tagMind ControlCamilla Ch. 071

Camilla Ch. 071


At 6:30 on Saturday evening, Camilla sat at a table in Club Ritz, waiting for Marcel to arrive. Candice was giving someone lap dances, so Camilla was alone, free to contemplate her current sexual situation.

Unlike her first fuck with Agape, Friday night was much more successful: those dirty old towels had absorbed all of her come, and he didn't get any on himself. She remembered her conversation with him on Saturday morning vividly:

"Did Carrie come over last night, Camilla?" he asked when his daughter came into the kitchen and kissed him on the cheek.

"No, Daddy," she said, starting to prepare coffees for both of them.

"Well, when we were partying, I would have sworn I'd made love with her in the living room," he said.

"No, Daddy, that couldn't have happened," she said. "I was with you the whole time. You must have passed out and dreamed the whole thing."

"I guess," he said, with a confused look in his eyes. "Funny thing: she had the body of a twenty-year old."

"If you saw that, then you were definitely dreaming," she lied.

She hated having to lie to her father, but if she'd said his girlfriend had come over, he may have asked her about it later, and she would have denied coming over; thus making him realize his daughter had lied to him in a much more incriminating way. So Camilla had covered all of her tracks--her father hadn't the slightest suspicion she'd made him commit incest with her.

Her body tingled with pleasure from knowing she'd successfully made love with Agape, an extra pleasure she correctly sensed was Nigrovum aiding her delight. These upbeat feelings encouraged her, knowing what Dr. Singh had told her about the dangers of fear, depression, and despair. She sensed that he was right about those deadly emotions, for whenever she felt low, something seemed to weigh her down further...this had to be Nigrovum adding to her gloom. Whenever she felt distressed, as when she first realized she'd had sex with her father, her body shook with an agitation that made her almost topple over, as though she were standing where an earthquake was hitting. Again, she figured this was probably Nigrovum adding to her anxieties. She'd have to e-mail Dr. Singh and ask him about these feelings she'd been recently having.

One thing she'd forgotten to do on Friday night was set up the psychic barriers; her dreams weren't nearly as bad as they could have been, though. Three new incubi enjoyed her in a gang-bang: Miles Holland, Dr. Davis, and M. Larre! They were, respectively, fucking her mouth, her pussy, and her ass.

She pulled Miles's cock out of her mouth. "You all died?" she asked, then started licking the underside of his cock.

"Yes, unfortunately," he sighed. "It...wasn't your fault; it was...the bitch's. Oh!"

"Still, sorry," she said between licks. Had Agape come into her bedroom at that time, he'd have sworn his daughter, lying on her bed with her flickering tongue out, was doing an impression of Linda Blair in the climactic scene of the Exorcist.

"I...don't blame...you either," said Dr. Davis as he pumped his cock in and out of her cunt. "Some...mafia scumbag took...me out. Unh! Knowing what...my wife was doing...with that marine, I kinda lost...my will to live, anyway."

"Oh, no," she said, then took Miles's cock back in her mouth. Someone watching the dream would have seen a poking bulge in dreaming Camilla's right cheek.

"Me, I did...too much speedball," Larre said as his cock probed her asshole. "I was depressed about...the future of...my business. I wanted to...get high to...cheer up. Ah!" Again, anyone in her bedroom watching her would have seen her pussy and asshole gaping, with the vibrating movements of invisible cocks going in and out of her.

"We're not...mad at you," moaned Miles. "We just...wanna fuck you...to cheer up...down here...in hell."

She pulled his cock out of her mouth with a popping sound. "Hell?" she asked.

"There's that little bitch!" Collette shouted as she approached them; but the four lovers used their combined psychic power to throw the ghost of Camilla's angry mother far away. The fucking continued.

Though Camilla was sad to know these three men had died, she found it pleasant to know that not all of those ghosts were malevolent. In fact, when she'd woken up from her very wet dream, she cheerfully replaced her come-soaked bedsheets, and considered not setting up psychic barriers for those nights when she hadn't found a lover. Those dream-fucks were fantastic, in more than just the literal sense. She just had to keep the bad ghosts away.

She looked over at the front door to the strip joint, and just then, she saw a tall man walk in. She instantly recognized him as Marcel: he wore a light orange dress shirt and black pants. Remembering the Facebook photos of her that he especially liked, she wore the jean shorts and light green sleeveless top she'd had on in the photo he'd commented on, saying, 'Sweetie-pie!' This reaction of his made her correctly sense that his fantasy girl was essentially like her shy, submissive 'Angel' persona--the one Mr. Grisham liked, only with more girlie giggling. Seeing him approach her table, she immediately went into character.

