tagFetishCamilla Ch. 033

Camilla Ch. 033


Candice was in a private room lap-dancing a lesbian customer. As she was rubbing her breasts against the woman's face, she tried to lessen her jealousy of Camilla's screwing around with other girls. She reminded herself that Camilla was free to have anyone she wanted, male or female. Candice didn't own her; of course, Candice already had a boyfriend, although the relationship wasn't at all serious. Still, erasing the jealousy from her mind was difficult because Candice was developing strong feelings for Camilla. The lesbian customer had given Candice a half pill of ecstasy, while taking the other half herself. This cheered Candice up to an extent, but what really made her forget her jealousy--for the night, anyway--was her decision to go to the lesbian customer's apartment when Luvlee's closed.

When they were peaking on the ecstasy, they were sweating and tingling with pleasure. They were French kissing and fondling each other. Their nipples were as hard as rocks; Candice loved it when the lesbian pinched them. The lesbian had her jeans and underwear pulled down, and the women fingered each other's hard clitorises. Finally, Candice got up and put her wet pussy in the lesbian's face. She frantically licked Candice's clitoris and put her index and long fingers inside Candice's soaking vagina. Candice sighed and squealed at the sensation of those fingers stimulating her G- and A-spots. Finally, Candice came, right when the peaking of the ecstasy was at an end. Though she enjoyed her customer's cunnilingus, she still felt sad about Camilla. Not changing her mind about sleeping with her customer that night, Candice thought, If Camilla can cheat, so can I. The lesbian halved another ecstasy pill, and they each took a half before resuming their fingering.

Meanwhile, after Camilla said goodbye to Akemi, she put her underwear in her purse and walked out of their private room, nude except for her black high heels. More customers had come into Luvlee's, and they smiled as they saw her walking around naked. She went into the change room in the back and found an elegant black evening dress to wear onstage, since she was going on in half an hour. The dress was low-cut to show off her cleavage, and there was a slit along each side so she could show off her legs. Remaining nude, she took the dress with her back to the bar and watched the news on the wall-mounted TV. There was a disturbing news story about Guy and Dirk, the two bisexual men she'd slept with the previous weekend, the men who tried to enslave her. They died on Wednesday in hospital from an infection and from poisoning from the corrosive bug spray she'd added to their Vaseline.

Shaking with guilt, Camilla said to herself: "Well, I only wanted revenge. I never wanted to...I mean, I never meant to...oh, God!" She looked down, and saw her hands; she saw a thin black line along the bases of all of the lunulae of her fingernails, where the lunulae meet the skin of one's fingers. (She would later that night learn that the lunulae of her toenails also had these thin black lines on them.) This unnatural sight frightened her, adding to her unease from having unintentionally caused the deaths of Guy and Dirk. These two unsettling realizations stressed her to the point of suddenly needing to evacuate her bowels. The naked girl took her dress and purse, and rushed to the ladies room.

When she reached the ladies room, she ran into Mr. Leroy, her French teacher, the man with a taste for coprophilia. "Camilla," he said lustfully. "Just the girl I was looking for." He put his hands on her buttocks and opened them.

"Sorry, sir," she said. Too agitated at the time to remember to speak in her 'Dolly' persona, she nonetheless appropriately said, "I gotta poo."

"I wish I could watch," he said, opening her anus and caressing the orifice. She then silently broke wind, and his fingers felt the breeze blow on them. "Oh, yeah!" He sniffed and relished the smell.

At first blushing from the awkward moment, she then remembered his fetish, which was convenient for her at that time. She also remembered the impressive size of his penis from their encounter a week ago. "Oh, yeah, you like my poo. Look, I go onstage in about twenty minutes. Sit at pervert's row while I get ready, OK?"

"OK," he said. She went in the washroom, and he sat at the tip rail.

After finishing her shit, she wiped herself with ordinary toilet paper instead of her usual perfumed wet napkins, because she knew Leroy liked her natural smells. Then she went to the sink, washed her hands, and put on her make-up: dark blue eye-shadow, thick mascara, pink-red blush, and dark red lipstick. There, painted up just like a whore--just the way I like it, she thought. She did her hair up in a bun, and put on some perfume. "Pretty-smelling on the top, and stinky-smelling on the bottom--how appropriate," she said to herself. Still disturbed by the sight of those black lines on her nails, she got out some red nail polish and covered them up. Finally she put on her white bra and panties, and the black evening gown, which conveniently matched her shoes. Hearing the first song of her stage show, she left the washroom and approached the stage.

