tagErotic HorrorCall of the Wolf Ch. 07

Call of the Wolf Ch. 07


Alex stood back and stared at his work; he had spent the last few hours putting together a make shift shelter for the threesome to sleep in. Using two sturdy looking old trees he had jammed a long log he had found into their barks, he had tested it's weight by hanging off it for several minutes before deciding it was anchored firmly enough. Then he had taken a series of thinner tree branches, attached them to the main structure and finally lined the outside with a huge clump of soft moss as well as bracken which was found all over the forest floor. He sized it up critically while Kate pushed all the sleeping bags and cushions they had bought into the hole that served as the door. The result was a lot more comfortable then he thought it was going to be and he stretched out quite easily under the mossy ceiling.

'Very rural.' Nikole said appreciatively settling down next to him as Kate joined them. It had been slow going as she could still not transform fully yet, reaching a safe spot deep in the forest that was well off the beaten path. Kate had guided her to the chosen spot while Alex had constructed the shelter, it would do for now.

'I'm sure people leave old canvas's and what not laying around campsites, we'll probably be able to scavenge a decent roof after awhile.' Alex said nervously as the two females looked around the inside of the shelter.

'I think it's perfect baby.' Kate replied giving him a soft kiss on the cheek while Nikole also nodded her approval. Orange sunlight jutted through the small holes at the sides of their home where Alex had missed covering, the dying glow of the sun as it set bathed them as they lay in the shelter. Nikole suddenly winced as she lent too hard on her injured arm.

'Still hurting you huh?' Kate asked trying to sound nonchalant but there was a clear sign of worry in her voice.

'I'll live, it's okay now the damn things out. I'll be able to change again soon, I came close back in the car.' Nikole replied smiling half heartedly. Indeed as Kate had pushed her to the brink of climax she had felt the familiar twinge of the wolf breaking through her skin, but an incredible pain had seared from her wound outwards quelling the beasts attempts.

'Speaking of the car do you think we made the right choice getting rid of it like that?' Alex asked relaxing after a hard day's work.

'It was a great plan!' Kate protested smiling at him as they cuddled up together. After dropping Nikole off at the spot they were planning to enter the forest in so she could make a head start, Kate and Alex had driven around the woods for awhile until they found a small gang of teenagers that were walking back to the town and given them the car. They had then entered the woods, found a well hidden place, transformed then made their way back to where Nikole was. The logic was that with the teenagers in possession of the car, the only thing linking them to their former lives, any hunters that tracked it would reach a dead end. It wasn't exactly perfect as there was nothing stopping the teenagers from telling any potential hunters where they got it but it was better then nothing. The soft blue light of dusk filtered into the shelter as they lay in silence contemplating the future, it was grimly uncertain especially with Nikole pregnant and honestly it was only a matter of time before Kate was as well.

'Is it still nine months for us?' Alex asked voicing his concerns.

'Yes.' Nikole replied without asking what he meant.

'I'm not pregnant yet though am I?' Kate asked curiously.

'No you'd know. We knew immediately when Nikole, When I.'

'When he seeded me.' Nikole stated softly with a fierce look in her blue eyes. Alex growled huskily under his breath as the wolf woke from its slumber and rumbled appreciatively at Nikole. Kate placed her hand on his chest and slipped her fingers underneath his shirt to gently massage his chest.

'You've still got to breed me, still got to stud this bitch.' She whispered digging her fingernails into his skin while her warm breath brushed his neck softly.

'Fill her with your seed, fill her breast's with milk.' Nikole added on his left side nibbling at his ear as Kate moved closer to him. Alex let out a long low animal noise of desire as Kate drew level with his face, his eyes clouded over yellow as he began to change in the small shelter.

'Oh yes, my big strong male.' Kate crooned as her features began to crease up as she too yearned for the wolf.

