tagGroup SexCamilla Ch. 101

Camilla Ch. 101


Almost two weeks had gone by, and 37-year-old Camilla's naked body was still hovering over the fouled water of a large water tank in the public aquarium in Montreal. Her captive audience of lecherous voyeurs was still getting video of her gaping mouth, pussy, and asshole as they were being stuffed with the invisible cocks of incubi.

She was still gushing out come and piss into the water, and occasionally shitting into it; sometimes an especially large and aggressively thrusting ghost cock would puncture her anal or vaginal walls, and blood would drip into the water, as would saliva from her sucking mouth.

News reporters from around the world tirelessly continued their coverage of the bizarre story, and the crowd of people in the observation area never turned their dazed, upward gaze from the sight of Camilla through the giant, TV-screen-like glass that separated the fouled water from them. No one came to stop what was happening, nor could anyone: for the masked men were always in total psychic control of the situation.

Dr. Singh and the spirits of Camilla's loved ones continued doing all they psychically could to keep the glass from breaking and drenching all her watchers in her bodily fluids, all saturated with her Nigrovum, which in turn was saturated with the energy of her desire and fear, useful energy for enslaving the masses. Her friends also helplessly waited for her to wake up from her current memory vision, so they could communicate with her again; but she still wouldn't wake up.


Instead, she was in the middle of reliving a memory seven years before the Montreal aquarium incident, when she was thirty. She, Cameron, and eleven-year-old Eros were watching Hitchcock's Psycho on TV one night in late July.

For no apparent reason, she was heavily made up and dressed like a schoolgirl, in a white blouse, a dark plaid dress, black socks going up almost to her knees, and black dress shoes. She had the black-eyed, black-haired, pale 'Goth' look that Nigrovum had replaced her original blonde hair, blue eyes, and peach skin with.

After a while of listening to Norman Bates and Marion Crane talking about his mother, Eros, sitting with Camilla on the couch, looked back at her and asked, "Is a boy's best friend his mother?"

"Yes, of course," she answered with a grin, hugging him tight.

Then why is Cameron in bed with you every night? the unusually big boy wondered. I'm as big as he is now; I could replace him. Camilla and Cameron exchanged pained glances, since they'd psychically felt what Eros was thinking.

Suddenly, Camilla felt a heat covering her whole body. She began to sweat.

"Uh oh," she said, with her hand on her forehead.

"Are you OK?" Cameron asked.

"I will be," she said. "I just need to go out for a while. I need some air." She got up and went to the front door.

"OK," Cameron said, looking at her with worry in his eyes.

"Don't go, Mom," Eros said, looking up at her anxiously.

"Don't worry, baby," she said to him as she turned the doorknob. "I'll be back soon. Enjoy the movie with your daddy." She went outside with her purse.

He isn't my dad, Eros thought, and I won't enjoy the movie with him. Only with you, Mom. Cameron felt that thought also, and pouted.

Camilla felt a psychic tug pulling her towards her car. She got in, left the window open for a breeze to cool herself, and drove away.

She didn't know where she was going, but her psychic tug was making her drive to a very specific place. As she got closer to that place, a mental haze made her less and less aware of where she was or what she was doing, though she drove there in perfect safety.

After about a half hour of driving, she parked in front of a tall apartment building, in an area of Montreal she'd never been to before. Leaving her purse in the car, she got out with absolutely none of her own volition or conscious awareness of what she was doing; like an automaton, she walked over to the front doors of the apartment building, completely forgetting about her car. She got into an elevator and pressed the button for the eleventh floor, looking at the button as if she didn't even know what 'eleven' meant, but compelled to choose it anyway.

Reaching the eleventh floor, she walked out of the elevator with dazed, agape eyes, and went to Room 1111. She knocked on the door.

"Come on in, Camilla," a man's voice called from inside the room. Her hair, eyes, and skin all changed back to their original blonde, blue-eyed, and peach-skinned colours. A man watching her from down the hall just looked in astonishment at the change, but went into his room and thought no more about it.

