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Callie Submits


It was Friday afternoon, around 1PM when I received a call from my wife, Callie. I saw the caller I.D. and answered "Hello, gorgeous, what can I do for you today?"

She replied, "Well, Ken, since you mentioned it. Could you explain the file of "Literotica" letters I found on the home computer?"

I was stunned; I didn't think she would ever find my downloaded stash of letters! "What letters?" I asked.

"Don't play dumb with me, you know I wouldn't download a bunch of stories about submissive lifestyle! Does this kind of woman really interest you?"

"I do kind of find it interesting" I replied.

Callie said, "We'll just have to discuss this further when you get home!" Then she cut off the phone conversation.

I didn't know what to think, all I knew was I was in for some kind of an argument when I got home.

The rest of the day seemed to drag by as I dreaded the upcoming confrontation that I knew I was in store for later. Soon enough it was 4:30, time for me to head home. The entire 30-minute drive home I was extremely nervous. I didn't want a big fight with Callie, I loved her tremendously. I found a bunch of submissive stories on Literotica, and thought they were really arousing, I don't know why I left them on the computer that we share.

It was just after 5 when I pulled into the garage. Nervously, I entered the living room of our house. There I saw a note on the coffee table. It was from Callie, and it read "Ken, please have a seat on the couch, I'll be right there. I thought about you and those letters all day long, and decided that this was the only way to deal with the situation." I immediately thought. "This can't be good", but boy was I wrong.

I looked up at the top of the staircase and saw Callie coming down towards me, my breath caught in my throat at what I saw!

My gorgeous Callie was really dressed to kill; she stands 5 Ft 8 inches and weighs around 125. She had long, shapely legs (undoubtedly from all the working out she does), a narrow waist and full, firm 38-inch tits. All of this is topped off by long flowing blonde hair, and the most amazing green eyes. Now, she had done her hair and make-up, and looked like a high fashion model. Her hair was very loosely curled; her eyes had dark eye shadow and long, long eyelashes. Her lips were a shinny, ruby red.

She was wearing a Shorty kimono, that I had bought her last year while in Japan, that barely covered her fine, fine ass. Under that she had on a pair of seamed nylons, I assumed she had on a garter belt since I could see the straps extending below the kimono holding the nylons up. Finally she had on a pair of stiletto heals, that had to be at least 5-inches tall.

When Callie reached the bottom of the stairs, she spoke to me. "Ken, since you had over a dozen of these "Submissive" stories in your file on the computer, I decided that you would really like to have a submissive wife. Up to this point in our 8-year marriage, you haven't had that. So, I decided to give it to you for this weekend, as a trial. Maybe it will work out and we can continue it, maybe it won't. But either way NO MORE STORIES! Either that, or I walk out that door, and never come back. I already have some bags packed, and waiting in the car. What will it be: do we have a deal?"

"Yes, yes. Anything, I don't want to loose you."

"O.K. then, as of right now, until midnight Sunday night, I am your Submissive and you are my master." She bowed her head, and said: "Command me, my Master, My love."

Wow, she must have read all the stories I had saved, and was really ready to act the part for the weekend.

"Callie, take off that kimono, let me see how you present yourself to me", I instructed.

Callie released the kimono's tie, shrugged it of her shoulders and let it fall at her feet. Under the kimono, she wasn't wearing the garter belt that I had assumed; she was wearing a black bustier, with under-cup support for her great tits and nothing covering them. Her nipples wear proudly on display, and were as erect as sewing thimbles.

"Do you approve, my master, my love?"

"Yes, that outfit is, acceptable. Now, it's been a long day, please go and make me a nice, cool drink, and return here with it."

"Yes my Master, my Love."

When Callie returned with my drink, I informed her: "Callie, it is really dark in here, why don't you let in some light. Go open the drapes in the living room, nice and wide."

She looked at me with a raised eyebrow, then nodded her head and replied: "Yes my Master, my Love."

As she sauntered over to the window, I though: "Yes my Master, my Love." I could really love hearing that phrase.

When she finished, she asked: "How is that, my Master, my Love."

"Fine, fine. Now come back over here, we have something to discuss."

As Callie stood in front of me, looking as hot as I can ever remember seeing her, I told her: "You know, lately you have been a bit remiss in the performance of your wifely duties, I think now would be the ideal time to make up for that. Don't you?"

