tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCamilla Ch. 023

Camilla Ch. 023


Camilla replaced the bed-sheet that had been drenched in her come from her previous masturbating and put the can of pencils in front of the hidden camera hole. "Don't worry, my voyeur next-door neighbour, I'll let you see more later," she said. Then she went to bed and slept for an hour.

Candice returned at noon with some medicine. She had Camilla take some cough mixture and spray some nasal mist up her nostrils; then Candice made lunch for both of them.

"Sorry I'm late coming back," Candice explained as they ate. "I ran into my boyfriend and had a coffee with him in Starbucks. We made plans to get together for the afternoon. I'll be going as soon as we finish eating, but I promise to be back around 5 or 6 PM to check up on you. Are you feeling any better?"

"Yeah, don't worry about me," Camilla said. "The medicine is already working."

After Candice left, Camilla went back into the bedroom and got on the bed. She took the pencil can away from the hole in the wall and noticed the camera move slightly. "Does this guy ever turn it off?" she asked herself of her next-door-voyeur neighbour. "Oh, well: I guess I'll give him another show."

After putting some paper towels on the centre of the bed, she lay on it on her back with her head at the foot of the bed and her legs spread wide apart so her vulva and anus would be visible to the voyeur. She started masturbating.


Those holes were visible to him, indeed. Jim, 42, had the camera move down and zoom in on Camilla's spread, but included her head so that, on his computer screen, he could see her looking straight at the camera as she touched herself.

"I can't believe it," he said to himself. "She wants me to watch!" He unzipped his pants, pulled out his hardening penis and started stroking it.


Camilla started remembering her first strip show at Luvlee's. Those fond memories would be ample fuel for masturbatory fantasy.

On that day, Camilla was eager to display herself, but unsure if the men would like her. None of the men watching her were attractive. She heard a few cheers as she got out of her white T-shirt and pink miniskirt at the end of her first song, 'Single Ladies', by Beyonce. Some more cheers were heard when she removed her pink bra and panties during her second song, Beyonce's 'Sweet Dreams'. She took off her running shoes and socks for her third song, 'Flashing Lights', by Kanye West. A man in his mid-forties came up to sit at the tip rail with a similarly-aged friend of his. He was not all attractive in any conventional sense: somewhat overweight and bald, with all grey for the remaining rim of hair around the sides and rear of his head. He had a bushy grey moustache, and wore a short-sleeved light-blue dress shirt and navy blue dress pants. He smiled at the sight of Camilla's sweet nakedness on the stage.

Encouraged by his smiles, she spread her upraised legs wide open for him (Camilla's spread for Jim was an exact imitation of this spread: both holes in plain view). He rested his head on his left hand and stared with his eyes and mouth wide open in lustful amazement. His friend laughed at his total loss of control, for the bald man could hardly contain his admiration for the delicious beauty she was showing him, and his penis quickly became rock-hard. Though most girls would be annoyed at such a blatant expression of lechery, Camilla was touched by it: thanks to him, her confidence increased tenfold. She assumed he was salivating at the sight of her liquorice vulva, though actually he preferred her brown anus, which looked like pursed lips that wanted to be passionately French-kissed. She lewdly looked back into his eyes while pursing her bright red lips, an appropriate variation on what he saw below. Then she rolled over on all fours and crawled toward the back of the stage, where the mirror showed the man's reflected reaction, which was all lascivious awe at the sight of her still-clearly exposed vulva and anus. She was nervous to know a man wanted her so voraciously, but she was also excited by his ogling; for though he wasn't her first choice for a lover, he was assuredly an available lover. She breathed heavily as she alternately looked at his reflection in the mirror, and turned her head around shyly to look at him directly.


As Camilla remembered the events of that day in Luvlee's, she tickled her hard clitoris with her index finger and massaged her G-spot with her middle finger. She moaned audibly so the microphone that she correctly assumed was in the wall could pick up the sound of her voice. The whole time she had been on her back with her upraised legs spread wide open so Jim could see both anus and vulva. Then she rolled over on all fours as she had been for the bald man in Luvlee's, now showing herself off exactly the same way for Jim's camera. Her legs were wide open, and her behind pointed out toward the camera, exposing her vulva and anus. As she continued fingering and stroking her wet vulva, she looked back at the camera with salacious eyes that asked the viewer if she was pleasing him.