Camilla went into Room 1111, closed the door, and walked over to the living room, where a dozen men in black suits were sitting on chairs and on the couch. She saw the faces of some of her elementary and high school teachers.

"I thought you were all dead," the girl said, as if high on drugs.

"We were," 'Mr. Patterson' lied. "But with Nigrovum, we can reanimate our bodies."

"You know that," 'Mr. Langella' said. "You reanimated your dead father once, remember?"

"Yeah," she said, giggling in embarrassment, and too dazed to wonder how he could have known about her having committed incest with Agape.

"Do you know why we all called you here?" 'Mr. Gray' asked.

"You all wanna have sex with me, right, sir?" she asked.

"Yes, of course," 'Mr. Fulson' said. "Now, be a good girl and take all your clothes off for us, sweetie. We're dying to see that beautiful body of yours again."

"Yes, sir," she said, shyly unbuttoning her blouse. She'd been psychically made completely oblivious to the very existence of her husband and son, and therefore totally forgot that they were still waiting for her to return home from her 'walk'. "I'm older now," she said to the men, "so maybe my body doesn't look as good as it used to." She took off the blouse, revealing her pink lace bra.

"Nonsense," said 'Mr. Leroy'. "You look about 22, maybe 23."

Remembering how Nigrovum was slowing down her ageing process, she said, "Oh, yeah." She undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor, showing off her pink panties.

"Nice undies," 'Mr. Grisham' said, licking his lips.

"Thank you, sir," she said, then began taking off her shoes and socks. "Are you guys still mad at me, I mean, for killing you with Nigrovum?"

"No, not anymore," 'Mr. Hanson' said. "We forgive you now."

"Now that we can reanimate ourselves, and can come back into this world to be with you and have a fuck or two occasionally, we can handle the afterlife," 'Mr. Baker' said.

"OK," she said, taking off her bra.

"Oh, look at those beautiful titties," said 'Mr. Burgess'.

"Thank you, sir," she said. The trance she'd been put in made her too dazed to contemplate how 'Mr. Baker' could ever want to fuck Camilla occasionally, and with a group of other men; this of course was totally unlike him in nature, since when he was alive, he'd hoped she'd be his one true love, and had died of a broken heart when he learned she was a slut.

She pulled down her panties, revealing her pubic hair, in its original brown colour. She stood naked in the middle of the twelve men, who were standing around her in a circle.

"What a beautiful body," 'Mr. Finch' said.

"OK, sweetie," 'Mr. Fulson' said. "Could you please get down on all fours and spread your legs out so we can see your asshole and pussy?"

"Yes, Mr. Fulson," she said, getting on the floor as asked, with her ass pointing at 'Fulson'.

"Thank you, baby," he said. "You're such a good girl."

"So, how do you all want to enjoy me?" she asked, looking up at the men timidly.

"Well, I'd like to put my cock in your pretty mouth, OK?" said 'Mr. Williams', unzipping his fly.

"Yes, sir," she said, salivating as his cock came out of his pants.

"And I want your pussy," said 'Langella', pulling down his pants and getting under her.

"OK," she said, bringing her ass down a bit so his cock could reach up to her cunt.

"And I'll have your pretty little beige asshole," said 'Fulson', getting behind her and pulling out his hard cock. He used his psychic powers to lubricate her anus and rectum, then pushed the tip of his cock against her anal orifice.

"But, what about Mr. Finch, Mr. Burgess, Mr. Phillips, and...?" she began to ask, but was interrupted by 'Williams'' bit cock shoving its way in her mouth.

"Don't worry," said 'Gray'. "We'll all have our turn soon enough."

As 'Fulson', 'Williams', and 'Langella' were sliding their cocks in and out of her asshole, mouth, and pussy, the other 'teachers' all put masks on; one of them, 'Mr. Finch', said, "You know, Camilla, how you imagine that you used Nigrovum to seduce us, however unconsciously? Well, actually, we were the ones who used it on you...and most consciously."

