tagBDSMCandace Is Taken for a Ride

Candace Is Taken for a Ride


It was a conspiracy. A plot meticulously laid out by a small group of grimly determined men bent on revenge. They would arrange a little "vacation," just the four of them and their insufferable, arrogant boss, a beautiful woman whose overbearing ways were legendary throughout the corporation. It was to be an unforgettable week in a remote mountain cabin, during which Candace Ashbee would find herself shamelessly used by her four randy captors, men behaving badly who subjected her to the most extremes of sexual humiliation, to bondage and discipline, and the most unspeakable sexual depravity. This is a story of extremes, a story that skirts the outer fringe of human sexuality.

The beer was flowing freely and the guys were feeling no pain, all except for Eddy Shaw that is. He was still steamed, madder than hell. He had just found out that very day what office gossip had known for weeks. He had been shafted, screwed out of the promotion of a lifetime by the bitch he worked for: one Ms Candace Ashbee. The others could only nod knowingly as he went on to describe the Boss Lady in the most graphic terms, using every one of the many nicknames the guys had for their insufferable, duplicitous, and overbearing boss. Names that included: "The girl with the Golden Cunt," "Mother Juggs," a not very subtle reference to her obvious assets, and more simply -- "The Bitch," that one used most often, even by the other female employees. Over beers after work on Fridays, she was frequently the subject of discussion as simply "that Goddamned Cunt." They all knew who that was. But the name that Lewis particularly liked was "Miz Candy Ass." He nodded to himself, well satisfied with the name he had bestowed on her.

All four of the guys around that table had had a run-in with Candy Ass at sometime, and they were lucky to escape just a little bloodied. She was known as arrogant and ambitious, a conniving bitch who used people, especially men. She was originally appointed as a regional manager over better qualified men, because the company had been threatened by a feminist group for not having enough female executives. But if that threat launched Candace's meteoric career, she took full advantage of her sex once in place. It was well know that she was perfectly willing to sleep her way to top, and use that beautiful body of hers to maximum advantage. Of course sex with "underlings" or even co-workers was quite out o the question. She was much too snooty for that. No, she would preserve her precious assets for more important fish on the company's food chain.

"What I wouldn't give just to get that bitch alone for just one night," Jack Crowley.

"You wouldn't know what to do with her if you had her. And besides, all you'd have to do was go to sleep and she'd cut off your balls and hand them to you in a nicely wrapped package!"

"She wouldn't cut anything off, cause first I'd tie her down. There's only one thing a woman like that understands," he added with drunken logic.

Now Lewis who had sunk into a more mellow mood and was only half listening, sat up and leaned across the table.

"Agreed!" Lewis nodded, sitting up, taking a sudden interest. "The woman needs to be tied down and fucked silly "But how would you so that Jack? If you had her for 24 hours..all yours, tell us what you would do to her."

Crowley looked at Lewis, and got the feeling he was being put on, but he didn't give a damn.

"Well, I'd lay her out on her back in the middle of big bed and tie her spread-eagled, you know with her legs spread wide open. Then I'd do her, once an hour, every hour. And when I wasn't in the saddle with my prick up that golden cunt, I'd shove a vibrator up her twat, just to keep her company."

Lewis nodded, impressed. The graphic description conjured up a powerful erotic image in Lewis's inebriated imagination of the long bodied, beautiful brunette, her dark silky hair loose and whipping the pillows as she flung her head from side to side between outstretched arms, her pretty features contorted in the throes of a massive orgasm. The power of that image stirred him deeply; he felt an awakening movement in the front of his pants, and slipped a hand under the table to ease the progress of his unfolding cock.

"And you Eddy?" he asked, warming up to his newly-invented game, "what would you do with Miz Candy Ass?"

"I'd go for those big jugs of hers," was the immediate answer. " I'd have her naked, leaning over the back of a chair, all the way over, so those big floppy tits were hanging down the front between her arms. And I'd tie her hands to the legs of the chair so she was kept bent over. Then I'd go to work on those puppies, playing with those tit-bags, just feeling Miz Candy Ass up till I had her all hot and bothered and just begging for it."

Again, Lewis, nodded, and let himself savor the pleasing image, of the conceited, overbearing boss lady upended over a chair.

