Camping Trip Ch. 02


I tossed my sleeping bag to the corner and sat down in a heap, pulling the condom out from my pocket.

"Woa, slow down there buddy, you have to save that till later since you only have one, why don't you sit back and enjoy what you see, hopefully Sara and I can get you really worked up," Piper suggested.

On the one side, I was slightly disappointed at not being part of the action right away, but on the other, very excited to see these two with each other. Therefore, I just leaned on the side of the tent, watched, and waited.

Sat down on next to Piper, Sara leaned in and kissed her. She rested her hand on Piper's lap while they continued to explore each other's mouths with their tongues. Sara inched her hand along until it reached the bottom of Piper's shirt. After taking a moment, Sara slipped her hand under the shirt and started to trace small circles along Piper's lower stomach, creeping ever higher. Sara broke the kiss and pulled Piper's shirt off over her head to reveal a simple white bra. When the shirt was discarded, Sara leaned in and started to plant small kisses along the top of Piper's breasts. Piper let out a soft moan, as Sara once again raised her head to kiss her sister, pushing her tongue into her mouth and then pulling them both down onto the sleeping bags. The two girls giggled as they flopped down onto the ground, holding each other and kissing. Sara reached around and unhooked Piper's bra. As the garment slipped off Piper's body, Sara quickly latched onto one of her nipples with her mouth.

"Mhmmm," Piper moaned as Sara's tongue started to flick the nipple in her mouth. Sara squeezed and licked Piper's tits, sucking hard on her nipples, as they got bigger. She pinched and pulled on them a little bit, as Piper continued to moan "Ahhhmmmm....mhmm."

Kissing her way down Piper's body, Sara slowly tugged on Piper's pajama bottoms, sliding them off her sister, revealing Piper's panty clad waist. Sara smiled to herself as she started to rub her sister's pussy through the dampening fabric of Piper's blue lace panties. Sara pushed aside Piper's panties, idly running her fingers along the slit of her opening. She pushed one finger into Piper's pussy, making her bite down on her bottom lip, presumably to prevent herself from cry aloud. The two girls' eyes met as Sara fingered Piper's soaked pussy. Sara halted only shortly, sliding Piper's panties down to her ankles then returned her fingers into Piper's waiting cunt. Sara smiled and licked her lips, "Now that's a pretty little pussy," she said as she slid down between Piper's legs. Sara started kissing on her sister's legs, slowly going down her thighs to her pussy. Piper started moaning softly as Sara's mouth got closer, her hot breath and soft tongue soaking her skin. Piper was running her hands through Sara's long hair when Sara began licking around her pussy. "Mmmmmmm....please don't tease me Sara" she moaned as Sara sucked her hard little clit into her mouth. As Sara began to suck on her clit, Piper tightened her grip on Sara's hair, as she started moaning and groaning. Piper's soft moans seemed music to Sara's ears as she sucked harder on her clit. Sara happily lapped at Piper's clit as she moved a hand up and started rubbing Piper's wet pussy lips, slipping a finger inside. Piper was now grinding her cunt into her sister's face as her moment grew near.

"Mmmmmm....Fuck!" Piper moaned in a hushed voice as her orgasm hit. A few seconds passed as Piper's body continued to writhe in delight, Sara all the while, working at Piper's pussy.

"Oh god, I've never cum like that before" Piper said as she laid on the sleeping bags, breathing heavily. Sara sat up, licking her lips and tasting Piper's pussy juice, "There's always a first time for everything," she said as she ran her fingers up Piper's body, watching her arch her back slightly. She put her fingers near Piper's mouth and watched as she opened her mouth and sucked on them. "Mmmm," Piper cooed as she licked her sister's fingers.

Both girls looked over to me and began to giggle when they saw my track pants balled up to the side of the tent and me, slowly stroking my hardening cock. The sight of Sara going down on Piper was too much, and I had removed my track pants.