She was! Jim vigorously slid his hand up and down his shaft as he watched the image on his computer screen, zooming it in to see her holes in better detail.

"Oh, that candy cunt!" he groaned as he played with himself. "Oh, that pretty asshole! Keep moaning, you little bad girl!" His eyes and mouth widened exactly as those of the bald man in Luvlee's had.


Masturbating Camilla continued remembering that first day in Luvlee's.

As soon as she finished her floor-show, she got off the stage with only her purse, and, still naked, went up to where the bald man was sitting with his friend at the tip rail. "Did you enjoy my show?" she asked him with a smile.

Looking up and down her nude body, he panted, "Did I ever!" He couldn't take his eyes off her large breasts and pubic hair.

Shyly giggling and blushing, she asked, "Would you like me to give you a lap-dance?"

"Yes, I would like several," he said. "I don't think I'll be back for quite a while, Hal," he said to his friend. "You may want to go home without me if I'm not back after an hour." He and Camilla then went into a private room. "So, your name is Camilla, as the DJ called you?" he asked as she sat on his lap.

"Yeah," she giggled shyly. "What's your name?"

"Wayne," he said, and they shook hands as if he and the naked 18-year-old were meeting in a church. "How long have you been working here? I come here often; I've never seen you here before."

"This is my first day," she said with a giggle. "I just turned eighteen, so I'm barely legal."

"My goodness," Wayne said as he looked down at her body again. "You're just a little baby." He cradled and rocked her in his arms as if she were his baby daughter. She enjoyed his tenderness. "A little baby."

"Yeah," she giggled shyly. The next song began. "Shall we start?"

"Sure," he said, and she started grinding on his crotch. He grunted in a call-and-response to her sighs of pleasure. She was impressed by the size of his erection: guessing it at seven inches (it was actually six-and-a-half), it was also thicker than any penis she'd ever known before. She imagined how good he'd feel inside her. Furthermore, though he wasn't good-looking, he was good-feeling: he had magical, electric fingers that gently touched her, with great sensitivity to her erogenous zones. He intuitively knew exactly where to caress her to drive her wild with desire. She was definitely willing to sleep with him.

He cupped her breasts in his hands, and gently tickled and pinched her nipples. She squealed with pleasure. He put his hand on her vulva and rubbed his finger against her clitoris. She sighed her appreciation to him. She got up and bent over; he opened her buttocks to see her wrinkly brown anus. He stroked it and opened the hole. Now Camilla realized what he must have been looking at when she'd spread her legs for him on the stage. Very well, she thought, I'll indulge him because I want to please him. When he moved his hands from her behind and started fingering her vagina, she moved her bottom around in circles and, looking back at him, watched his eyes as they followed it. Since her legs were wide open enough for her anus to be still partly visible, she correctly assumed his eyes were following that brown spot between her buttocks, so she opened her right buttock so he could see her anus better. He was delighted at the sight of those swirling wrinkles as they widened and became more clearly visible; he appreciated her encouraging him to indulge in his fetish. On a pretty girl like her, a dirty hole like that was always beautiful.

She then turned around and sat on him, this time facing him. He gently pushed his left long finger deep inside her rectum, then rubbed his right index finger around her vaginal opening. She responded with a gravelly moan. After a few seconds of moving his long finger in and out of her rectum, he pulled it out to smell it. It was very faecal-smelling, but he liked the smell, because it was her smell. He then slid his long finger back inside her rectum. She liked the sensation as much as he did, and squealed in response while looking approvingly in his eyes. The feeling of the bulge in his pants rubbing against her genitals was particularly arousing for her. As his right index finger started sliding inside her vagina, he would soon come to a surprise...


Camilla was still on all fours with her behind pointed at the camera. As she continued vividly replaying images of that day in her mind, she slid her own fingers deeply in and out of her vagina and anus, all the while moaning and making sure what she was doing would be clearly seen by her neighbour with his camera. Both fingers touched the upper walls, massaging her G-spot and the rectal wall neighbouring her lower vaginal wall. She was dripping wet, and moaning and squealing like a wild animal.


