tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCamilla Ch. 089

Camilla Ch. 089


18 years later, in late August, in Montreal


Camilla was now 37 years old; thanks to her use of Nigrovum to slow down the ageing process, however, she looked only 25! She'd been a lecturer on English literature in McGill University for the past nine years, having started her teaching job there quite soon after receiving her doctoral degree.

So where was she now?

Was she teaching a class? Was she doing research?


She was naked, hovering inches above the surface of the water of a tank in a public aquarium, facing the ceiling, with her spread-out legs up over her head; she was being gang-banged by the ghosts of former lovers she'd had back during a vacation in Thailand, eighteen years before!

She'd accumulated hundreds of lovers over the past eighteen years, lovers of whom the vast majority had already died from the maddening effects of the Nigrovum she'd been sexually transmitting; with the aid of this accumulation, the collective psychic power of the masked Satanists, those both alive and dead, was now most formidable. It was their combined mental power that stripped Camilla naked against her will, forced the nude woman to run all the way--in broad daylight, with people all around watching her in disbelief--from her home to a newly-built public aquarium in downtown Montreal, and kept her floating over the surface of the water, continually gushing come into it. Soon after each ejaculation, she'd piss into the water, and occasionally even shit in it.

All the fish in the water tank had died from the toxicity of a few hours of her spewings. The masked Satanists had psychically clogged the drains, so it was only a matter of time before the pressure caused by her soiling was to cause the glass to break, flooding everyone watching her.

And indeed, many, many people were watching this most unusual sight. The water-tank glass separating naked Camilla from her viewers was like a movie screen in a theatre, or a large flat-screen TV. Not only were many lecherous men (and more than a few similarly-minded women) getting video of the gang-bang on their cell-phone cameras, but news media from countries around the world were filming her and reporting the headlining story. The viewing area was crowded with voyeurs, all looking up through the glass at the naked woman being fucked in her mouth, pussy, and asshole by invisible dicks, her tits squeezed by invisible hands.

Some men got up high, eye-level with her and squatting on a high ledge where, conveniently, her spread was facing them, from only about five feet away. The men were able to get clear, up-close images of her gaping pussy and asshole as they were being pumped by invisible cocks. All Camilla could do was look helplessly at the cell-phone cameras, for her own psychic powers were far from sufficient to fight off the ghosts and end her ongoing public humiliation. Come and piss kept gushing from her cunt.

No one could help her: the masked men were psychically controlling the police, army, media, and owners of the aquarium, mentally blocking them all from doing anything about the situation. A force field was surrounding her body in an invisible dome, allowing no one to get to her, cover her up, and get her out of there. Now, none of those preventive measures even seemed necessary for the Satanists, for everyone watching, whether there in person, or at home watching the spectacle on TV, just stared passively and stupidly, mesmerized and motionless, with agape eyes and mouths.

With an invisible hard-on poking in her mouth and making her right cheek pouch out and in, out and in, Camilla couldn't even scream for help. She could only think, How could I have allowed all of this to happen?

After a few more hours of the endless gang-bang, she heard the disembodied voices of some of the Satanists.

This is just the beginning, Camilla.

No hope for a rest.

No rest for the wicked.

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

Man will die in the filth we leave him in.

Then, she heard three other voices, more comforting ones.

Agape: We'll get you out of this, sweetie. Don't worry.

Don: It will be hard, but we can help you, if you let us.

Dr. Singh: I have friends in Vancouver who'll help, too.

Did you die, too, Ravinder? Camilla mentally communicated.

Singh: No, I've been in Vancouver, all these years, growing with Nigrovum's power. You shouldn't have shut me out of your life like you did. I warned you: I hope you now finally see I'm not crazy.

Camilla: Sorry, Ravinder.

Don: Now do you finally see the consequences of your actions?

Camilla: Sorry, Father Josiah.

Agape: Sorry isn't enough. You must change.

Camilla: I can't, Daddy.

She wanted to cry, but couldn't. The shame of the situation, having now gone on, without rest, for the whole afternoon, was completely unbearable for her; but she was still too afraid to die, for fear of suffering much worse in Hell. The only psychic power she found she could effectively use was to relive old memories in visions, in a kind of out-of-body experience.

