private spa. Once she got there and shut the door, she wasted no time in undressing. Her tank top, neckerchief and khakis hit the floor in rapid succession until she stood stark naked in front of her jacuzzi. She took a moment to admire herself in a nearby full-length mirror, striking a sultry pose. Her tanned latina body was fit, with nice toned muscles showing through her skin. Her breasts were on the medium to smaller side, perky with small pink nipples. She rubbed the tattoos adorning her long arms before caressing her shoulders softly. Finally she turned to the side to get a view of her prized appendage: her cock. Beneath a well-groomed landing strip of pubic hair hung a thick dark shaft of girl meat. Eight hefty inches in its flaccid state, the hooded tip bounced against her knee with every step. Her balls were even heavier than her member, also sagging to her knees under their weight. She hadn't emptied them in days! The sheer internal pressure of the sperm building up in her fat nuts caused the wrinkled skin containing them to smooth out and the veins to protrude even more. They caught the light on occasion thanks to their smoothness and the sheen of sweat across their expanse. Valeria lifted one and rolled it in her palm. She felt the seed sloshing around inside and groaned; they were actually sore from lack of release!

Sergeant Cain Irons gasped at what he saw through his binoculars! There she was, El Sin Nombre herself, Valeria Garza in her birthday suit! She was just as beautiful as the pictures depicted, and as he had theorized, she was hung! His pants grew tight as he watched the futa lower herself into the bubbling water, leaning back and closing her eyes. Cain wiped a bit of drool from his lower lip and rubbed his stomach, remembering how it felt to be stuffed full of femcock. It had taken him days to recover from his night with Roze. He walked with a limp for two, and his ass didn't go back to normal until seven. He tried to get her number, email, something to stay in contact with her, but she insisted on her privacy. Cain had tried to sleep with regular women since, but he couldn't even get it up once the clothes came off. Roze had warped his mind and desires...

Valeria had grabbed a waterproof vibrating wand and was now busy stuffing it underneath her bloated sack. It hummed away, riling up her swimmers into a baby-making frenzy and sending her libido into overdrive. Very quickly she grew to full mast, her cock sliding from its foreskin and rising out of the water like the Loch Ness Monster. Valeria's futanari cock curved upwards like a scimitar, the leaking swollen tip level with her breasts. The veins were significantly more prominent now, decorating her dark meat like vines on old cobblestone. They pulsed with hot latina blood, causing it to twitch with every powerful throb of her heart. Precum had already begun to pour from her slit, and she used it as the perfect lubricant to start jerking herself off. Her fingers couldn't hope to meet around her shaft, however, and she clicked her tongue in exasperation. Suddenly the door to her spa swung open.

"El Sin Nombre, we've received word that you may be being watched!"

"Puta madre, Diego! I said don't bother me! Do you want me to fuck you?! No? Then get the fuck out and call me some putas!" Diego's face went pale and he nodded before shutting the door.

Cain had switched to a different hilltop, burying himself in the underbrush so he would remain undisturbed in his voyeurism disguised as reconnaissance. Valeria now had two women with her; women Cain could only assume to be prostitutes. They had joined her in the hottub and were tandemly slurping all over the cartel boss's massive cock. The one to the right, Isabella was hard at work suckling on Valeria's swollen glans. She had her botox-filled lips wrapped around the futa's slit and greedily gulped down several servings of she-pre per minute. Her fake eyelashes fluttered in an attempt to be cute for her client, but Valeria wasn't impressed. Meanwhile the whore on the left, Juana had somehow fit over half of one of her testicles in her mouth. Valeria had a hand on one of Juana's massive ass cheeks, squeezing it much-too-roughly.

"Damn, bitch! No wonder you can fit that thing in your mouth considering how much you probably eat!" She slapped the chubby slut's rear so hard it left a lasting hand print. The two prostitutes exchanged worried glances. They had been briefed before entering, the instructions amounting to "Don't talk back and obey no matter what." However both were starting to realize what that might entail. Hopefully it would be worth the money they were promised.

Cain now had a hand down his pants, slowly teasing his desperate cock as he watched Valeria grab onto Isabella and force her fuck-hammer down her tiny throat. Her neck bulged to twice its normal diameter as the plastic-filled whore let out a gag so loud he heard it from several dozen yards away.

