tagLoving WivesCamping & More On The Beach Ch. 01

Camping & More On The Beach Ch. 01

byDaddyO Wil©

We Went to the Beach

My wife, Jillian and I recently went to the beach in So. California. We had a full hook-up camp site reserved which was right on the beach. The resort we were at also advertized a beach section that was clothing optional. We arrived early in the afternoon, as we were hooking up our travel trailer the woman who was staying next door came by to say hello. Her name was Sheba and she was as exotic as her name. Her body was golden brown, large breasts, hips a little on the heavy side and liquid brown eyes that spoke sensual volumes. She was wearing a very small bikini that left little to the imagination. My cock started to respond to her and I was glad I was wearing loose shorts. She told us that her and her husband, Ian, were going to be here for the next 5 days which was how long we were scheduled to stay. Ian would be back in a few minutes from the store, so we busied our selves setting up and changing into our suits, with Sheba helping. We found ourselves enjoying her company and thought that we were really going to enjoy our beach vacation. The three of us were enjoying a wine cooler when Ian returned. Sheba introduced us and we found that Ian was just as friendly and likeable as his wife. After a few minutes of conversation he excluded himself to change into his suit. I was taking to Sheba when I heard my wife make a slight gasp. Turning I saw Ian walking toward us and could see why Jill had gasped. He was dressed in a speedo suit that neatly outlined a very large bulge, his chest was covered in a fine mass of blond hair and was tanned to a color similar to Sheba. He did have a slight belly and was not a hard body but did look like someone that my wife would find attractive.

We spend a couple of hours drinking wine coolers and visiting before heading over to the beach. There were a lot of people on the beach making the scenery very good for both my wife and I. We played on the beach and drank more coolers for the next several hours, then watched the sun set before going back to the RV’s for dinner. Ian and Sheba invited us over for dinner which we accepted. We changed into lite summer clothes, Jill at my suggestion wore only a lite cotton dress nothing else. I asked her what she thought of our new friends

“They are nice,” was all she had to say.

“Ian is pretty good looking, don’t you think?” I asked.

She smiled, knowing where I was leading

“Forget it,” she replied, “I am no going to get back into swinging.”

I made a face saying, “did I say anything about swinging?”

She snickered, “no but I know how your mind works, you have wanted to see me naked with another guy for the last twenty years.”

“Not me!!” I protested.

“Yeah right!” she replied slugging me on the arm

“Let’s go to dinner and afterwards I’ll show you my surprise.”

“MMM surprises turn me on.”

“I know!”

Dinner was very good and we got alone very well. There was a bottle of wine consumed during dinner, that plus the coolers all day had Jill very happy indeed. She tends to get flirtatious when drinking and with Ian being so friendly and funny she loosened up quite a bit more than I had expected. We were relaxing in their spacious RV when Ian said that he had a special drink guaranteed to make a girl horny. Jill challenged him.

“That’s bull there is no such thing.”

He got up and made her the drink. After taking a sip.

“It tastes like a sling but different and it’s strong.”

“I think that you are just trying to get me drunk.” she continued. Ian smiled

“After two of those you will be under my spell.”

“Oh sure.” she replied, but she did continue to sip on the cocktail.

The conversation turned back to the beach, everyone commenting on the eye candy and the fun we had.

“So are you guys up for the nude beach tomorrow?” Sheba asked.

Jill’s drink was 3/4's gone.

“I don’t know about that, I think I would be embarrassed to go nude in front of other people.”

“Why? You have a great body.” Sheba asked.

Before Jill could respond Ian piped up.

“But being bare assed is what you are supposed to be.” Jill looked at him and giggled when Sheba told him to shut up.

“You and my hubby are the same person he wants me to show my ass to everyone too,” My wife told him.

Ian laughed, “I’ll get you another drink and then you can show me your ass.”

“In your dreams.” she replied, but she did accept the drink.

