Camping with the Boys


Mary hungrily sucked on Robert's cock this time, liking the combined flavors of his cum and her pussy juices. And Mark's cock pumping her from behind kept her juices flowing. Riley just stared as his wife behaved like the most craven slut as she serviced his two friends right in front of him. In spite of himself he was ashamed to feel his own cock responding as it began to get hard in his pants. He was revolted and humiliated by his wife acting like this, but at the same time it was very erotic and he was getting turned on in spite of himself.

Mark continued to pump Mary's pussy from behind, feeling it full of Robert's cum yet still tight enough to make him gasp when she squeezed him. Doing it right in front of Riley was definitely more fun too. His precious little trophy wife putting out for all of his friends. He pumped her pussy even more vigorously, enjoying hearing her groan as he slammed into her, jamming her face even further down onto Robert's cock in her mouth. Then he felt that magic moment and it was all he could do to stay upright as he began to fill her pussy with his cum. She seemed to milk him as he pumped shot after shot deep inside of her. Only when he finally stopped and pulled out of her gooey pussy did Mary lift her face from Robert's cock, her lips puffy and a big smile on her face.

"That was nice," she said, looking up at Riley, then down to his lap where the bulge was now obvious. "But I'm ready for some more. You ready to fuck me, John?" she asked.

"Hell, yeah," John replied, stripping his boxers off to reveal his cock standing out in front of him.

"I think even Riley's excited now," Mary said, reaching into his lap and gripping his hard cock through his shorts. "I think he really likes watching me fuck all of his friends," she said, squeezing him even harder. "Why don't you watch it nice and close this time, Riley," Mary said, pulling him by his cock off of the sofa and onto the floor where she reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock, very hard and standing at attention. "Come on, John, let's see what you can do," Mary said, turning so that she was straddling Riley, her dripping pussy just inches above his face.

Riley just stared at his wife's dripping pussy in front of his face. He could see gobs of cum pooled in her hole. Her clit was huge, like a finger joint. Her pussy lips were swollen and red. He felt her mouth on his cock at the same moment a large dribble of cum leaked from Mary's pussy onto his chin. At the same moment John knelt down above his head and he saw his cock go sliding right above his eyes right into his wife's pussy, not stopping until it was completely buried deep inside of her, John's balls dragging across his forehead and nose and mouth, the force of his entry forcing even more cum from her pussy around the shaft of his cock which dripped right onto Riley's face, covering his nose, mouth and chin. He had to breath, and when he finally opened his mouth to gasp for some air, more cum leaked from Mary's pussy right into his mouth.

He just lay there helpless as Mary sucked his cock while he watched John's cock plowing in and out of her pussy just two inches from his eyes. Each time he would slam his cock back into her, more cum would squeeze out around his shaft, more often than not landing in Riley's mouth. Again gasping for breath, Riley opened his mouth just as John was pulling back for another stroke. But he pulled back a bit too far and his cock fell from Mary's pussy right into Riley's open mouth. For a second his lips were wrapped around John's cock and then John reached down and placed his cock once more at the entrance to Mary's pussy and filled her again.

Riley felt like he was going crazy. This couldn't be happening to him. Not him. First Mary had apparently gone crazy, turned into a slut, and now he was laying beneath her while his friend fucked her, cum from his other two friends dripping into his mouth, John's cock in his mouth. And the taste not revolting him, not making him throw up. Instead his cock got harder and harder as Mary sucked on him. He was more excited than he had ever been in his entire life. His whole body was electrified.

Without giving it any conscious thought, Riley lifted his head an inch and licked Mary's huge distended clit, tasting his wife's pussy for the first time. Riley had never sucked a pussy. He thought it was dirty, gross, like a woman sucking his cock. He didn't really like it because he thought it was gross. But he felt Mary shudder and the suction of her mouth on his cock increased. So he began to lick her clit, even though John's cock dragged across his face each time. He began to suck her clit, feeling her go wild on his cock as John's cock continued to saw in and out of her pussy. Then Riley was licking her pussy, and licking the shaft of John's cock each time it sawed back and forth. Mary was writhing on John's cock and sucking Riley's like there was no tomorrow while he sucked her pussy. Then John groaned and began to cum deep inside of Mary's pussy, filling her for the third time this go-round. Mary had Riley's cock deep down her throat when he started to cum and she almost choked. The three of them came and came, moaning and groaning until they could cum no more. Then John slowly let his cock slide from Mary's pussy. It and a huge glob of cum landed right in Riley's mouth. Riley briefly sucked the head of John's cock until he sat back, taking it out of his mouth. Instead he found himself with his mouth glued to Mary's pussy as he sucked on her, slurping all of the cum and pussy juices from her pussy. When he finally stopped Mary rolled off of him onto her back, completely spent, her knees wide apart, her red ravaged pussy spread open.

"Riley, you're the best," Mary said after a few minutes. "I can't wait to go camping with you and the boys again. Now, who's ready to fuck?"

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