tagLoving WivesCamping Trip Ch. 3

Camping Trip Ch. 3

byJam X©

Chapter 3: Returning Home

Having been unfaithful to her husband twice in two days, was relieved and saddened that their camping trip had been cut short. Instead of staying an entire week, she and her husband, Tom, had been forced to leave on the third day due to a family emergency. She figured that having sex with Tom's 40 year old boss, Jacob, and his son was a one time thing. A little tryst that only happened because she was away from home and felt like letting herself go. Up until the camping trip, Lori had only been with one man in her entire life...her husband. But in a period of just under 24 hours, she managed to have sex, make that GREAT sex, with a man 12 years older than her and his son, Matt 8 years her junior. The sex was some of the best she'd ever had, partly from the excitement of it being taboo and, probably, partly from the two men being hung much better than her husband. She had never had any complaints about Tom's 5-inch penis and he almost always satisfied her, but these two men had opened her eyes to a whole new world. Although she felt guilty for cheating on her husband, she was glad that she had gotten to experience that kind of wild sex at least once in her life.

Lori even managed to try something new with them. She swallowed cum from both of the men. She had never done that with Tom, but now she thought she might like to. The only problem was how would she bring it up to him. Previously, she had been so set against it, she couldn't just suddenly say, "okay, I'm ready to swallow your cum now," could she? Plus, Jacob had introduced her to having her pussy eaten. That was definitely something that she wanted to do again, but after 5 years of marriage, how could she get Tom to try that?

Tom had just left on a business trip to California. He was meeting with a possible new client that would take Jacob's young computer company to a new level. This would be their first nationwide customer and would mean a huge increase in earnings. As Jacob's right-hand man, Tom would definitely reap financial rewards, if he managed to land this contract. In fact, Jacob flat out told him that an immediate bonus in the upper four digit was his upon completion of the deal. Lori didn't like to stay alone, but knowing the benefits that this trip could offer, she accepted that Tom would be gone for three nights. When she kissed him goodbye at the airport, he promised to call after dinner that night.

As a school teacher, Lori enjoyed having her summers off. With the first week of August at hand, she knew that she only had about two weeks before she'd have to start getting ready for the school year. She decided to spend the time that Tom was away relaxing, catching up on her reading, and working on her tan. Without Tom there to mess it up, she knew that she wouldn't have to do any housework, so she would have plenty of free time. When she returned from the airport after seeing Tom off, the answer machine was blinking. She checked the called ID and saw that it was a call from Tom's work. She hoped that it wasn't something important, because Tom had just left. She pressed the button on the answering machine.

Jacob's voice came out of the speaker, "Lori, could you give me a call when you get this message? I'm having a party at my house tonight and need a favor." Lori thought for a moment. Was Jacob already making another move on her? Tom wasn't even gone or an hour. Or was she just being silly? Was is something completely innocent? She pondered those thoughts for a few minutes, then realized that she wouldn't get any answer that way, so she picked up the phone and dialed Jacob's office.

The secretary put her through to Jacob. He said, "Lori, glad you called. I'm giving a party for one of my friends tonight. However, I just got a call from one of the waitresses I had hired. She's sick and can't come. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind filling in."

"Waitress? What exactly would I have to do?"

"Mostly just serve drinks and appetizers," Jacob replied. "I'll pay you what the other girl would have gotten...$150."

"$150? For how long?"

"If you get to my house by six, that'll be fine. These things usually last until a little past midnight."

"Okay, I guess I can do that."

"Great. I'll see you at six. Don't worry about clothes, I'll have a uniform for you."

They exchanged goodbyes and hung up.

Lori passed the day nervously. She wondered what exactly would be expected of her at the party. Probably wouldn't be that hard, but she was surprised that he would have a uniform for her. She didn't realize that he held such formal parties, but then again, the company had been doing very well, so his financial status was well above hers and Tom's. Jacob's house was huge and it probably made it easier for him to be with his guests if he had a few people helping making runs to the kitchen for snacks, etc.