Callie grinned and said: "Yes my Master, my Love."

"Good, Callie get down on your knees and suck my cock!"

"As you wish, my Master, my Love." And with that, she dropped to her knees, undid my belt and my slacks, and freed my erect 9-inches from my shorts. She started licking my cock, from the base of the balls to the tip of my cock. She started sucking on the head, and used her hands to stroke the length of the shaft.

I stopped her and said: "No, no. No hands Callie, just lips and tongue."

She eagerly complied. Soon she had a good rhythm set up. Working about half my cock into her sweet mouth.

I decided that if she was willing to give this a try, we might as well go for it. So I told her: "That's pretty good Callie, but it still does not make up for your recent lack of performance. I want you to take it deep, all the way down. I want to feel your chin resting on my balls while you suck. Also, when I tell you I'm going to cum, you will beg for it, if I'm not convinced with your sincerity, you will be punished. Do you understand?"

Callie released my cock from her mouth with a loud POP, and replied: "Yes my Master, my Love." Then she dove back onto my cock, and slowly took it deeper and deeper. After a couple of gags, she finally had my cock fully in her throat. Then she slowly slid up, until just the tip was in her mouth, I thought I was going to have to repeat my instructions, but just as I was about to begin, she started working her way back down my cock. Callie repeated this process a few more times, then she quickened her pace. Soon she was rapidly impaling her face on my cock.

After about 5 minutes of face fucking, I stopped Callie while she was all the way down on my cock, and told her: "Callie, I think my balls are in need of attention, give them a nice tongue bath while you're down there."

While I held Callie's head down on my cock, she put her talented tongue to work. She was drooling and licking all over my cock and balls. After a couple minutes of this, I could feel that it was time to cum. "I'm going to cum soon Callie" I said.

She pulled off of my cock, gasped for air for a couple of seconds, and then started to plead. "Oh please, my Master, my Love, please let me have your cum?"

"What do you intend to do with my cum?"

"I want to taste it, to let it swirl around in my mouth until I can't hold any more" Callie replied.

"Then what?" I inquired.

"I will swallow every drop of it!" Callie shouted.

Up until now, she had never let me cum in her mouth, let alone swallowed it. Callie was really getting horny as well as getting into the role.

"O.K., I'm convinced, but if you miss any you will be punished. Now open wide!"

I stood up as Callie opened her mouth wide. I stuck my cock about half way into her mouth and unloaded shot after shot of cum. Callie fought valiantly to catch it all, but it was no use, there was a trail of cum dribbling down both sides of her mouth. Once I had finished cumming, Callie eagerly swallowed all that she had managed to keep in her mouth. When she was done, she smiled up at me and said; "How was that my Master, my Love?"

I don't think that she even realized that she had failed to swallow all of my cum. I smiled at her and said: "Not bad cock sucking Callie, but you failed to follow my instructions, and must now be punished." As I said this, I reached down and scooped up some of the cum that was running down her chin, and held it in front of her face. Callie seemed shocked. I then wiped the cum onto her lips and told her; "Now for your punishment. Go to our bedroom and get your dildo, and then come right back here."

"My Master, my Love, what dildo are you talking about?" she inquired.

"Don't test my patience, SLUT! You know exactly what I'm talking about. The dildo you have hidden in your nightstand! Now GO GET IT!"

"Yes my Master, my Love" Callie embarrassedly replied. While Callie was upstairs, I heard a noise coming from our backyard, recognizing what it was; I pushed a wingback chair from the den to in front of the patio doors. I heard Callie come down the stairs, and called "Back here SLUT!"

Once Callie was in the room, I told her to set in the chair facing the patio. She quickly complied.

"Now spread your legs wide and drape one over each arm of the chair."

"Yes my Master, my Love" she said as she placed her legs over the chair arms.

"Now, with your right hand, you are to use your dildo and fuck yourself to orgasm. And with your left hand, you are to massage those great tits of yours. Now get to it SLUT!"

Callie anxiously looked at me and said; "But, my Master, my Love, what about the gardeners in the yard?"

That was the sound I had heard earlier. I could tell that the landscapers were doing our weekly yard work, and they would be able to clearly see Callie through the patio doors.

"What about them?' I asked.

"My Master, my Love, they'll see me."

