tagIncest/TabooCamilla Ch. 113

Camilla Ch. 113


Four days after Camilla's fifth unwilling night of incest with Eros, she was in her office in McGill University in the afternoon, with more homework to mark. It was the second week of August, and she was shaking with worry about the idea that her son could have been using his psychic powers to trick her into having sex with him, while making her think she was fucking incubi in her dreams.

Did he cancel out the energy surge I gave myself last Friday? she wondered. Or did the masked men cancel it out? I blocked all of them, and Eros: am I being drained of my own psychic powers? Are they no longer effective? She decided to try putting up even stronger psychic barriers against Eros and the masked men: she visualized a kind of 'Trojan wall' surrounding her, and Eros and the masked men she imagined as 'Greek warriors' futilely trying to break through. After five minutes of concentrating on that, and reasonably assured that the barrier would be secure against all possible sexual predators, Camilla then visualized a huge surge of energy that would be ready to come out that night, around when Eros would presumably be fucking her.

As she was doing this, the masked men were monitoring her efforts, and laughing at how ultimately useless they were.

At home, Eros, too, was aware of what she was trying to do. Sitting on his bed, he began meditating, thinking of a way to have her that night, in a way that would trick her into thinking she was fucking incubi in her sleep, yet also one that would bring her closer to knowing--and, he hoped--accepting that it had been him fucking her all along.

Indeed, while he knew he couldn't keep up the pretence of incubi fucking her much longer, his craving for his mother's beautiful body was now so strong that he felt he would have to have her more often than just twice a week.

Please, Mama, he thought, accept me as your lover. Your every breath excites me. More and more, I want to be touching you and kissing you, forever and ever and ever.

Knowing that cutting through her barrier and draining her energy would only make her more suspicious, he decided instead to focus on how he could manipulate things for her in her classes that day. He psychically prompted her students to overwhelm her with questions, and while she was thus distracted, he visualized a 'Trojan horse' being 'welcomed through a door' to her psychic barrier.

Now inside her mental space, with no hole in the barrier that could cause any further suspicion in her, he moved her energy surge to thirty minutes after when she'd set it, giving him more time to enjoy her that night.

She got home late that night, exhausted as usual and ready for bed. Sensing no rupture of her psychic barrier, she naturally assumed neither Eros nor the masked men had tampered with her energy surge, and she was too tired to monitor it and discover that it had been delayed.

Eros was in the bathroom, and she, nonetheless still suspicious of him, went into his bedroom to look around. She went to his computer, moved the mouse to make the screen light up, and saw the home page of a social networking website. Then she looked down at the bottom of the screen, where other opened windows could be clicked on. She saw a window to her old porn website. She shuddered.

The Camilla of early October, reliving this memory while incubi were gang-banging her unconscious naked body in the public aquarium, was less disturbed by this memory as she was by the fact that she had realized, in the re-experiencing of an earlier memory with her now expanded psychic awareness, that her son had begun enjoying her porn website two years before, and possibly even earlier than that. As painful as all of this was, though, she knew she had to go on reliving all of this in order to learn of a possible way to defeat the masked men.

Eros came into his room. "Mom?" he said, worried that she may have known about him looking at her old porn. "What are doing in here? Can't I have any privacy? This is my room!"

"It's your room," she said, "but my house, and nice boys don't snap at their mothers."

"Sorry," he said, frowning. Then she left his room.

She went into her room, worrying about what she'd just seen on his computer monitor so much that she figured she wouldn't sleep at all that night.

Well, at least I'll be awake enough to know if he's trying to seduce me, she thought. Maybe I didn't need that energy surge after all.

She kicked off her black high heels, unzipped her tight black dress at the back and pulled it down to her legs, letting it fall to her feet. Then she pulled her dark pantyhose and pink panties down to her ankles, and pulled her feet out of the leg-holes. Braless, she was now naked. She got in bed, pulled the sheets over herself, and closed her eyes, assuming she'd be too agitated to sleep.

In her worried distraction, she didn't know--as Eros hadn't--that the masked men had mentally travelled in his 'Trojan horse' to get inside her psychic barrier that afternoon, too. Taking advantage of her distraction, they visualized a black void where her worried thoughts about Eros were in her mind. No longer thinking about her wayward son, and too exhausted to wonder why she suddenly seemed to have forgotten about what she'd seen on his computer screen, she soon fell fast asleep.

Eros, now also naked, sensed her having fallen asleep, and sat on his bed, meditating. This time he used the shape-shifting powers he'd acquired from Nigrovum to take on the form of Cameron; and though he hated his late stepfather, he wanted to see what emotions he'd arouse from his mother. After all, Cameron was a man, not a boy, and Eros was tired of hearing his mother call him 'baby' when they made love. He craved to have his mother regard him as a man, not the little Mama's boy that she always treated him like, almost as much as he craved her delicious body. Besides, he knew he could use Cameron's Candaulism to his psychic advantage, as part of his plan to reveal his true self to her, however gradually.

