tagErotic HorrorCall of the Wolf Ch. 08

Call of the Wolf Ch. 08


'Just looks like a car theft gone wrong to us.' The town police told Jefferson and Boots as they looked over the bodies of the teenagers.


'None, travellers are always coming down this patch of road, probably just murdered for their car.' They said sadly, aware that they would probably never find who committed this atrocity.

'Troubling.' Boots told Jefferson as they got back into their car and headed down the main road that travelled the side of the forest.

'You still think their not dangerous?' Jefferson said stoically staring straight ahead as they drove.

'Of course their dangerous, their seven foot wolves. Whether or not I think their a danger to others or not? Whatever did that to those poor kids certainly is.' Boots replied with infuriating calmness.

'What next?'

'We try to find them and make contact, we know their here for sure now.'

'This is bad.' Alex said re-reading the newspaper for the hundredth time. The main headline was the massacre of the teenagers they had sold the car too, it didn't take much imagination to figure out what had happened. Kate was clearly more imbalanced then Alex had originally thought.

'You worry to much.' Nikole replied fondly braiding Becky's hair as she lay back in her lap. 'Baby your hair is so beautiful I can't get enough of it.'

'Thank you.' Becky replied with a dazed smile, she was still struggling to understand the nights events. Her male, Scott, was off with the rest of the kids on a nature hike, they would be returning back to town that night and she would have to go with them, however she was sure that before long both of them would return to the woods and their pack.

'Worry too much? Remember what happened last time we drew too much attention to ourselves?' Alex pointed out.

'That's not going to happen again, this isn't a house, this is the depths of the forest. Where's Chrissie?'

'She wandered off into the woods, I think she really likes her new form.' Becky said smiling at Nikole.

'Don't we all darling.'

'Two pregnant now you stud.' Nikole said grinning at Alex who smirked back then went back to his newspaper.

'So what are these hunters like?' Becky asked fearfully.

'Chewy.' Alex replied without looking up, Nikole giggled while continuing to braid her daughter's hair.

'You ate one?' Becky asked shocked.

'Not all of him.' He said as if that made it somehow better.

'We were attacked sweetie, he just defended his woman.' Nikole informed her looking proud of her man. A strange feeling welled up inside of Becky as she looked up into the canopy of their forest home.

'What's that weirdness in my stomach?'

'One of our pack's having some fun.' Nikole grinned and went back to playing with Becky's hair.

Chrissie groaned and writhed as the male hiker pounded on her, she had been leaping through the canopy not twenty minutes ago before she had found what she was looking for; a lone man plodding through the woods. She had seen him before on nature hikes when she had been tracking nesting birds and thought he was kind of cute, now unencumbered by human ideals of modesty and self restraint she had changed forms behind a tree and then walked out in front of him completely naked then beckoned him with a slender finger to follow her into the woods, which he did.

She had sank to her knees in front of him and grinned as he had struggled out of his trousers and let his hardening cock flop out into her face. Gathering it up with her breasts she had slowly stroked his long member with her tits and told him how much she had wanted to do this for so long. As he groaned and pushed into her soft mounds she had begun to suck at the top of his head every time it pushed up into her mouth. She loved the feeling of his long slick member between her breasts, she loved the taste of his pre cum as he jolted his erection between her lips and she loved the pure freedom of having him in the middle of the woods where potentially anyone could see them.

Grinding against her chest the man had held her hair in his hands as he moved, longing to own her body and revelling in the powerful euphoria of taking a woman as his mate. Eventually he had told her to get on all fours so he could take her, then surged his cock forward into her waiting wet hole.

Now Chrissie was on all fours, being pounded on by the older man and she was loving every second of it, her body felt like a temple as he slammed into her, lifting her off the ground with every thrust, she just had to be careful not to change forms as she indulged her cardinal lust. Presently the man gave one final thrust forward and unleashed his load deep into her womb, falling backwards away from her he panted heavily, his hard rod still upright in the cool morning air. A sense of disappointment welled up inside of Chrissie as she slowly got to her feet and faced the male, not because she hadn't come herself, in fact she had climaxed several times on the man's penis, but for the simple fact it was over now.

