tagGroup SexCan I Watch Ch. 02

Can I Watch Ch. 02


A few months had gone by since Jessica and I had spoken about her watching me with another guy. When she first brought it up I was all for it. When I first asked Ben, I was hotter than hot with the idea, as was he. Since then however, I was having second thoughts. I had strong feelings for both Jessica and Ben. The sex with both of them is fantastic, each in their own way. I felt that if it just happened sometime then I would be fine with it. But when it's going to be planned in advanced, well, that's when my mind begins to wonder and think. Thus, I have been thinking and feeling unsure of myself. What if it appeared to Jessica that I liked sex with Ben more than her, or maybe the other way around? What would happen if jealousy reared its ugly head? How would Jessica seeing me have sex with a man affect the relationship we had. What if Jess decided she wanted to join Ben and me together? I never seemed to be able to answer those questions in any substantial way. I resigned myself to hoping it would happen spontaneously somehow.

My relationship with Jessica was still going full speed ahead. She had taken a different position in her firm. This meant moving to a different downtown location and she could no longer make the daily trek to my place. She stayed at her city apartment during week, drove up to my place every Friday to spend the weekends with me. We spoke on the phone and traded emails daily. This arrangement, of course, meant long weekends mostly spent in the bedroom. We spent weekends where she satisfied her craving for my body as much as I satisfied my craving for hers. She seemed plenty content with me, no longer mentioning her desire to watch two men together.

Ben, on the other hand was becoming more and more intrigued with the thought of Jessica watching the two of us. He had never met Jess but had seen a picture or two of her and me together. Ben and I were having sex more regularly now that Jessica was gone during the week. He began wondering if his chance to have sex with me in front of her was ever going to happen. Sometimes even suggesting he should call Jessica directly and set it up. I would always respond with a glare and convince him that I would take care of it. At least I knew all to well how to use my body to distract his thoughts.

Then this past week Jessica began talking about it again. I had already told her Ben was willing so she wondered when it was going to happen. She actually asked if I was chickening out on fulfilling her fantasy. Well, to me, that was all it took. I was not going to have her thinking I was a chicken to suck a cock in front of her.

Friday finally arrived and I had showered and prepared dinner for Jess and me. I was out on the back deck making sure the water in the hot tub was a perfect temperature when I heard Jessica's car pull up to my place in the woods. I walked around to the front of my cabin and saw her smile. Immediately her sexy body was running up to give me a hug and kiss. I grabbed hold of her ass pulling her against me as our lips met and our tongues explored what we had missed tasting and feeling for almost a week. Her hands went around my neck and then glided over my bare back. I kissed and sucked on her neck taking in the scent of her perfume as my hand slid in the suit jacket to cup her full breast.

"Mark, I really need to get these clothes off."

I looked into her eyes with a mischievous grin as I lifted her off her feet and carried her into the bedroom. I knew better than to strip her out on the deck, having been scolded for doing it once. It wasn't her shyness getting in the way; it was her need to care properly for her clothes. She was very fastidious and either had to immediately hang them up or at the very least fold them neatly into a pile. Once in the bedroom I sat on the edge of the bed, my cock thickening as I watched her beauty become naked before my eyes. She was down to her thong when she walked over to stand between my spread legs. My hands ran up her body, from her hips to her breasts. My fingers pinched her nipples until they hardened and she squirmed. My mouth sucked a nipple and bit down, wanting Jessica to know how much I wanted her right now. My hands slid her thong off her shapely hips, running my fingers along her silky legs until the thong had hit the floor.

"Pull my shorts off Jess and straddle me, ride me like I know you want to, ride me hard baby."

Jessica kneeled down in front of me, her slender fingers running over my swollen member before tugging on the waistband. I lifted my ass and watched as my cock sprang free, Jess' hands pulling the shorts completely off. She leaned in and licked the pre cum from the head before sucking me into her warm mouth. She continued to tease with her tongue until I could take no more. Pulling her up onto my lap, I slid a hand between us, a finger sliding in to find her moist and more than ready to receive my manhood. I lifted her by the cheeks of her ass as she grabbed hold of my rod, placing the head at her opening. We both moaned as she slid down on me, my thickness spreading her open, her wetness coating me. I bit down on her neck while her breasts pressed against my chest. I gripped her ass tightly, lifting and lowering in a steady rhythm. Her fluids provided more lubrication than necessary as we kissed riding together to the first of many orgasms of the weekend. My finger teased her hole as her hands gripped my shoulder. Her breasts bounced as our fucking became harder, more intense. Before long I could feel her body tense, her pussy contracting and her come flooding my cock. Her juice ran around my cock and out, dripping over my balls.