"Fuck, it's gotta be in her stomach!" he whispered to himself as his tip drooled heavy helpings of inferior male pre into his fist.


Isabella's throat spewed a thick froth of saliva and precum as Valeria showed no mercy. The futa had one leg propped up on the edge of the hottub to give her leverage for maximum thrust. Isabella could feel Valeria's tip piercing the entrance to her stomach with every pump of her strong hips. Despite all her time as an escort, the poor woman could never have prepared herself for a face fucking of this magnitude. Valeria's overstuffed nutsack slammed into her new toy's neck on particularly savage ruts. They were so heavy and out of control that Juana couldn't hope to get even a kiss in on them. Isabella was limp, her eyes rolled back as her face began to turn blue. Valeria flicked her hair out of her face and scoffed.

"Patética!" The futa barked and yanked her dick from Isabella's gullet, causing her to gasp for air before coughing up over a pint of fuck-frosting. "Can't even make me bust with those fake-ass lips. Come here, then, puta!" She grabbed the half-conscious slut and lifted her into the air by her waist. She lined her cock up with the too-tiny slit and rocketed herself forward.

Cain flinched as a scream to rival La Llorona rang out across the Mexican countryside, causing birds to fly away in terror. He could infer what had just happened. Valeria in one motion had impaled her entire 19-inch donkey dick into the poor unsuspecting woman. Her birth canal instantly widened to a near-tearing point, and her womb was penetrated in a brutal, unnatural fashion. She didn't even get time to try and adjust before Valeria was fucking her with even more vigor than she had her throat. Juana had given up on trying to service her client's balls and instead spread her juicy cheeks to rim her tight asshole. Valeria was more than happy to accept, moaning as she felt the sensation on her rosebud.

"Is that all you got, puta? I know big bitches like you know how to eat, so do it!" Juana nodded nervously before pushing her tongue into her client's ass in search of her prostate. Meanwhile Valeria had her mouth on one of Isabella's silicone tits, biting down on her breast flesh and causing her to wail yet again. The combination of the warm up with her toy and the sloppy pussy of her latest conquest had Valeria's orgasm building fast. Even so, she was a bit disappointed. She could tell that Isabella's cunt was overly used and not taken care of properly. She was honestly surprised she was about to-

"Cum. Cum for me." Cain murmured, having moved his hand from his cock to his ass, stuffing two fingers between his bubbly cheeks.

"Take my fucking load!" she howled and smashed her hips into Isabella. Her gravid globes clenched hard to her body, vibrating like twin engines and bulging with virile arteries as they forced a pent-up load of sperm into her shaft and up through to her tip. Her thick steamy load erupted directly into Isabella's womb, quickly filling it in its entirety and stretching it to make room for more. Juana did her best to enhance her client's climax, flicking at the pleasure spot embedded in her ass as the pair of huge testicles danced just beneath her chin. Valeria tossed Isabella into a bloated heep, her ruined pussy spraying semen into the jacuzzi and clouding the bubbling water. She was still, panting and shivering as her inflated midsection wobbled back and forth. Valeria unceremoniously turned to Juana and slapped her across the face with her sloppy she-cock.

"Alright, gordita, your turn!" She pushed the overweight slut onto her hands and knees, her palms on the edge of the jacuzzi. She looked nervously over her shoulder at the ravenous futanari, whose cock hadn't lost a bit of hardness.

"P-Please, Miss Valeria... Be gentle with meEEEEEEEEE!!!" Juana was cut off as her womb was forced open in an instant, ruining her for anyone else as Valeria mounted her like an animal.

"Fuck it. I need her. I need her now!" Cain pulled his pants back up and licked his fingers clean before beginning to make his way over to the villa that was the Las Almas Cartel's hideout.

"Maldita sea!" Valeria growled and wailed her open palm upon Juana's expansive rear. "You're just as loose as your friend! I should have guessed that you don't take care of yourself!" Juana couldn't respond, she was too busy cumming her brains out from a fucking she never thought possible. Valeria hadn't even broken a sweat, even in the hot and steamy spa room. Breaking a woman on her cock was as simple as a walk in the park. Unfortunately that meant they almost never reciprocated. She was so focused on her rutting that she didn't hear Cain affix his climbing gear to the balcony and begin scaling the outer wall. Valeria grunted and hilted herself within the chubby harlot, her balls clenching up yet again for another orgasm. Juana fainted as she felt herself getting stuffed to the absolute brim, her drooling face resting on her huge tits. Valeria came just as much as the first time before pulling her cock free and causing another sperm flood into the water. She let Juana fall to her side in a heap, drenched in various feminine and masculine fluids.