"I don't care, give them a good show, or would you rather I use my belt on your pretty, little ass instead?'

"No my Master, my Love, I will perform for them as you wish." With that said, Callie started rubbing the dildo against her swollen pussy lips, and lightly rubbing her tits.

"No, no, no Slut! I said FUCK YOUSELF and MASSAGE those tits, don't make me tell you again!"

"YES MY MASTER, MY LOVE" she shouted as she jammed the dildo into her hot pussy.

After about two minutes of this Callie had forgot all about her audience, and was vigorously fucking and massaging herself. She was quietly moaning, and breathing hard, and her eyes were tightly closed.

I whispered in her ear: "Louder, shout it out!" At the same time I rapped on the window, getting the landscapers attention.

As they walked onto the patio, their jaws dropped wide at the sight of my beautiful wife going at it in front of them.

Right on cue, Callie started screaming: "Oh Fuck, FUCK, FUCK!!"

This continued for about five more minutes, some time during this, the landscapers had started rubbing their own cocks while watching Callie. They were standing right in front of her, on the outside of the patio doors.

I could tell that Callie was about to explode, she was visibly shaking, her cheeks were bright red and she was gasping for air. I told her: "Drop the dildo, and open your eyes, now!"

Callie did as she was told, and as soon as she saw the landscapers stroking themselves in front of her, she came like a skyrocket. I had never seen her do this before, but today she came, started squirting. Jet after jet of her cum shot out and hit the patio door, two feet away!

At this point, the two landscapers started joyfully applauding Callie for the show she had given them.

I commented: "Callie, look at those two. How are they supposed to finish the yard like that?"

When Callie looked again, the landscapers had huge erections bulging in their pants. She immediately got where I was going with this, and said: "Yes my Master, my Love, I'll take care of this."

She stood up, went to the door, and opened it. Then she went to the two men, grabbed them by their belts and led them into the house. She sat back down, and started undoing their pants.

While she was doing this, I ran to the den, and got our video camera. I had to get this on film.

When I got back to the show, Juan and Alex had their pants, and boxers down around their ankles, and Callie was slowly stroking each of their cocks.

"Callie, I think the boys each need one slow, deep stroke in your mouth before you jack them off, don't you?"

"Mmm, yes my Master, my Love." While still stroking Alex, Callie took Juan's 8-inch cock slowly into her throat, and held it there for a few seconds. She then, just as slowly released it and did the same to Alex's huge 10-incher. Now that both the boys' cocks were well lubricated, Callie started rapidly jacking them off.

After a couple of minutes, both Alex and Juan were getting close, so I told Callie: "Don't get any on the floor or furniture. I want all their cum on your face and tits, understand?"

As Callie was giving her usual reply, "Yes My Master, My Lo..." both men started shooting cum all over Callie. Some went in her eyes, some on her tits, some even in her mouth as she was answering me. Callie spit a big glob of cum, out of her mouth and on to the floor, but let the boys finish cumming all over her. She looked so hot, covered with two strangers cum, I was getting a hard-on again.

As the boys left, Callie smiled up at me. I pointed at the cum on the floor and let her know "Your ASS is going to pay for that later, now go get cleaned up."

As Callie was showering I started to prepare the bedroom for our next activity. I took two of Callie's long, silk scarves and tied one to each post of the headboard. I then placed our video camera on a tripod, and positioned it at the foot of the bed, facing the headboard. Then I placed my I-Pad onto its cradle on the nightstand, selected video camera and pointed it at the headboard as well.

When Callie finished her shower, I told her:" Come here Callie, lie on the bed, on your stomach."

She replied; "Yes, my Master, my Love." And did as she was told.

I then started the I-Pad recording, and took her right hand, and bound it tightly with one of the scarves to the headboard. Next, I walked to the other side of the bed and did the same with her left hand. She had about 1 foot of slack in the binds, so she could adjust herself a bit. Finally I turned on the video recorder at the foot of the bed, making sure it was lined up correctly to see Callie's fine ass.

"Callie, I want you to raise your sweet ass up into the air, get on your knees for support. Oh, and keep your head and tits down on the mattress."

She did as told, replying: "Yes, my Master, my Love", as always.

"Now, look into the I-Pad and tell me what you think your punishment should be, and why you deserve it."