“Really Jill I think you should do it, It’s fun and not embarrassing.” Sheba told her.

“I don’t know.” Jill replied.

“Ok I’ll show you.” with that Sheba stood up and pulled her dress over her head.

Her nude body was breath taking, her nipples were standing up and most of the hair around her pussy was gone.

“Alright let’s get naked.” Ian said.

Jill gasped again when his cock came into view, it looked like it should have been on a small horse. They sat back down and waited for us to respond.

I looked at Jill, “ah what the hell.” she said and slid out of her dress.

That left only me with any clothes on so.... My cock was responding to the situation as was Ian’s. He told Jill how beautiful he thought she was.

“You are not so bad yourself.” she replied.

He got up from the chair he was sitting in and walked over to her

“Want to dance?”

There was a slow song playing on their stereo. Instead of waiting for my wife to respond he grabbed her hand and pulled her up and into his arms. She went hesitantly with her eyes straying to his cock, which had grown to seven or eight inches and was still not completely erect. Sheba got up and moved over to sit by me on the love seat.

“He will try to make love to her,” she whispered in my ear.

“I know,” I replied.

Her hand found my cock and began to massage it. Jill saw her over Ian’s shoulder, then I saw her hand on his cock as he turned her with the slow dance. His hands were on her ass pulling her close to him and his hips were moving in time to the movement of her hand on his cock.

“Well,” I thought, “if she doesn’t want to swing then she is going about it all wrong.”

Ian slid his hand around her hip and between their bodies. I saw her legs go a little slack to give him room as he touched her. When they turned again Ian’s cock was at full erection and it was impressive. He continued to stroke her pussy and nibble on her neck. My hands were busy exploring Sheba’s body. Her nipples were hard and my finger slipped easily into her hairless pussy. Sheba moved between my legs and took my cock into her mouth. Jill watched me as Ian continued to stimulate her. I smiled at her as she had a small orgasm. She gave me a weak smile of surrender and I knew that my wife would soon be empaled by Ian’s big cock. Ian stopped dancing and tilted her head up. He smiled at her and captured her lips with his. The kiss lasted a long time as his fingers played with her clit. When he moved back, he took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

From where I sat I could see the bed which was not more ten feet away. My wife’s legs hit the edge of the bed and she allowed herself to be laid down. Ian moved between her legs kissing her thighs and then her pussy. Jill’s legs came up and out as she moved to accommodate him. Within moments she was cumming hard as he tongued her pussy and slid a couple of fingers into her. Sheba sensing that I was ready to explode moved back.

“Let’s join them.”

We got up and moved to the bed, she laid down next to Jill and spread her legs. My wife looked at me and managed a smile. I moved up Sheba’s body and kissed her then moved over to my wife and kissed her. Ian moved his body between her legs lifting and pushing them farther apart. I looked at my wife

“Ian is going to fuck you,” She nodded her head in response.

“Do you want him to?” I asked.

Glancing down I saw Ian push a couple of inches into her

“Do you?” I insisted.

He pushed in some more.

“YES!! Damn it I want Ian to fuck me.” she shouted.

Ian smiled and pushed his cock deeper.

“Oh it’s soo big.” she moaned.

I moved back to kiss Sheba as she parted her legs allowing me entry into her warm wet hairless pussy. She smiled at me

“Nice cock I love to fuck a guy who is watching his wife fuck Ian’s big cock. Enjoy them because I do.”

Jill was really moaning as Ian powered his cock into her. He was stroking it all the way in reaching the deepest parts of her pussy. Her legs were flying and her hands were clutching the bed spread as she strove to meet Ian’s fucking. Her orgasm was building as was Ian’s. As her orgasm peaked she wrapped her legs around Ian’s waist pulling him into her while thrusting her pussy up and down on his cock. Ian’s body strained to last long enough for her climax to be satisfying but he was fighting a losing battle. My wife’s contracting pussy was too much for him and he drove himself deeply into her with a loud moan. Jill’s eyes opened in surprise when she felt his cock begin to cum. She used the heels of her feet to guide her pussy as she opened herself up and orgasmed with him. She pumped her hips in time with his ejaculations. Sheba’s pussy sucked the cum from my cock at the same time. We all relaxed for several minutes to catch our breath. My cock still hard in Sheba’s wonderful pussy and Ian’s still buried in my wife.

