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Can I Watch?


The swingers' social dance was happening at the same time the convention of librarians from all over the country was taking place. It was a semi-monthly dance for the swingers but a yearly get together for the librarians. One group did not realize that the other group was having their function at the same hotel and at the same time but on different floors with both groups coming into contact with one another in the restaurant, lounge, and bar. To a non-experienced eye, some librarians could be easily mistaken for some swingers and vice versa.

I scanned the room for my mark and found him, Frankie, the hot shot guy that, at the last dance, spilled my drink and stepped on my foot without apologizing, while in a rush to hit on the woman who I had been eying all night. Oblivious that I was even at the last swingers' dance, I knew he would not recognize me but I recognized him. I saddled up to the bar to order two drinks, knowing that Mr. Hot Shot would be here at any moment, one for me and one for my sexy honey, Vicky, sitting next to me.

Within a few minutes, as expected, Frankie, saddled up to the other side of Vicky. I gave him a wink that told him that I was a swinger and a nod that told him that it was okay for him to talk to the lady on my right. Immediately, he started talking to her.

"Hi, how are you?"

"Good," she said making eye contact with a smile.

"What's your name?"


"Hi, Vicky, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Frank," said the man, looking over at me and smiling. I smiled back and gave him another nod.

He looked like the type of guy who was ready for some hot fun and why wouldn't he? He was young, dumb, and full of...himself, and she was young, blonde, and full of...herself, too.

The three of us sat like that for nearly an hour with her flirting and him teasing and plying us with drinks. I did my best pretending not to be with her staying in the background and playing it cool not wanting to interfere in their conversation and subsequent plans. Then, when she left to go to the ladies room, I got off my stool and sat next to him on Vicky's stool.

"She likes you."

"Do you really think so?"

"Oh, yeah, listen," I said, "she's hot and I don't mind you two having some fun but, this is her first time. She is a bit nervous, so if you don't mind, can I watch?"

"Sure," he looked down at the room key that I handed him and looked back up at me with a big smile, "absolutely." He took the key from me. "I'm sorry," he said, "I was so busy talking to her and mesmerized by her that I did not get your name."

"Freddie," I offered him my hand, "my name is Freddie."

"She is very beautiful, Freddie and, if you do not mind me saying, she has a fabulous body."

"Thank you, no, I do not mind you saying that at all."

"At first, I thought she was your daughter, but when you winked at me and gave me the go ahead nod, I knew that she wasn't. I never would have expected her to be your—"

"Yeah, well, I get a lot of that, I am a bit older than she is but, you know, love is blind."

"Well, Freddie, is there anything that I need to know?"

"Yes," I said thinking for a minute. "You must wear a condom. Safe sex, you know."

"Of course, yeah, no problem with that. I have plenty in my pocket," he said tapping his pants pocket.

"And she loves being blindfolded."

"Really? Kinky," he said taking a gulp of his drink. "I like that."

I handed him a black, silk scarf and he tucked it in his pocket.

"Not being able to see the action, drives her wild and really makes her hot and horny. When she cannot see, it makes her want to do stuff," I gave him a wink and a smile, "all kinds of dirty and nasty stuff."

He had a permanent smile on his face with a bit of drool coming out of the corner of his mouth. In the way that he was looking at me, he made me wonder if he was about to faint with excitement.

"Matter of fact," I said leaning in closer to him, "blindfold her as soon as you enter the room but leave the door ajar after you blindfold her for me to enter the room. It's a game we play. Even though she knows that I am there watching, she likes to pretend that she is alone with her special fuck buddy. That way she'll be less nervous and self-conscious knowing that I am there and better able for you to unleash the beast in her."

"This is my first time, too, you know, with someone else's wife and with someone in the room watching," he said spitting out the words like a machine gun.

"Don't worry, Frank. She'll give you the time of your life."

"She is very pretty, Freddie."

"Calm down, Frankie. Pull yourself together. When was the last time you got lucky?"

"Well, it's been a while, not since the last dance when I tripped over some old geezer and made a fool of myself trying to get to a woman."

"Listen," I said, thinking that I really wanted to punch him in the face but that this bit of revenge was way better. "I'll enter after you two have become better acquainted, if you know what I mean," I gave him a nudge in the ribs, "and I'll sit quietly in the chair by the door and watch the action from there. Just make sure that you angle her so that I have a clear view of her body. I like to watch."

"Okay, Freddie." We shook hands again and the dirty deed was done.

I returned back to my stool as Vicky returned from the ladies room.

Within minutes of her returning from the restroom, Frank and Vicky left the bar and headed for the elevator.

I waited an appropriate time before heading upstairs to the sixth floor. Once off the elevator, I turned the corner and walked down the long corridor to my room, 614. Sure enough, the door was left ajar. There on the bed was Vicky blindfolded with Frank lying beside her.