She began with a vision from the summer, eighteen years before, when she'd just given birth to her son, Eros Neville Mennon.

Shortly after she got out of the Toronto hospital, Camilla took her baby to the clothing store in the Eaton's Centre, where Patrick had bought her that black evening gown. Knowing Clara, the lesbian owner of the store, had the hots for her, Camilla showed her the baby.

"Wow, he's beautiful," Clara said, picking him up and cradling him in her arms.

"Thanks," Camilla said. She then looked intensely in Clara's eyes, sending psychic waves from her eyes into Clara's. "I'm going on vacation to Thailand. You're going to watch my baby for me."

"I'm going to watch your baby for you," Clara said in a monotone voice; Nigrovum's psychic power was vibrating throughout her body, forcing her to obey.

"You'll take good care of him," Camilla continued.

"I'll take good care of him," Clara answered.

"You'll never let him out of your sight."

"I'll never let him out of my sight."

"You'll love him as if he were your own child."

"I'll love him as if he were my own child."

"He''ll be perfect when I get him back."

"He'll be perfect when you get him back."

"Thanks, Clara. You'll be rewarded for this kind favour." Camilla grinned pleasantly.

"You're welcome, Camilla. I'll be rewarded for this kind favour." Clara similarly smiled, completely forgetting the dialogue she'd just had with Camilla, but subconsciously obedient all the same.

"Bye," Camilla said, walking out of the store, and ignoring Eros's beginning to cry.


In early August, Camilla went on her vacation to Thailand with Veronica, a sultry red-headed stripper from Club Ritz. After hanging out in Bangkok for a few days, they went to Pattaya Beach. Camilla was impressed with the 'lady-boys' she saw walking about everywhere, completely open about their fondness for dressing like women, and often cunningly successful at really looking feminine. Camilla frequently didn't even notice Adam's apples on the transvestites.

"I think it's proper for boys to worship feminine beauty like that," she told Veronica as they walked over to the beach in the afternoon. "Goddesses' male priests are often eunuchs in drag."

"Oh, you don't want them cutting that off, now, do you?" Veronica asked with a giggle. "What a waste that would be."

"Oh, no, they should keep their dicks, absolutely, so they can please the Goddess with them," Camilla insisted. "But worshipping the Goddess means imitating her, dressing like her. I'd appreciate my boy admirers doing that for me."

"You deserve it, Goddess," Veronica said, pecking Camilla on the lips. "I'm still awed by your power."

"You'll get it, too," Camilla said, "after we've made love enough times, and you've drunk enough of my come."

When they got to a dock, they rented a boat and sailed out on the water in Pattaya Bay. Camilla changed from her black-haired, pale 'Goth' look to her original blonde, blue-eyed, peach-skinned look. Veronica just watched in amazement. "Wow," she said.

"You'll soon be able to do stuff like that, too," Camilla said, taking off her red string bikini and flip-flops. Now naked, she said, "You'll see: Nigrovum's power is unlimited."

"I can't wait," Veronica said, stripping out of her yellow string bikini and flip-flops. Now she, too, was naked, except for a golden, stringy, see-through sash she had around her waist. Veronica had silicone tits, but perfectly shaped ones; indeed, it was their all-too-perfect shape that gave their phoniness away. Her soft, pink areolae looked like disk-shaped gum drops. She also had a silver ring in her navel, and skin as peach-coloured and delectable as Camilla's. Veronica leaned proudly against the side rail of the boat, hoping to attract desirable men, as did Camilla, of course.

Nude Camilla, wearing only sunglasses and an orange-yellow flower in her hair, sat on steel rails on the front of the boat, with her legs spread wide open, proudly displaying her body to any other people sailing in Pattaya Bay that sunny afternoon. She used Nigrovum to scan for any sailing men who'd be desirable to her and Veronica. The men didn't have to be older to appeal to Camilla; they just had to be good-looking, well-hung, and intelligent.

Her psychic powers found a boat with men fitting that description within a few minutes of intense concentration; she caused the boat to come close enough to see her frontal nudity, while pretending not to know they were looking. Knowing Veronica's tastes in men, Camilla was lucky to find one man in that boat whom her redhead friend would like.