After a few seconds of concentrating, Eros had used Nigrovum to change his body into an exact copy of Cameron's. Then he left his room and went into hers. As another part of his plan to bring things closer to reality for her, he chose not to make her think she was dreaming about being in the burning mansion outside of Vancouver. In this 'dream', she would simply see her own bedroom there in Montreal. He used his psychic powers to make her slowly open her eyes while making her believe she was still dreaming.

"Cameron?" she said, sitting up in bed and sadly looking at her late 'husband', who stood at the open door, with the light from the hall illuminating him. "Oh, I've missed you. I didn't mean to hurt you the way I did, cheating so much."

"I know, Ma--I mean, Camilla," Eros said, wincing slightly at his perfect imitation of the sound of this hated stepfather's voice. "You couldn't help yourself."

"You're just so sensitive," she said, choking back sobs at the contemplation of her guilt. "Your self-esteem was so low, and I just made it lower." She began to cry.

Pained at the sight of his beautiful mother's sobbing, Eros said, "Oh, please don't cry. I forgive you, completely. Let's make love, like old times."

"Yes," she said, wiping away her tears, pulling away the blankets and revealing her lovely nakedness to him. "Let me make it up to you." He closed the door, got on the bed and between her legs. "How's life in, you know, the other world?" She then looked around and was surprised to see no burning walls, like in her old dreams or in the afterlife, but merely her bedroom.

Before she could really take her unexpected surroundings all in, he drew near and kissed her hard on the lips. They opened their mouths and their tongues were entwined, sliding along each other's lengths. He put his arms around her, and she lay back down on the bed.

She raised her spread legs up to receive his hard cock, which he poked inside her already wet pussy. She squealed as it quickly went all the way in. He pulled his hands up from behind her, cupped her tits in his hands, and pinched her nipples as he began thrusting away inside her cunt. He used Nigrovum to adjust the length and thickness of his cock to make it exactly the size that pleased his mother the most. He pulled his head up and groaned as his cock continued sliding in and out, then she screamed and came within a mere thirty seconds of screwing.

She looked up in 'Cameron's' eyes and moaned with her mouth agape, her eyes expressing the pain she felt over her guilt. Having slept with so many men while married to the man whose ghost she now seemed to be fucking, she wanted her eyes to tell him that, in spite of the affairs she'd compulsively indulged in, she had always loved him.

Eros felt her love for Cameron, and his jealousy reawakened in an irritating jolt, making him regret having chosen his stepfather's form to fuck Camilla in. She was in pain over having made Cameron jealous, but she felt no remorse over making her own son jealous.

"Cameron, I...love you. Oh!" she screamed, coming again and soaking Eros' cock and balls.

Angry, he pulled his cock out. She felt hands grabbing her, turning her over so she was on all fours, and pulling her ass back to display her pretty asshole. She could then feel the smearing of her come on her anal orifice, the thorough lubing of her rectum with it, then the ramming of cock inside. But was this Eros?

"Ah!" she screamed as she felt the cock fill up her rectum and stretch out her anal lips. "Since when...do you...like anal now, all of...a sudden, honey? Oh!" She turned her head to look back at 'Cameron'. "You never...fucked my...ass before. What?" She didn't see 'Cameron' fucking her, though. Instead, a mysterious, large man, whose face was obscured in the dark, was behind her. She had only enough light to see that his larger body was definitely not Cameron's.

She looked to her right, and saw 'Cameron' sitting in a chair by her bedside table, watching her. "Here I am," said a psychically projected image of Cameron there. The psychic presence of several men was now suddenly apparent to Camilla.

"But, who is...?" she asked in squeals. "It isn't..."

"It's just another incubus," Eros said, using Nigrovum to throw his voice's imitation of Cameron over to the projected image of him. Eros' location in the room wasn't clear, but his thrown voice definitely no longer grunted or panted, thanks to Nigrovum.

"I...can't see...his face," she grunted of her unknown ass-fucker. "Oh!"

"Who cares who he is?" 'Cameron' asked. "You know my proclivities, and you want to please me, don't you?"

"Yeah. Unh!" she grunted while feeling come spraying in her rectum.

"You know I like to watch you fuck other men. As long as I get to watch and tell you want I want you to do, I won't be jealous. Now, suck his dick." The mystery man pulled his cock out of her ass and used Nigrovum to get it hard again quickly. She turned around while he lay on his back.

She looked at 'Cameron', who was smiling, then looked up at the still-obscured face of the 'incubus' she was about to blow. Who is this? she wondered. I feel the energy of the masked men: is it one of them? Is it Eros? I don't feel his energy, at least I don't think it's his; maybe the masked men are trying to trick me into thinking it's my son. I would actually like to think that's all this is. Doing it only because she knew it would please her husband, she smiled at the mystery man and took his cock in her mouth.

