tagLoving WivesCamping with My Wife Ch. 06

Camping with My Wife Ch. 06


"Cabin 302," was all the text message said.

I didn't trust whoever was sending all those notes. What was the person's motivation to be doing that? It could be part of the sick game these punks have been playing all along. Still, I could find something to put an end to this mess. My wife was still sleeping heavily, so I headed there to get some answers.

I knocked hard on the door without even thinking if that would be a good idea. No response. Waited a couple of minutes to see if there would be any late responses, in vain. The time for polite manners was gone; I pushed the handle on the door and entered, it was unlocked.

The room was empty as I suspected, nothing out of the ordinary at first sight, seemed like a plain cabin. As I looked further, I noticed a large bag hidden under the bed. Was a bit reluctant to go through someone's stuff, but this could help me figure out this bizarre situation.

I opened the bag and finally found out what was inside: lots of video tapes, fifty or so, the same kind our camera uses. The tapes were carefully labeled with a woman's name, followed by a date. I quickly scammed through the tapes, noticing that were very few repeated names, most of them were referring to different women.

Saw one name that I recognized, it was one of Sue's friends, Jane Carter. I met her a couple of times, although I didn't recall where did Sue got to know her in the first place. It would probably be someone else, as I knew Jane was married and would have nothing to do with any of these bastards.

I needed to see what all these tapes were about, so I placed the tape into the VCR and pushed play.

The video was recorded during what it looked like an office party of some kind. The camera then focused on Jane, indeed, who was dressed to kill and she did it with style. She was wearing a cut off T-shirt, which hung over her large 34D tits and stopped about an inch and a half above her belly button. It just hung on her tits, not even close to touching that flat stomach of hers.

She was wearing a short red and gray plaid skirt, which hung to just above, mid thigh level with a black belt around that thin waist. The skirt showed her long, smooth and tanned legs off perfectly. Her long straight dark blonde hair hung down passed the bottom of her shoulder blades, brushed so it feel behind her shoulders so that her nice chest was shown without any obstruction. As a final touch, Jane wore heeled black knee high boots.

She was walking towards a back room in the office, the person filming her following close behind. She entered a small room and sat onto the nearby table, smiling at the camera with her legs slightly spread. I finally realized who the cameraman was: Alec. "My turn!" He laughed, undoing his pants, exposing his rock hard cock and getting down between her luscious silky legs, forgoing any preliminaries.

"Put it in!" He commanded.

"Not here! Someone may come in any time!" Jane told him.

"Do as you're told!" He commanded.

Protesting again to no avail, Jane reached down, pushed her panties to the side and grasped his long thick cock guiding it to her moist cuntal opening. Alec felt the tickle of her neatly trimmed pussy hair on his cock head as he pushed forward into the creamy folds of her luscious cunt. Alec laughed at her as his prick slowly penetrated Jane's cunt.

Alec's chest crushed down on her breasts. He bit and licked her neck. Ever so slowly, he pushed his prick further inside of the subjugated wife's pussy. His hands were on her hips guiding the movement of her cunt just the way he wanted it. She whimpered in bittersweet agony as his huge cock head fucked deeper into her, stretching the tight little slit of her cunt until it looked as though her belly would rip and her thighs tear apart from the relentless fucking pressure of the teenager huge cock.

Jane felt the thick prick inch its way up her tight wet pussy. He continued to ever so slowly fuck his thick cock up Jane's cunt. "My husband can be here any moment!" She sobbed softly as Alec pushed his cock further up into her defenseless pussy. Her cunt was slick and it readily opened to receive his hard prick. In seconds Alec had the entire length of his prick up Jane's cunt, their pubic bones ground together. Alec held his cock totally within her cunt for several seconds.

"Oh God this can't be, this can't be!" Jane sobbed as she lay beneath the teenager, moaning in sweet agony, completely skewered by his thick rigid shaft so totally inside the depths of her throbbing cunt. Alec held his thick impaling cock deep inside her warm clasping cunt for a moment, flexing it only slightly before beginning a slow withdrawal. Her tight pussy membrane clung tenaciously to his cock shaft as he pulled out. When just his lust swollen cock head was still enclosed in her pussy, he thrust forward again.