As the boat came closer, Camilla--still pretending to be unaware of her voyeurs--happily allowed the men's eyes to pour all over her delicious flesh.

"Holy fuck!" the man steering the men's boat said upon seeing Camilla's tits and pussy. "Guys, come up front and check this out!" The other men came over: their jaws dropped, and their cocks rose in their swimsuits.

After having given the men a generous enough look at her body, Camilla went back to join Veronica at the back of their boat; they got down on the floor, on all fours, beside each other. Veronica removed her stringy sash, and Camilla took off her sunglasses. With their legs spread out and their asses pushed up, the girls gleefully displayed their assholes and pussies--pink, perfect, and shaved--to the men, whose boat was now beside the girls'. The men got out their cell-phones, switched them to camera mode, and started taking pictures of the naked girls, who gently kissed each other, always pretending not to notice the men.

Then Camilla and Veronica turned around and lay on their backs side by side, with their legs still spread wide open, and their pussies showing for the men's hungry cameras. Camilla's pussy was shaved like a landing strip; Veronica fingered her completely hairless pussy as she and Camilla looked at each other and talked.

"I love sunbathing here, don't you?" Camilla asked, speaking in her sultry 'Marilyn' voice, with her eyes and mouth agape.

"Yeah," Veronica said. "I feel so free here, with no one to bother us."

"Not a care in the world," Camilla said; then she pecked Veronica on the lips.

The men snuck on the girls' boat, as quietly as they could, to get a closer look. They stood before the naked girls, still taking pictures. The girls never looked away from each other, maintaining the illusion that they didn't know the men were studying their nakedness.

"Why don't they say anything about us?" one man said as he took pictures of Camilla's pussy.

"Shut up! They'll hear," a second man whispered while taking pictures of Veronica's hand on her pussy.

"Enjoy the show while it lasts," a third man whispered. "When they scream, we bolt."

"If they scream," a fourth man said. "I'm sure they want us to look."

Camilla--still apparently not seeing the nearby men--crawled over to get her face between Veronica's legs. On all fours, with her legs spread out and her butt pushed up, Camilla's asshole and pussy were showing; she just insouciantly licked Veronica's clitoris as the men took more pictures.

"Are these girls high?" the first man asked, crouching beside the girls to get a closeup shot of Camilla's tongue on Veronica's labia.

"Good question," the second man whispered. "Why haven't they noticed us?"

"I told you," the fourth man whispered. "They want us to watch." He got some closeup shots of Camilla's asshole.

"Oh, yeah?" the third man whispered. "Then why haven't they simply said 'hi' to us?"

Veronica squealed as she came, and Camilla licked away the sweet ooze. Then Camilla got on her back, with her legs spread out wide, and Veronica, on her knees, got a dildo from out of her purse and gently pushed the tip against Camilla's wet vaginal orifice. Camilla softly sighed as Veronica pushed the dildo in a few inches. The men, getting bolder and bolder, crouched beside the girls to get closeup shots of Camilla's penetrated pussy.

With her eyes closed and her mouth wide open, Camilla was still able to convince the men she didn't know they were there. Veronica kept up the same illusion by staring only at her dildo going in and out of Camilla's soaking cunt.

"I'm...gonna come," Camilla moaned. "Oh!"

"Alright," one of the men whispered.

Veronica brought her mouth down to Camilla's hole. She slowly pulled the dildo out, deliberately tickling it against Camilla's G-spot. Camilla's come sprayed out all over Veronica's wide-open mouth: she ate it all up, and licked the remainder off her lips.

Then Camilla and Veronica switched positions. Veronica lay on her back, and Camilla, on all fours, got on top of her, with her legs spread out and her ass pushed up, exposing her pink asshole and pussy for the cameras. Veronica sucked on Camilla's left tit, and the girls still acted as though they were the only people on their boat while the men continued taking pictures of them.

The fourth man, always ogling Camilla's ass, couldn't take it any more. He slowly bent down, bringing his face to her ass.

"Wait! Don't!" the first man whispered.

"Don't worry," the fourth man said softly. "They want us to." His face was a mere centimetre from Camilla's asshole now.

