tagLoving WivesCamping with My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 03

Camping with My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 03


After the tryst with Darcy the night before I knew I would have to be careful about what happened the following day incase anyone had heard us. I got up early, and made my way to the shower in the camp ground. As I was in the shower I heard the door open and Steve appeared. He looked right at me as he put his things down and turned on the shower right next to me.

"Morning", he said as he began to rinse the dirt from his body.

"Good Morning." I said.

I continued to wash myself and as I turned my back to the shower I noticed Steve looking at my crotch. His eyes kind of shrugged as he turned his back to me. I felt really weird with him in there looking at me so I quickly rinsed the soap off of my body and dried off. I got dressed quickly and began to head back to camp.

When I got to camp Jason was up sitting by the fire.

"Morning Bro." He said, as I made my self comfortable in one of the camp chairs.

"Morning man, some fishing today?" I asked.

"Hey! Did you hear my mom and Steve last night?" He asked.

"Huh?" "What are you talking about man?" I asked him.

"Man, Steve was really giving it to her; I could hear her moaning for like an hour last night." He said with a laugh.

"Lucky man!" I replied, with a knowing smile inside.

"What? Why do you say that?" Jason asked bewildered.

"Your Mom, Dude seriously, she is hot. I would love a crack at your Mom." I replied.

"You're a sick man!" Jason said laughing.

Jason and I grabbed our fishing stuff and headed down to the lake, just as Steve emerged from the showers.

We spent the whole morning down in our new found fishing spot, and had much success. Around noon we headed back to camp to grab a bite to eat. On the way back to camp Jason brought it up again how I had said I would like to have sex with his mom.

"Are you serious? Would you really have sex with my Mom?" He asked. "Absolutely," I replied. "Your mom is hot man, and I have thought about having sex with her for a long time." I told him.

"You freak me out sometimes!" He said.

When we got back to camp Darcy was there making sandwiches for everyone. Steve was gone, and had taken the land cruiser wherever he had taken off to. Darcy was wearing a two piece bikini and her fine little ass was turned to us as we walked up. I looked over at Jason, and pretended to be grabbing his Mom's ass as we walked up behind her. He motioned for me to go for it, and laughed. So, I did, I grabbed Darcy's ass in a playful way and she spun around so fast that I thought I would get cut by the knife she was holding. Jason began cracking up and laughing and soon we all joined him laughing at her startled surprise.

"You scared the shit out of me, you little shit!" Darcy said.

"I couldn't resist; you didn't even hear us coming." I said, with a laugh.

"Where is Steve?" Jason asked.

"He got a call for work and had to leave for a bid." Darcy replied.

"Oh, that sucks for him." I said.

"Where is the bid at?" Jason asked.

"Somewhere over in Northern California, big dollar bid so he couldn't pass it up."

"Thanks for the sandwiches Mom." Jason said as he grabbed them and walked over handing me one.

"Yeah, Thanks!" I said winking at Darcy.

Darcy looked at me with a smile on her face as Jason had his back to her, and licked her lips. I knew at that point there I would have some fun tonight with Darcy. Darcy informed us that Steve would be back to morrow morning to pick us up and wanted us ready to go at 7 AM because he would have to be back home early incase he got the job.

Jason and I ate the sandwiches and the whole time we were in camp I just kept thinking about how I was going to have some great sex that night with Darcy. As we finished up our sandwiches we grabbed our fishing poles and headed back down to the lake. As the day grew on Jason and I separated once again, a little by plan this time on my account. I headed around the east side of the lake while Jason headed west, and I soon was right below the camp ground again. I looked around the lake and could not see Jason anywhere on the lake. So I made my way up to the camp ground with sex on my mind. When I arrived at the camp ground Darcy was not there. I began to look around for her starting at the restroom. I knocked on the door, and head no answer so I opened it up a little and heard the shower running.

"Darcy is that you?" I called out.

"What are you doing?" She replied.

I walked into the bathroom and looked into her shower stall area. I saw her bikini hanging up on one of the hooks in front of the running shower.

"I came to seek some assistance with a problem I have." I said with a smile on my face.

"What problem would that be?" She asked with a knowing smirk in her voice.

"Look!" As I pulled down my shorts and began stroking my hardening cock.

She looked out of the shower and saw me standing there with my shorts down around my ankles and my thick cock in my hand.

"Do you need some help in there?" I asked.

"Hurry up and get in here before someone comes in." She stated.

I quickly removed my shorts and joined her in the shower stall. I reached my hands around her and began to massage her tits as my hardening cock nestled into the small of her back. Her naked flesh felt so good against my body. My cock began to harden rather quickly and soon was at full attention. Darcy turned around and dropped to her knees and slowly began to take my cock into her mouth right there in the shower.

"That's it baby, suck that hard cock." I told her.

Darcy slowly slid her lips up and down the length of my cock, taking as much of it into her throat as she could with each down stroke. Darcy pulled my cock from her mouth and held it up against my abdomen as she slowly began licking and sucking on my balls.

"OH YES!! That's it take my balls into your mouth."

"You like that? You like my mouth wrapped around your heavy full balls?"

"Oh Yes Baby, it feels great."

Darcy then began to run her tongue up my length again until she got back to the head. Darcy then took the head of my fat cock into her mouth again and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft as she sucked on the head of my cock. I knew I would not be able to handle this for long so I pulled her back to her feet. I kissed her hard and passionately as she stood on her tip toes to reach my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her firm little ass in my hands. I then lifted her until she was straddling my hard cock with her tight little pussy. I held her there just teasing the entrance of her pussy with my hard cock.