At 5:30, Lori was just about ready to leave for Jacob's house when the phone rang. It was Tom. He told her about his trip and his day. They small talked for awhile. When he asked her if she had any plans, she told him that she was going to be a waitress at Jacob's party. She explained that she didn't know what kind of party it was, but it sounded rather formal, because he was going to have a uniform for her and everything. Tom thought it was odd, because Jacob hadn't mentioned anything about a party or him calling Lori, but he told her to have fun and tell him all about it tomorrow.

Lori hung up and drove the couple miles to Jacob's house. She had done up her hair and makeup, but was wearing just jeans and a tshirt. Jacob showed her in and introduced her to Tammy, the other waitress. She was a very good looking blonde about 10 years younger than Lori. He introduced them to Walt, a middle-aged Italian-looking man. He was the chef and was dressed accordingly. He would be in the kitchen the entire night. Matt, Jacob's son, would serve as bartender. He was set up at a bar at the far end of large game room that would serve as the main room for the party. A large video screen with comfortable chairs was at the opposite end of the room from the bar. In the middle, there were several games, such as pinball machines, a foosball table, a pool table, and some poker tables.

Jacob said, "The first guests will be here in about fifteen minutes. Upstairs in the first bedroom on the left are your uniforms. Go on up and put them on, I'll be up to check on you in a few minutes."

Tammy and Lori went upstairs. The two uniforms were stacked on the bed. Tammy immediately started to disrobe. Lori noticed that Tammy's breasts were much larger than her own 34b's and her stomach was flatter. She felt a little uncomfortable, but slipped off her tshirt and jeans. She picked up the white apron and realized that there was little else to go with it. Just a pair of black lacy French-cut bikini shorts, that seemed like they were just panties. Tammy had stripped naked and slipped the panties on. She was fastening the apron around her neck with a strap, then she tied a belt-like strap around her back. The frilly apron clung to her and covered her front, but her back was bare.

Lori was standing in her panties and held the apron in front of herself. "I can't wear this. It's obscene."

Tammy replied, "What's the big deal? Everything is covered."

Lori put the apron on, making sure to tie the belt tight to keep her breasts covered. She slipped off her panties and put on the black ones that were provided. "What kind of party is this? Certainly, I can't go in public like this."

Tammy looked surprised, "Didn't Jacob tell you? It's a bachelor party."

"Wait a minute. What are we here for?"

"Relax. We just have to serve drinks and snacks. I've worked a few of these parties. It's no big deal. Sometimes the guys even tip you. You don't have to do anything special. Although, a couple of the guys try to cop a feel."

"Do you let them?"

"I don't really care. It's hard to stop a guy from grabbing your ass when you have a tray in your hands. They're harmless."

Just then, Jacob walked in. "You two look beautiful. Are you all set?"

Tammy nodded and walked out. Lori said, "I'm not sure about this..."


"I'm not sure I can go in front of a group of men almost naked. What would Tom say?"

"He'll only know if you tell him. Anyway, most of these men are strangers. You'll probably never see them again. It's just a little teasing..."

"Most are strangers? Do you mean I'll know some of them?"

"One of the programmers from the company is invited, Josh Adams."

Josh Adams was a cocky, young college graduate. Lori didn't know him too well. The few times she had met him, he seemed nice and was relatively good looking, but that's all she remembered. Hopefully, he won't recognize her, she thought.

"Let's go. The guests will be here soon." With that, Jacob led her downstairs.

Immediately on entering the game room, she saw Matt at the bar. He looked her up and down and smiled. She was just about to approach him when the doorbell rang. Within about 15 minutes, about thirty men had filled the gameroom. She and Tammy dutifully brought the men drinks and snacks. At first, she felt uncomfortable, being so scantily dressed, but she quickly got over it and started to mingle a little with the men in between trips to the kitchen or bar.

She flinched the first time a man touched her ass...the second time too, but soon, she even got used to that. Around 8:00, Josh Adams approached her. She offered him an hors d'oeuvre. He took it with one hand while running his other hand down her side to her hip. She stood motionless as the hand slid around to her ass and gave it a gentle squeeze. She gave him a courteous grin and prepared to move on, but he said, "I'd like another." Reaching for a snack off the tray, his lower hand now squirmed inside the back of her panties. She froze. This was the most intrusive most anyone had made. He put a finger to her lips to silence her as his hand slid down and cupped her asscheek, then a finger traced her crack all the way down between her legs. She glanced around to see if anyone was watching, but they weren't. She didn't want to make a scene, but she didn't know what to do. Josh's finger traced the outside of her pussy lips. She squirmed trying to get away. Another guest approached and Josh withdrew. He whispered, "Tom's a lucky man and walked away."