"I need to fuck you hard Jess and I need to fill you with my cream."

I rolled Jessica onto her back, her legs over my shoulders as I began pounding hard, my hips slapping her ass as I bottomed out with every thrust. It was my turn, my turn to tense and release and that was all that was on my mind. Her fingers begin pinching my nipples making my cock throb inside her. She coaxed me on telling me to fuck her good, to use her cunt to get myself off. That's exactly what I did, a few more thrusts and I felt my come surge through my cock, spewing out deep within her cavern. I grunted as the last few drops seeped out and the sweat rolled down my back. I lowered Jess's legs and nuzzled into her neck.

"Damn I love fucking you Jess"

"As much as you love Ben fucking you?"

Ouch, that kind of stung. I had not yet told Jess of the weekend plans. I pulled my softening cock from her juicy cunt and rolled over onto my back. Jess rolled over with me, supporting her body on my chest, kissing my lips before gazing into my eyes with a smile. I watched as she moved off the bed, pulling on a pair of shorts and tank top. I shook my head, knowing I would do anything for her, but, I would never admit that to her. She leaned over me, planting yet another passionate kiss before saying she was starving, that we should go make dinner.

We had finished our dinner and were in the Kitchen. I leaned against the counter next to Jess, my cell phone in my hand, just as she finished cleaning the sink. With a grin on my face I told her I needed to call Ben, to confirm that he would be over tomorrow. Her face lit up and she moved over in front of me. Her hands wrapped loosely around my neck. Her lips pressed against mine giving me a kiss that was passionate, sexy, hot, and loving altogether. She pulled her mouth away, her hand slid down my neck and rested on my chest.

"Are you sure Mark, you sure this is ok with you? You know it would turn me on tremendously to watch you with Ben, but I won't force it."

"I'm sure Jess"

I took Jessica's hand as I spoke and placed it on my crotch, letting her feel my arousal. She slowly kneeled down in front of me as I dialed Ben's number. Jessica's mouth opened as she began sucking me through my shorts. Her hands reached for the waistband, lowering them slowly. I had one hand on the cell phone while Jess had one hand wrapped around my thickening cock. I saw her look up in a mischievous way as Ben answered my call. I confirmed his arrival time, trying to end our conversation as quickly as possible while Jess continued to tease me. He could tell something was up.

"Is Jess playing with your cock now as we speak?"

"Hmmm" was all I could manage in response to his question.

"With her hand or mouth" Ben demanded to know.


"Tell Jess to use her mouth Mark, I want to hear you moan as she sucks you, I want to hear you groan and grunt as you shoot your come. Tell her Mark, tell her for me."

Sweat was forming under my arms and on my chest as I looked down at Jess. Her mouth was less than an inch from the head of my cock. I was holding the cell phone with one hand, running the fingers through her hair as I told her what Mark wanted. She grinned before licking the precum off the head off my cock forcing me to moan.

"Mark, tell me what Jess is doing. Tell me and think of me here naked, stroking my own hard on while she sucks on yours."

My cock jerked both from thinking of Ben naked and from Jess' mouth as it opened and slowly sucked on the head.

"Jess is sucking on the head of my cock, Ben. Ughhh, she's using her teeth to nibble. C'mon Jess, don't tease me, suck my cock, suck it all the way in."

"Mark, my thumb is rubbing the precum over the head of my cock while she does that. You two got me rock hard."

"Shit, Ben, she is still teasing me...her tongue is licking the length of me. Oh...she is holding it up and licking along the underside. Ben, you know how that makes me squirm. "Yea that's it Jess, suck on my balls, oh yea, suck them in and roll them around, get them all wet."

"Mark, tell her to let go of your balls and suck your cock. I want to hear you come. I'm going to come the same time you do."

"Jess, Ben wants to come with me, he wants to listen to me come in your mouth while he strokes."

Jess let my nuts fall from her mouth, her hand slowly stroking my cock as she looked up. I was waiting to feel the warmth of her mouth. Instead, she stood, rubbing her body against mine, kissing my lips so Ben could hear.

