tagNonHumanCanis: Simon and Victori

Canis: Simon and Victori


I was in my first round of physical therapy, the year before she left us. I was six. Back then, my mother used to tell me, "Life is a crap shoot, kid. Most of the time you lose more than you win." She gambled, with more than just money. She tried to teach me how to play, and while I loved the theory, I... didn't do very well when I rolled the dice. I'm sickly. Bad constitution, I've got a nervous system disorder, and I can't move around all that well. Got held back a year because I couldn't walk well enough, you know how popular that made me in school. I'm not saying that I'm unique, I know I'm not. Today, dad's got more money than time, so I get to do what I like. Even though I'm a trust fund baby, he's not worried that I'll run off or anything.

I hobbled down the halls on my crutches, as my classmates tried to ignore me. A combination of nerd, cripple, and new money was usually enough to piss off most everyone.

Getting smart wasn't a choice, it was self-defense. My brain was all I had. Learning was a sanctuary, for me. Science is pure. Science doesn't judge. Science doesn't trip you in the hall and laugh as you flail about trying to pick yourself up from the floor.

Science also doesn't help you to your feet.

It's not like I can even blame the bullies for doing what they do. It's a pantomime of survival of the fittest, they cull the weak from the herd for mockery. Predators eat prey, bullies elevate their status on the shoulders of people like me. On the first day of this last year, sprawled on the floor, I pulled myself to the wall so that I could at least sit up. I closed my eyes, felt my pulse throb in my split lip. I had so far refused to trundle about in a chair to get to class. The laughter died down.

"Hold still, I've called the security guard to help get you up."

A cold damp cloth gently cleaned my neck and chin. My eyes flicked open and up at her long lean legs. Victori, my best friend and the smartest girl in school dabbed under my lip.

"Did you see who did it?"

I smiled and she grimaced.

"Maybe I was just clumsy this time."

"That's ridiculous. You're the most deliberate person I know."

The security guard arrived. Victori placed one strong hand under my shoulder, and the other under my elbow, and with an unfortunately practiced motion lifted with the guard.

Victori could probably lift me alone if she had to. Thank whatever unkind God there is, that she never had to. I could barely stand her touch for a moment. She was tall and thin, wiry strong, with a plain long freckled face. Her long legs and torso had tight muscle definition from long distance running, and the sports bras she usually wore did nothing for the little she had on top.

I lusted after her.

A moment of contact went straight to the one part of me not short changed by life.

Once on my feet and crutches, I turned away from her, to hide my growing bulge. The last thing I wanted was the only person who would speak to me disgusted by my complete lack of control.

"I'll see you in lab, okay?"

I had a project. Something I hoped would change everything for me.

"Okay, I'll see you there..."

I had to check the chip. I had it in my pocket when I fell. If it was damaged, or bruised, I'd have to start over. I don't think I could wait that long to try again. The glass vial was intact, my little silicon and stem cell marvel floated untouched in the saline solution.

Tendrils of nano-circuit board grew through the cell mass. This had taken me months to grow and integrate, and the cell donor was almost old enough to ween from his mother.


Werelings, at nine weeks old, are more paws than pooch. His mother paid no attention to me, like everyone else. She lay tits up with five kits fighting for access, a medium sized breeding bitch. She shifting back and forth, sometimes looking mostly human. I had the largest of her kit, the tranquilizer in the treat had him snoozing soundly in my lap. My hands were steady.

"I am the most deliberate person she knows."

He barely moved as the needle slid through the flesh at the base of his skull. I didn't want it to hurt. I loved this creature. Once I was sure the needle was at the right depth, I injected the cell mass and nano tech into the donor host. The stem cells came from... Chip, and continued to grow around the technology. The hope being that the risk of rejection might be reduced.

Only a drop of blood in his brindle fur marked the injection site after I removed the needle.

I held Chip until he woke from sleep with lazy puppy like yawns.

Both eyes clear, focused. Good.


Middle term first semester, Chip is four months old. Every test says that the tech inside him is stable, that there is no rejection. The chip in Chip is powered up, running on his body heat at better than my projections. Phase two is harder. The second chip is floating in the syringe, I have to get this right, but I'm not flexible enough to do this accurately and ultimately, what I'm planning to do isn't ethical or moral, so I can't ask for help. I have to inject myself from the side of my neck and pray that I'm on target.