"Camilla?" Marcel asked.

"Marcel! Bonsoir!" she said in a gleeful, high-pitched voice. She got up and hugged him. With her head level with his chest, she looked up at him and said, "You're so tall and I'm so short." Then she giggled like a little girl.

Looking down at the pretty girl in an affectedly avuncular attitude, he said, "Yes, you're just a little baby, aren't you?"

"Mm-hmm," she said, still hugging him, doing a sexy pout, and looking up at him with glowing, childlike eyes. "Hey, let's go into a private room so I can give you free lap dances."

"OK," he said. She took him by the hand and led him into a private room. He sat on a couch, and she sat on his lap. "You're wearing the outfit you had on in my favourite pictures of you."

"Yeah," she said, 'shyly' giggling. "I still remember your reaction to a picture my friend, Candice, took of my bum; I was in these shorts, and I stuck my bum out at her camera."

"I remember that one. I said, 'Callipygian!'"

"That's what I like about you, Marcel: your comments are so much smarter than what most guys say--like, 'ooh, baby, nice ass, I wanna bite it!' You don't say things like that. You're sophisticated; you have class."

"Merci, chérie."

"De rien. Speaking of my bum, wanna see it? I wanna get naked for you." She got up and unzipped her shorts.

"I'd love that," he said, smiling as he saw her shorts fall down to her feet. He ogled her white panties as she pulled off her top with a wiggle of her breasts. "What I like about you is your warmth and friendliness on Facebook. When a man my age gives compliments to pretty girls your age on the internet, they usually react with rude hostility." Now she was dancing around in only her shoes and panties, with her hand down in front, fingering her clitoris. "Now, many men are rude enough to the girls to deserve rudeness back, but not all of us do. You're different: you actually encourage me, you naughty girl."

"That's 'cause I think men your age are sexy," she said as she pulled down her panties.

"You shaved," he said, admiring her hairless mons veneris.

"D'you like it?" she asked, pulling her feet out the leg holes of her panties. "If you don't, I can grow it all back, faster than you can imagine, believe me."

"Oh, no, no, no; I like it. It's beautiful."

"Thanks." She kicked off her high heels. Raising her arms up in the air and swaying her hips in a proud display of her frontal nudity, she said, "Me voila, en fleche."

"Oui, ma belle."

"And here's my bare bum." She turned around for him and stuck her ass out at his face as she had in the photo Candice had taken of her.


She giggled her thanks. "Wanna touch?"

"How much of you am I allowed to touch in here?"

"All of me, of course." She spread her legs and bent over so he could see her asshole and pussy.

"You're a dream come true," he said, gently putting his finger an inch inside her vagina.

"Oh, sir, touch me here," she said, directing his finger down and forward a bit. "My G-spot; there, that gets me hot. Oh!"

"Oh, that's nice," he said, lightly rubbing his finger in that very moist area.

"You can touch...my butt-hole, too, if you want. Lots of men...like to," she said in sighs.

"Avec plaisir," he said, and took his finger out of her cunt. He was now gently stroking her wrinkled, brown anal lips.

"Wanna taste me?"

He bent over and licked her anus; he now had both his right index and long fingers massaging her cunt, which was dripping wet. His left hand opened her left buttock wider to make her asshole more accessible to his eager tongue.

Always bent over, she stroked the bulge in his pants with one hand, and fingered her clit with the other.

"I'm gonna come," she moaned. "Oh!"


"Yeah. Wanna eat it?"


"Open wide, sir."

He took his fingers out of her cunt, and pushed his wide-open lips against the periphery of her pussy. His tongue briefly tickled the edges of her vaginal orifice. She then poured a waterfall of come into his thirsty mouth. Though her whistle-register scream startled him and pierced his eardrums, he kept his head relatively still, and he got almost all of her come in his mouth. Only a little dribbled down the side of his mouth; the rest of her gushing was happily gulped down.

After swallowing it all, he said, "Incroyable."

"Thank you, sir," she said, sitting on his erection.

"Why do you call me 'sir'?" he asked in groans as her soft buttocks rubbed against the bulge in his pants.

"Oh, habit," she sighed.

"What habit?"

"My lovers...are usually teachers."