He gave Ben an inquisitive look.

"I'd tie her over the back of a couch and spank that big fat candy ass." Ben offered modestly, but with a hopeful smile for the others.

"How about you, Lewis? If you could do anything you wanted to Miz Candy Ass, what would you do?"

"I like the idea of bending her over and tying her down. But first I'd make her beg me for it, maybe crawl around on hands and knees and sit up like a dog and beg me for it. Then I'd tie her down, and once I had her like that, I'd take her. Right up that precious candy ass!"

The roar of laughter that followed showed how much his inventive approach was richly appreciated by his all male audience.

"Oooh. I'll bet she wouldn't like that at all," Crowley chimed in, grinning from ear to ear.

"Well, she wouldn't have much choice, now would she?"

The conversation went along such lines with each proposed position getting more inventive and perverted until the hour grew late and one by one the revelers drifted off. Only Ben and Lewis remained. Neither showed much inclination to go home. The earlier gaiety had worn off, and the two men had grown more sullen as they sat nursing a final round.

It was then that mild-mannered Ben told Lewis about something else that bothered him about Candace Ashee. Ben was their computer guy, and he got to know a lot about everybody in company. One of his jobs was computer security, and now he told Lewis about how he had stumbled upon an unregistered computer being used to gain access to the company's intranet. When he dug into it, he found that Ms Ashbee was using her personal laptop to make gain entry – something the company strictly outlawed. He didn't know what was going on, but it sounded suspicious to him.

Lewis was intrigued. Could he find out what the bitch was up to? Well Ben allowed, he could try. Maybe someday after work. Lewis smiled to himself. He knew how much Ben just loved a challenge.


It was late. Even by the last of the night janitors had made their way home. From outside, the glass cube of the office building was dark, except for a single windowed office on the 30th floor. Sitting there under that lone halo of light was Jonathon Lewis. He was staring at computer screen when he heard the footsteps he had been waiting for. Someone was scurrying down the lane between the rows of cubicles. Ben had found something! He knew it from the quick pace. The tech guy was rushing to find him.

Lewis spun around in his chair just as Ben, draped his lanky form over the entrance to the cubicle, hanging from one hand by the thin paneled wall, a great big, shit-eatin' grin on his mostly bald face.

"Looky what I got."

His fellow worker held up a CD to be admired. Lewis felt a surge of excitement shoot through him. 'This was unbelievable!'

"No shit! You actually got the goods on her?!"

"You better believe it brother. It's all here...numbered accounts, international bank transfers, valuations, both actual AND reported, dates, times, everything!. The bitch is in deep doo-doo, right up to those big fat jugs of hers."

Lewis jumped up and did a little dance. He couldn't contain himself.

"Sonovabitch!" was all he could say. The two conspirators slapped hands in a joyous 'high five,' barely able to contain their glee.

"I know just what I'm gonna do. Tomorrow, I get an appointment with old Fennerman. First thing in the morning. I'll bring my laptop with me, and treat the old boy to a little 'show and tell'. By 10 O'clock, Miz Candy Ass will be history around here. They might even throw her precious butt in the clink! I mean, shit, they're gonna half to go public with this stuff, and this, my friend, is what they call grand larceny. Big time!"

Lewis smiled his approval of the plan, and through the picture of their insufferably arrogant boss peeking out mournfully from behind the bars of women's prison gave him a cozy glow, his mind was racing, a half formed thought rose up to niggle away at him.

"Hold on a minute, Pal. Let's think this through. What we got here is a goldmine...the mother lode. How much do you think it'd be worth to her to make sure we kept this just our little secret?"

Ben stepped back. The smile faded as his eyes narrowed, taking on a sly, crafty gleam.

"Whaddya mean?"

"I dunno," Lewis began tentatively, "but don't you see we got the arrogant bitch just where we want her. You know what she's like, always on the warpath about some sort of sexual harassment thing.

"So...," Ben asked, clearly intrigued as to where all this was going.

"Well, the point is, you know she's got this thing about sex, making life miserable for any poor bastard stupid enough to think he can buy her a drink and maybe get in her pants."