'Outside.' He growled as her quickly jumped out of his clothes while he grew into the wolf's large stature. Kate and Nikole followed suit, slipping out of their garments they crawled out of the shelter then stared up into the night sky. The moon was full tonight, it shined down upon them with all it's beauty, basking them in a pale white glow. Nikole hit the dirt yelping in pain as her veins bulged out against her skin, her eyes turned bloodshot and yellow as the moon forced the change within her despite her incredible agony. Clawing at the debris littered undergrowth she clutched at huge clumps of vegetation as she experienced worse pain then she ever had in her entire life. Small fragments of silver, no bigger then dust particles, still circulated in her bloodstream and burned the werewolf element of her as it bubbled to the surface. Alex and Kate were utterly helpless, they could not do a single thing but watch as they fell to all fours as their wolves howled into the moonlight and were unleashed. For them it took mere minutes before they had transformed but Nikole was still screaming and writhing in agony as they both stood up in their wolf forms.

'Move her out of the light, quickly!' Roared Alex reaching for his mate quickly.

'No! It won't kill me! I can handle this I want to change!' Nikole moaned out as her features bunched in pain. A tuft of her grey silky hair burst out from her arms as her body rippled violently, clearly fighting the silver contamination in her body, she snarled and growled at the pain. Deep slashes appeared on her body as more hair tried to escape as her metamorphoses continued in spite of her agony, blood poured from the wounds and unbeknown to her worried looking pack mates carried the small silver particles out with them. Free of the contamination at last the pain subsided, the moonlight bathed Nikole's naked and bloodstained form as her change finally completed.

Steadying herself gently on one knee, Nikole pushed herself upwards and stood up, her legs buckled underneath of her and she fell against Kate for support who held her gently until she was strong enough to stand by herself. A deep sigh of contentment escaped her lips, she was finally free and finally herself again. Growling seductively at Alex she hissed:

'So who's first on the male?'

'Got them, well got somewhere they've been.' Jefferson said happily slamming down the phone on the receiver and turning to face Boots who was looking bemused.

'A hotel manager had three guests stay in one room, a man and two women. He says there were some weird animal noises coming from the room and he sent a maid up to check. She came down much later looking dazed and said and I quote: Oh there's an animal up there all right. When the manager went up to the room the next day the trio had gone but there were claw marks embedded in the walls and the bed was all torn up. There was an apologetic note and enough money left in the room to cover the damage though so he wasn't too cut up about it. Apparently he get's all sorts and wishes more were as conscientious as those people.' Jefferson explained quickly already reaching for the car keys.

'How did you find that?'

'I was able to follow the car through petrol stations and speed camera's. I checked with all the hotel's along the way to get conformation it was who we wanted and they hadn't ditched the car.' He replied proudly.

'Excellent work, do we have a location on where their heading?'

'I'm guessing the Kielder National Forest, it's very close to where the hotel was and a possible hiding spot for a trio of werewolves.'

'That's about ten hours away by car Jefferson, let's go by plane.'

'Poor Alex.' Nikole whined plaintively, after mounting both of the women he had finally exhausted himself beyond recovery. The past day of sex, the car journey and then building the shelter had taken their toll on him and after finishing inside of Kate he had stumbled back into the dwelling for the night and instantly fallen asleep.

'His first full moon and we wore him out? We are bad bad people.' Kate sighed shaking her head. 'How come we're not so worn out?'

'Well to be fair we really don't have to do a lot during, he's the one that has to hold us and pound against us.. Over and Over and Over.' Nikole replied wistfully, poising her long snout into the air she took a deep breath of the night and growled playfully. 'Wanna explore and see if we can't find something to do to amuse us?'

'Sure, I'm not tired much at all.' With that the two female wolves leapt into the canopy and began to glide over the tree line as their powerful muscles propelled them across the forest. Kate at one point dropped down the undergrowth forest floor, enjoying the feeling of her body accelerating over the dirt covered ground she revelled in the freedom and speed of her new form. Her light blonde fur glistened in the moonlight, a dull thud behind her let her know that Nikole had landed down behind her, she didn't even look to confirm it she just knew. The two women weaved in and out of the huge tree barks as they both pushed their forms to the limit, exploring their surroundings they moved about the woodland circling the shelter where they called home. Pausing only once to dine on a small deer they tracked and brought down they continued their exploration of their new home.

Hours later they sat on a large rocky outcrop, similar to the one Alex and Nikole had first met Sarah and Stuart at and stared out over the canopy.

