tagGroup SexCamilla Ch. 118

Camilla Ch. 118


I'll face the hellish realms, Camilla thought, but I'll still use Nigrovum to keep my physical body from decomposing; I can't bear the thought of my beautiful body getting ugly in that mortuary.

With this other resolution in mind, Camilla removed the psychic barrier that had been keeping the spirits of Agape, Don Josiah, and Candice from entering the room Eros had put her in. The spirits immediately rushed in.

"Good," her father said. "You've finally accepted what you must do. Now, come with us, up and through the roof: it will lead you towards the heavenly realms."

"No," Camilla said. "I want to go down into the hellish realms. I must save my son."

"Camilla, he won't let you," Candice told her. "You know that."

"Come with us, please," Don entreated. "Come upwards with us. Though this afterlife parallels the physical one you left behind, it goes by different laws: not the normal laws of physics, but spiritual laws--surreal, non-rational, dream-like. The relationship between heaven and hell isn't a dichotomy here, as we'd been taught in church: the afterlife is a circular continuum, with the extremes of heaven and hell meeting and dissolving into each other."

"I know," Camilla said. "It's like the ouroboros, the serpent coiled in a circle, biting its tail. Heaven is the snakes's head, and hell is its tail. Extreme ecstasy and extreme agony are intimately close, far from being the opposites we thought they were when we were alive on Earth. That's why I must get to the biting head of heaven through the bitten tail of hell. To be saved, I must be purified of my sin: I must assuage my guilt through suffering the worst."

"Not necessarily," Agape insisted. "This dream-like world of the spirit is rather surreal in how bizarre the experiences get, but it provides gentler ways of purifying you. Come up with us, through the roof of this infernal mansion, and in the sky, beyond the clouds, you'll enter other rooms, places of innocent pleasures, like those you saw in your dream with me, back when you were pregnant with Eros. Together, we'll reach the serpent's heavenly head by going up its body, experiencing gradual but sure spiritual progress."

"No!" Camilla said. "I'll never be freed of my lusts and desires in those boring places. I can be purified only through pain, down in the hellish realms."

"Camilla, come with us," Candice said. "Eros put you in here, in this room, to protect you from the demon rapists down there, so they can't come up and get at you. He's doing important work--saving humanity from the masked men's Green Party."

"Being gang-raped?" Camilla retorted. "I deserve that kind of punishment, for all the bad I've done in my life; my son doesn't deserve it. He may have tricked me into committing incest with him, and he may have killed himself, but he's still my son, and I won't have him being a Christ-figure for my sins."

"'Long is the way and hard, that out of hell leads up to light'," said Don.

"I know my Milton, Don," Said Camilla. "And only down into hell, through the bitten tail and into the mouth of the serpent's head, is the way to the light for me. It was for all of you--you know that. Candice, you were a dope-fiend and a demon in hell before they rescued you. Don, you were a fallen priest, seduced by me and incarcerated for a crime you didn't commit, my crime of accidentally killing my dad. Then an inmate murdered you in your cell. Daddy, you were an alcoholic; you were tricked into having sex with Candice and me before I shot you and you went to heaven. Even Mr. Pierce, our old gym teacher, remember him, Candice? He was a lecher, watching underage girls shower in high school before we had him redeem himself with sexual penance--do you still remember, Candice? Now he's as saintly as all of you, and speaking out against the Green Party, as Ravinder is. Ravinder, too, reached a low point in his life, literally low, fetishing my feet as well as those of prostitutes, and catching gonorrhoea, before coming up to the mind and soul, and revering them, as he does now. I want the same chance for that kind of redemption, a baptism through fire, a purgatory to cleanse me of all my guilt."

"You want the sex down there, in the lower realms, that's what you want," Candice said. "We know you still crave sex; you're as addicted to it as ever."

"That's what the masked men want," Don said. "They're tempting you down there, so they can drag you down further, where they'll rape you, on the lower floors."

"They're beginning to sense that Eros is the one converting their lust-energy into love, and psychically changing the world's fear into hope," Agape said. "They want to replace Eros with you, and I won't let my daughter be subjected to that brutality."