I have to psych myself up. It's not like I'll feel much pain...

There. It's in.

Now I wait.


"Where have you been? I was worried and you missed a test!"

Victori swooped in on my wheelchair from the direction of the track. Her crop top highlighted her chiseled abs, tight waist, and narrow hips.

"I had a procedure, experimental. I took a few days to take it easy."

It was the truth, or near enough. My chip was in the right place, powered, but not yet turned on. No signs of rejection, by now it should be integrated with my nervous system. The bruises on my neck were yellow instead of purple.

"Are you alright?"

She looked concerned. She put her hand on my knee. My cock snaked down my leg, dangerously close to her hand.

"I'm not dying, well not yet. I'm just hoping to get out of this chair."

Right now was not the time to be looking down at her skirt.

"How experimental?"

"On a scale of one to ten? Seventeen. I'm not getting my hopes up."

She stood up. The bare skin of her long legs next to my head. I hated when people sat or squatted to talk to me in the chair.

"I'll keep you in my thoughts."

"I might be out more days this week, would you drop by my house Friday with my assignments? I know I missed your birthday and I have a present for you at my house. I need to give it to you before I get too attached."

I smiled. Too attached. Funny.

"I will, got to run, Simon!"

Watching Victori run off was almost more than I could bear. Her gym shorts stretched tightly over the globes of her fantastic bubble butt. All of Victori's excessive running and exercise had failed to destroy it's perfection, and every step bounced perilously close to exposing those cheeks to the world. I half willed/half prayed my cock to relax, and closed my eyes.

As she reached the field, James Galion slapped her on the ass. She didn't seem to care, and giggled in response playfully shoving the footballer away.

The little green monster of jealousy and rage that exploded in my chest was neither little or focused on just Victori. James had taunted me, like most bullies, but he was a touch smarter than I thought. James knew the best way to torture me, was to court Victori. He inferred that he'd fucked her as often as he could without her catching on, James often demonstrated the difference between his athletic body and mine while staring me dead in the eye.

I couldn't watch them.

Time to do something stupid! I reached into my pocket and used my phone to boot the chip nesting in my head. Instantly, I felt more energy, but suddenly felt so alone I could weep. My emotions were all over the map, excitement for no reason, lethargy, then a surplus of energy. This made no sense.

I used a medical pass, and left for home.

"Hey Chip, how are you doing boy?"

Suddenly my mood lifted again, and the already large for a wereling, head of Chip rested in my lap. I felt love wash through my body. Love coming from Chip. With only the chipset powered, I interpreted emotions broadcast from Chip! I set my phone in the cradle on the arm of my chair. Scratching the creature, I flicked on the audio command functions.

"Activate primary chip functions."

Blurry vision threw me into a fit of nausea, until I closed my eyes and did some deep breathing. With my eyes closed, I could still see... my own face very close in black and white, and the thick tongue that painted my cheek.

It worked. I could see through Chips eyes, I could experience the world through his furry body.

It was like riding along, like being a passenger sitting in the seat next to the bus driver. I could feel his heart beat, his bewilderment with the sensation of not being alone in his own head.

"Deactivate primary chip functions."

I opened my eyes, everything felt normal again, with Chip none the worse for wear. He curled up on my bed and drifted off to sleep.


Biology class, my favorite class. Usually Victori and I were lab partners. I looked forward to class three times a week. I pretended to not know the answers so she could help me. This week has been all James Galion all the time. As he slipped his hand down the small of her back, she sucked in a sharp breath as he cupped her ass.

I'm surprised and disappointed she's bothering with the moron. This is a waste of my time. I swiped my phone on, secured in the cradle rest in the arm of my wheelchair.

Primary functions on.

I closed my eyes.

Chip was looking out the window at the cars. He had a flea.

Secondary functions on.

I looked down at my paws. I shifted found the flea, crushing it between short claw tips. I shifted again, and jumped to the floor. I ran to the bedroom and leaped onto the bed, burrowing under the covers.

I opened my eyes. Victori.

"Simon! Wake up! Oh God I thought you were having a seizure."

I swiped my phone, Click. All functions off.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm ok."

James looked annoyed.

"Class dismissed. Simon, nurses office, no arguments. Victori, make sure he gets there."