"I hope you are close to coming Ben, because once I wrap my lips around Mark here...well...what can I say other than he doesn't last long."

With that Jess slid back down my body, opening her mouth wide and sucked me in. Her tongue tickled the underside as I slid in deeper. Her mouth closing more tightly around me as my hand went to the back of her head.

"Shit, Ben...uh...she's sucking...oh yea...Jess that feels good. Take more babe, suck me in deeper, I wanna feel your throat."

I could hear Ben's breathing quicken on the other end of the call and Jess' mouth slurping around my rod. I had never experience something like this, describing on the phone the blow job I was receiving. I don't mind saying it was adding to my excitement. My hips began to thrust, sliding my cock back and forth across her tongue.

"I bet your balls are hard and tight Mark, right? I know mine are. I got so much pre cum flooding out. Damn Mark, your moans are sexy as shit, I never realized that before. Does Jess know how to make you come? You know how I stick a finger up your tight hole and more times than not your come comes flooding out. I love how it does that to you. Tell her Mark, tell Jess to stick a finger up your ass, NOW."

"Mmmmm," I moaned feeling the head of my cock sliding down Jess throat. Ben again telling me to tell Jess what he said. I could barely speak and he wanted me to tell her that?

"Jess...finger...my hole for me...uggh...oh shit yes. She's...doing it Ben...ohhhh...her finger...it's..."

Jess was bobbing on my cock, sucking harder as her finger wiggled it's way deeper into my hole. Ben was encouraging me with his words. He was telling me he was very close to shooting his load all over himself. He told me to imagine Jess' finger was his cock. I felt her finger push in deeper as I pushed my hips forcing my cock deeper in her throat.


I was panting and the cell phone slipped from my hand as my cock throbbed and shot its load into Jess' mouth. My body shuddered as my orgasm ran though. Once I had emptied my balls and Jess had moved up for a kiss, I picked my phone back up, my heart still beating fast, my lungs still starving for air.

"Ben, you there?"

"Yea, but I got to go, I got a mess to clean up and you are not here to do it for me. See you tomorrow sexy."

Saturday afternoon came all too quick but yet not soon enough for me. Jess and I enjoyed a slow fuck in the morning before making breakfast together and then lounging around. I was anxious and nervous all in one. The thought of sex with Ben was intense; the thought of sex with Ben in front of Jessica was almost overwhelming. I seemed to stay hard no matter what Jess and I did or talked about.

Jess and I were sitting on the deck when Ben drove up. I watched his body as he walked towards us and smiled to myself. I had to admit he was hot; his jeans clung to his thick thighs, his bulge accentuated. The button down shirt was hanging out in back, the top button already undone. His toes were exposed in his flip flops. I knew this was it, the beginning of something different for all three of us. I knew I had to do it right. I got up from my lounge chair, moving his way. When we were close, he extended his hand for a shake. I grabbed his shirt, pulling him to me until our lips met. My tongue slid into Ben's wet mouth, as my groin ground into his. His eyes where large, wide open, but I could feel he was reacting in a good way. I knew my taking the upper hand, so to speak, was not what Ben expected. I also knew he would end up the one in control, but, for now it had to be this way.

"I think we are too close for just a handshake Ben. Ben...this is Jess, Jess...Ben."

I watched as Ben went over to Jessica, reaching for her hand. My eyes fluctuated between gazing at his ass and watching his mouth kiss her hand. A touch of jealousy shot through my body. When he stood back up and looked over at me I was sure he could see it on my face. I stepped over to the cooler and grabbed Ben a beer, his favorite brew, of course. Handing it to him I felt weird, like a high school kid knowing he was going to get some that night. We sat around and had a few drinks before dinner. It gave Jess and Ben a chance to get to know each other.

"Jess, Ben, lets go inside."

It was difficult for me to say but I knew I had to start things off. We had finished dinner and enjoyed the sun setting through the trees. I could feel their eyes on me as I lead them inside, not stopping until I was standing at the end of the bed. Ben walked immediately over to me and Jessica took a seat in the chair, all of it seeming to be a well scripted play. I was aroused all through dinner and now my cock was straining to be released from my shorts.