"Let's give a big round of applause for this very sexy lady," said the DJ. "Here's...Camilla." The audience, which had grown again larger, cheered loudly for her.

Leroy was dazzled by her beauty onstage in that dress, those high heels, and that bright, prostitute-like make-up. Even knowing all that he knew about her, it was hard for him to fathom her transformation from schoolgirl ingenue to sex goddess. The divine perfection of her curvaceous body, combined with her uncanny ability to know intuitively what a man's fantasy was, and play it like an Oscar-winning actress, made him fetish even more the apotheosized crudity of her shit, piss, and other natural smells. However disgusting those odours may be when they emanate from the bodies of mere mortals, those smells were sacred when coming from Camilla: if you didn't appreciate her earthier smells, the fault was yours, not hers.

As she moved about provocatively to the beat of her first song, 'Marcia Baila', by Les Rita Mitsouko, she tried to forget the deaths of those two men; it was an accident, she reassured herself--completely unintentional. As for the black lines on her finger- and toenails, she'd see a doctor: surely there was a straightforward explanation for that. Encouraged by the wild cheers of the audience and the adoring eyes of Leroy, she relaxed more, removing her dress by the end of the first song. Her second song, 'Andy', was also by the 1980s French pop duo. Seeing the lecherous idolatry in Leroy's eyes, she remembered to do her ditzy 'Dolly' persona: wide-open eyes and pursed lips. At the first singing of 'cheri', her bra came off with a joyful shaking of her large breasts. Loud cheers came from all sides of the room. When the trombone solo began, she removed her panties: heavy-breathing Leroy leaned forward in gleeful anticipation of what was to be shown next. As the song faded, she took off her shoes. Her third song was 'Closer', by Nine Inch Nails. The nude girl was now crawling on the stage, with a slutty look in her eyes and an opened mouth, hungry for fellatio. That face was for all the customers except Leroy, for whom she quickly switched to her 'Dolly' face whenever she looked at him. When the song came to the lewd lyrics of the chorus, she pointed her ass at Leroy's face, one or two feet away, and opened her buttocks wide so his eyes could feast on her brown anus, which was also wide open. He held a tip in his mouth: ten dollars. She brought her behind up to his mouth, opened her buttocks, and let him put his face in between; he pressed his nose against her anus and breathed in deeply to get as much of that faeculent odour as he could. She closed her buttocks against his face and took the money in her cunt. The song ended, and she and Leroy went into a private room.

"I was delighted, my goddess, to see you strip to French songs," Leroy said as he sat down. She then sat on his lap. "As your French teacher, I've had a good influence on you."

"I'm glad you came," she said in her high-pitched 'Dolly' voice. "Now I can be sexy for my teacher."

"What are you doing after you finish work tonight?"

"Nothing: you wanna fuck me?"

"Absolutely. Can I put it in your pretty anus again?"

"OK. Can you put your thing in my pussy, too, please? It's so long and thick, it will feel so good in there."

"Anything for you, goddess. Let's go to Lehar's tonight, after you finish here, my treat, OK? The restaurant's open 24 hours. Then you can eat a full meal, and...uh..."

"Poop in front of you again?" wide-eyed 'Dolly' asked as if there was nothing at all distasteful about it.

"Is that OK?" Leroy asked with a nervous look in his eyes.

"OK," she sang.

A new song began, and she rubbed her buttocks against his pointy lap, which already had her vagina very moist. After several seconds of that, she stood up, with her ass in front of his face; he opened her buttocks wide and put his face between them. Eagerly breathing in the faecal odour, he pushed her buttocks against his cheeks and kissed her anus passionately, as if her pretty asshole were the lips of Rita Hayworth back in the 1940s. He also laid copious kisses all along her anal cleft, from top to bottom, and all over the insides of her buttocks. He got to know every little bump, every wrinkle, every wisp of hair, and every pore. Again, he opened her buttocks wide, and with her anus opened, he pushed his nose against the orifice to get a good sniff. Then he pushed her buttocks hard against the sides of his face again, so he could feel every millimetre of her anal cleft cushioning his whole face. He gently nibbled on her smooth, round, fleshy buttocks, inside and outside of her anal cleft, and along her gluteal sulcus. Even though he wasn't stimulating her vagina at all, her cunt was dripping wet with excitement: not only did she enjoy the anal stimulation, she was flattered by how he worshipped the dirtiest part of her body, knowing how much more divine the rest of her must have been to him. He continued nibbling at and kissing every inch of her buttocks.