"Yes sir."

Not a complete waste of time. Solid connection from over ten miles away, stage two connection and control. I'll have to hear what this seizure looked like, before Friday.

"You scared the hell out of me."

"I'm sorry."

"You've never had a seizure in front of me, is this part of that experimental thing you have done?"

"It was a possibility. What did I look like?"


"Well what?"

"You looked like a dog. A sleeping dog."

"That's kinda funny."


The higher level functions had communication in both directions. I've dampened the signals coming down the back channel. That should stop the movements that look like a fit. Chip is ready for Friday.


I stayed home Friday, just to make sure Victori came. Chip and I linked up all day long, just to shake all the bugs out of the program. With effort, I found that I could run my body and his at the same time.

This should work out, easy. Victori loved werelings.

I heard her long strides coming down the hallway. Three knocks.

"Are you decent?"

She always asked, ever since we were kids.

"You know I've never been decent! Come in."

100 pounds of awkward shifter sprinted at Victori.

"OMG Simon!"

Chip slid to a stop at her feet, turned his head to look at her face sat down and extended a paw.

"He's so CUTE! Is he a he?"

"Take a look?"

"Oh Christ. He's *definitely* a he."


"He's hung like a rhino. Is he service trained?"

"That was the initial idea."

Chip whined.

"Are you going to shake his paw or what?"

Her eyes lingered on Chip's equipment.

"Yes! I'm sorry, nice to meet you."

She shook his paw with both hands, and Chip nuzzled his snout against her finger tips.

"He's beautiful!"

"He's yours."

"I can't take your wereling!"

"You can take him. Chip belongs to you.."

Chip lay his head in her lap, on those long, tan, perfect legs.

"He likes you. I can tell. You have to take him."

She leaned over to pet Chip giving me an unobstructed view of her long perfect neck. I ignored the distraction and focused on the conversation.

"He's terribly smart, and I'm just afraid that if these experiments don't work, I won't be around to take care of him."

That's stopped her dead. The smell of Victori I interpreted through Chip was intoxicating, then I smelled her fear.

"What do you mean you won't be around?"

"I mean I might die. I just want someone I trust to take care of Chip. You need to take him today, because after this week I don't know that I can... well... anything."


"His things are packed, and I made sure that he gets a nice percentage of my trust as long as he lives. He won't cost a thing-"

"Simon, it's not about the money, you just told be you are going to die!"

"Maybe, but we all knew that was coming, right? Please, take Chip. I need you to have him."

"Alright. I'll do it."

"Chip, you're going home with Victori, protect her."

Chip whined.

"I'm serious. She's your mistress now. Wave goodbye."

Chip put a paw in the air, and waved.


There was little fuss as she drove Chip home. I listened in the front seat panting, while she drove home. As she unpacked wereling gear from the car, Victori spoke to chip.

"What am I supposed to do with you?"

I nudged Chip to pick up his leash and bring it to her.

"You want to walk? Alright, try to keep up."

The stride of Chip's legs was more than enough to keep up with Victori on her usual two mile run. Werelings matured quickly, and even though he didn't have his full body mass, I thrilled in the sensation of strong legs under me. I didn't care if they were two legs or four.

As we turned back to the house the smell of her sweat filled my nose.

"Alright Chip! Way to keep up. Good boy! Let's get you something to eat."

I turned off all but the lowest connections to Chip, letting him eat while I double checked my equipment and my vital signs. My heart rate and endorphin levels were elevated, not surprising because of the complete success of this venture.

The raw data I captured filled dozens of terabytes, I would have to take the time to filter what I recorded.

"Activate secondary functions."

Victori opened the door to her bedroom, a place that I had never seen, since it was upstairs. Surprisingly, it was fairly utilitarian, with only a small gesture to traditional feminine furnishings. She had a vanity that appeared to be quite old, many shelves full of trophies, and a giant pillow filled bed. She unceremoniously plopped down sinking in the fabric.

"Come here boy."

I padded to her, her long fingers scratching me behind the ear. Her touch felt so very, right.

"Wait for me a little, and I'll be right back."

She kicked off her running shoes with her toes digging into the heels, flung her socks into the hamper, then whipped her P.E. uniform top off and into the bin. She hooked both thumbs into both her underwear and running shorts pulling them to the ground and stepped out of them. She grabbed the clothes with her long toes, and flicked them in as well. Crisp tan lines cut across her legs, starting right under her ass. She hesitated, catching Chip's eyes as I gave her an elevator stare.