Ian began to move his cock around in Jill’s puffy pussy causing her to moan, which brought a giggle from Sheba. Ian stroked his softening cock in and out of Jill a few times before gently sliding out and sitting on the edge of the bed. My wife looked at his half hard cock

“I can’t believe I fucked the whole thing.”

We all cracked up laughing. The sight of my wife just fucked pussy kept me fairly hard and I began to fuck Sheba some more.

“Mmm yeah!! This is why I like to fuck a first time hubby, he always so turned on that I get an extra helping.” she groaned.

Ian kissed my wife and fingered her pussy as I pounded my cock into Sheba.

“Fuck her” he told me,.

“Yeah honey, fuck her” my wife added.

I was not concerned about anything other that making my cock cum again. Sheba was urging me on.

“Fuck me baby, yea stick it to me, fuck me hard, I want to feel you cum again in my pussy.” With encouragement like that it didn’t take long before I was buried in her and trembling through my second orgasm. We talked and kidding around for the next thirty minutes before saying our goodbyes and turning in for the night

The next morning Jill had a slight headache which a strong cup of tea and a glass of orange juice cured. Ian and Sheba came over when they saw us up and around.

“You guys ready for the optional beach?” Ian asked smiling at Jill and adding, “hello sexy!”

My wife smiled back, “hello yourself.” she replied.

“We’ll be coming down a little later after we have some breakfast and tidy up.” I told them.

They said that was fine and would call on us later when they were ready to go. They showed up an hour later just as we were getting ready to go. When we reached the prude beach Ian and Sheba kept walking and we found ourselves going through a gate marked, caution clothing optional beach. Jill hesitated for a moment then shrugged her shoulders as she walked on through the gate. We found ourselves in a small cove about fifty yards across with six other couples and a couple of single guys, they were naked. We found a spot and laid out our things. Ian and Sheba were nude in a flash, it took Jill and I a few tense moments to work our nerve up. Soon we were enjoying the day and playing in the water with everyone else. After a couple of hours, Jill and I found ourselves back on our blanket, just kicking back. We were watching the guys hit on the other couples without success until they hit on the over weight couple. Ian and Sheba were sitting with a different couple and seemed to be getting along with them. Ian was rubbing the wife’s shoulders as the guy rubbed Sheba. Mike and Shelly walked over to us and asked if we would like some company. We asked them to have a seat. They were a few years older than our late 40's and in decent shape. Mike was tall and a little skinny, as was his wife. Her body had seen a little wear and tear but she was still very attractive. As the afternoon worn on, the three other couples left.

“Look over there.” Mike told us.

We saw the two guys with the over weight couple. The guys were on both ends of the woman moving her back and forth between them. The hubby was watching while pulling on his cock.

“Well she looks like she is having a good time.” Shelly remarked.

I looked at Jill as the sexual tension hung in the air.

“She sure does.” my wife replied.

Mike moved over behind Jill and began to rub her back.

“Oh Oh! She won’t like this.” I thought.

Surprising Jill just leaned back into the back rub. We watched the two guys switch places on the heavy woman and saw Ian and Sheba begin to work on the couple they were with. Sheba was sucking the guys cock while Ian kissed and rubbed the girls pussy. I felt a hand on my cock and found Shelly sitting closer to me with a hand wrapped around me. Mike had Jill on her belly and was busy rubbing her lower back and ass. He spread her legs and moved between them to better rub her back. Jill was relaxing into the massage as he moved down her legs. As he moved up her legs his hands slid between them. She stiffened a little then relaxed. Pretty soon Mike had forgotten about the back rub and was rubbing her pussy and clit. My wife was responding to his attentions. I put Shelly on her back next to Jill and went down on her. She moaned loudly causing Jill to turn her head to see what was happening. She watched me as I gave Shelly a good orgasm then whimpered as Mike slid three fingers into her as he stroked her clit. A few moments later she was cumming. As she was sliding down the back side of her orgasm, Mike slid up her body and slid his cock fully into her.