"AAAgggghhh...oh... oh God...oh God. Ooh no, n... yes... YES!" She groaned as she felt her cunt again betray her and the seeds of another orgasm begin to develop deep in her cunt. Once more he plunged fully up her tight cuntal opening. He grinned to himself as he found her openly spread cunt beginning to accustom itself to his fat hard shaft which was so deeply embedded in it.

"Oh fuck yes, fuck me now!" Jane cried as she felt the harsh pressure of his fat cock against her cuntal opening. She could not resist the teenager. Against her will, as she continued to moan, her legs spread even further apart to receive even more of Alec's thick cock into her steamy hot pussy as he slowly pushed further and further into her. Her cuntal canal expanded almost to its limit as Alec's thick cock pushed deeper into Jane.

His fingers tightened on the soft white flesh of her hips, and then he began to establish a slow in and out fucking rhythm, driving his lust inflated prick hard and deep into her gradually widening vagina. He then pulled his cock out again with the same smooth movement. As he slowly pistoned his cock in and out of her now wanting cunt, Jane began to respond.

Then the kid fucked her hard and fast. Her voluptuously quivering body, with a liberating tightening of her cunt around his cock, was now moving in unison with Alec's smooth pussy fucking cock strokes. Her legs reached up and locked behind his back, and her arms pulled him down closer and closer on top of her. He felt her rock hard nipples through her blouse and bra crushing into his chest. Jane's wildly writhing cunt flowered open to engulf every inch of his pistoning cock.

She was moaning and squirming in passion now, not crying but screaming "Yes, Yes, fuck me harder, fuck me harder! Fuck me, FUCK ME!!! I want it! I want it so much! Keep fucking me!! Just a little more and I'll cum!!"

Alec was working hard with long, smooth strokes that brought his massive cock almost all the way out of Jane's wet clasping cunt on the backstroke and the thrust forward into her until he could feel and hear the heavy smacking slap of his cum filled balls against her ass. Her hot body beneath him was twisting and writhing in reckless abandon, low animalistic moans rummaging from deep down her throat as she accepted her fate.

"Oooohhmmmm," She mewed between passion clenched teeth as she felt new waves of pleasure coursing through her cock impaled cunt.

"Cum inside of me! Cum in my cunt. I want your hot cum in my pussy." Jane groaned, now barely able to speak from being fucked totally into submission. She was meeting his every thrust. She was moving her cunt muscles, trying to milk the cum from his hard fucking prick. Her hands were on his ass, trying to push him deeper and deeper inside of her cunt.

"Don't stop! Don't stop! Please, please, let me cum. Please let me cum!" She screamed. Alec wasn't about to stop. He was almost there and was going to give her his load.

Jane was soaked in sweat from the long hard fucking he gave her. Finally, after more than half an hour of non stop cunt stretching fucking, he reached the moment he had been waiting for and her grateful cum receiving cunt flowered open to take his load.

Alec thrust in hard and deep one final time and suddenly felt his own white-hot fiery cum shoot wildly out from the tip of his exploding cock. It jetted far, far up into the hidden recesses of Jane's ecstatically quivering belly. He began to shoot his cum deep inside of Jane's cunt, filling her pussy with his sperm.

The feel on his seed spurting into her cunt was what Jane needed to finally cum. She began to shake uncontrollably as a devastating orgasm tore through her body. "YES! YES! YESSS!" She screamed as she thrashed about under the weight of the kid above her, his cock still thrusting back and forth in her cock. She rode his ejaculating prick, bucking furiously as the walls of her thoroughly conquered cunt rippled in thrilling orgasm.

As Alec's cum kept discharging into Jane's pussy, she flexed her cunt muscles, trying to milk every drop from him. "Give me all your cum!" She moaned. She moved her pelvis upward once more again to catch the full force of his jerking, pumping cock as it continued to spew out the full load of his hot seething sperm into her greedily drinking vagina.

Her legs wrapped tighter and tighter around his waist as her body shook uncontrollably from the orgasm he had given her. Alec's churning balls seemed to erupt like a violent volcano and emitted a white hot stream of boiling cum which burned into every crease and crevice of Jane's pussy and set new fire to her belly. She kissed his neck and his chest. She dug her fingernails into his ass cheeks trying to get him to keep fucking her, to give her more cum. She was bathed in his sweat and her own.