"Huh?" she moaned in confusion, then looked to her left and saw the man who'd just spoken--not Finch, but a masked man. Then she looked up at the man she was blowing, and instead of seeing Williams, she saw another man who'd just finished covering his face with a grotesque mask. Getting increasingly scared, but too dazed to do anything about it, she looked at the man under her, and saw a third masked man; taking the cock out of her mouth for a moment, she looked behind her, and saw another masked man fucking her ass. She looked around the room, and saw a dozen masked men...no teachers. They had all used Nigrovum to make themselves look like her old lovers, but had now changed back to their original appearances.

Impatient to have his cock sucked, the man in front of her used his psychic power to make her head turn back to him, and to receive his cock in her mouth again. Looking up at him timidly, she kissed the tip of his cock and licked the underside before deep-throating it.

"We believe an associate of ours already briefly told you about what happened, about us psychically engineering all of your sexual encounters with your elementary and high school teachers, though you'd been made to forget what he said," said another masked man, the one who'd looked like Grisham. "When we're finished with you tonight, you'll be made to forget again, of course, as all our pawns are made to forget our schemes. Indeed, that's how all those in power keep their power: by making the masses forget the past sins of their leaders, by making the masses unaware of what's really going on in the world, even after the truth has been shown."

The cock in her ass enjoyed the feeling of her anal lips expanding and contracting as it pushed all the way in and pulled two-thirds of the way out. The cock in her pussy was filling her up so fully that her every wet vaginal wall was tingling with pleasure, all while she listened in fear to what the men were saying.

"It may seem pointless to tell you everything we plan to do, since we'll psychically erase the memory of our words from your mind," said a masked man standing by the one she was blowing. "But it amuses us to tell you everything, since you won't be able to do a thing about it, anyway."

Indeed, Camilla was powerless to do anything at that moment except receive cock up her ass, and in her pussy and mouth; for the masked men had psychically put her in a state of total passivity. In fact, she screamed just then, not in terror, but from having just orgasmed. Her come splashed all over the thighs of the man who before had looked like Langella.

"When you, then a 17-year-old girl, saw Mr. Grisham walk into your English classroom for the first time, you were much too shy to tell him you had a crush on him, let alone try to seduce him," said the masked man who'd looked like Burgess. "With a little Nigrovum in your blood, with a power you didn't even know you had, or knew how to use in any significant capacity, did you actually think you could seduce your teachers all by yourself? For about three years, our men in Vancouver had been collecting the come you'd sprayed on the grass of parks after masturbating there; and later, when they learned you'd gotten a job as a stripper and fucked your boss and a customer, Wayne, they had an idea for how they could use your budding nymphomania to their advantage."

"They sensed your own unconscious use of Nigrovum to send a signal--a slight one--to Grisham that you wanted him," said a masked man standing by her ass-fucker. "They also sensed his then-mild sexual interest in you. They decided to heat up both your passions and his, to a point where you were both actually willing to risk getting in trouble, all for a mere lay."

The man underneath her was thrusting away quickly and forcefully now, as was the man fucking her ass. The man she was blowing held her head tightly in his hands, guiding it back and forth as her slippery lips tightly embraced his rock-hard shaft. Her lower lip was hugging his protruding corpus spongiosum, her tongue flickered against his knob, and her hand held his balls, gently shaking them. She came again, soaking her pussy-fucker's lap.

"Our Vancouver men were the ones to put the urge in Grisham's mind to touch your thighs one day; he didn't think of that himself, however much it may have seemed that way," said another masked man. "Then, on that fateful day when you were crying after your fight with your mother over becoming a stripper, our men psychically made you bold enough--and horny enough--to sit and grind on your teacher's lap. They also made him enjoy your grinding so much that he wouldn't think about getting in trouble."

"It was the same with Mr. Hanson," said a masked man who was squatting beside Camilla and fondling her tits. "Our men intensified the temptation in his mind to go to the massage parlour you were working at; they, much more than you, made it impossible for him to resist you. It was the same with all your other teachers, especially the gang-bang you had in the abandoned building with Williams, Burgess, Johnson, Langella, and Knowles. To be sure, you unconsciously put the psychic fire in their hearts to gang-bang you, but our Vancouver men fanned that flame strongly enough to make your teachers willing enough to risk their careers, and risk being accused of gang-rape." He squeezed her tits harder and pinched the nipples. "Our men, much more than you, made all that sex happen--even with your elementary school teachers."