Kissing the man and telling him she would find him again for some more she changed forms again behind a tree and vanished into the forest.

'Mmmm baby you're so big and hard and you taste so good.' Kate whispered as she sucked on the hunters rod. Her hair was untidy, it flowed out uncombed behind her head as she bobbed her head up and down deep throating the man's erection. Her blue eyes were now manic, bordering on psychotic as the male pushed his member deeper into her warm mouth. Jack lay nearby, completely still, his eyes wide open but dead and cold. His body was riddled with bullet holes; apparently the Hunter had tracked the couple from the forest and cornered them in this small town farmhouse where they were hiding. He had killed Jack easily but had found it impossible to shoot Kate as she walked towards him so seductively, hips swaying with every footstep.

'I want your pussy now.' He grunted.

'Okay baby.' Kate released his erection from her mouth and got on her back then spread her legs out, revealing her glistening pink cunt for his eyes to feast on. The Hunter grinned as he lay on top of her, pushing his bulbous head against the folds of her lips. Many of the bitches over the years had tried to same technique on him, get him good and riled up then change and bite him, hoping the change would take him and he would spare them. Instead he always shot them and resisted it every full moon, his shoulders were now a patchwork of scars from past conquests.

'It's not going to work you know I'm still going to fucking kill you.' He growled as he pushed forward, clearly getting off on how powerless she was.

'Oh yeah baby? You're going to kill me still? Fine. But I know where there's another older wolf.' Kate howled as he thrust into her. The hunter took a few minutes more of slamming into her tight wet hole, his large cock spreading out her pussy as he groaned against her.

'Yeah? Really? Fucking lead me to it and give me your pussy some more and I might let you live.' He grunted as his dick spasmed inside of her, spraying her insides with his cum.

'Yes baby, I'll help you kill the bitch.' Kate whispered softly, her manic eyes resting on the hunter's pumping jugular.

Nikole's long tongue lapped up the white juice as it flowed out of Chrissie's pussy. She smiled up at the other woman as she relaxed and spread her legs further to allow Nikole's tongue into her wetness further. Chrissie ran a hand through Nikole's fiery red hair, gently pushing her face against her pussy and enjoying the feel of the other woman's gentle touch.

'My God look at that thing.' Chrissie sighed as Nikole looked over to where she was looking. Becky was straddling Alex, her legs spread wide open revealing her moist pussy, the other two women watched mesmerized as his huge rod slid in and out of her juicy hole with ease. Becky's eyes were closed tight, her arms were wrapped up behind her head, holding onto Alex's neck as he pushed her up and down on his erection. His hands were closed around her enlarged breasts and he was massaging and caressing them with every thrust of his weapon. Soft moans were escaping her lips as he moved.

'So she's your daughter but I'm not his daughter?' Chrissie asked as Nikole pushed her nipples against Chrissie's own hardened pink mounds.

'No baby, he bit you and claimed you as a mate. I fed them my milk so they are my children.' Nikole moaned out as the feeling of their breasts pushing against each other sent shivers of pleasure down her spine. Chrissie drew her in for a soft kiss, their tongues danced against each other as they gently writhed their flesh upon flesh.

'This stuff is complicated huh? I mean, I liked having sex before but now it's like its necessary for me to get through the day.' Becky moaned as she slid forwards onto all fours, allowing Alex to mount her fully and begin thrusting his stiff rod in and out of her tight wet pussy.

'I know what you mean, that guy I did earlier was just some man I had a crush on, I never even thought of just taking him before.' Chrissie said as she broke away from Nikole's lips and slid a hand down her chest to play with her slick clit.

'I'd like to tell you it get's easier to resist but no.' Alex grinned as he grabbed Becky's waist and began assaulting her harder, each thrust caused electrical outbursts of bliss to erupt from his cock and he rolled his head back and let out a deep long groan of pleasure. His eyes focused on the two other women, his mates, he still didn't know what to make of Chrissie but he was sure he loved Nikole. He hoped that his other new mate wouldn't turn out to be a total psycho like Kate had been but the way she was around Nikole was completely different to how Kate had been, there was no animosity there, just two girls enjoying themselves in their new life. Becky and Scott were clearly besotted with each other so there was no need to fear any reprisals from them but still he couldn't shake the feeling that something dark was looming on the horizon and it had something to do with his other estranged mate.