"You want this? You want this hard cock inside of you? DO you want me to fuck you right here in the girl's bathroom?" I asked her while sliding my cock head back and forth across her clit and the entrance to her wet pussy.

"Yes, Chris please fuck me! Put that hard cock inside of me, Fuck me right here in the shower!"

With one full hard thrust I sank my cock all the way to the base in her tight pussy.

"OH FUCK YES!" she cried out.



I began to lift her up and then let her fall back on to my cock as I held her up and squeezed her ass. I lifted Darcy up and down my length several times before I felt her pussy begins to tighten and convulse around my hard cock.


"Don't stop; fuck me with that big cock now."


Darcy leaned back against the wall of the shower and I continued to slide her up and down my cock as she continued to cum all over it. When her orgasm had subsided I let her down to the ground and turned her around.

"I want to see that ass!" I told her.

Darcy turned around and shook her ass at me. "Is this what you wanted big boy?" She asked, shaking her ass at me.

"Fuck yeah baby, I am going to fuck that ass tonight, but right now I want that pussy again!" I replied to her ass shaking.

"You are not going to fuck my ass with that cock!" She stated.

"OH YES I AM, remember last night? You said anything. Well dear anything is that ass!" I said with a smile. "Chris, you can't put that thing in my ass it will hurt too badly!" Darcy pleaded.

"Don't worry baby, I will go slow and you will love it." I said as I sank my whole 8" inches into her tight pussy once again.

"OH FUCK, that feels so good, FUCK me with that hard cock." She said.

"Tell me how bad you want it!" I said, as I continued to slide into her with deep hard thrusts.

"I want that cock so bad Chris, I need that big cock in my pussy, it feels so FUCKING GOOD!"

"AHHHHH! FUCK I AM CUMMING ALL OVER THAT COCK AGAIN!" She yelled into an empty bathroom.

I continued to pound my hard, thick cock into her tight pussy from behind while she continued to orgasm all over my hard cock. As her orgasm subsided again we heard the bathroom door open. Darcy went dead silent, and I slowed down my thrusts but kept them going none the less. I could feel Darcy's cervix hitting my cock head each time I slowly pushed my cock all the way into her.

"MMMMPH!" She quietly moaned as I bottomed out each time.

"Mom, Are you in here?" We heard Jason ask.

Oh shit. Jason was right here twenty feet away from me fucking his mom. Darcy looked at me with a look of surprise and excited terror as I continued to slide into her.

"UUUHM, Yeah dear!" She kind of moaned in response.

"Hey, have you seen Chris?" He asked.

I could feel Darcy's pussy beginning to squeeze again, and I knew she was about to have an orgasm again.

"FUCK!" she yelled.

OH my god, she just yelled out while I was bottomed out in her tight pussy again.

"What's wrong Mom? Are you OK?"

Darcy was shaking uncontrollably and was finding it hard to answer Jason.

"Yeah, sorry dear I just, MMMMM, dropped the soap again."

"No, I haven't seen Chris; I thought he was AHHHHH with you!" Darcy replied as she began to come down from her orgasm again.

I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer I was about to erupt into her tight pussy, and having Jason stand right around the wall from us was making me that much harder and hotter. I pulled my cock out of her with an audible pop, and watched in shock as she just sat there with her gaping pussy looking at me, bent over at the waste.

"OK, if you see him will you hold on to him until I get back?" Jason asked.

"Where are you going dear?" Darcy asked.

"I am going to head up the road to the North Lake, to try the fishing up there." Jason said.

I slowly put the head of my cock at the entrance of Darcy's tight little ass and began rubbing it back and forth. Darcy pushed her ass away from my cock and continued to talk to Jason.

"OK dear, if I see him I will send him up there to you." She said.

"OK later." And we heard the door shut.

I grabbed Darcy around the hips and slid my hard cock back into her tight pussy, she was so fucking wet that I could feel her wetness running down my thighs. I gather up some of the wetness and slid a finger into her ass again.

"Fuck! ME! that feels so good! I love your big hard cock in my pussy and your finger in my ass!" Darcy moaned out.

"What?" Jason asked.

Oh fuck he hadn't left.

"What the fuck are you doing in there Mom?" Jason asked.

Suddenly the shower curtain ripped open and we were caught read handed. I had a finger buried in Darcy's ass and my cock buried about five inches in her tight pussy.

"AH FUCK DUDE! I didn't think you would seriously try it!" Jason said.

I didn't move. My cock buried in his mom's pussy and my finger in her ass. Jason took it all in. He looked from my cock to her ass about ten times before shutting the curtain again.

"We need to talk", he said as he stormed out of the bathroom.

I pulled my cock out and began to get out of the shower. Darcy pushed my backwards until I was sitting on the shower bench and then she straddled me taking my cock back into her pussy.

"Fuck it, I don't care anymore, I need that hard cock to finish!" She said, as she began to slide up and down my length.

Darcy rode my cock until she clamped down and began convulsing in another orgasm, I could not hold off this time and shot massive amounts of my seed deep into her tight pussy.


I shot about five or six very strong hard blasts into her before she climbed off. She did not bother to clean up. She got dressed, and left me sitting there on the bench.

I was in a daze as I got dressed, and thought about what I would say to Jason as I began to leave the bathroom.

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