"Fuck me, you whores suck at your job." She grabbed a stack of peso bills and tossed them on the floor between the twitching sluts. "Get the fuck out of my sight, and buy yourself some Plan B. You're gonna need it. Fucking putas..." She watched the two drag themselves with their payment out of the room, leaving trails of her seed in their wake. Valeria looked down at her package. Her cock was still rock-hard, and her balls hadn't lost an ounce of weight. She sighed and turned back to the hot tub, making direct eye contact with Cain.

"Puta madre!" She scrambled for her deagle, grabbing it and pointing the barrel at the unknown invader.

"Wait wait wait!" Cain yelped, stepping onto the balcony and holding his hands up. "I'm a friend! I'm not here to hurt you!" He pulled off his helmet and mask to show his face.

"Who the fuck are you?!" Valeria shouted, shaking her firearm in his direction.

"Sergeant Cain Irons. Shadow Company."

"Shadow?! Pedazo de mierda!" She cocked her pistol.

"Hold on! I came here to make a deal! I have information that I'm sure you'd want to hear!"

"A deal? The fuck do you want from me?!"

"I give you info, and you, um, fuck me." Cain blushed.

"...qué?" Valeria raised her gun and tilted her head to the side. The door to the spa burst open, Diego and several armed men stepping through.

"Valeria, is everything alright? We heard you shouting-" She held up her hand to cut him off.

"I'm fine, Diego."

"But who's this gringo-"

"Fuck off, cabrón!" She screamed, firing a round into the ceiling. Her men all flinched and rushed out of the room, slamming the door behind them. Valeria turned back to her guest. "You're not bullshitting me, right? You actually have intel?" Cain turned his comms device off and nodded. "And in exchange you want..."

"That." Cain pointed at her pulsing futa meat. "I want you to fuck me with that until your balls are empty."

"Are you insane, chaparro?" Valeria strutted up to him and grabbed him by the shirt. "You put yourself in jeopardy, risk betraying your company and being tortured to death by my men just to get fucked?" Cain's blush grew several shades deeper.

"Sí, senorita. A few weeks ago, I experienced sex with a futanari for the first time." Cain began, causing Valeria to raise a thick eyebrow. "It was a divine experience. I came so much and so hard that I passed out, and since then..." His lip quivered. "Since then I haven't been able to orgasm the way I used to. Even masturbating with my hand doesn't work anymore! I've had to resort to fucking myself with bigger and bigger dildos." He covered his face in embarrassment. "So when I saw 'Sex: Futa' under your file in our network, I just couldn't resist. I had to find out for myself." He looked up at Valeria with pleading eyes. She sighed, setting her gun down and smirked.

"I don't blame you, chaparro. I'm sure you saw what I did to those whores just a bit ago. I can do that to you if you want, but you'll need to uphold your end of the deal. What's this information that's so precious?" Cain reached into a pouch on his bandelier and pulled out a small USB drive.

"Shadow Company is planning a raid on several of your locations, including this one. You have two weeks to pack up and relocate, or your whole operation is getting upended." He handed her the device and she looked it over. Valeria could tell Cain was being completely truthful.

"Alright, Reaper." she said, reading his name patch. Follow me." She led him through the various hallways to a large master bedroom, passing the flash drive to one of her confused henchmen before shutting and locking the door.

"I'm going to go get ready. When I come back you better be naked on the bed." She grabbed Cain by the chin. "And if you're as mediocre as those other bitches, you're going to wish I killed you." She shoved him onto the bed and shut herself in the bathroom. Cain began scrambling to undress himself, throwing his gear in a pile off to the side. All discipline was thrown out the window in the face of bedding another beautiful futanari!

