tagMind ControlCamilla Ch. 053

Camilla Ch. 053


"Ghosts fucking me in my sleep?" sneering Camilla whispered to Candice, hoping the other passengers on the airplane wouldn't hear. "Come on, Candice. You're sounding like those Satanic crazies. There's probably a perfectly rational explanation for what happened."

"OK," Candice whispered. "Like what? What could have made your pussy and asshole open up like that, without anything in them?"

"The Nigrovum, more than likely," Camilla said. "It seems to intensify feelings, and grant our wishes; that's what Dr. Singh thinks, anyway. We wanna heal, so we heal quicker. We wanted the Satanists to die, so they died. In my dream, I wanted to get laid, so I imagined I was really getting cock inside me; so you saw what you saw."

"Yeah," Candice said. "So did a bunch of other passengers."

"Well, I'll have to be careful not to sleep in public places. I can't control my subconscious desires, of course. Ever since that Satanic party, I haven't been laid at all, except for the few fuck videos I made with Bob. I was bound to dream like I did, to satisfy my sexual frustration. Wish-fulfillment, all the way."

"If it's all about wish-fulfillment, how did your teachers die?"

"Maybe they were self-destructive," Camilla said, shrugging. "I dunno."

The man who was watching Camilla during her dream, and who earlier had been watching Candice's iPad behind her back, didn't return to his seat after his second embarrassing ejaculation. Candice noticed his continuing absence among the other passengers. I bet he's hiding in the washroom for the rest of the ride, she thought, snickering to herself.


Agape Mennon sat on a chair in the 'Arrivals' area of Toronto Pearson International Airport; he had a hip flask of Jim Beam in his hand. Already tipsy from several swigs, he was looking at a photo of his daughter when she was six, then up at the clock (it was 6:23 AM), then at the schedule (ETA fifteen minutes), then back at the photo; this cycle of gazes had been going on uninterrupted for the past ten minutes.

"My sweet little baby," he said as he gazed at the smiling, innocent, skinny, pig-tailed Camilla of his photograph, which he'd had in his wallet all those years since he'd divorced Collette. "Look at those baby blue eyes." He knew the divorce had devastated her, but one wouldn't have known that to hear the elation in her voice when she'd called him long distance from Vancouver over a month ago, asking if she could see him again. Over a decade had gone by since he'd last seen her, and he had no idea what to expect of her as she was now. He'd seen no recent photographs of her; the one in his hand was his most recent.

And what of her personality? On the phone she sounded as ebullient with joy as she had been before the divorce; but sometimes bitterness hides behind smiles. He'd always felt guilty about leaving her fatherless, and some kind of evil had to have grown from the hysterical tears she'd cried from the day he had to say good-bye to her.


The airplane was coming down, about to touch the ground. Camilla looked out the window in nervous expectation. Her heart was pounding.

"Oh, God," she said in a trembling voice. "I'm gonna see him."


Agape took another swig from his flask of bourbon as he looked at the schedule, which indicated her plane's landing.

"Oh, God," he said. "I'm gonna see her."


After getting into the airport, the girls went to the nearest washroom. Camilla freshened up, putting on more bright makeup and nervously looking over herself in the mirror.

"Why are you so anxious to look perfect, Camil?" Candice asked as she re-applied some makeup. "You're seeing your dad, not going on a date."

"I know," Camilla said as she put red lipstick on. "I want him to be proud to have a beautiful daughter."

"You don't have to work so hard to do that," Candice said.

"I wanna be more beautiful than beautiful," Camilla said, checking her dark blue evening gown for any problems. "No, I didn't get any come on it from that dream--good." Then she checked her cleavage to see that a sufficiently titillating amount was showing. "I want him to know that I'm not the skinny, homely child I once was; I've blossomed gloriously, and I want him to be proud...OK, I'm ready. Let's go."

"OK," Candice said. "Don't be in such a hurry. Let me put my stuff in my purse, and we'll go."

"I can't wait any longer. C'mon!" Camilla took Candice by the arm and led her out of the washroom.

As they went through the halls of the airport, Candice saw that man whom she'd made cream his pants on the airplane. He blushed when his wife, just then meeting him in the 'Arrivals' section, saw his still-wet pants. Candice giggled. "Serves you right, asshole," she said.