I pulled Ben closer to me by his shirt. My lips went straight for his neck, knowing how that turned him on, I sucked and nibble and licked. My hands were busy undoing the buttons on his shirt. My hand caressed his muscled shoulder as the shirt fell to the floor. I glanced over at Jess and saw her eyes focused on Ben's chest. She had a perfect view of not only his chest but his muscular arm. I ran my fingers over him, stopping to play with his nipples. My mouth followed, licking from his Adam's apple down the center of his body. He moaned as I flick my tongue over a nipple making it instantly hard for Jess to see. My hand slid down his abs and over his bulge, stopping to cup and squeeze as I felt his hand on my back. He was used to leading, used to telling me what he wanted but today I was showing him what I wanted, showing both Ben and Jess how much I liked his body. I was beyond the nervousness; I was turned on feeling Ben's body, turned on knowing I was exciting him. I undid his jeans and reached in to grab his meat. My mouth had moved to his other nipple to lick and suck until he moaned yet again.

"Fuck Ben, you're hard tonight."

His hand reached around to my neck, pulling my lips to his. My hand massaged his cock while he pushed his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues played, making each of us feel more comfortable. My finger ran over the head of Ben's cock, spreading the pre cum that had already formed. I could feel him jerk in response to my touch. He sucked the air from my mouth as he gasped.

"Show me Mark, show me Ben's cock. I want to see what he has to fuck you with."

I glanced over to Jess but her eyes were looking at what my hand was playing with. My hands slid Ben's jeans lower, down his hips. His cock sprang free and I heard Jessica moan. My hand wrapped around his thickness, stroking back and forth. Ben pulled his tongue from my mouth, sucking the skin on my neck until he reached my ear. I could feel his heated breath as he bit down and pulled on my ear lobe before whispering to me.

"Show Jessica how you like to suck my cock, Mark. Show her how you can suck it all the way in."

Ben looked me in the eye, placed his hands on my shoulders along with a slight amount of force to push me down. My hands went to his back and grazed my fingers downward as my mouth licked a line down the center of his front. His cock rubbed against my chin as I sucked and nibbled at his hips, glancing again over at Jessica. She had her top off; her fingers were teasing her nipples and fondling her breasts. I moaned my appreciation as her eyes caught mine. I wanted to go over and lick and suck on them, but that wasn't what we had agreed on. Ben was becoming impatient and his hands gripped my head, forcing me to look up into his eyes.

Ben held my hair tightly with one hand and grabbed the base of the cock with his other. As we stared at each other I felt the wet pre cum and head of his rod rub over the cheeks on my face. He slapped my face a couple of times with his slab of meat before rubbing it across my lips, telling me to open up. My hands held onto his thick thighs as my lips opened slowly making sure to make a tight fit as if he was spreading the lips of a tight cunt or ass. His grip tightened to make sure I didn't pull back as he pushed his way into my warm wet mouth. My tongue licked as my mouth muscles tightened around him. He didn't stop pushing, instead he tilted my head and I could feel his big mushroom head push open my throat.

Ben was usually more patient, usually letting me suck him awhile before entering my throat passage. I had to work to keep from gagging as I was not yet prepared. I swallowed around him and heard him moan out about my sucking abilities. My nose pressed against his pubic hair, filling my head with his scent. He began withdrawing slowly leaking his fluid out for me to taste. My tongue lapped at his rod until my teeth were able to nibble and the spongy flesh of the tip. I could see the veins and the wetness from my mouth.

"Oh Mark, that is so hot. I don't think I could take that much in my mouth. Yea, baby, suck your friend good for me."

My eyes turned towards Jessica to see her legs spread wide. She had a hand inside her panties, rubbing and pleasing herself. My cock was rock solid; a wet spot I knew had formed on my shorts. The weird feelings were returning to my stomach. I was sucking my best friend's cock in front of my girlfriend. She was over there watching us while she teased her clit and slid a finger into her wet pussy. As I watched she pulled her finger from her wetness and brought it to her mouth sucking it in. I moaned at the sight while Ben pushed his thickness back into my mouth, straight back to my throat.

Ben yanked on my hair, telling me to concentrate on what I was doing. I did. I sucked harder and licked more as he got into a steady rhythm. He felt hot inside my mouth and he jerked when my tongue touched the head. When I could taste his pre cum my own cock would jerk. When I heard Jess and Ben telling me how good I was, telling me it was obvious I liked to suck cock, well...I would leak more pre and make the wet spot in my shorts larger.

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