As she was sliding her wet lips up and down his shaft, she suddenly felt that surge of energy. Now she had the strength to use her own psychic powers and find out what was really happening. Indeed, she definitely sensed the psychic presence of the masked men, somewhere, elusive, and--maybe--of Eros. Just as suddenly, a spotlight shone on the face of the mystery man--Camilla sensed this was the masked men's doing--and she saw her son! She spat his cock out and woke from her 'dream'.

She felt a puff of smoke all around her. (Having used Nigrovum's teleportation abilities in the nick of time, Eros had disappeared before she could catch him.) Shaking, Camilla was in a state of total confusion: it was as though she was still dreaming...or maybe she had never been dreaming, for nothing else that she saw was different from her 'dream'--just no Eros, no Cameron, and no 'mystery man', if there was a third lover. She was still on all fours, as she had been when she was giving the blow job.

I'm still like I was in the dream, she thought. Like when I was blowing...was that Eros? Oh, God, I hope not. Please, God, let that have been an incubus sent by the masked men to impersonate my son! I can feel the masked men's tampering. It was them: those bastards, it had to be them. Maybe they made me hallucinate seeing my porn website on his computer. Maybe it's been them from the beginning. Dear God, don't let it have been my sweet baby all along. I'm really going out of my mind. Then again, if it was my boy, I've got to know the truth, however painful it may be.

She jumped out of bed, threw on her bathrobe, and rushed out of her bedroom. She barged into Eros' room and turned on the light. He pretended to wake up. Happily for him, the puff of smoke from his quick teleportation had already vanished from around him.

"What is it, Mom?" he asked, rubbing his eyes.

"What have you been up to?" she demanded.

"Sleeping, of course," he said, sitting up. "Mom, you just dreamt about the incubi again, didn't you?"

"How would you know that if you were sleeping?"

"I can feel their psychic energy now. Can't you? It's the masked men again. It must be. Why are you so paranoid about me?"

"Because I blocked them," she insisted. "I don't see how it could have been them just now."

"But I can feel their energy, as you surely can. They cut through your barrier somehow. Mom, you're really going nuts, just like what your students say about you every day. The incubi are having sex with you in your dreams; it isn't me."

"If I was dreaming, why didn't I see the burning mansion?"

"I don't know," Eros said gruffly, rolling over in hopes of ending this interrogation quickly. "The masked men are playing tricks on you again, but they've had their fun. Let's just go to sleep and try to forget about it."

"Alright, maybe it was them. Goodnight, sweetie." She closed his bedroom door and walked slowly toward the bathroom, all in a frightened confusion about what had really happened. Who should I believe? she wondered. Can I trust my son's version of what happened? Oh, I hope I can. Still, I must monitor him more carefully. She washed the come off herself, changed her sheets, then went back to bed. It took her all of three hours to get back to sleep.

Eros lay in bed contented. My psychic equivocations sure worked tonight, he mused. If I can make her think it's the masked men fucking with her mind, maybe she'll suspect me less. Throwing my voice and hiding my psychic energy are good tools that I'll have to use more often. This ambiguity as to where I am, or who I am, can come in handy in the future, in applications far beyond merely seducing my mother.

The masked men continued monitoring both mother and son, and laughed at Eros' overconfidence. We can thwart your equivocations so easily, boy, one of them thought. But very well: we'll leave you to delude yourself into thinking you can outsmart us.


The Camilla of early October woke from this memory-vision, feeling the ghost-cock of Mr. Rudolph in her mouth, that of Mr. Matotek sliding between her tits, that of Dr. Lawson in her dripping wet pussy, and that of Mr. Patterson in her ass. All those people in the aquarium were still watching her, from below through the glass of the water tank, and those up on the ledge getting video on their cell-phones. Armand was still among them, watching helplessly, as all of his psychic efforts to stop this madness were still futile.

Oh, Eros, she thought. I have so much of your energy in me, I practically am you now. What can I do with your powers? You couldn't use them to stop the masked men back then; what is your plan to use them to help me now? Don't make me relive the next night of incest with you; it was the most painful of all. Again, she passed off into unconsciousness, however reluctantly. Anything to avoid the humiliation of her exposure in the aquarium.

Agape's and Don's spirits appeared as she drifted off.

Camilla! Agape called.

No, Dr. Singh cautioned him psychically from Vancouver. It would have been a mistake for you two to tell Camilla about Eros' plan last time, and it would still be a mistake now. We mustn't even contemplate it, for fear of the masked men's finding out, and thwarting Eros.

Yes, you're right, Don acknowledged in his thoughts. It's just that neither Agape nor I can bear to see Camilla suffer like this, just to find out for herself.

Still, we mustn't let on about the plan, Singh insisted. The defeat of the masked men all depends on the success of Eros' plan.

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