I went into the bathroom to get the final piece of Callie's punishment as she started talking to the I-Pad. "I think that I should be vigorously spanked on my bare ass. I deserve this since I spilled cum onto the floor after servicing the landscapers."

I returned from the bathroom carrying a bottle of baby oil. After hearing her idea for punishment, I told her "Well, you're pretty close about what you will receive. You'll find out soon enough. Keep looking into the camera until your punishment is completed."

I climbed up onto the bed, and poured some baby oil into the palm of my hand. Now I started massaging Callie's hips, and ass cheeks. She started moaning with pleasure, and whimpering: "Oh yes, Yes, my Master, my Love. This is grand punishment."

"Quiet SLUT, you punishment hasn't even begun yet!" Now that my hand was good and oily, I spread her ass cheeks and started rubbing oil between her pussy and asshole. Now I worked one finger up her wet cunt, and slowly inserted another up her ass. Callie jumped a bit as her ass was penetrated, and started to look at me over her shoulder.

"I told you to keep starring into that camera, now do it SLUT or things will only get much worse!"

Callie turned back to the camera and was asking:" My Master, my Love, what are your plans for me now?" Right as she finished with her question, I popped a second finger up her ass. Again she jumped and let out a little squeal of pain.

"Isn't it obvious," I told her, "For you bad behavior earlier, I'm going to FUCK YOUR TIGHT ASS!"

"Oh, my Master, my Love, please not that. I swear that I will never fail you again!"

Now I was rubbing my cock along her ass, getting it nice and lubed up with oil. "After this punishment, I know you will never again fail me, now grab the headboard and get ready."

Callie grabbed the headboard tightly with both hands. I started rubbing my cock against her virgin ass, and then slowly started to press the head against her little rosebud. Callie was breathing in short, loud huffs as my cock head popped into her asshole. I looked at her lovely face; she was still starring at the camera, her eyes tightly closed with a wince of pain showing on her face.

I waited in this position until the wince had left her face, and she appeared to be relaxing a bit. So I slowly started to prod my cock deeper into her ass. Inch by inch, I worked my nine inches in, until my balls were pressing against her wet cunt lips. Again, I waited until she appeared to have adjusted to having her ass filled. Now, I slowly started pulling my cock back until just the head was buried in Callie, then I pushed back to balls deep again.

I looked at Callie's face, and she still had her eyes closed, but the wince was gone, replaced with an open mouth. She was gasping for air, as I kept the assault on her ass going. Now I told her: "Open your eyes, and tell the camera what you're thinking and feeling."

Callie's eyes popped wide open and she started whispering, "Louder, I can't hear you" I demanded.

"Yes, my Master, my Love. You are fucking my ass, just as if it was my pussy, and I love it! Fuck my hot ass My Master, please make me cum!"

I reached around her and untied her right hand, and told her; "Make your self cum, play with your cunt as I fuck your ass!"

She quickly did as she was told, and started finger herself. She started shouting: "FUCK, FUCK, Oh GOD FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS MY MASTER, FUCK MY ASS!"

I was about to explode, so I slowly pulled back until my cock popped out of Callie's ass with a loud smacking sound, she started to complain about me stopping. But before she could start, I slammed back, fully into her ass and grabbed her hips and started filling her ass with my cum.

After shooting stream after stream of cum into Callie's ass, I pulled out and went to the video camera. I zoomed the camera in onto her wide open asshole, and kept filming as my cum leaked out of her ass. Next, I walked around to her head, placed my cock at her lips and said: "Open up, you need to clean all of my cum, and your ass juices off my cock."

Callie smiled up at me and said: "Yes, my Master, my Love."

We kissed passionately, showered together and fell into a deep sleep. I awoke in the middle of the night with my mind racing on how to spend the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, I let Callie rest her body (She was going to need it for what I had planed for on Sunday).

I had her spend the day doing housework, nude of course, except for a pair of 6-inch stilettos. Sexually, all she had to do was give me blowjobs on command, which she gladly did.

We did make a shopping trip to the local mall, however. For this, Callie was dressed, provocatively of course. She kept the 6-inch heels on, and on top of those she wore one of her favorite clubbing dresses. It was black, with a plunging neckline, and almost no back. It came down to a couple inches above her knees. For today, I had her alter it a bit. I had Callie re-hem it so that instead of being 2 inches above the knee, it was now 2 inches below the ass.

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