Jefferson's footsteps crunched throughout the woods as his heavy hiking boots landed on damp bracken, pushing aside a large fern he sighed heavily and crossed off another spot on their map. Unhooking his radio from his belt he switched it on and attempted to make contact with his partner.

'Location thirteen is a bust.' He called out across the walkie talkie. A small distance away on an old disused hiking trail, Scott was taking his students on a final hike, they had broke camp that morning and stacked all their equipment in the large rucksacks each student was now carrying on his back. His mind kept wandering to the night before and Becky's beautiful body however and he was wearing a dazed look on his face as his students pestered him about the events of the night before.

'Where was Jack?'

'Why wasn't Becky helping them pack?'

'What was all that noise last night?' Were the most common questions he was getting, he was dreading the conversation with Jack's parents, deciding against telling them the truth he had instead settled for a version of it. Jack had met a strange woman in the forest and before Scott could stop him had run off into the night with her. He sincerely doubted that that would fly however, he was probably going to get sacked and sued for gross incompetence, perhaps even some jail time, he thought glumly as the group moved through the woods. He had told the students that Becky had not been feeling that well the night before so she had gone home early and settled for 'What noise?' as an answer to the last question.

As they made their way down the dark, debris littered pathway through the woods the static noise of a radio receiver some distance away filled his ears.

'Yeah fourteen and fifteen are no go either. Return back to base and jot down another fifteen to investigate?' Boots asked. The two had spent the morning checking out large tourist and forestry maps, trying to determine the best possible places to begin the search for the pack of werewolves they were tracking.

'I don't know, I mean this forest is vast, how we supposed to find a bunch of wolves that don't want to be found?' Scott suddenly froze stiff on the past, the colour drained from his face as his teenage charges bumped into his paralyzed frame.

'Their going to want to remain hidden, that means deep in the woods. I'm sure if we just keep looking...'

'It's full moon tonight, if you think I'm spending the night in a werewolf infested forest...'

'Their not dangerous for fucks sake Jefferson, their just scared at the moment. We'll find them.'

'Sir? Is everything okay?' Scott blinked several times before turning to face his kids.

'Look's like it's going to rain, let's head back to the coach.' He said slowly, his mind racing as he tried to think of a way to get to the shelter and warn his pack mates.

Kate and Jack had not made it far from the woods, just a few miles north and stopped in a town overnight, where they had encountered the hunter who was heading back towards the original town Nikole and Alex had come from. He had recognized the signs of a male wolf in Jack and tracked him as he bought supplies in town then returned to his mate where the Hunter had killed the male and made the deal with the female. Now back on the outside of the forest the unlikely duo had paused before Kate led him into the woods.

'Shit bitch I might just keep you around a little while longer, get you a leash or something.' The Hunter grunted, his hard cock sliding out of her tight pussy. She was sprawled out over the backseat of her car while he stood outside the vehicle leaning over the open door and ramming into her.

'Mmmm take me for walks and fuck me for being a good bitch?' Kate groaned, the last aspects of sanity had left her as they had made their way down the motorway, she had spent most of the trip leaning over his lap as he drove, sucking his cock as he punished her throat with it. Jack's murder, loosing Alex to that bitch, all the events over the last few days had finally caught up with her and her mind was a foggy haze. All she could think of was her man and getting him back, she'd use this asshole to kill the bitch and then she could have him all to herself again.

'Oh yeah you little slut, you can lead me to more of them can't you? I bet you know where more are.' He groaned as he assaulted her pussy, his balls bouncing against her naked ass with every thrust.

'Oh yeah darling, I don't care, just keep me alive and give me that hard cock of yours and I'll do whatever you want.' When that bitch is dead, Kate thought, you'll be going with her asshole. The man let out a triumphant bellow at her words and blew his load, the warm liquid sprayed out of his cock coating Kate's insides, she didn't even register it, there was only one thing that was going to bring her joy again.

'Good bitch, now clean me up.'

The young couple joked and giggled at each other as they sat around their tent preparing their supper, the day had worn on and now it was late afternoon, a small gas stove lay in front of their tent and they were making some noodles to eat before retiring for the night. They kissed softly before beginning to eat slowly, their eyes never leaving each others as they smiled.