Victori chucked a heavily padded running bra at Chip's head. I tipped my nose down, letting the bra fall, as I drank in all the details before me. On the slightest suggestion of a breast, her nipples were strangely long and hard, thick nubs nested in puffy areolas. It was no wonder she wore the bras she did. Bitch tits. The wereling that birthed Chip had bigger tits, and more of them.

She spun on her heels, and dashed into the bathroom. The sounds of the shower echoed through the room. I shape-shifted chip to his more humanoid form, plucked her bra from the carpet with long fingers, I padded on two legs to the hamper. Dropping the bra half in, I buried Chip's nose into her panties. The were nothing special, white cotton and elastic, but the smell was pure unrefined Victori.

She sings in the shower.

Steam rolled into the room and off her skin as she stepped back toward the bed. A towel wrapped her long dark hair, but she didn't bother to cover any of the rest of her long lean frame. She stretched her legs, bending over to touch the floor, her thumb-sized click protruded from the tight slash of her smooth pussy.

Victori didn't have a hair on her body below the neck.

As a rule, werelings don't mate with humans, so I'm sure that was the last thing on her mind. Chips body hosting my mind had a different reaction than it might have had on its own. At home, I was slowly stroking my cock. The only place in my life that I've been blessed, my cock is ridiculously large and thick, compared to the rest of me. Chip's equipment puts mine to shame.

Chip's cock extended from its sheathe.

"Holy shit Chip, you *are* hung like a rhino ."

I had her full attention.

She licked her lips and shook her head. Nice girls didn't look at these things. Victori hung her wet towel on the back of a chair, shyly she stole one more long look through the screen of her hair.

She crawled into her bed, still naked from the shower, I could smell the beginnings of her arousal. At my house, I'd already cum all over myself, and I jerked off for another hour watching get her sleep until she was dead to the world. Chip silently stole forward.

Victori lay on her stomach, both arms forward clutching her pillows. The bubble of her ass was a vision by moonlight.

I'd hidden in Chip's collar a few things that I'd need, the first a single dose syrette to keep her from waking, second, suppository containing the rest of my plans. Hopefully what would happen next would be remembered as a vivid dream if anything at all.

I brushed the hair from her neck. I didn't want her to wake and find Chip like this, it could get him put down, and that would be devastating to my plans. The fine needle of the injector slowly slipped into the vein of her left arm, she should be unable to completely wake up for at least another five hours.

She moaned as I recovered my trash and prepped the suppository.

I spread her legs as gently as possible. The desire to bury Chip's substantial equipment between those thighs had my actual body in a sweat. I spread her ivory butt cheeks, delighted at the sharp division of her tan lines and slipped Chip's tongue into her ass. I needed to lubricate the passage as much as possible.

I want to say I loved every minute.

She moaned and arched her ass up in the air to get my tongue deeper inside her. I needed to get the gelcap and it's contents into her system, I needed to push it as far into her intestine as possible.

Her butt hole dilated to an inch in diameter with the gradual pressure of Chip's tongue. The pill easily pushed into the open orifice sitting a fingers distance up the anus. Another few pushes with Chip's marvelous tongue and the gelcap drifted through the second ring of muscle where it needed to be. I was in heaven. Pure bliss surrounded me... until Chip's amazing senses smelled, and tasted- James Galion.

I recoiled.

That had to be enough for tonight. I put Chip to sleep, and disconnected. My cock vaulted from the seat of my wheelchair and into the air. I replayed the visual data from Chip, blowing another load. I fought to keep the image of James fucking Victori up the ass from my mind's eye. The knowledge that Victoria had cuckold me clawed my pride as I tried to get myself to sleep.


"Hey boy, good morning, let's get you some food before I run to school."

She paused, after filling his bowl with chow. Victori didn't quite feel in sync with her body, something incredibly unusual for the star athlete. There was a heat in her body, that was not a fever, an ache within her that she could not find a source. Victori scratched Chip behind the neck, she leaned forward, smelling him closer, trying to understand what had pulled her attention. There was something there, something she couldn't quite put her finger on, something that smelled... good.

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