Damn, she thought. Not only had she just had her pussy stroked by Josh, but he clearly knew that she was Tom's wife. She decided that she need to avoid him for the rest of the night if she could. Glancing at the clock, she realized there was still over 4 hours to go...She headed for the safety of the bar.

Jacob made an announcement that the first of the night's planned entertainment would now begin. It was a porn movie on the big screen. Most of the men moved over and watched the film, making comments and joking about it. She looked at the screen and saw it was the typical porn stuff big breasted women fucking and sucking overly endowed men in a variety of positions.

Lori was behind the bar. She asked Matt, "How can you guys watch this stuff? The women look fake and the guys are ridiculous. I won't even mention that corny music or the horrid dialogue."

Matt laughed, "It's not the music and dialogue that's for sure. And the I don't look at the guys, but the women..."

"Do they actually turn you on?"

"Come see for yourself?" He turned and revealed that the front of his pants were tented out. Lori laughed. Matt look around, "Maybe you could...you know."

Lori was shocked. "You've got to be kidding."

"Come on, no one will know. The bar is high enough and they're all watching the movie. I'm really suffering here." He unzipped his pants and his familiar long cock popped out. Lori looked it then at him and shook her head, but Matt gently pushed her downward. Lori got to her knees. She took Matt's cock in her hand and slowly stroked it. It quickly brought back memories of the threesome with him and his father in the tent. Tentatively, she licked the head, then the shaft, listening carefully to see if the voices of the men changed. No, no one knew what she was doing. Her licking and sucking became more concentrated. Licking all the way up one side, then down the other. She would pause and lick his balls in between.

She listened as the sounds from the men in the background grew more enthusiastic. The film's soundtrack seemed about the same, but the action on screen must be getting good, she thought. She took Matt's cock into her mouth, trying to take as much as she could in. She could take much of Tom's cock in her mouth, but Matt's was nearly three inches longer, so she could only manage a little over half. Lori started to pick up speed, sucking his cock as far into her mouth as she could, then withdrawing until just the tip of it was between her lips. She would swirl her tongue a few times, then plunge back down onto the shaft.

Matt's knees felt weak as he felt the older woman's mouth on his cock, but what heightened the excitement of the situation was knowing that 30 men were watching Lori suck his cock on the 55" television screen. Hidden from her view, a small video camera was recording every movement of her hands and mouth, stroking and caressing his rock hard cock. The audio from the porn movie was still playing, but the men were cheering on the blowjob, taking place just out of their site behind the bar, but displayed larger than life on the video screen.

Lori could feel Matt started to thrust back toward her. She positioned her hand against the base of his cock, so that he wouldn't choke her with it, but tried to keep up with the rhythmic thrusting of his hips, driving his cock into her mouth. Still, having never swallowed her husband's cum, only Matt's and Jacob's, Lori braced herself for just the third load to be shot into her mouth and what a load it was. The first blast flew right down her throat, the second and third filled her mouth and the rest dribbled down her chin. She swallowed the hot jism as fast as she could, but still didn't quite keep up. She caught the overflow with her fingers and pushed it back into her mouth.

As Matt zipped up, she wiped her mouth and slowly stood up. The men were still watching the porn movie on the screen and no one seemed any the wiser. She served drinks for the next hour and got more than a few strange looks, but she didn't think much of it. A few men got a little bolder and snuck their hands inside her apron, caressing her pussy through the material and a few snuck quick squeezes of her bare breasts. She always broke away quickly, but the men got more than a few jollies.

When she quizzed Tammy, she found that the men were not being quite as "playful" as Jacob called it with her. She thought maybe she was being too friendly with the guys and thought she had better be a little more careful.