"But I've acquired Eros' powers of conversion, Daddy!" Camilla insisted. "He gave them to me in his ejaculations when he was committing incest with me. I can do the converting as the masked men are gang-banging me. I owe it to the world, to atone for all the bad I've done, infecting all my lovers with my lustful Nigrovum and killing so many of them. You take Eros up to the heavenly realms, and I can convert the fear and desire into spiritual energy."

"No, you can't!" Candice said. "You'll be too horny to concentrate on converting it. That's what those bastards want."

"And with you and your addiction to desire, and your fear of pain, instead of going all the way through to the other side of the ouroboros' body, you'll just bounce back and forth in the hellish realms, gang-raped forever, in all probability," Agape said. "As your father, I can't allow you to do that to yourself. Allow yourself to have some peace instead, I beg you. We must take you up and out of hell, and keep you out of hell."

"No!" Camilla said, horrified at contemplating how Eros was still being gang-raped, without rest. "I must save my son!"

"There'll be another time for that," Don said. "When Eros finishes his converting of bad energy into good, and the masked men are sufficiently weakened; then we can rescue him. Until that time, be patient, Camilla. What you should be doing is Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac, giving up your son for a greater good. You must learn the value of sacrifice."

"Yes!" Camilla said. "Self-sacrifice!"

She summoned all the power of Nigrovum that she could muster, and broke through the barrier Eros had used to keep her in that room on the fifth floor. She kicked open the door and ran down the stairs to the fourth floor. Agape, Don, and Candice raced after her.

In a large, dark, circular room on the fourth floor, naked Camilla saw an orgy being carried on by many of the spirits of her naked former lovers, the masked men, and some of the women in the mansion on Grouse Mountain. The only thing that made them all look different from when they were alive was that everyone had Camilla's black-haired, black-eyed, pale-skinned 'Goth' look. The fact that they were all ghosts made their new look eerily appropriate. Illuminating the darkness was a dozen tall candlesticks placed equidistantly from each other, spread throughout the room, as they would be in all the other rooms on the other floors.

Mr. Phillips, Camilla's fat old high school music teacher, was lying on his back, with that skinny, petite Latina Dora blowing him. Mr. Knowles, Camilla's armpit fucker back in her first gang-bang, was fucking Dora's pretty little asshole. Sitting on Mr. Phillips's face, and receiving eager licking and sucking on her clit, was Veronica, the busty, curvaceous redhead stripper Camilla went to Thailand with. Veronica was giving Peter, her lover in Thailand, the one she met on the boat, a hand job. Richard, another of theThailand lovers on the boat, was getting a hand job from Dora.

"Come join us," Veronica said in moans. "Let me...lick your pussy, just like...old times. Oh!"

"I'd love to," Camilla said, licking her lips at the sight of Veronica's delicious body, and fighting temptation, "but I shouldn't."

Beside that group of fuckers, Camilla saw another: Messrs. Rudolph and Matotek, her old high school teachers who'd given her her first double penetration, were fucking Belle, the lovely model sister of erotic artist Carl. Rudolph was sliding his cock in and out of her delicious pussy, and Matotek was fucking her tight ass. Rudolph, lying under Belle on his back, was aggressively pawing at her breasts; Matotek moved his hands along her hips, admiring the smooth, pale skin that had once been a coffee brown. Belle was giving a hand job to Rob, the Canadian Camilla met in an eatery in Thailand, when she'd made herself look like a Thai prostitute. He was licking the pussy of Connie, the Korean-Canadian girl Camilla and Cameron once had in a threesome many years before.

Camilla was admiring Belle's beauty, too, and getting even more tempted. Camilla wished she could have had a threesome with Belle and Carl, but back in the studio of his old Vancouver shop, not here in hell.

"Belle?" Camilla asked. "Where's your brother?"

"Carl's on...the third floor," Belle said in groans and sighs. "Unh! Getting golden showers. He's been...waiting for you. Oh!"