Camilla's eyes raced all over the large room, searching through the sea of waiting people to find her dad. Then she saw him. "Oh, my God," she said. "Candice, there he is." She pointed him out. Tall, with wisps of grey hair intermixed with his more dominant blond, and in a white short-sleeved dress shirt and dark blue dress pants, the forty-something man indeed looked to Candice like Mr. Grisham, only much better-looking. "Daddy!" A tear ran down Camilla's cheek. "Daddy, over here!"

Agape looked up from his photo and saw his 18-year-old daughter for the first time. He recognized the face under all the heavy makeup, but he didn't recognize the body at all. No longer the skinny little girl of his photo, she was now a buxom, shapely, callipygian beauty. His jaw dropped, and his eyes almost fell out from his lack of belief of what they were telling him. "How did an owl such as I produce a pussycat like that?" he asked himself as he saw her approaching. "Is that really my daughter?"

She and Candice were coming closer, slowed down only by their heavy bags. He was too awed by her transformation, from childlike flatlands to womanly topography, to think to walk over and help them with their luggage. He kept looking up from his photo to see the statuesque Aphrodite coming up to him, then back down at the photo of his once-innocent child, as would a confused customs official eyeing a dubious passport.

Finally, the girls reached him. Camilla threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. Kissing him hard on the cheek, she said, "Oh, Daddy! It's ecstasy to see you again."

"NIce assonance," he said.

Looking back at her behind and grinning, she said, "Oh, thank you."

Blushing and astonished at her words, he stammered, "I meant--uh, I wasn't talking about--uh, the word asson--, uh..."

Candice was as surprised by Camilla's excessive affection as he was; Camilla was still hugging him tightly. "Daddy?" she asked after smelling his breath. "Have you been drinking?"

"Yeah," he said. "Hair of the dog."

"Oh, Daddy, she took you away from me," Camilla said in sobs.

"Sweetie," he said nervously, taking her arms from his waist. "W-why don't I take you home now? I've set up the guest bedroom to accommodate both of you. You must be tired."

"Yeah, okay," Camilla said. "Oh, where are my manners? Daddy, this is my best friend, Candice; Candice, my daddy. His name's Agape."

Shaking his hand, Candice said, "Agape; that's a unique name."

"It means 'love'," Camilla said with an ear-to-ear smile, her eyes beaming up at him. She was fidgeting with delight, like a giddy little girl, at finally being with him again.

"Let's go," he said, putting his flask in his pocket and taking the girls' heavier bags. "It's raining outside, Camilla. Maybe I should let you use my raincoat when we go out to get a taxi."

As they were going over to the doors leading outside, Camilla said, "Oh, I don't mind a little rain. I like the way I look in this dress, and I want to show it off; a little rain on me will make me look even spicier."

If only you did mind a little rain, he thought; every other man in this airport wants you to show off your near-naked 'spiciness', too.

They waited out in the rain; Agape offered the girls his umbrella.

"Thanks," Candice said, opening it up.

"You use it," Camilla said. "I don't mind getting wet." The rain was making her erect nipples poke through her dress, and she liked how sexy it made her look.

"You'll catch your death of cold," he said, not comfortable with her exhibitionism. "Please, baby; at least wear my raincoat."

"No, I'm OK, Daddy, really. Hey, there's an empty cab; let's get it!" They did, and got to Agape's home, a house in a quiet neighbourhood, in about a half hour.


"Here's your room, girls," Agape said. "There's a bathroom over there for both of you, so you have perfect privacy."

"Thanks, Mr. Mennon," Candice said. "I'll find myself an apartment really quick; you don't need to worry about me staying here too long."

"Oh, don't worry about that," he said. "You're my guest; stay as long as you need to. There's no great hurry for you to find a new place. Have yourselves a shower, then sleep for as long as you like; when you're all rested up, I'll take you both out to dinner tonight. I know a great Italian restaurant we can go to."

"Great. Thanks, Daddy," Camilla said. He left them, and she closed the door. "Let's take a shower together; it'll save my dad on the water bills."

"It'll also be fun," Candice said. "We haven't done that in a while." She kissed Camilla on the lips, and the girls took off their clothes and makeup.

The naked girls got into the shower stall; it was a small one, but they weren't going to need a lot of space anyway. They turned on the water, took the hand-held shower head and sprayed the fairly-hot water on each other's bodies, and each got a bar of soap to lather up and use on each other. Camilla soaped up Candice's arms and armpits while softly pecking her on the lips; Candice soaped up Camilla's breasts. The steam from the water didn't out-fog their heavy breathing by much, for soon Candice was rubbing the lather on Camilla's pubic hair and vulva, while Camilla soaped up Candice's tits. The pecks on the lips quickly evolved into French-kissing. Candice put her soaped-up finger inside Camilla's anus while Camilla got the lather on Candice's pussy. Again, the wet of the water on the girls' groin areas was in close competition with the wet they felt from their excitement. Camilla soaped up Candice's asshole while Candice rubbed soap all over Camilla's back and arms.