'It's wonderful.' Kate sighed, her yellow eyes glinting in the moonlight.

'I know what you mean.' Nikole agreed looking up at the bright moon. 'We're home.' She whispered happily gazing into the night sky. Her ears prickled as a sound flew by her on the wind, she focused herself and tried to hone in on the source of it.

'Singing?' Kate said hearing it too.

'Campfire as well.' Nikole responded as a heavenly smell of burning firewood filled her nostrils.

'Six or seven people.'

'Let's go check it out.'

It turned out to be a small band of teenagers out for a school trip, guided by a large muscular looking teacher who was strumming away on a large wooden guitar, in the centre of the clearing where they were clamped sat a large crackling campfire which spat sparks into the night sky as one of the kids tossed a log onto it. Nikole and Kate watched them for awhile just behind the tree line, they moved slowly, with predatory swiftness they circled the group for about an hour before they backed off.

'So.' Kate began slowly.

'We have to get that teacher away from the children.' Nikole hissed lustfully, she had enjoyed watching the male as his muscles bulged against his toned tanned arm as he played the guitar slowly.

'Mmmm definitely, I wouldn't mind a couple of the youngsters either.' Kate replied huskily.


'We wait for an opportunity.'

Another hour passed, the werewolves heard from the people that they were a group of teenagers with the highest marks in all their schoolwork and had been given this camping trip as a reward for their efforts. They were all in their late teens, in a post school college course for extra credit and enjoying a relaxing break from their work at the end of term. It was about ten o'clock at night now, Kate began to grow worried that they might not get the chance they so longed for as none of the people made any movements to leave the campfire side. She took a deep sniff of the air to taste the emotions flying back and forth within the group, there was a lot of fear, perhaps some of them did not like the inky darkness that clawed at the lights edge. There was also enjoyment floating about, more palpable then the fear definitely. She was so busy trying to read the emotions of the group she almost didn't notice when one of the boys got up and moved closer to a tall thin black haired girl sitting at the far edge of the fire.

'What do you want?' The girl hissed, clearly not interested in his presence.

'You just looked lonely over here by yourself, just wondered if you wanted some company.' The boy replied sitting down next to her with a grin over his face.

'Well I don't so get lost.'

'Don't be like that. I'm trying to be nice here.'

'I know what your trying and my answer hasn't changed. Not if you were the last man alive Jack, you're a loser now go away.' She scorned his advances, turning her head to face the other way and slapping him in the face with her long dark hair.

'You know Becky it's no wonder your all alone, you're a total bitch.' Jack hissed getting to his feet and stomping off into the woods.

'Where you off to Jacko?' The teacher called out amiably.

'For a walk.' He replied morosely stamping into the woodland.

'Rejected. Again.' One of his class mates called out jeeringly to his back to general laughter, as he disappeared into the scrub. Shaking his head the teacher shot a warning look at the boy who had spoke then resumed strumming on his guitar, he'd let Jack walk it off for awhile before calling him back in to the group he thought as the class began to sing again. His heart dropped as he looked at Becky who was staring back at him with her huge deep perfect eyes, he knew why she kept rejecting Jack and he felt it to, but he couldn't not with a student. The teacher let out a deep long sigh under his breath as his fingers danced across the strings.

'Did you see that look?'

'Did you feel that?' Kate looked at Nikole and bared her fangs excitedly. 'We can have them! All three of them!' She whispered happily at their luck.

'Yeah but we gotta be careful, this needs to be done delicately.' Nikole warned her friend as her superior senses tracked the boy Jack as he stomped through the undergrowth.

'How then?'

'Well we can't confront him like this for starters, he'll bolt.'

'How can we not? The moon.'

'As long as we stay out of direct moonlight we can change back, but if we're bathed again in it's glow we'll transform back. We have to be careful about this hun or we don't get laid and worse we draw hunters in.' Nikole replied thoughtfully moving off after the boy and indicating Kate to follow her.

'One last thing, don't bite him, three is enough.'