"Now our Vancouver associates' plan was to cause all your deaths, either through psychically-induced despair and madness, or in Satanic rites of human sacrifice," said another masked man, who was enjoying watching the double penetration from up close. "When you'd died, your souls--filled with the energy of lust and fear in your Nigrovum--would psychically influence the living, making them do whatever we wanted them to do. We'd make them become more lustful, materialistic, and gluttonous, buying all the things our corporations produce and making us rich. Also, we'd make them more fearful, so as to support the policies of the politicians we put in office, keeping our men in power."

"The plan wasn't very good," said the masked man standing by the one she was blowing. "The influence of ghosts on the living is nowhere near as strong as that of the living on the living, so after you burned the Grouse Mountain mansion to the ground, we regrouped and made a better plan." He smiled as he saw the cock come out of her mouth and spray its jizz all over her eyes, her nose, her lips, and her right cheek.

Her ass-fucker and pussy-fucker also pulled their cocks out: the first man blew his load first on her right buttock, then on her anal cleft, dripping some come around her gaping anal orifice, then on her left buttock; the second man moved up so his cock would be right under her breasts, then he aimed up and shot his come first on her left breast, then on her right nipple, then in the middle, and finally on her left breast again, just right of the nipple.

Camilla got off the second man so he could get up, then he and her ass-fucker got some handkerchiefs and jars. They wiped her come off the second man's crotch, making it fall into the jars. When his crotch was all clean, he pulled up his pants. He and her ass-fucker zipped up their pants and sat on the couch, ready to watch another three men have a go at her.

Those next three men had been watching her up close during the first gang-bang. They turned her over and lay her on her back. One knelt over her head--upside-down to him--then unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard-on, and put it in her mouth. The second man put his cock between her tits and wrapped them tightly around it. The third man slid his cock inside her soaking wet pussy.

"As another of our associates had told you before," her former ass-fucker said, "it took us a while to find you when you'd moved to Toronto with Candice; but as soon as we found you, we got to work planning. Our man who found you when you were fucking Alex McVie in Queen's Park? He sensed your growing desire for your father."

"What at first had been a subconscious but intense Electra Complex, Nigrovum then expanded into something much stronger," said the man who'd come on her face. "Still, you were resisting your desires. We decided to have some fun with your forbidden urges."

"We were the ones who turned up the heat, making you want to fuck and suck your dad," said her former pussy-fucker. "Seeing you joyfully plunge into incest was so much fun, it makes a gang-bang like this seem like Sunday school in comparison. Then watching you plan to murder Carrie, and how you fucked that up--wow!"

She came all over her current pussy-fucker's cock and balls. The man fucking her tits was squeezing them the way Mr. Finch used to when he fucked her in her old elementary school in Vancouver; soon, he blew his load all over her tits and upper chest, near her neck. Her pussy-fucker pulled his cock out, jerked off briefly, and came all over her belly, leaving a small pool in her navel. These two men got up, got handkerchiefs and a jar, then wiped her come off her pussy-fucker's cock and balls and put the come in the jar. Then they pulled up their pants and sat on chairs by the couch.

Another two masked men pulled down their pants and got on top of her. They pushed her legs up so they'd be on either side of the man she was still blowing; then the two new men slid their hard cocks in her pussy and asshole.

"Though in Vancouver, relatively little of the psychic manipulation was from you, much more of what you were doing back in Toronto really was your own growing mental powers," her former tit-fucker said. "Sometimes we intensified things a bit, like our augmenting the terror of your later incubus dreams; but more often we just psychically monitored you, sat back, and laughed."

"It was only when Garth Van Duyne had sex with you that we really began to dominate your life, and not just your sex life," said her former ass-fucker. "For that's when we began to implement our plan to use Nigrovum to control the entire Earth, ironically, by pretending to want to save it!" All the masked men laughed.

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