Ben nodded knowingly, remembering his own encounter with the bitch when she was still the new girl, and he thought he might have a chance with her, even though he consistently struck out with pretty girls like her. At least most of them let him down gently. But he, like a few other men at BBR&J, bold enough to try, had been haughtily spurned by the cold, conceited beauty whose perfect ass now occupied an executive chair in the choice corner office on the 31st floor. Candace Ashbee seemed bent on a mission to put men in their place, while always babbling on about "glass ceilings," about how men were out to keep her down, complaining like the whining feminist bitch that she was. Of course it was only those under her in the organization, or her co-workers who got a full blast. To those above her, she was the pretty girl with the dazzling smile who was all sweetness and light ...Ms Candy Ass.

Lewis was looking at Ben with a thoughtful look in his eye. He had an idea, but he didn't trust Ben to pull it off. No, he'd have to do this himself.

"Well, maybe that meeting you want to have tomorrow, shouldn't be with Fennerman. Maybe I should take the meeting, directly Ms. Candy Ass—you know, just me and her, kinda private like? And, oh yeah, I'll need to take that laptop."


His meeting with Candace had gone surprising well, once she had gotten over the shock. When the full realization of her precarious predicament came thundering home to her, she could only sit paralyzed behind her desk, the blood drained from her face, and though she tried to control herself, Lewis saw the way her hand trembled as she reached for a pencil to toy with. He knew he had her just where he wanted her! He could see the fear and desperation in her eyes, the eyes of a hunted animal.

"What do you want?" she managed to get out in a harsh whisper.

He took his time, letting his eyes study the silver-framed picture on her desk: Candace at some swanky dude ranch, mounted on a chestnut stallion and wearing a fancy cowgirl outfit. They all knew she was taking lessons in horsemanship at some farm in Maryland, where she went riding on weekends.

He let the full weight of it sink in, before offering her a way out. He knew it was an offer she couldn't refuse.

"Oh, not so much, really. Just a date with you, babe," he purposely used the word knowing it would infuriate her. She caught the gesture and realized that their status had changed; she could never go back.

"A...date?" she repeated the word numbly.

"Yeah, a date. Well, more like a week-end getaway. A couple of days, that's all, together, just you and me. Maybe at some fancy resort, in one of those honeymoon suites. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" He smiled.

She blanched and grimaced as the thought of what he had in mind, but she nodded dumbly, playing for time, while her mind raced a mile a minute looking for some way out.

She paused to consider this, studying the man with those gorgeous blue eyes of her, those wonderful eyes that almost made him soften.

"And if I agree?" Her voice was low and husky.

"Then the disk is yours, and no one has to know about the little business on the side that you're been running from your pretty office here. Think it over, Candy. Not a bad deal really."

"You know this is blackmail," she pointed out with a threat in her voice.

"Yeah, and this, Lady," he said, holding up the CD for her to see it, "is grand larceny."


Of course the first problem was where place they would take her. It had to be somewhere isolated, like a remote cabin, Lewis thought. It was Crowley who came up with perfect answer. It seems a cousin of his had this place in the hills, a cabin way out in the boondocks. This time of year no one was around. His cousin had left the keys with him to look in on the place while he was traveling. It was a perfect setup! The conspirators spent a weekend there, getting the deserted place ready to house their very special guest. Jack even brought along his collection of sex toys, and Lewis made a few special purchases at the local sex shop, then stopped at a hardware store, so they felt they were well equipped. Everyone knew that what they were doing was dangerous, but by now -- there was no turning back.


Lewis met their guest at the prearranged spot in the airport parking lot where she was to leave her car. He drove up in a rented van, silver with tinted windows; she didn't seem to think that was unusual. She had let her hair down and pulled back in perky pony-tail that gave her a particularly youthful air that had never seen before. She looked good enough to eat; neat and trim in a pair of form fitted jeans, which she wore a western style shirt, with fancy trim and bright sequins down the front; a casual, though expensive, outfit -- one fit for traveling, he decided. But though he was once again taken with her beauty, any positive feelings he might be having was promptly destroyed by her attitude as the bitch climbed in the front seat, cool and prickly as ever, obviously still seething with resentment, although apparently resigned to getting the distasteful task over with.