"I see," he moaned, putting his hands on her breasts.

"What are...you doing tonight?" She was grinding harder now.

"Nothing, just with you." He gently squeezed her breasts.

"Wanna take me...to your hotel...and fuck me?"

"Of course. Unh!" He pinched her nipples.

"When do...you want...to go?"

"As soon...as possible."

"OK," she moaned. "I'll suck...your cock first. Oh!" She got up and turned around. Then she knelt between his legs and unzipped his pants.

"Can I put him between your lovely breasts?"

"Of course, sir, I mean Marcel." She pulled his cock out; when she saw its huge size, her eyes almost popped out of her head, and her jaw dropped to the floor.

"You like him?"

"He's beautiful," she said, wrapping her breasts tightly around 'him', and sliding them up and down. She looked up in his eyes as she tit-fucked him.

He looked down at her and stroked her hair. "You're so beautiful."

"You're so handsome."

"Did you...dye your hair?"

"Uh, yeah," she lied. "Do you like it?"

"Yes. It's pretty. You're a dirtier blonde now. Oh!"

"Fitting for such a bad girl, eh?" She giggled lewdly. "You're gonna come soon, right?"


"Where do you wanna spray it?"

"On your tits, if that's OK?"

"Yes, sir," she said. She then unwrapped her breasts and jerked him off, keeping his cock pointed at them. He sprayed his load first on her left nipple; then on her right breast, to the left of the nipple; then on her cleavage; and finally on her right nipple. She wiped his cock's oozing remainder on the dry areas of her breasts.

He put his spent cock away, and smiled as she brought her tits up to her mouth and licked his come off them.

"Let me take you to dinner," he said.

"Oh, I'd love that!" she squealed, jumping up to her feet. "I have my black and white striped dress here, in the change room. The tight-fitting one, you know? You saw me in it for one of my Facebook pictures. Remember?"

"You mean your 'deesse' dress?"

"Yes! That one. Want me to wear it?"

"Oh, definitely."


A half hour later, they were in Giovanni's, having already ordered.

"This is a nice restaurant, Marcel said.

"Yeah," Camilla said. "I come here all the time."

"So, you liked my song?"

"I love it. It's on my iPod. Here, I'll show you." She gave it to him and played the song.

"That's my song."

"If you'd come to Club Ritz when I was onstage, you'd have heard it then."

"I'm flattered."

"You're amazing," she said. "No one ever wrote a song for me before."

"I can't believe that. You're Euterpe."

"Euterpe? What's that?"

"The Muse of music--a goddess."

"Oh, Marcel," she sighed, beaming at him. "You're so sweet to me. My girlfriend Candice was all wrong about you. She thought you were just one of those creepy old guys who lust after young girls online, but you're not. You're special, and I'm gonna fuck and suck you like you've never been fucked or sucked before."

"Camilla, we're in Giovanni's, remember? Please keep your voice down."

"Oops. Sorry." She blushed, covering her face.


An hour later, they were naked, on his bed in his hotel room.

He was giving it to her doggy-style. As his cock ploughed away inside her pussy, his right index finger was deep inside her rectum, sliding in and out in movements that alternated with the in-and-out movements of his cock. His other hand was cupped around her left breast. She was letting out high-pitched staccato squeals of pleasure with each gentle jab of the knob of his cock against her A-spot. His cock and balls were already covered in the come of three of her orgasms, and a fourth was soon to follow.

"Rub your...finger down...on the...low wall...of my poop-hole," she sighed in pitches bordering on the whistle register. "It gets...me hotter."

"OK," he grunted, then his finger stroked the anal wall that was against her vaginal wall.

She now felt a bright tingling in both holes, as if her pussy and asshole were mouths that had each dropped a pill of ecstasy, and were now peaking on it. She showered his cock and balls with her fourth orgasm.

"You're a...fucking fountain, Camilla."

"Wanna fuck...my ass now?"

"Oh, yeah." He scooped up some of her come and smeared it against her asshole, then he moved his wet fingers inside, thoroughly lubricating her rectum. Now he aimed his cock at her gaping asshole, and pushed it in an inch. "Ooh!"

She looked back at him with her mouth agape, welcoming his manhood inside. He pushed in a few inches further.

"Oh!" she groaned. "Deeper!"

He pushed all the way in. "Unh!" Now his cock was taking up every millimetre of room inside her rectum--no spare space anywhere.