'Why are we here?' Alex whispered softly as the two dark figures watched the young couple intently.

'I've always wanted to try this.' Chrissie whispered to him, shushing him with her finger they returned to watching the couple slowly. She grabbed one of his hands and pushed it against her moist pussy slowly, but made no other attempt to begin foreplay. His fingers instantly closed on her clit, rubbing it gently as he pushed aside her pink folds of skin. The air around the two instantly filled with their hot musk and their arousal brought out the beast that dwelled under their skin, Chrissie sniffed the air then smiled as she ground against his hand.

'Baby we're standing up wind of them, their going to smell..' He was cut off by a soft sigh that escaped his lips as Chrissie enclosed his growing member with her own small hand.

'Mmmm they are. That looks like fun.' Chrissie hinted at Alex who sniggered.

'Better idea.' He whispered into her ear, pushing two fingers deep into her pussy he gently searched around inside of her until he found her ridge. Carefully sliding his fingers under it he located her g spot and began to run his fingers over and over it quickly while kissing the back of her neck. She closed her eyes and a long hissing sigh escaped her lips as he moved inside of her. Panting heavily in pleasure she pushed down on his fingers coating them in her juices.

'Much better.' She groaned as he worked her cunt.

Presently the woman came over the man's face, her face all screwed up in pleasure as her thigh muscles bulged out and a long moan of joy burst from her lips as she pressed hard against him. Moving up onto her knees she pushed him to the floor and pulled his hard cock out of his trousers, smiling up at her man she began to kiss and fondle it as he groaned and arched his back approvingly.

Chrissie exploded on Alex's fingers, she had to keep her mouth shut tight to stop herself from screaming out, thrilled at the ferocity of her orgasm she breathed heavily through her nose and leaned back against him, trying her hardest not to close her eyes so she could keep watching the young couple. She felt his hand on her head as he gently tried to push her down to suck his own member, she shook her head, her long brown hair whipping around her face as she moved.

'No...oh....No I wanna watch.' She managed still trying to get her body recovered from her climax. She heard him growl angrily behind her and grinned, his hands snaked across her body and he took up her giant bosom into his hands. Her tits were massive, bigger even than Nikole's, he loved the feel of her soft smooth skin in his hands as he began to massage them while she slid his dick across her ass playfully teasing him. She placed her hands on two nearby large tree trunks and leaned forward so he had to bend over her to play with her swinging breasts, his cock pushing against her moist pink lips.

The man held his woman's hair in his hands and thrust up against her mouth as she deep throated him, he was grunting and moaning as her tight warm mouth sucked against his rod. Chrissie could see the woman's hands under his shaft, furiously playing with his balls as she sucked. Presently she stopped working him and looked up smiling, the man obviously still hadn't cum yet and looked incredibly annoyed his woman had ceased. Removing the rest of her clothes the woman walked into the tent quickly then emerged a second later with something in her hand, there was a moment as she undid something then pushed her hand over his erection. Chrissie realised she was placing a condom on the male and a shiver of pleasure went down her spine, they were going to fuck after all, she was worried it was just a little bit of fooling around but as the woman straddled her man she grinned and pushed her own body down onto Alex's erection.

Chrissie arched her back as his rod travelled down the full length of her hole then stopped as it pushed against her cervix gently. Her fingernails which were rapidly turning into claws dug into the damp soft bark of the trees causing a thin trickle of saps to ooze down over her hands. She could feel Alex's change behind her, his strength was increasing as he lifted her legs of the ground and held her stretched out still holding onto the trees. She felt his own claws digging into her thighs and she heard a low animal growl as his cock began to stretch out her pussy as it grew. A grin crossed her face as she felt her own wolf baying for release.

The woman was clearly enjoying herself, her head whipped around several times and she was groaning out in joy. Chrissie watched, thrilled every time the woman bounced upwards and the man's cock was visible dripping with her juices as it was thrust back down inside of her again. The man was sucking and licking the woman's bosom as she bounced up and down on him, Chrissie could see his face pushing against the woman's chest every time she leaned back.

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