"We're dancing cheek to cheek," she said with a giggle and a sigh.

"Yes, we are," he said between gentle bites. "Could you break wind for me again?"

"OK, I'll try," she said. He opened her buttocks and anus wide in lustful expectation. It took her a while to build up the gas, but after feeling his face rubbing against her wide-open anal orifice, she blew out a long, silent gust of flatulence: he felt the breeze caress his face, and he enthusiastically inhaled every atom of the faecal smell. It was a smell so fair in its foulness, because it came from divine Camilla. Then she turned around and sat on his lap, facing him. She brought her face up to his. Breathing through her mouth so she wouldn't have to smell the odour of her own shit on his face, she gently kissed his cheeks. He put his finger in her rectum. Since he was rubbing his finger against the anal wall that neighboured her vaginal wall, her arousal increased, and her vagina got wetter and wetter. She brushed his face with her hair. "Now you can smell my pretty side," she said, drawing his attention to her perfume.

"To appreciate the pretty side," he added, "you have to know the crude side." He pulled his finger out of her ass and sniffed it, while also smelling her perfume. She grabbed his erection and gently squeezed it. Her admiration of its awesome size got her even more excited. He put his finger back inside her rectum, pushing it deep inside: he was hoping to get some of her shit on his finger. His other finger tickled her clitoris, and she put her left nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it hard. When he put his finger inside her vagina, she squealed in whistle register and suddenly came: fortunately, she didn't wet his pants, though the part of his chair that was between his legs was soaked. "Wow," he sighed.

"Yeah," she panted. After taking several seconds to catch her breath, she said, "I gotta go pee-pee."

"Do it here," he said. "I have a water bottle you can piss in." He took it out of the bag he'd brought with him, drank the remaining water that was in it, and gave it to her.

She squatted over the water bottle awkwardly, and began to pee. He leaned down to watch, up close, the yellow liquid pour out of her urethra and into the bottle. She moaned with relief as she emptied her bladder, and, touching his phallus, he moaned with pleasure as he smelled the odour of her urine. When she was finished, he took a tissue from his bag and wiped her genitals dry. He put the soiled tissue back in his bag for later sniffing. He put the cap back on the bottle and put it back in his bag. "Why do you want to keep my pee-pee?" she asked.

"I want to put it in my apartment and adore it, an offering from my goddess," he explained. Flattered, she giggled. Still bent over, he picked up her feet and sniffed them. As he'd hoped, they were somewhat smelly. Then he sucked on her toes, and licked the soles of her feet. Giggling from the tickling sensation, she tried not to jerk her feet and accidentally kick him in the face.

"You like my feet, too?" she asked.

"I love your every natural smell," he said. Fingering her urine-smelling genitals, he said, "As I explained to you before: if one can't appreciate your fouler side, one doesn't deserve to enjoy your fairer side." He sniffed his fingers.

"You're so sweet, sir," she said with a giggle. "Let's go to Lehar's."

"Yes, my goddess," he said. She put on her clothes, and they left.


When they were at Lehar's, Leroy looked at and admired the beauty of the pagan goddess who was sitting across from him at their table.

"You are so lovely, Camilla," he said as he gazed at her with adoring eyes. She looked so ravishing in that black evening gown, with her hair done up and her bright makeup.

"Thank you, sir," she said with a giggle. Looking at her menu, she asked, "Now, what am I going to eat?"

"Good question," he said. "Please, let me choose for you. I want you to have just the right food for tonight, and lots of it. If you don't mind, when we go to my apartment, I hope the food you'll eat tonight will make you shit firm, sausage-shaped turds, like Type 3 on the Bristol Stool Chart."

"Um, OK," she said, trying to hide her disgust at the obsessive extent of his coprophilia. After their meal, they went to his apartment.