Heart pounding, her eyes rolled back until only the whites were visible. Jane groaned in heat and Alec grunted as the copulating pair jerked their hot bodies in mutual orgasm.

Finally his cock had shot all of its cum into Jane's cunt. He stayed on top of her as his cock slowly softened inside of Jane's pussy. When he was finished he laid on top of her. Jane slowly unwrapped her legs from his waist. She was exhausted from the fucking she had just received from the teenager above her.

Alec rolled off the well fucked housewife. He moved his cum coated cock up to her mouth and told her to lick it clean. She did. He got off the table and straightened his clothes.

"Oh, god, Alec, that was mind-blowing. I don't know how on earth you learned to fuck a woman like that by the tender age of eighteen, but we're definitely going to talk about where you've been spending your evenings. Lord, to think of the teenage pussy you've been stretching with that big dick."

"You get cleaned up and get back to the party. Your coworkers and husband must be looking for you. I'm not done with you yet." He left the room, leaving the blonde wife still lying on the table skirt up over her cunt, his cum oozing out of her pussy.

The tape stopped playing soon after; I couldn't believe it was just a coincidence. All this that was happening had a connection to that asshole that I just couldn't figure out. How did he manage to pull that off and how is Sue and her friends linked to it?

Speaking of Sue, I started searching if she was in any of those tapes. Was relieved when I didn't find her name. It didn't last, though. Hidden in the front compartment of the bag it was a single tape, with her name on it, dated back two days.

My heart started racing and my eyes became red, fueled by rage. It wasn't any of those damned tapes the punks recorded and left behind. Somehow they did another one.

I switched the tapes and pushed play, hoping it would be a mislabeled one.

The video started playing, but there wasn't much to see at first. The light was very dim, coming from a couple of small horizontal openings of some kind. The camera was almost in night vision mode and the picture wasn't the least clear; it was very hard to know what was going on.

Then, there was some random shaking and I could see the camera was moving from behind a door that had those horizontal gaps. The focus adjusted itself to the slightly increased light, enough to define the image so it was possible to see the stupid kid was hidden in one of the cupboards in someone's cabin.

He headed to the front door and unlocked it from inside. The handle was quietly pushed from outside and the door opened. I could see the one entering was that Alec asshole, closing the door behind him.

"Good work, Steve!" Alec said to him.

Good work? What did that stupid kid do? I though.

The punk filming turned around and focused on a half empty glass of juice on the table next to the bed and started waving what it looked like a bottle of pills in front of the camera. Then he slowly zoomed into the bed, and I could see Sue lying on the bed. Those fuckers were at our cabin! Sue had her eyes closed and was laughing to herself, appearing to be tripping much like she did at the sauna.

She looked amazing, though. That day she had been sunbathing on one of the loungers at the deck and was of course wearing her bikini. It was a light blue color and clung to her body. The bottoms were small so that her pussy was just covered and the top clung to her tits making them look even bigger than what they actually were, and they were big normally. It barely covered those firm mounds; her nipples were erect and poking through the thin material. She looked ravishing.

Alec started taking off his clothes and moved closer to her.

"You are finally back, honey. How about you joining me, and rub some of that oil onto my back." Sue babbled, never opening her eyes, as he approached her with his cock filling with blood. He looked like he could not help but begin to feel a stirring in his loins as he approached her laying there in her thong bikini. Her tight ass was turned up towards him, and her top was untied.

Alec grabbed the bottle next to her and slowly began working the tanning lotion into her bare back. He ran his hands along her back, and shoulders slowly reaching them around the sides to rub her exposed breasts on the sides. He was getting harder by the minute, and was thoroughly enjoying the attention he was giving her.

He began to work down her legs rubbing the oil into the back of her thighs and her calves. Sue moaned as he rubbed her thighs and began to work up to those glorious globes that were bared by her choice of swimsuits. He slowly rubbed and kneaded the oil into her ass, and spread her cheeks apart.

Sue moaned each time he spread her cheeks as it pulled her tight lips apart as well. Sue was beginning to get turned on, and I could see the moisture beginning to show through the crotch of her swimsuit. His cock was at full mass now, and all he could probably think about was fucking her again.

Alec began a slow methodical dip of his hands into the crotch of her swimsuit, and began to massage her pussy through her suit. Soon she was moaning and driving her pussy into the palm of his hand as he massaged it. He pulled her swimsuit to one side and dipped a finger into her steamy wetness. He slowly rocked the finger back and forth in her tight pussy while leaning forward to kiss, and lay small bites on her ass cheeks.