Before Camilla could even thank Belle, the ghosts of the other four high school teachers who'd given Camilla her first gang-bang rushed up to her. Messrs. Burgess, Williams, Langella, and Johnson got her on the floor on her back with her spread legs raised up high, and the men--as naked as everyone else was--shoved their cocks in her holes. Just like in the original gang-bang in that old abandoned building in downtown Vancouver, Williams put his cock in her mouth, Burgess put his cock between her tits, Langella slid his cock in her wet pussy, and Johnson shoved his cock in her psychically lubricated ass. Marcel, her old French Facebook friend, came over, taking her hand and wrapping her fingers around his cock; she immediately began jerking him off. Replacing Knowles, Gene--one of the men she'd fucked back in Pattaya, Thailand--put his cock in her armpit and began fucking it.

The ghost of Cameron, always one to enjoy seeing other men fuck his wife, came by, squatted up close, and watched the gang-bang. They're giving it to you the way I never could, Camilla, the self-hating cuckold thought. Still, he was getting a hard-on from the spectacle.

Though they were all spirits, strangely the whole experience felt as palpable and real as if they had all still had their bodies, so real did this dream-world seem, this afterlife that paralleled the physical world they'd all left. All those teachers' hands moving up and down her naked 'body', and those cocks sliding in and out of her three holes...it reminded her of earlier, happier times...well, times involving stress of a more...temporal sort, anyway.

Are you all still mad at me? she asked her lovers using mental telepathy, since her saliva-drenched lips and tongue were busy caressing Williams's hard-on.

"Non, chérie," Marcel moaned, stroking the arm of the hand that so expertly moved along his rock-hard shaft.

"No, not any more," Williams panted, enjoying how her tongue was tickling the tip of his cock. "Oh!"

"We were mad, before," Johnson sighed, loving how the tightness of her anal lips squeezed his dick. "But now...that you're dead, too, you're our equal. Unh!"

"We learned...to stop...hating you," said Burgess, who squeezed her soft, smooth breasts tightly around his cock, "when we realized...the hate...was hurting us. Ah!"

"Letting go...of vengeful thoughts...freed us from...the lower floors," Langella said, feeling her first orgasm splash all over his cock and balls. "We then...came up here."

"But we're still...hooked on sex," Williams said, pulling his cock out of her mouth and having her suck his balls.

"Yeah," Gene said, his dick still poking her armpit. "So we're stuck here."

"Fucking is...our only happiness, now...Ooh!" Johnson said in grunts.

Maybe they're right, Camilla thought, taking Williams's balls out of, and his cock back in, her mouth. The intense vaginal and anal penetrations she was getting made her seem to think she was in the heavenly realms. I should just stay on this floor. It sure is fun.

"Resist them, Camil!" Candice said after she, Agape and Don broke through a psychic barrier the masked men had put up to separate Camilla from her friends.

"Don't you want to save yourself?" Agape asked, approaching her gang-bangers.

"This is just what the masked men want!" Don told her. "To tempt you, and drag you down lower."

"Let's grab her and drag her up, if she's unwilling," Candice said; but just then, another, stronger psychic barrier was set up by the masked men to keep Camilla's friends from helping her. All they could do was watch helplessly as they tried to break through it.

Burgess, Langella, Gene, and Johnson pulled their cocks out of their respective fucking places; then they stood up and joined Williams and Marcel in a circle around kneeling Camilla, who'd just let Williams take his cock out of her mouth. The men masturbated over her upward-looking face, and sprayed bukkake all over her. As each gushing of jizz splashed on her face and hair, the men breathed heavily together, like a violently blowing wind. When the men were spent, they left her, looking for other female spirits to fuck. Cameron, only interested in watching his wife's fucking, stayed with her.

Camilla wiped the come out of her eyes and used Nigrovum to remove the rest of the gooey mess all over her head. Now all clean, she was glad to see Belle, Dora, and Veronica approaching her for sex, instead of those four punks from Vancouver who'd interrupted her fun with her teachers that night nineteen years before.

Belle lay on her back on the floor; Camilla, on all fours, got between Belle's spread-out legs and buried her face in Belle's muff. Dora squatted over Belle's face, and Belle licked her little asshole and pussy. Veronica got down on all fours behind Camilla's ass, and began fingering her asshole while licking the come off her pussy. Cameron just watched and smiled.

"I thought...you were...a lesbian, Belle," Camilla said between licks of Belle's hard clitoris. "Why'd you let...my old teachers...stick their cocks...in you?"