As soon as they walked into his apartment, she started undressing, as usual not even waiting for him to close the door; he was glad to leave it open until she got completely naked. She left her clothes by the door, and took her purse with her to the bedroom. As she walked by his kitchen area, she noticed many empty bags of takeout from fast-food restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King, as well as empty plastic bottles of Coke, Sprite, and other soft drinks. He's really into junk food, she thought to herself. Even when they ate at Lehar's, he ate only steak: no vegetables, and for desert, ice cream and brownies. When they went into the bedroom, she saw on a shelf above his bed a number of DVDs. They included Salo, by Pier Paolo Pasolini, as well as a number of German Scheisse pornographic movies.

"Oh, I see you're looking at my DVDs. My favourite is Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom. I only wish that, instead of that pretty blonde girl eating the man's shit, it had been the other way around. Then it would have been perfect."

"Oh, of course," she said, trying not to sneer. She undid her bun and let her hair down; then they went into the bathroom, for she was ready to shit. She sat on the toilet while he enthusiastically waited for the first few drops. First, she peed, then out came a few turds. She looked up at him calmly and confidently as she shat. She didn't feel the slightest embarrassment, for she knew he was thrilling to the sound of her stools as they slid out of her anus, as well as her audible breaking wind. As she continued crapping, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge erection--the whole reason she was willing to indulge his bizarre fetish again. "Why does my poo-poo excite you so much, sir?" 'Dolly' asked him as she stroked his penis.

"Because when I know these private things about you, I feel that much closer to you, Goddess," he said in loud pants.

She leaned forward and put his phallus in her mouth. As his body shook with pleasure from her sucking, kissing, and licking of his member, he leaned forward to watch her faeces slowly slide out of her asshole. It was a thrilling sight for him to see her pink, callipygian behind caressing his toilet seat as her (as he saw it) divine excrement came out. The feeling of her lips and tongue massaging his long, hard cock was the perfect accompaniment to what we was watching. She also tickled his balls, tapping them with her fingers to make them dance back and forth. At one point, she took his cock out of her mouth and put his entire scrotum in it. She sucked on it, and her tongue tickled his balls in the same way her fingers had just done. Then she took his balls out and put his massive shaft back in, deep-throating it.

She finished her shit, but he wouldn't let her flush the toilet. He got the toilet paper, and they got in a 69 position, him wiping as she sucked. He savoured every second of thoroughly wiping away all the brown to reveal once again her beautiful asshole, just inches from his face. Then he frenziedly sniffed, kissed, and even licked her stinky anus. Worried that he would catch some disease because of her (the deaths of Guy and Dirk were still on her mind), she pulled his cock out of her mouth. "Sir, please don't lick my assho--"

Suddenly, he sprayed his copious come all over her face, much of it going right inside her mouth. She rolled off of him, and he saw her dripping wet face. She then swallowed his come so she could speak. "Beautiful," he panted.

"Let's take a shower, OK? If you're gonna lick my asshole, I want it to be clean. I don't want you to get sick, sir," she said. They got in the shower, and cleaned each other. He was reluctant to clean her rectum or vulva; nor did he want to clean his face, since he'd had her anal cleft brushing against it. Still, she insisted on cleaning all three soiled body parts.

After the shower, they dried each other off, and Leroy's penis was getting hard again from her gentle stroking of it with her towel.

"OK, sir, I satisfied your desires. Now can you please satisfy mine?" she asked. "Please put your cock in my pussy: it will feel sooooo good in there."

"For you, my goddess, anything," he said, and they went into the bedroom.

He lay on the bed on his back, and she got on top of him in the cowgirl position. She aimed his phallus under her vagina and slowly fed it in. She was dripping wet with expectation! The width and length of it went in, deeper and deeper; her squeals got louder and louder. As it continued to go in deeper, she wondered if it would ever stop going in, it was so long! When the entire length of it was all the way in, she screamed in whistle register and gushed her come all over his lap; but the fucking was only beginning...

She kept on gushing more and more of her multiple orgasm as the tip of his phallus probed her A-spot, a probing more thorough and intense than any other man's cock had done yet. It felt as though it would poke right through and go into her stomach, it was so long; but there was no pain. Every side of her vaginal walls was being stimulated to the maximum. He was worried that her screams would wake up his neighbours, but he didn't want to spoil her fun, since she'd indulged his fetish, a fetish he'd never imagined a girl would be willing to indulge for him, let alone a girl as beautiful and sexy as Camilla was.

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