Before she even had the door closed, he jammed down on the pedal, and roared off at a rapid clip. As they careened down a winding ramp and onto the highway, she opened her mouth to protest but just then the back of her seat collapsed and the girl found herself flat on her back with two guys in camouflage outfits crouching over her from behind. Her screams were drowned out by the radio. She recognized her attackers of course, it flitted through her mind that they these mild mannered office workers looked silly dressed up like Rambo, but she had no time to consider the irony, for she was being dragged kicking and screaming, into the back of the van.

She was twisting and flailing away at her attackers, but Jack was soon on her, using his superior weight to pin her down her wiggling body as the other two grabbed her by the wrists and ankles to further immobilize her. He eased up and looked down into her blazing, angry eyes. Then he did something he had wanted to do for a long time. He slapped her, hard, right across the face.

"Shuddup cunt. Just shut the fuck up!"

The single slap had the desired effect. The squirming girl became instantly still. Jack paused, then eased up, and still straddling her on his knees, he shifted back to settle back sitting on her belly. He thought he could get to enjoy this. And when he saw the look of fear that had come into her eyes, he was even more elated.

"Get off me, you bastard!" The voice was low, controlled and dripping with venom.

"Now see, that ain't nice. If you're gonna play with us your gonna have to learn some manners, now aren't you? And first of all, you're gonna have to learn to control that filthy mouth of yours. He nodded to Eddy who was kneeling behind her and who now dangled a ballgag over the terrified woman's wide blue eyes, letting her get a good look.

"Now, open wide, and say 'ahhh'."

She clenched her jaws tight and shook her head in vehement refusal, her hard eyes blazing with defiance. Jack simply reached down an pinched her nose, held her nostrils shut till she started to squirm helplessly and a look of alarm rose up in her eyes. It took only a few seconds till she gasped in an explosion of air and Eddy, poised for just the right moment, jammed the hard rubber ball into her gaping mouth. In few seconds the straps were secured around her head, and Ms. Candace Ashbee's pretty features were distorted by a red rubber ball tightly wedged between her opened teeth.

"Uuuumph," was all she could manage, a braying protest, that came out repeatedly in an increasingly desperate pitch, and went largely ignored.

Working like a well practiced team, the men who held her quickly shifted positions. Jack slid back to immobilize her bluejeaned legs, while Ben gave up her ankles and scuttled around to assist Eddy who knelt behind her, and was by now raising up her arms over her head, and pinning them to the floor. Their captive now realized she was being handcuffed, and suddenly panic-stricken, let out a muffled screech. An elastic cord was strung from her handcuffs to an anchoring point in the floor high over her head.

Of course the sudden attack, the cuffs and the gag, were a calculated risk, but they had talked about this -- how she would be taken. They didn't know how she would react, or cooperative she'd be, once the initial shock wore off. Besides, it was Jack's idea that treating her a little rough at first, would soften her up; improve her attitude for what was to come. So it was agreed, the initial capture would have all the trappings of an abduction. It was the way to teach the bitch that they meant business.

By now Lewis had pulled the van off the road and scrambled back to join the others in preparing their guest for the weekend fun. He was eager to get a good look at their prize...and to take part in the unveiling.

Now, for the first time he saw their distraught captive, disheveled and panting, pinned down to the carpeted floor of the van.

Restrained as she was by her manacled wrists held over her head, she reminded Lewis of a beast, a magnificent animal brought to bay. Her eyes were big and bright, her mounded chest heaving, her brow sheened with sweat. He could almost smell the woman's fear. She still struggled, but more weakly now, squirming her shoulders, tossing her head from side to side, mewing into her gag. Eddy knelt behind her next to her stretched arms He was stroking her brow, trying to soothe her, fingering her bangs, and telling her in a soft whisper that no one was going to hurt her, that all would be ok. Lewis looked down and appraised the situation.

"Get off her, Jack." The big guy reluctantly dismounted.

The captive looked down from between her upraised arms to watch Lewis who crouched at her feet. She glared at him over her gag. He met her spiteful gaze evenly and keeping his eyes on hers, he gave her a smile as he began to undo the shoelaces of her sneakers. He pulled the running shoes off her feet; her white cotton socks followed. Suddenly it came to her: she was about to be stripped by these grinning louts!

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