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A short story about a couples BDSM session, involving hair pulling, spanking, and candle play.

I wrote this story after reading an "Oh Joy, Sex Toy" Guest comic about candle play, which I couldn't get out of my head afterwards.

I am not native to the English language so there might be some issues, especially with punctuation.

I hope you enjoy.


She nearly jumped when she heard the door ring.

She had been anticipating this moment for days, and had been nervously excited since she woke up this morning.

One last look in the mirror, showed her a brunette with wavy open shoulder length hair, and delicate makeup, wearing a backless top and a black skirt, which was way too short to conceal the fact that she was wearing lingerie stockings.

The doorbell rang again and she ran for the door, hastily pulling it open.

"Hey! Gre-iik." She began when he pulled her out of the door and into a hungry kiss.

She felt the outside wall against her bare back and her palms, and his chest pressing her against it, before she closed her eyes and focused all her attention on his tongue.

Her toes curled inside her socks from the kiss and she felt her knees getting weak.

She had been waiting all week for this.

He broke the kiss and leaned forward, so that she could see the street across his shoulder and the people walking by.

"Did you to as I told you to?" He whispered in her ear, while his hand pushed her skirt up and felt across her ass.

"Yes" She whispered just as his hand found the metal ass-plug, confirming her words.

"Good girl."He said as his hand moved to her pussy rubbing over it.

She beamed at his words, her mouth slightly opening as a soft moan escaped her.

His body was the only thing in the way of every passerby seeing that she was wet, and not wearing underwear.

Closing her eyes and sinking her teeth into his neck she realized that she did not care about anything except his hand between her legs, moving up and down and rubbing across her clit.

Suddenly he grabbed her hair, pulled her head down and dragged her through the door.

Bent over, her head at the same height as his hip she awkwardly stumbled after him, exposing her bare ass with the metallic glint of the ass-plug to everyone who might have looked in their direction.

She heard the door slam shut behind them before he pulled her upward.

Still holding her by the hair he pulled her against him. This time she could feel his erection pressing against her ass cheeks, as he roughly shoved four fingers deep into her mouth.

He moved his fingers in and out of her mouth, and her drool ran down her chin.

"Stay!" He commanded and squatted down.

She bit her lip in anticipation knowing what was about to happen.

He shoved all four fingers inside of her without warning, her wetness and the added lubrication from her saliva making it easy for him.

Then he began forcefully moving his hand up and down in rapid succession, fucking her roughly with his hand.

She screamed from the wonderful assault, pushing her to orgasm in the first few seconds. She could barely keeping standing while spasm cursed through her lower body.

He did not even slow down, and the second orgasm hit her shortly after.

Squirting all over his hand and arm she collapsed, her legs no longer steady enough to keep her upright.

Panting she leaned against the wall enveloped in bliss and a pulsing sensation from her pussy.

"I told you to stay where you were, and you sat down anyway. I think you need to be punished for that."

It was horribly unfair, there was no way she could have kept standing after what he did...and she loved it.

"Yes please." she managed to pant.

"And look what a mess you have made, better clean that up." He said holding his hand before her.

She leaned forward, and began licking his hand clean from her juices, taking time to suck on each finger, and looking him in the eye while doing so. Making sure he understood how much she wanted, needed, this.

When she had licked his hand clean he opened his pants, and she knelt before him, continuing her licking on his dick. Still keeping eye contact and looking up at him while she sucked his dick with everything she had.

"Brace yourself"He said, taking hold of her head with both hands.

She did so opening her mouth wide and pushing her tongue out.

He began deep throating her, pushing her face all the way against his stomach and his dick down her throat.

Then holding her there for a bit while she ran out of air and tried not to gag.

Before pulling out and repeating the process.

She heard him groan as he came inside her mouth, and she could taste his salty semen on her tongue.

He pulled out, and said:

"Show me how you swallow it."

Looking up at him and smiling she opened her mouth. Then closed it and swallowed, before she opened it again, and pushed out her tongue. To show him she had swallowed everything.

Without warning he grabbed her arms pulling her up and pushing her forward.

Directing her to a table he pushed her down on it belly first, her toes barely touching the floor.

She let out a small yelp as he slapped her exposed ass.

"I really like the stockings."He said in a conversational tone.


"The lingerie really looks good on you."


"Thank you." Slap "ugfh."

"I like the sound of that you can keep thanking me."


"Thank you-uuuuu" her voice derailed as he mercilessly pushed his erection inside of her.

He began thrusting into her hard, making the table shake and rubbing her nipples on the table with every thrust. Her mind went blank and instead of thanking him for the irregular hits he gave her ass cheeks, she began just saying "Thank you." every time she exhaled, in time with his thrusts, her breath coming hard and quick as his thrusts did.

She sank into subspace the pain and pleasure mingling in her body. She could feel the ass-plug pushing against his dick making her feel full and yet still hungry for more.

She had no idea how much time had passed and how often she had come, only that she would not mind if the rest of her life was just this mix of rough pleasure.

Then suddenly both his penis and the ass plug were pulled out, and she came, eyes rolling up into her head and groaning, as pleasure shot through her body.

Seconds later she felt dazed, good yet empty and wished for the assault to return.

It just hadn't been enough yet.

She realized he had lifted her up and carried her over to the bed, her thoughts trailing behind reality.

She was no help to him as he undressed her completely and tied her hands over head to the bed. She merely spread her legs and pushed her hips toward him trying to make him understand that he had to finish what he had started without having to say it out loud.

But he just grinned, letting a blindfold and a ball gag dangle before her face.

Very eager to get on with it and continue, she let him blindfold and gag her, but to her surprise he began to gently caress her body, and play with her nipples.

After the rough treatment from before she could barely comprehend this sudden switch.

It felt wonderful, but it just wasn't enough stimulation for her, and since her body signals had failed to get through to him she tried to tell him, that she needed to be taken rough, and that he was driving her insane, tormenting her with this wonderful gentleness.

But the gag made talking impossible, and so all she did was groan and try to wiggle out of her restrains, to kick him, make him angry.

When she felt something pressing against her opening, and gliding in, she thought that he would now finally give her the release she craved.

Then he did begin fucking her again, but slowly, ever so slowly. She tried to push against him, increase the friction, but he just retreated a little until her arms were stretched to the limit and she could no longer follow his movements.

Without warning a sudden hot pain bloomed across, her right breast, making her whimper into the gag, before it slowly dimmed down. She heard him laugh, and seconds later a similar pain spread across her right breast, and she arched her back, groaning into the gag.

It took her overloaded mind a while to understand that he was dripping hot wax on her.

The slow continues pleasure from her lower body was amplified through the sudden bursts of heat appearing without warning all over her body. On her legs, her belly, her nipples.

Each drop making her shiver and draw breathe sharply around the gag.

She felt helpless, unable to predict where the next drop would land, and unable to stop it, and loving how she felt.

Then for a moment everything was still and silent except for her panting around the gag.

She screamed, and he laughed, as he rammed into her in one violent thrust, while at same moment an Icey cold touched her clit, from the ice cube he had pushed down on it.

She came hard, a muffled scream wrenched from her by the shock and pleasure, as her whole body twitched uncontrollably. Her mind reeling to keep up and failing.

Before she finally sank into blackness of sleep, she tried to thank him one last time, but the gag stopped her...she thought he must know anyway.

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