Can You Help A Brother?


After a brief display, Mary moved her hands up to her breasts and squeezed them from outside her sweater. James watched the smooth skin rise and fall inside the deep cut v-neck and her nipples harden each time she touched them.

"Are you getting hard?" she asked without stopping.

James didn't answer. But Mary knew.

"Take off your pants for me, James."

Mary was essentially dancing before him without any music as he undid his pants and began to remove them. She turned to offer him quick glances at her youthful ass cheeks, so that by the time he was down to his shorts, the start of his erection was unquestionable. Mary's eyes never left her brother's crotch as she used both hands to lift the sweater up to her waist, and then her stomach, and finally to the bottom of her tits.

She stepped closer and turned her ass to James. He could almost reach out and touch it, but clearly Mary did not want that...yet. She pivoted once again and taunted him with just a hint of her tits.

"Let me see it," she whispered.

James pulled down his underpants so that his cock was free, leaning off to one side and starting to throb.

"Take the underpants off."

James stripped down to just his shirt and leaned back in the chair.

"Hold your cock, James. I want to see you stroke it," Mary said.

The sight of James beginning his masturbation was enough to embolden Mary into a more revealing dance. She was almost straddling his legs when the sweater finally rose high enough to show him her beautiful tits. James was completely hard now and the need to cum was already building. Would she give him another incredible blowjob? Would she want to watch him cum while he masturbated?

Mary pulled the sweater over her head and held it by her side as she thrust her chest forward and leaned over. She saw the look of craving on James' face as the tits dangled enticingly close. She saw the huge head of his cock grow a darker pink with each passing stroke of his hand.

Mary leaned back and stood with her legs spread wide. A single hand started at her stomach and slid down until the fingernails disappeared inside the thong. James saw the outline of her fingers under the material as she reached for her clit. Inch by inch the hand lowered until Mary's mouth opened and a sigh emerged when she made contact.

They masturbated together for what seemed an eternity. James had to slow down or he would have cum. Mary sped up to increase the moisture collecting outside her pussy. Her hand sank lower and her middle finger drew her juices up to her clit. The thong slid lower on her hips until, at last, Mary began to push it down.

James stopped yanking on his cock while Mary got naked. She smiled, knowing how close he was; how desperate he must have been. Once undressed, Mary returned a hand to her pussy and very slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy. James was holding his cock once more.

Mary's hand worked itself in every direction over and around her pussy. She alternated between rubbing her clit and driving a finger or two deep inside her wet cunt. Her free hand played with a tit and rolled the nipple between her fingers. In every way, she was doing to herself what she knew James wanted to be doing.

"There's only one thing we never got to do at my house," Mary said.

"What's that?" James asked, although he knew the answer. He dreaded the answer, yet his heart raced at the thought.

Mary began to climb onto his lap. James removed his hand and let his rigid cock feel the warmth of her pussy.

"We never fucked," she replied. "I want to fuck now. I think you do, too."

"We shouldn't," James said weakly.

"We have to. We'll always regret it if we don't."

Mary was sliding her soaked skin along the entire length of his shaft, putting more and more of her weight into it each time. She took hold of James' hands and put them on her tits. He instantly began to knead them roughly.

"No. We can't," he said.

Mary raised herself a few inches and let his cock extend up towards her. A small shift in her position and the tip of the cock rested between the soft lips of her pussy. Another move and the head began to spread open her cunt.

"Mary. Mary!"

Mary had never felt a thicker, harder cock enter her before. James had never put his cock inside a hotter, wetter, tighter hole. And only an inch or two of his erection had been inserted. They moaned in chorus as Mary gradually lowered herself until her ass rested in James' body.

", that feels so good," Mary declared.

Her brother was speechless. He felt her muscles tighten even harder around his cock and then Mary was bobbing up and down, her tits beginning to sway with each new plunge of James' cock. He instinctively put his hands on her hips. Then he was holding her by the top of her ass, gently squeezing her flesh and enjoying the incredible sensation of fucking his sister.

He watched her play with her tits again. He gazed at the pleasure-filled look on her face. He listened to the sound of their sex; the sliding of his cock into her drenched pussy; the slapping of their skin each time she dropped onto his shaft.

They fucked in absolute harmony for several minutes. Mary had moved a hand between her legs and was rubbing her clit. Her moans signaled that she was close.

"Ohhhhhh fuck, James. Yes! Yessss! Fuck me harder, please!"

He held her in place and rammed his cock up into her as hard and fast as he could.

"Cum for me, Mary."

He couldn't believe he was saying it. But he wanted it so bad. He wanted to feel her cum and hear her cum.

"Yes! Almost. Oh God!" she cried out.

Then she squealed with delight as the first of many, many orgasms overtook her. She writhed on top of James' cock and frantically rubbed her clit, crying out with each new wave of pleasure. James felt his own orgasm growing nearer, but he held it back as long as he could to allow Mary to finish.

Perspiration gathered on her forehead and strands of her hair stuck to it as she finally neared the end.

Then James cried out, "Get up."

Mary rose just enough to let James take his cock in his hand. Three strokes later, the first burst of warm, white cum streamed onto his stomach and shirt. Mary leaned down and licked around the head of his cock as more and more cum shot out. It hit her on the cheek as she tried to lick it off his body and James laughed at the sight of it dripping down her chin.

Only then did they come together in the chair, arms wrapped around each other and kisses bringing them back to near normal.

"Maybe after we eat, we can try the bed," Mary murmured into his ear.

"We have to eat first?" James asked.

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