Knowing his face was in her ass, Camilla psychically changed the smell of her flatulence to raspberry. She audibly farted in his face: the other men snickered as quietly as they could, but the fourth man got a major boner from the soft breeze of Camilla's fruity fart; he greedily sniffed in the sweet smell, then kissed her asshole hard and passionately, as if it were her cherry lips.

Pretending to have a low IQ, Camilla--still in her breathy 'Marilyn' persona--reacted slowly to the sensation of his wet lips and tongue on her asshole. She casually looked back at him and said, "Oh, hi."

"Hi," her ass-licker, a young man, said.

"I poop out of that hole," she said, still with her ass in his face.

"Yes, you do," he said. "But it's beautiful."

"Thank you," she said. "What's your name?" She turned around.

"I'm Paul," he said, putting out his hand for her to shake.

"I'm Camilla," she said, shaking his hand and standing up.

"Extremely pleased to meet you," he said, looking up and down at her body.

Veronica stood up, too, and put out her hand for the first man to shake. "I'm Veronica," she said.

"Hi," the man said, shaking her hand. "I'm Peter, and you're extremely beautiful."

"Thank you," she said. "You're kinda cute. Wanna fuck me?"

"More than anything else in the world," he said. She took Peter downstairs to a room with a bed.

The other three men stayed with Camilla on the deck of the boat.

"My name's Richard," the second man said while fondling Camilla's breasts from behind her.

"Hi Richard," she said, looking back at him and not bothering to shake his hand, out of consideration that his hands were full.

"I'm Gene," the third man said while putting his left hand between Camilla's legs. He put out his right hand to shake hers.

Shaking it, she sighed, "Hi Gene. Ooh." Her pussy was getting wet from his gentle touch.

"You like that?" Gene asked, sliding his finger up her cunt.

"Oh, yeah," she said, with her eyes closed. "Ah!"

All this time, Paul was handling her buttocks, opening them wide and fingering her asshole. He slid his index finger a few inches inside, pushing it in and pulling it out.

"You have a really beautiful body," Richard said.

"Thank you," Camilla said. "Oh!" She came in Gene's cupped hand. He brought his hand up to his face and drank her come, then licked the remainder off his hand.

"OK," Paul said. "You're satisfied, but what about us? Our pricks are still parallel with the floor."

"Gene, get on the floor," Camilla said. "I'll get on top of you." Gene lay on his back on the floor and pulled down his bathing suit. She got on top of him, and aimed his hard-on at her cunt.

"What about us?" Richard said.

"I still have two more holes," she said. "FIll them up. Ah!" She felt Gene's cock sliding in half-way.

"Alright!" Paul said. He pulled down his shorts and got behind her. She used Nigrovum to cause her anus and rectum to be fully lubricated. He pushed the tip of his cock against her anal orifice. "This is gonna feel so good!"

Richard stood in front of her and pulled his pants and underwear down. She looked up at him and began kissing and licking his cock. Paul's cock pushed in a third of the way, and Camilla took Richard's cock three-quarters of the way inside her salivating mouth.

When both Gene's and Paul's cocks got in their respective holes all the way, she had her first orgasm, soaking Gene's lap. She deep-throated Richard's cock, and gently shook his balls in her hand. As Paul pumped his cock in and out of her ass, he reached forward and fondled her tits.

"Ah!" she moaned with a muffled scream when she came a second time. She had Richard's cock half-way inside her mouth now; her tongue vibrated quickly against his corpus spongiosum.

"What about..when we come?" Paul asked in moans. "Unh!"

She pulled Richard's cock out of her mouth with a popping sound. "Come on...my ass," she said, jerking Richard off, and keeping his cock pointed at her face. "Gene, come on...my tits. Ah!" She came a third time.

Paul, about to come, pulled his cock out of her ass. Richard blew his load all over her face, while Paul sprayed his jizz all over Camilla's buttocks. As the two men put their spent cocks away, Gene, about to come, pulled out of her pussy.

She squatted before him, come dripping off her nose, cheeks, chin, and ass. Gene stood up and aimed his cock at her tits. She jerked him off, and he sprayed first on her left nipple, then her right, then between her tits, then finally on her left breast, below the nipple. He pulled up his bathing suit. Practically drowning in come, she looked up at the three standing men and giggled.

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