Quietly, I entered and closed the door without making a sound. Frank gave me a wave with his hand and I acknowledged his wave with a nod of my head. I made myself comfortable in the chair by the door watching Frankie and Vicky making out like horny teenagers.

Immediately, they started French kissing and already I was getting an erection watching him pawing her round ass and feeling her full tits. Vicky has one Hell of a body. She sure is a gorgeous woman. If nothing else, Frank was very dexterous. I watched him unbutton her silk blouse one handed while feeling her ass with the other and going up her skirt exposing her cream panties to me while never missing a beat kissing her. This guy could do more one handed than I could do with two.

Now, that he had her blouse unbuttoned, I had a great view of her bra covered tits. Vicky had a nice C cup rack. Her bra matched her panties, cream in color. I watched him feel her thigh, raising her skirt up, as his hand moved along the curve of her ass and all the way up her back and to her bra. I could tell by the way he felt all of her that he loved her body. Oh, yeah, Vicky has a body.

Next, he unzipped her skirt and she helped him remove it, removing her blouse at the same time. Now, there she was in her bra, panties, and blindfolded. It was so hot to watch him touch her everywhere. It was so hot to see Vicky like that, so semi-naked and so deliciously vulnerable. I decided to get more comfortable. I unzipped and pulled out Big Freddie, okay Little Freddie. Luckily, there was a box of tissues on a shelf by the chair. I needed to stroke myself while watching this action.

This guy had fingers that a safecracker would envy because in one little click, he had her bra unsnapped. Way to go, Frankie. (Now, if that was me, I would have been there with two hands while holding a flashlight in my mouth and finally having to ask her to undo her own damn bra. I hate those things.) I could tell that Vicky was hot for him, too, because she was squirming and rubbing her thighs together like a grasshopper while reaching her hand down and feeling his erection through his pants.

All this time, they never stopped making out. Slowly, he lowered the straps of her bra. She moved her arms so that he could pull it off. There they were, finally, her beautiful tits. Her nipples were so very erect. She was hot for him, alright. I could tell from his touch that he was a tit man and if Vicky had anything, she had tits, great tits.

He lifted his head to look over at me rolling his eyes back in his head and smiling wildly, as he felt her tits, and I gave him the thumbs up sign with my left hand, as I stroked my erect cock with my right hand. His head disappeared and I knew that he was sucking her nipples. I lifted myself up in the chair a little, craning my neck to see. Oh, yeah, he was sucking on those babies.

He reached down with his other hand feeling her between her legs. His touch of her pussy had her squirming. Her thighs were working it and tightly holding his hand in place while she got off. Gradually, he pulled out his hand and I watched him feel her round, firm ass through her panties. Slowly, he rolled her panties down and she wiggled herself free of them off. Vicky has such a great ass and it was so arousing to watch Frank feel her ass, suck her tits, and feel her trimmed blonde pussy.

Frank had Vicky moaning in no time. She wanted it. She wanted him. I watched her unzip him and he helped her by removing his pants and removing his boxers. His cock was standing straight out, he was so very excited. Her hand went right for his cock. I watched as she wrapped her fingers around his big prick. Slowly, she started stroking him. All the while, they never stopped kissing, not once.

It was so very exciting to see Vicky naked with another man. I could not wait to see him fuck her. I could not wait to see him stick his big cock in her mouth and watch her suck him off. I could not wait to watch him shoot a warm load of cum in her mouth.

Frank sat up in bed to remove his shirt and t-shirt. He mouthed the word, "Wow!" to me, as he fanned himself with his hand. Then, he looked down at his cock and looked up at me making the universal fuck sign with his hand. Again, I gave him the thumbs up sign with my left hand while never removing my right hand from stroking my hard cock. Quickly, he rolled a condom over his cock.

He rolled Vicky over, spread her legs, and climbed on top of her. I watched as she reached her little hand down and directed his cock inside of her. Slowly, at first, he started fucking her. Then, faster and harder, I watched as he drove his cock deeper and deeper. He was banging her like she was the last woman on Earth. Then, they found a rhythm where he pounded her and she humped him back before he pounded her, again.

He was banging her deep in the mattress so hard that I could barely see her. All that I could see of her were her toes, her forehead, her nose, some blonde hair, and her tits bouncing up and down and jiggling side to side. God, I love her knockers; she has fabulous tits.

They continued like that, fucking one another, for twenty minutes. It took all the control that I had not to cum. I slowed my stroking action. I did not want to cum until Vicky was sucking his cock. That was the hot part and I could not wait to see her do that to him, to watch her suck him off.