"Mmmm, yes, that feels great, baby." She moaned as he snaked his tongue all around her pussy from behind.

Alec reached under her and pulled her bikini down her legs leaving it at knee height. He raised her hips up off the bed and rammed his tongue into her sweet tasting pussy. He licked and sucked all around Sue's lips until plunging his tongue as far into her pussy as he could.

Alec began to slowly fuck her with his tongue while rubbing her clit with a finger. Sue was moaning continuously now, and rocking back and forth on the bed feeding her pussy onto his tongue. He reached under her and slowly slid one then a second finger into her tight pussy. As he slowly fingered her from behind he put his tongue to work on her clit.

"Oh fuck, honey! That feels so gooooddd! Don't stop!" She cried.

Sue was soon slamming her ass and pussy back into him and his tongue finally broke the plain and sank into her cunt about two inches. Sue convulsed just as that happened and began cumming all over his finger while her pussy muscles clinched on his tongue.

"Ohhh God yes! That's it, just like that! I'm cumming!!" She groaned.

As Sue slowly came down from her orgasm he joined her on the bed. He got on his knees behind her and slowly fed his cock head into her hungry pussy. Sue slammed back onto him almost immediately.

"Oh fuck yes, shove that big cock into me!" Sue cried out.

"Yeah? You like that don't you? You like my fat cock stretching your pussy?" He asked, pretending to be me.

"I want you, baby!" She gasped. "I want you now! Take me, fuck me hard! Push that thick cock into my juicy tight cunt and fuck me as hard as you can! I want you inside me now!" she yelled.

He began a slow rhythm pulling his cock all the way out and then plunging it back into her wet pussy. Sue was so wet I could not believe it. I could see her juices running down his balls each time he shoved all ten inches into her, and soon she was tightening up and cumming over his hard cock again.

"Oh yes, hold it there! I'm cumming on your hard cock." Sue screamed.

Alec began a fast pace slamming his cock into her as deep as he could get it as she rode it through her orgasm. Sue began to buck feverishly and came with the biggest orgasm I have ever seen.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me hard!" she yelled as she came all over his cock.

After her orgasm faded, Sue looked very dizzy, probably due to the combination of those damned pills, plus the excitement. Alec watched as Sue got off his still hard cock, making a loud pop sound. She got up and slowly headed for the bathroom, not even noticing that moron Steve kid on the way, filming them.

As he followed her with the camera he accidentally shot himself through the mirror, he had his pants down his ankle and was jerking his small dick to the illicit fuck session.

Alec didn't seem to be finished, so he got up from the bed and went after her. The stupid kid filming stopped at the slightly open bathroom door and resumed filming what was going on between the two.

Sue was on her knees now, running her tongue up Alec's length until she got to the head. She then took the head of his fat cock into her mouth and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft as she sucked on the head of his cock. It looked like he knew he would not be able to handle this for long so he pulled her back to her feet. He kissed her hard and passionately as she stood on her tip toes to reach his mouth, eyes closed the whole time, looking very confused and disoriented.

Alec wrapped his arms around her and cupped her firm heart shaped ass in his hands. He then lifted her until she was straddling his hard cock with her tight little pussy. He held her there just teasing the entrance of her pussy with his hard cock.

"You want this? You want this hard cock inside of you? Do you want me to fuck you right here in the bathroom?" He asked her while sliding his cock head back and forth across her clit and the entrance to her wet pussy.

"Yes, honey, please fuck me! Slide your big cock into my pussy and do me! Put that hard cock inside of me! Fuck me right here in the shower!" Sue pleaded, thinking he was me.

"Yes, ma'am." he reached for his dick, but Sue's hand got there before he did. She stroked it a couple of times and then guided him toward her slit. He pushed the head in and Sue gritted her teeth.

With one full hard thrust he sank his cock all the way to the base in her tight pussy.

"Ooh, honey, fuck me," she said, looking down to watch his big dick pump her pussy like an oil well. "Oh, baby! Oh! Yeah, service my pussy with your big meat. Oh, you're giving me such a good fuck. That feels great. Mmm, nice long strokes, all the way in and out."

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