They rinsed each other off, then Candice soaped up Camilla's legs and feet, all the while licking her pussy. Camilla rubbed shampoo in Candice's hair as she was being eaten out. Candice was sucking on Camilla's clitoris, buzzing and humming on it as well as breathing heavily on it. This made Camilla sigh at higher and higher pitches until she finally screamed in whistle register and came all over Candice's happy face. After rinsing Candice's hair off, Camilla was startled to hear a knock on the bedroom door. "Yes, Daddy?"

"Is everything OK in there?" he asked. "I heard a shrill scream."

"Oh, believe me, Mr. Mennon," Candice said in sighs. "That kind of scream can only be a good one."

"Oh?" he asked, guessing at Candice's meaning.

"Really, Daddy," Camilla sighed. "Everything's fantastic in here."

"If you say so," he said, leaving them. I think I know what kind of 'best friends' they are, he thought. Oh well: I'm liberal enough to accept it. If that's as debauched as Camilla has gotten from my absence in her life, I consider her lucky.

"OK, Candice," Camilla said, squatting down with the soap. "Now it's your turn." She peed down the drain as she soaped up Candice's legs and licked her pussy, while Candice shampooed Camilla's hair and moaned.


The girls slept until lunchtime, then got up, put on their dresses, and joined Agape for lunch. He made them all chicken sandwiches.

"So, what do you teach at York University, Mr. Mennon?" Candice asked before taking a bite of her sandwich.

"The same thing I'm studying there; English literature," Camilla said. "Though I'll also be minoring in French literature. There's a course on French erotic literature I'm taking; I can't wait for that."

"Is your French good enough to study that?" he asked.

"The university thinks so; they accepted me for that course," Camilla said. "I wanna be just like my Daddy, and be a professor one day."

"Wow," Candice said. "I always knew you were smart enough to do that, Camil."

"What about you, Candice?" he asked. "Are you studying at York, too?"

"Oh, no," she said. "I'm not smart enough to do university. I'll just find a stripping job here."

"Oh," he said, a bit surprised. "Kind of hard work, isn't that? I mean, psychologically?"

"Well, there are a lot of creeps," she said. "But I can handle that, don't worry. I now especially have the power to handle those kinds of guys."

Not at all understanding what she meant by that, he decided to change the subject back to Camilla's studies. "Since you want to become a prof, Camilla, you may want to take a look at my library in the other room over there. Reading a number of my books can give you a leg-up over the other students."

"Great," Camilla said. "I wanna have a look." She got up, took her sandwich with her, and went into his study. She was in awe at what she found there: Books, books, and more books! He had bookshelves completely covering three of the four walls in the room, with no spare space anywhere. Though there were no Hindi or Sanskrit books on his shelves, as there were in Ravinder's home, his books still showed a wealth of erudition. Not only were there the usual writers, Shakespeare (complete works), Chaucer, Spenser, Milton, Donne, Yeats, Keats, Byron, Blake, Shelley, e e cummings, TS Eliot, and many others, there were also numerous scholarly studies on many of those writers and others, including several written by himself! She looked at the ones he'd written, and noticed rave reviews on the backs of some of them. "Oh, Daddy," she said, almost getting dizzy, "you're the sexiest Daddy of them all."


That evening, the three of them went out to the Italian restaurant Agape had mentioned before. He helped himself to a generous amount of red wine, as did Candice, knowing Camilla would drive them all back home.

Sipping his wine, he pulled out his cell-phone. "Here," he said to Camilla. "I want you to see this picture."

"Sure," she said. She frowned slightly when she saw a picture of a black-haired, black-eyed woman about his age, and mentally guessed who she was. "Who's this?"

"Carrie Minnear," he said. "A fellow professor at York, she's also been my girlfriend for the past three years."

"She seems very nice," Camilla said with a fake smile, hiding her annoyance at this intrusion, as she saw Carrie, in their lives. "Very pretty; she looks like Mom."

"Yeah," he said, putting the phone away and sipping his wine again. "I've always had a weakness for women with long black hair."

I've always had a hatred for women who look like that, Camilla thought underneath her smile.