Frank turned to look at me and, again, he mouthed the words, "Wow!" and "Thank you." I held up my digital camera asking him with a look if it was okay to shoot a couple of candid photos. He smiled and gave me the nod. I shot away.

Then, I heard her moaning getting louder and louder until she had orgasm after orgasm. Man, Frankie really fucked Vicky. I was nearly ready to cum. Then, they switched positions. He fell back on the bed exhausted and she, the little vixen, sat up and rolled over sliding her body down to take his cock in her mouth. Deftly, she took his cock in her hand, removed and discarded the condom, stroked him, and then took him in her mouth. Oh, baby, watching Vicky suck Frankie's cock was just what I was waiting to see. I could no longer hold back and shot a load of cum in the tissue. Quickly, I cleaned up the mess, put my cock away, and zipped up my pants.

Now, I took the time to get some really great shots of Vicky sucking Frankie. She was sucking his cock like she was just home from prison. Man, what a blow job she was giving him. I loved seeing her head bob up and down while watching her blonde hair cascade all over his stomach and thighs. Frankie, a man of his word, made sure that he angled his body and angled Vicky to give me the best view of the action. I really got some great photographs.

When I saw him gently place a hand on the back of her head, I knew he was about to cum and he did. He pumped a warm load in her mouth. She swallowed him and pulled away just in time for him to shoot another load all over her face, across the blindfold, and in her hair. He gave her a real cum bath.

She pulled off the blindfold just as my camera went off for the fiftieth time and turned around in shocked horror.

"Freddie! What are you doing here?" She turned to Frank. "What's he doing here?"

"He asked if he could watch and I told him yes."

"You told him he could watch! Why?"

"Why? He's your husband and you are a swinger?"

"He's not my husband and I am no swinger. I'm a librarian and he's my regular pain-in-the-ass leering, pervert of a customer."

I ran out of the room with Frankie chasing after me naked. He grabbed me at the elevator.

"What the fuck, man? You said you were her husband."

"I said no such thing. I only asked if I could watch."

Just as he was ready to slug me, the elevator doors opened and half dozen librarians alighted.

"Listen here you pervert," I said. "I am not a gay man and if you do not unhand me and return to your hotel room, immediately, I will report you to the front desk."

"Ewww! Naked man! Gross!"

Four Japanese tourists all with cameras came from out of nowhere and started taking dozens of photos of Frankie running back towards the room with his cock bouncing up and down and side to side. Only, Vicky had already vacated the room locking the door behind her. There was Frankie standing in the hotel corridor as hotel security was alerted and on their way to detain him for the police.

Meanwhile, back to the beginning of the story where I inadvertently omitted a few things.

"Hi, Vicky, it sure is a coincidence seeing you here."

"Freddie! What are you doing here besides stalking me, you pervert."

"Stalking you, I'm doing no such thing. I'm here for the Swingers' dance."

"Figures you'd be a swinger."

"What are you doing here besides stalking me, Vicky?"

"Stalking you? In your dreams. I'm here for the librarian convention."

"Listen, Vicky, since we are here, together, let me buy you a drink and maybe, you will allow me to get lucky with—"

"Lucky? You get lucky with me? All those times I caught you looking down my blouse and peeking up my skirt when I was bending or squatting down to return a book to a shelf, you ought to be ashamed of yourself."

"I am ashamed, Vicky. I'm ashamed I never had a camera with me to snap some candid photos of you."

"Ewww! You're disgusting. I would not have sex with you if you were the last man on earth. Besides, did you forget that I am married?" She held up her ring finger only her ring was not on it. I figured she already had a couple of cocktails and came here hoping to get lucky. Then, she said it, the same line she says to me all the freakin' time. "Why would I lower myself to your level when I can get any man?"

"Really, Vicky, do you think that you are so hot, (and she was) that you can get any man (and she could and I knew that)?"


"I'll tell you what. There's a handsome guy heading over this way. If you can pick him up, I'll never bother you, again. If he eludes your beautiful self, then you must sleep with me. Bet?"


"Let's shake on it."

The man approached the bar and took the stool beside Vicky. He turned to her just as she turned to him.

"Hi, how are you?"

"Good," she said making eye contact with a smile.

"What's your name?"


"Hi, Vicky, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Frank."

Well, the next week, I paid Vicky a visit at the library.

"What are you doing here? We had a bet that if I picked up the guy that you would never bother me, again."

"Yeah, but that was before I had photos of you with Frankie. I managed to get the same room, 614. I slid the key across the desk to her. I think you know where the hotel is. I'll see you there after work, unless, of course, you do not care if I send the photos of you with Frankie to your husband."

Needless to say, Vicky, Little Ricky, and I had a good time. I said my goodbye to her as she was leaving the hotel room.

"I'll see you next week, Vicky."

"Over my dead body, Freddie."

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