She loved feeling her anal walls stretched out and stimulated like that. He slid in and out slowly and gracefully at first, then as he got more and more excited, his thrusts grew faster and more aggressive. She craved every second of her anal impaling; his cock was so big, it felt as if it were half-way inside her entire body. His balls were slapping against her pussy. Frantically fingering her hard clitoris, she could feel an anal orgasm coming. He kept pumping, and she came her fifth time, cupping her hand under and catching most of her cooze. His hands were on her tits, gently squeezing them.

"Here," she said, bringing her hand with the come in it up to him. "Wanna drink my come?"

"Sure," he said, bending down and drinking it from her hand. When he finished drinking, he asked, "Where do...you want me...to come?"

"Not in...my ass, OK?"

"OK." He slowly pulled his cock out of her asshole, then she got off the bed. He sat on the side of the bed, and she knelt between his knees. Looking up in his eyes with a lewd smile, she kissed and licked the tip of his cock. Then she took his knob in her mouth, her wet lips caressing it. He looked down at her, stroking her hair, now mostly black with only a few streaks of blonde left. She took his cock half of the way in; her tongue quickly vibrated against his corpus spongiosum. "Oh, baby. Your mouth...is magic."

She moaned her thanks, and deep-throated him, always with her eyes locked on his to see his reaction to her skills. She puffed exhalations from her nose against his pubic hair. From where he was looking down at her, she looked as though she was wearing a fake bushy moustache. She played with his balls, shaking them gently and lightly scratching his scrotum with her fingernails. Sensing he was about to come, she pulled her head back, releasing his cock with a popping sound. Then she held his shaft in her hand, and gave it a squeeze; this was enough to make him blow his load.

His first shot hit her right between the eyes; the next hit her nose. She was giggling and screaming with glee the whole time. The third shot hit her upper lip; the fourth, her left eye; and the last, her right cheek. She wiped what was dripping from his dick-hole against her dry left cheek.

Looking up at him and giggling like a little girl, she asked, "Do I look pretty?"

"Oh, yes," he said, looking down at her in awe and amazement. "That looks better than makeup."

"Ooh!" she said suddenly, jumping up to her feet. "I gotta go pee-pee."

"Oh, pee on me, please?" he asked. "One good soaking deserves another."

"Sure," she said, his come still dripping off her cheeks and chin. "Let's go in your bathtub." She walked towards the bathroom, wiping his come out of her eye.

"OK," he said, and he followed her. She let him get in the shower stall first, and he lay on his back in the bathtub. She then got in and squatted over him; some drops of his come dripped off her face and onto his chest.

Her fingers spread her vulva wide open so he could see her urethral opening. "Are you ready?"

"And eager," he said in breathy expectation, looking down at her urethra, impatient to see the first drops of her apple juice.

Then it started to pour out on his chest in a glorious line of yellow. It bounced off in all directions, with drops hitting his arms, belly, face, and neck. His navel was getting a cupful, filled to the brim. He was moaning in ecstasy.

She was moaning also, but simply in relief. He enjoyed hearing that, too; in fact, he was starting to get another erection.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"I love it," he sighed. "On my face, please?"

"Yes, sir," she said, moving up. She pissed the remainder on his face, hitting his eyes, nose, and mouth. Droplets sprinkled against his ears and hair, and his whole face was drowning in the pleasure of pee-pee. He allowed a little to go inside his mouth and nostrils. When she was finished, he was coughing and sneezing, and his cock was rock hard again. "How was that, Marcel?"

"F-fucking fantastic!" he grunted. "You are simply divine."

"I'm glad you liked it. Let me give you a hand job." She grabbed his cock and slid her hand up and down the long, thick shaft, looking lewdly in his eyes. She kept it pointed at her belly, and squeezed it whenever her hand came up to the knob; when her hand went down to the base, she held it more gently. Then her fingers tickled the underside, where his corpus spongiosum met his knob. After a minute or two of jerking him off like this, he ejaculated on her belly, causing her navel to be as full of his come as his navel was full of her pee. "Did you enjoy that, sir?"

"Absolutely, sweetheart," he panted. "What a wonderful trip...to Canada this...has been. Even if...the rest of...my time here...is terrible, seeing you alone...has made...it worth the...price of...the plane tickets. It's so sad...that I'll have to...be moving on...first thing tomorrow; I have friends in Hamilton waiting for me. Still, I'm so glad we got together. Merci, ma deesse."

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