Sara looked to her sister and then got on her knees and palms arching her back and looking back to me. Piper smiled as she pulled Sara's pants down to her knees. I looked in awe at Sara's tight ass covered in pink hipster panties, pointed straight at me. Piper ran a single finger along the lips of Sara's pussy, which were pressed against the tight material, before pulling down the panties to Sara's knees as well.

"Well, come on, Sara's been telling me how she can't wait to have you inside her," Piper whispered as she picked up the condom from the floor, ripping the casing, and retrieving the slick sheath. I inched my way close to both girls when Piper reached out and grabbed me by my cock.

"Ooo, Sara, he's so hard for you," she conveyed as my throbbing cock pulsed in her hand. She wasted no time, lowering the condom to my waist, slipping it on the head of my dick, and slowly rolling it down my shaft.

"I bet you can't wait Sara," Piper teased as she slapped her sister on her bare smooth ass, reddening her white skin. A slight moan escaped Sara as I eased closer. Piper in the meanwhile grabbed hold of her sister's butt, and slightly pulled her cheeks apart, displaying Sara's shaved twat.

"Mmm, look at that wet snatch, all ready for you," Piper continued to tease.

I could take it no longer; I was knelt right behind Sara, when Piper took hold of my cock, positioning it right at Sara's entrance. With her hand, Piper ran my cock teasingly against Sara's moist slit, eliciting moans from us both. After a few seconds of her teasing, Piper looked at me, giving me a slight nod. With that, I pushed my hips forward, parting Sara's lips with my prick and slowly slipping into her as she silently moaned in delight. I ran my hands all over Sara's lower back and ass, enjoying the way her soft skin felt to the touch. A slight moan escaped from Sara's lips as slid my cock further into her. I started with shallow short thrusts of my hips; each being met with an appreciative hushed groan. Before long, I was gliding my cock into Sara's slick cunt with some pace to my rhythm. Sara was now pushing her hips back to meet my thrusts, her ass slapping against my body, the feeling was amazing. Probably sensing that Sara's moans were growing too loud, Piper laid down, positioning herself below her sister, and then pulled her down into a kiss. I looked on as the girls furiously explored each other mouths, every once in a while, a slight shriek escaping Sara, as I thrust into her. I noticed Piper's hand had snaked it's way south and was rapidly rubbing against Sara's clit, and often felt her fingers on my shaft as I slid into her sister, over and over again. Soon, I sensed Sara's orgasm growing closer and now even Piper's tongue was doing little to muffle the sounds of her moans. Piper removed her face from her sister's, replacing it with the side of her palm.

"Bite down," she instructed. I looked down as Sara, bit down on her sister's hand and then I felt it. I continued my thrusting as I felt Sara's vaginal walls slightly contract around my shaft. Piper's hand on Sara's clit went into overtime as her sister climaxed above her.

"Ooo, yeah, you like that, mmm?" Piper encouraged.

"Ohmfmm..mmmmmh," was Sara's muffled response as her hips bucked below me and her warm cream soaked my sheathed cock. Just as Sara's body seemed to be settling down, I felt my own ecstasy just seconds away. I leaned over a little, reaching below Sara's body, grabbing hold of one of Sara's breasts through her shirt, gripping it tightly as my body tensed. I felt myself spasm, then relax as cum exploded from my cock, filling up the condom. I buried my face into the shirt on Sara's back.

"Ahh, fucckk!" I moaned as my cock continued to twitch inside of Sara's cunt. We both moaned at the sensitivity as I pulled my now limp cock from her cavity.

"Fuck Sara, you were so tight," I said.

"God, you were so good," she replied, falling over to her back, and lying beside her sister.

"Looks like you were both amazing," Piper added as she slipped the soaked condom off my cock, wrapping it up in a napkin. Piper returned and embraced her sister, their faces covered in sweat.

"Well, you better find some way of getting hold of another condom, cause that looked like pure ecstasy," Piper continued.

"Don't worry, we'll find a way," Sara responded, grabbing my hand, and pulling me into their embrace. After a few minutes of laying together, we put our clothes back on and went to sleep.

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