"They jumped me," Belle sighed. "This is hell; what do...you expect? After a...while in here, you'll actually get...used to...being gang-raped, if you...can believe that. Oh! I miss...your mouth!"

Dora reached over, took Camilla's head in her hands, and lifted it up. They pecked each other gently on the lips while Camilla fingered Belle's twat.

"Our only...happiness is...sex," Dora said between kisses. "Sex with...whoever's available."

"You all look...so different with...my black hair, black eyes, and pale skin," Camilla observed while still kissing Dora.

"No," Veronica said in sighs while slipping her whole fist inside Camilla's pussy and licking her asshole. "We all...look the same...with you black...and white."

Their licking became quicker, the fingering and fisting more vigorous, and their lustful sighs, squeals, and screams louder and higher-pitched. Soon, Belle gushed her orgasm in Camilla's wide-open mouth, some come dribbling over the sides; Camilla came all over Veronica's fist, and Belle licked away Dora's orgasmic drippings.

"Please, Camilla," Candice implored. "Stop this. Let's go."

Do you want to be a whore forever? Armand's disembodied voice could be heard to say, out from the world of the living. Like your mother?

"No!" Camilla shouted, coming to her senses. Then she quickly got up and ran for the stairs to the third floor. Cameron followed her, eagerly hoping to watch her fuck many more men.

"Hey!" Veronica complained. "What about me, Camilla? You didn't lick me!"

"Sorry," Camilla said, reaching the stairs. "Gotta go."

"No, Camilla," Don said. "Come up with us, not down."

"Yes, down!" Camilla insisted, descending the stairs.

On the third floor was another large, dark, circular room lit up only by candlesticks. Again, it was filled with naked people, the spirits of many more of Camilla's dead old lovers. Tina, one of Camilla's old high school classmates who had lesbian feelings for her, and Sandy, one of the strippers who were murdered in the mansion on Grouse Mountain, were squatting over Mr. Leroy and Clarence, respectively, about to give them golden showers.

Dr. Martin, Mr. Hanson, Carl, Danny, and Tom, the aboriginal man who was killed in the mansion with Sandy, were also there.

"Camilla," Hanson said. "Come piss on us, Goddess. Make us holy with your holes."

Missing the old days when she'd been worshipped, Camilla quickly gave into temptation again. She squatted over Hanson's face and began pissing. He thrilled once again to feeling that golden juice sprinkling all over his nose, squinting eyes, cheeks, and lips. The last time he'd indulged in this fetish was in the aquarium, when his spirit was under her as she pissed into the water tank below her floating naked body. Cameron stood nearby and watched with a grin.

Tina and Sandy were now pissing too, soaking the chests of Leroy and Clarence in their golden juice. The men just smiled and watched the yellow waterfalls, ogling the girls' pussies. Leroy reached up, cupped Tina's buttocks in his hands, and opened them wide so he could see her asshole. He licked his lips and fingered it.

Dr. Martin, Carl, and Danny were getting impatient.

"What about us?" Carl said angrily. "Save some piss for us."

"OK," Camilla said, and she, Tina, and Sandy shifted over to those three men: Camilla squatted over Carl, Tina over Danny, and Sandy over Dr. Martin. In hell, they could continue pissing indefinitely, so the three men would get as thorough a soaking as Hanson, Clarence, and Leroy had gotten.

As Carl felt Camilla's piss soaking his chest and face, he remembered back when she'd posed for him in his Vancouver studio, back behind the shop area where he sold his erotic paintings and drawings. She had to pee, and when he held a bowl for her to urinate in, some of her piss sprayed on his hand. He enjoyed that, but had never got another chance to be pissed on by her until now, in hell. He just looked up at her spouting urethra and smiled.

Dr. Martin opened Sandy's big, round butt-cheeks to see her asshole as she showered piss on his chest. I like Camilla's better, he thought. My religious skepticism was partly right: though Camilla is certainly a goddess, and I have been surrounded by devils here in hell, there surely is no God.

Sandy farted audibly. "Oh, no," she said. "Not again! I gotta take a shit." Coprophiliac Martin enjoyed the smell, all the same.

"And you shall take a shit," said a masked man who'd just entered the room. "Everyone follow me."

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