Jack kicked the leaves angrily as he walked through the woods, until the campfire glow was no longer visible through the tall tree barks. Cursing under his breath he paused under a large oak tree and kicked the bark violently. Damn that bitch! She liked him too he knew it, she had came on to him like a whore that one drunken night! Now there was nothing, not even a wink and she treated him like absolute crap which was worse. Now he punched the bark, desperate to rid himself of the anger that seared through his stomach, all he did was injure his hand. Clutching his bleeding knuckles in agony he sank to the forest floor and looked up at the darkened canopy, the trees were so thick here he couldn't even see the stars. Panic suddenly gripped his soul, he couldn't see the stars, he couldn't tell which direction he came from and he'd left his bloody compass in his tent! Panting furiously he got to his feet, if he'd have been thinking clearly he just would have stayed still and yelled for help but he wasn't so he marched off in completely the wrong direction trying to find a familiar landmark.

This was worse! He was now definitely lost in the woods and with the canopy still as thick as it was there was no hope of working out the directions. Jack was so caught up in his own anger and frustration he didn't even notice the strange moaning noise when it began. He turned around on the spot trying desperately to find a familiar landmark when suddenly he registered the sound, it was like a soft symphony of groaning and heavy breathing. Curious now, he began to walk slowly towards the source of the noise then gasped in amazement, he could make out two white shapes in the gloom laying on the forest floor on top of each other. Struggling with his pockets he drew out a small flashlight and shined it in their direction, trying to figure out just what he was seeing. The torch hit the ground with a thud as he dropped it in shock. Two incredibly attractive women were laying naked in front of him in a sixty nine position, a red head and a blonde. The blonde who was underneath the red head looked over at him as the torch blazed in her eyes.

'I'm sorry! I'm so sorry I didn't know!' Jack gasped not entirely truthfully, what he had just seen was possibly the sexiest thing he'd ever witnessed. Wrong again he thought as the two women dismounted each other, their huge breasts swaying in the torch light as they shook their heads and brushed the dirt of their back. That was.

'That's quite all right baby. It's a big forest, just dumb luck you stumbled on to our love nest.' The red head said in such a soft sweet voice he felt instantly calm and relaxed.

'So I'm near a road or something then?' Jack asked hopefully, the prospect of rescue seemed to push the fact he had just witnessed live lesbian sex from his mind.

'No baby I'm sorry, we come quite a ways in to have our fun.' The blonde purred moving closer to him slowly, he couldn't help but stare at the way she moved, he'd seen nature documentaries hundreds of times and she put him in mind of a tigress stalking some prey.

'You seem pretty tense though honey, is everything okay?' The red head asked resting her hand onto his shoulder. Her body heat was incredible as was her smell, Jack thought as her strong sweet scent filled his nostrils while her warmth relaxed him.

'I'm kind of lost.' Jack admitted eager to keep the conversation going.

'Really? Where are you going?' The blonde asked, she was also standing next to him but her arm had snaked around his back gently. Jack closed his eyes and moaned softly, he was surrounded by two completely naked woman and they had their arms around him. If he was going anywhere it was wherever these woman wanted him to go.

'I think we've accidentally aroused him dear Kate.' Nikole said in mock horror.

'That wasn't very nice of us now was it sweet Nikole? How can we make it up to you.' Kate asked licking her lips and dropping down to her knees.

'Wait Wait!' Jack almost screamed as she reached for his trousers.

'What's the matter baby?' Nikole asked surprised at his reaction.

'This doesn't just happen! You don't just get lost in the woods and end up in a threesome with two gorgeous woman! What's going on? Your Succubus aren't you here to kill me with sex or something.' Nikole rolled her eyes as he spoke, trust us to get the nerdy one she thought subconsciously before smiling seductively at him.

'Well we're certainly going to drain your sexual energy.' She whispered huskily rubbing his growing member through the fabric of his trousers. As the blonde pulled him out of his trousers and took him into her warm moist mouth Jack groaned out happily, his fingertips traced through her hair as he rocked against her lips. While the redhead slid her arm around his waist and began to kiss his neck tenderly.

'You big stud.' Nikole whispered slowly into his ear as Kate handled his six inch erection easily with her pert red lips. Jacks fingers closed around Kate's blonde hair as he pushed himself deeper into her throat. He let out a long groan while she sucked on his member, the warm feeling of pleasure trailed up his body tingling his spine.

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