“Damn!” I thought, “first Ian and now less than 24 hours later she is fucking Mike, a guy she just met. What a hot wife I have.”

My wife was beginning to lift her hips and thrust back on Mike’s probing cock. Looking at Shelly, I found her watching her hubby fuck my wife, so I moved up between her legs and slid fully into her pussy. Now I was balls deep in the pussy of the man who was fucking my wife and I was loving it. I notice the girl with Ian move to her knees and Ian get behind her. I was amazed as he fed his cock into her and began to power stroke her pussy. He ran his foot long cock in and out of her with ease. I could hear her cries of pleasure from even from the forty feet that separated us.

All the while I kept up a steady pace fucking Shelly. Her legs were back spreading her pussy wide for me. Jill was on her knees with her head down presenting Mike with a wide open target. He was throughly enjoying his work, repeatedly spearing his target. As Mike built toward his orgasm I began to concentrate on Shelly. She was on the edge of her orgasm and I wanted to feel her pussy around my cock when she climaxed. Several minutes later I was rewarded as I rode her with great difficulty through her climax. Mike was really slamming it to my wife as he lost control and began to shoot his load into her

“No not yet,” she cried.

But it was too late Mike came hard and deep inside her. I noticed one of the single guys standing next to them as Mike finished cumming. The guy was stroking a nice sized cock and motioned for Mike to move. Mike looked at me and I just shrugged

“This could be interesting,” I thought.

The guy was young maybe 23 or so. He was good looking and cocky. When Mike moved, he slid in behind her and began to caress her ass. His fingers dipping into her pussy as well. He told her that she was beautiful and asked her to lay on her back. When she turned and looked at him I could see some surprise and indecision on her face. He sat back and stroked his cock while looking at her.

“Open your legs for me beautiful I want to fuck your sexy pussy.”

My cock twitched as she did what he requested. He moved forward centering his cock on her cum drenched pussy.

“Ready?” he asked.

My wife nodded her head and he drove his cock straight into her and began to fuck her hard and fast. He began to talk to her

“God you have a nice pussy, I love the way it feels on my cock, do you like it?”

She nodded and grunted with his fucking.

“Say it, say you love having my cock in your pussy” he commanded.

Her orgasm was just moment away

“Come on tell me how much you love fucking my cock or I’ll stop.”

Which he did, Jill kept trying to fuck him but he just pulled away.

“Say it!”

“Don’t stop, keep fucking me with your hot cock, I want you to fuck me, Oh yes that’s it fuck me deep, I’m going to cum, fuck me harder deeper Oh!!!! Now fuck me hard I want you to cum in me. Let me feel your cock fill my pussy”

My wife was out of control. She was pulling him into her as fast a she could. Her orgasm exploding out of her. When he finally started to cum she was begging him.

“Yea fuck me, shoot your cum into my hot pussy, I love your cock, It feels so good, fuck me, fuck me.”

As he pumped his cum into her, she held her legs open and back, spreading her pussy open allowing him to deposit his offering deep inside her. His butt clenched and jerked forward with each ejaculation, accompanied by a corresponding orgasmic grunt from her. I had never seen her so uninhibited before. A few moments after he had finished her body relaxed and he slowly slid free of her body. As she lay there, legs flopped open, cum leaking from her pussy and a satisfied smile on her face.

Shelly whispered, “cum in me Wil.”

She tightened the muscles in her pussy and my cock exploded.

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