Around ten, Jacob announced that the next phase of entertainment would begin. It was what Lori was expecting all night. The typical entertainment at a bachelor party: a stripper. She was stacked and dressed in a series of veils. Lori figured this was a good time to take a break. She went upstairs and sat on the bed in the guest room. She could here the men cheering and making catcalls downstairs.

The door opened and Jacob came in. "There you are. I just wanted to check on you, make sure you were okay."

"I just needed to rest for a few minutes."

"That's fine. In fact, I have just the thing to help you relax. Close your eyes."

Lori shrugged and closed her eyes. She could hear Jacob start to move around. "What are you doing?"

"It's a surprise...keep your eyes closed...no peeking." Jacob set the small camera on the dresser, then stripped off his clothes. He piled them neatly around the camera to completely conceal it. He stood in front of Lori. "Okay, open your eyes."

Lori opened her eyes and gasped as she saw Jacob's naked body just a few feet in front of her. His cock was already starting to harden and straight out.

"Jacob...what are you doing?"

He step toward her a guided his cock to her lips. Lori hesitated for a moment, but soon took it into her mouth, sucking him like she had done to his son not long ago. Jacob untied the apron string around her neck and pulled the front down, exposing her breasts. He took one in each hand and massaged them as she continued to move her mouth up and down his hard shaft. Jacob untied the other string around her back and pull the apron off of Lori completely. He tossed it on the floor and pushed her onto her back. In one quick movement, he yanked her panties off leaving her completely nude on the bed.

Downstairs, the men were cheering loudly as they were treated to Lori's naked body on the big screen. Jacob stood to the side of her as he spread her legs, making sure to give the men a clear view of her spread open pussy. His hand slipped down her thighs and gently massaged her clit to be sure she was wet. He dipped first one, then to fingers into her pussy, making sure to spread the lips as he pulled them out. Jacob alternated finger-fucking her and rubbing her clit until Lori had a small orgasm.

He figured the men downstairs had seen enough, time for him to get some. He knelt on the bed between her thighs and raised her legs up over his shoulders. Then with one hard thrust, he pushed his entire 7" cock into Lori's pussy. She was plenty wet and Jacob immediately began fucking her with long, hard thrusts. Lori moaned as she approached her second orgasm. This one was much bigger and her whole body shook as she came all over Jacob's hard cock. The clamping down of her pussy brought Jacob to the point of no return. He slipped his cock out of her dripping pussy and shot three long strands of cum up across her chest; the longest hitting her on the cheek. He continued to stroke his big cock, spurting smaller shots of cum onto her stomach and into her pubic hair.

Jacob finished and stood up. He went to the guest bathroom and returned with a towel. He picked up his clothes with the camera still hidden inside. He walked to the bed, making sure that the camera got a good view of the cum running down Lori's body and handed her the towel. As she wiped off, he went in the bathroom and dressed, returning a few minutes later fully clothed. Lori was beginning to dress. Hiding the camera under his shirt, he quickly exited the room.

As Lori dressed, she heard a roar and applause from the men downstairs, she figured that the stripper had finished and she should get back down there before anyone wondered where she was. A few minutes later, she was walking down the stairs into the living room. Many of the men were heading for the door. A few gave her compliments on the was past, such as: "Good job, tonight," "You made a lot of men happy tonight," "Hope to SEE you again soon," etc. She thought they seemed kind of odd, but she just nodded to each of them as they left, happy that she had done a good job serving them.

By midnight, only Jacob, Matt, and Josh Adams remained in the game room. Tammy and Walt were in the kitchen, cleaning up. Lori was gathering the dirty glasses from around the room. As she passed in front of Josh's chair he grabbed her by the hips and stopped her.

"We got interrupted before." He said. Before Lori could react, Josh yanked her panties to her ankles.

"Stop that!"

"No way, I want some of Tom's wife's pussy too..." Josh smirked.

Lori looked at Jacob, questioningly. He pushed a button on the remote and the giant screen was suddenly filled with Matt and Jacob fucking Lori in the tent. He pushed another button and the image changed to that of Matt's earlier blowjob. Once more he pressed a button, changing the image to the sex she had had in the guest room a few hours before. Shocked, she asked, "How could you?"

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