Jim quickly moved his hand up and down his hard phallus as he, amazed, watched her masturbating on his computer screen. Watching her was better than watching a video of Taylor Rain (one of Jim's favourite porn stars) fingering herself, because Camilla wasn't doing it for the money--she did it because she liked it, and she did it all for him.

"Yeah!" he grunted. "Jam your fingers up your cunt and asshole! She wants me to watch. I can't believe it!"


To continue with the memory of Camilla's first-ever lap-dance...

When Wayne continued sliding his finger inside her vagina, he was surprised to hit a bump: it was a hymen!

"Camilla," he said with his eyes and mouth agape. "You're still a virgin?" She blushed and turned her head away in embarrassment. "My sweet little innocent baby! How could such a beautiful, sexy girl like you not have sex yet?"

Though he was now more excited than ever, she now felt much less attractive. "My mommy controls my life too much," she said with beginning sobs. "I hate her. She never lets me do anything." She was crying, and he held her in his hungry arms.

"Well, if your mommy is so controlling, how did you get work here, sweetie?" Wayne--much harder than ever before--asked with a gentle, avuncular voice, rocking her back and forth as a father would his daughter.

"She doesn't know I'm working here. I told her I'm staying at my friend Candice's house tonight. I wanna lose my virginity so badly. I wanna be a woman, not a little girl, as my mommy wants. She put me in an all-girls' Catholic school so I'd be 'safe' from boys. That's just as well, since I don't like boys my age; they're so immature and rude; that's why I like older men." She continued crying as he cradled her in his arms. He rubbed his bulging crotch against her clitoris; as she sobbed, she moaned with excitement. "I've been with a few boys, but I only jerked them off or tried to blow them. I got naked for them, and they said I should be a stripper. But they didn't like how I do fellatio; they were so mean. They said I 'suck at sucking'." She put her head on his shoulder and sobbed loudly between sighs of pleasure. He put his hand on her head and stroked her hair.

"Oh, don't cry, sweetie," he said as he stroked her clitoris with his other hand. He also fingered her adorable hymen from time to time. "You just need a man to practice fellatio on, and to teach you how to do it." Obviously, he was hoping to be that man.

Though she wanted to be with him that night, she'd already made other arrangements, so he would have to wait until next time. "Well," she said between sighs of pleasure, "I'm sleeping with my boss, Mr. Chen, tonight. I offered him my body to make sure I got a job here, because I really want to be a stripper. I wanna be desirable to men, not be just a chaste little mommy's girl. Oh!"

"You're desirable to me," Wayne groaned as he continued to finger her clitoris, her G-spot and her rectum. "I'll give you a little sexual experience here, for what it's worth." They both sighed as he fingered her. She put her hand on the bulge in his pants and squeezed it gently; then she kissed him hard on the mouth, ignoring his bad beer breath. His left finger slid in and out of her rectum while his right finger rubbed against her G-spot, sometimes also tickling her hymen. "That you're a virgin...makes you all the more...desirable."

Squealing with pleasure from his touching, she got up, then suddenly orgasmed. Her whistle register almost deafened him, but her copious spewing astonished him.


Camilla continued fingering herself, more frenetically now. She went back onto her back and raised her legs up so Jim's camera eye could see her wet, pink vulva lips and brown eye. Her fingers were now quickly pumping deeply in and out of them, and her squeals and screams were getting higher and higher in the soprano range.


"Yeah!" Jim growled as he continued choking his phallus. "Finger-fuck those holes! Go deep inside!" He was nearing ejaculation, but trying to delay it as best he could.


Camilla's anus-finger went in as far as it would go, while her index finger rubbed vigorously against her clitoris. She stuffed her long finger deep inside her soaking vagina to reach for her A-spot; it was difficult, but eventually she got there with a partial fisting of herself. She reached deep inside, curved her long finger around the corner and found it. Her soprano screams went higher and higher until they reached the whistle register, and her orgasm spouted like Old Faithful, then splashed all over her vulva and hands.


"Incredible! Oh!" Jim ejaculated two seconds after she did, also spouting like a geyser all over the floor between his legs. "That girl and I have to be formally introduced."

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