That night in their room, naked Candice was on the bed masturbating as she watched, on her iPad, a BDSM video of Camilla, naked, tied-up, and whipped by Bob. It amazed Candice to see Camilla receive so many lashes with a whip, causing so many stripes of wet blood on her back, only to see it all heal so quickly after Bob had licked it off her. Again, it was all POV, so one saw the licking and the healing up close. "You're so powerful, Camilla," Candice said in awe of the girl she loved. "No one can stop you."

"It's great that Bob and I can do BDSM, thanks to Nigrovum," naked Camilla said from the bathroom. "Without it, I would never have even considered it. Now there's a new category for my website, and it's drawing lots of viewers, who are just as amazed as you are to see all those wounds heal so fast."

"Watching you in these videos," Candice said after turning off the iPad, "I can only say you're a goddess."

"Thanks," Camilla said as she left the bathroom. Getting on the bed with Candice, she asked, "But what d'you think of Daddy? Speaking of gods, isn't he, well, just Zeus-like? If I'm a goddess, I'm Athena, sprung right from his forehead." She kissed Candice on the cheek.

"Well, I don't know if I'd call him 'Zeus-like'," Candice said, kissing Camilla on the lips. "But I can see where you get your beauty from: he's sure cute. He looks like Grisham, only better." She put her iPad away and took Camilla in her arms.

"You wanna fuck him?" Camilla asked as she kissed Candice on the neck. She fondled Candice's left tit.

"But he's your dad," Candice said, no longer sighing from shock at what Camilla had just said. "Wouldn't that be creepy?"

"I don't mind," Camilla said. "Oh, come on. Have an open mind. I want you to--really." She started fingering Candice's pussy.

"But what about his girlfriend?" Candice moaned, closing her eyes.

"That's why I want to fuck him." Camilla licked Candice's right nipple.

"This sounds like jealousy. Oh!"

"No," Camilla said with more than a little defensiveness as she kept licking. "I...think Carrie...will be bad...for him." She sucked on Candice's right tit while putting her index and long fingers up the redhead's pussy.

"How do you...know that? Ah! You don't...even know her."

"That black hair...and black eyes...like Mommy."

"So?" Candice ran one hand through Camilla's hair and fondled her left tit with the other.

"I'm...getting premonitions," Camilla said as she kissed Candice's belly. "The Nigrovum's telling me...Carrie will...hurt him...Fuck him for me...I wanna watch."

"Eww!" Candice said, pushing Camilla away and looking in her eyes in shock. "The Nigrovum's making you nuts, girl."

"No," Camilla said, looking Candice straight in the eyes and working the Nigrovum on her mind. "I wanna watch you make him feel good. He's an unhappy man, and an alcoholic, as you could see today. I'm sure the divorce drove him to drink. I love him; I wanna make him happy, that's all."

"Well..." Candice said, not even noticing her own hypnosis. "OK. For you I will. But he likes brunettes, doesn't he?"

"Buy a black wig," Camilla said, diving down on Candice's pussy. "Or dye...your hair...black." Her tongue vibrated rapidly against Candice's clitoris; Candice held and caressed Camilla's head in her hands as the cunnilingus continued. Camilla wrapped her lips around Candice's labia and gently tugged on them; then she pushed Candice's legs up so she could lick her asshole. As her tongue tickled the anal orifice, Camilla slowly and carefully put her fingers inside Candice's cunt, then she fisted her. Her fingers touching Candice's G-spot and A-spot, she made Candice orgasm within a few minutes.


Agape dreamed of being with Carrie that night.

They were in a park, walking together on a dark, starless night. Only the moon and a few far away streetlights gave any illumination. He looked away from her for a second to see a beautiful lake to his left; when he looked back, he no longer saw Carrie. Instead, he saw Candice, but with black hair and wearing Camilla's dark blue dress.

"Where's Carrie?" he asked, confused.

"Who cares?" Candice asked. "Do you like my tits, Mr. Mennon? You've been staring at them all night."

"No, I haven't," he said. "I don't think of you that..."

"D'you wanna see them?" she asked, holding the shoulder straps of her dress as if about to take it off. "I'll get naked for you, if you like."

"Gee, I don't know if..."

Before he could finish, the dress fell to the ground. Without underwear, Candice was now completely naked before him. No longer ginger-coloured, her pubic hair was as black as Collette's, as were her eyes, fingernails, toenails, and even her nipples. She squatted down, unzipped Agape's pants, and pulled out his cock. Looking up at him submissively, she began sucking him off.

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