Meanwhile, Valeria had stepped into the shower and was hard at work washing herself. It had been several days without a proper bath, and the hot tub session barely helped. She ran her soapy hands along her tattooed arms, watching the built up sweat and grime fall off and wash down the drain. Normally she wouldn't bother with making herself presentable for a quick fuck, but Cain was different. He was betraying his organization and risking death or worse just to be with her. She felt like she owed it to him to be presentable.

"Fuck, what is this gringo doing to me?" she mumbled to herself as she scrubbed her perky tits and tight stomach. She clicked her tongue as she got to her cock. It was going to need a lot of scrubbing... Valeria sighed and started with her heavy balls, lathering up the soap and sudsing her stuffed nutsack. Two orgasms had done nothing for the weight of her balls. Hopefully this boy would be better. Once she was satisfied with the cleanliness of her cum factories, she moved on to her expansive shaft. Her cock had gone soft, but there was still lots of meat to work with. The futa peeled her foreskin back and started to scrub once more. However, the stimulation against her sensitive glans caused her shaft to slowly expand once again, climbing into its full mast in mere moments. She really was pent up. Valeria decided that she was clean enough, and she set the soap down to grab her futa cock. She leaned her head against the shower wall and began stroking slowly at first. She knew it was rude to keep her guest waiting, so her pace quickly picked up.

Cain laid on Valeria's bed, stark naked with his unimpressive male cock hard and dripping. Just the anticipation of what was coming kept him ready. It also helped that he started to hear moaning coming from the bathroom.

"Fuck... Why are my balls so full?!" Valeria growled as she massaged herself, using her foreskin to stimulate the sensitive nerves on her swollen purple crown. The veins kept pounding with her pulse, giving her more strength to fuck herself. Being a futa, Valeria had virtually no refractory period, so it still felt like she was touching her cock for the first time tonight! She didn't bother stifling her moans, wanting to tease Cain and get him even more desperate for her. He heard her grunt loudly from the bathroom followed by the sounds of heavy splats. Valeria pointed her cock down at the drain as thick stringy ropes blasted from her piss slit, clogging the shower almost instantly and filling it with her yogurt-thick ball slop. She cursed and yanked the shower door open, pointing her spitting serpent at the toilet and filling the bowl with more off-white goop. It took only two dozen or so ropes to clog both her shower and toilet, something Valeria was a bit proud of, all things considered. She would have someone deal with it later. Stepping out, she began to doll herself up.

The door to the bathroom finally opened, and Cain watched the feisty latina step into the room. Her appearance took his breath away. She had on a short, tight-fitting red dress with golden trim. It hugged her hips and chest like a second skin, accentuating her delicate curves. She had done her makeup as well, bringing out every detail of her beauty and enhancing it tenfold. Her hair hadn't changed much, but was now styled and given an appropriate amount of product to make it shine. Combining everything with her tattoos, Valeria looked like a supermodel rather than a cartel boss.

"What do you think, chaparro?"

"You look amazing, Valeria!" Cain sat up excitedly, his cock harder than ever. "I want you so fucking badly. Please!" The futa giggled and tossed her black hair back.

"Lay on your back and hang your head off the bed."

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Ay!" Valeria snapped her fingers. "None of that 'ma'am' shit. You call me papi."

"Yes, papi." Cain laid back and hung his head off the edge of Valeria's bed, opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue.

"Fuck, you look so cute." Valeria lifted her dress to reveal a pair of black flowery lace panties that were absolutely stuffed with her balls. She hadn't even bothered trying to fit her cock inside, as it was already rock hard and dripping yet again. At the base of her cock was a glittering golden band, decorating her shaft and serving as a sort of finish line for him. Three orgasms hadn't put a dent in her sperm reserves. She held her femcock up to his waiting mouth. "Kiss me, baby." Cain didn't waste another second, puckering his lips and placing a tender, loving kiss on the tip of her tip and smearing them in her precum. It immediately felt like electricity ran from Valeria's cock to her prostate. Just a simple kiss from this man was leagues above what two "professional" whores could do. Valeria growled deep in her chest and bit her lower lip, her brown eyes staring into Cain's. He continued to cover her glans in kisses, even poking his tongue out to gently lap at her frenulum in between. Cain reached out and cupped one of her balls, growing more confident by the second. He parted his lips and allowed her tip to slip into his waiting mouth.