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Can't Rape the Willing


Christina pulled her car into her usual spot and got out of her car, she'd had a nice evening watching a movie with her mom, nothing unusual it was something she did a few times a week with friends or family and enjoyed doing ever since she was a kid. She locked the door and began fumbling around in her purse as she walked into her block searching for the key to her apartment. she entered the complex and headed for the steps to her 2nd floor apartment its was small but practical and she shared it with a friend Lauren, they had met at her previous work and Lauren needed a place to stay and she needed someone to split the rent with it made sense and they had lived together for over a year now quite happily.

She began climbing up the steps and noticed the light that usually lit her hallway and stairwell was not working again she mumbled and thought to herself in the morning she would call in to see the owner of the complex and have him fix it, thankfully it wasn't too dark the moon lit the nights sky and she could make out enough of the path ahead so carried on. She reached the door, finally finding her key buried at the bottom of her purse she put the key in the lock opening the door eager to get inside and rest her aching feet she'd had quite a busy day and was looking forward to putting her feet up with a coffee.

Suddenly she collapsed to the floor barely through the doorway, she had fallen into the half open door banging her head slightly, she was dazed slightly confused half thinking she had tripped over one of her cats, she looked toward the door it was no cat it was man! she realised she was in fact pushed feeling a slight pain in the small of her back she eyed the figure the light was behind him she couldn't see his face, but he was tall certainly over 6ft but quite slim, for a second she thought it was her neighbour Jim but he was larger than the figure in her doorway. She could she he was holding something a knife! Christina froze this wasn't Jim. Still dazed by her fall and not sure if she should scream or run or fight off the man but she was only 5ft 2 and 135lbs no match for a man his size and certainly not one with a knife.

He sprang forward slamming the door shut she heard the lock "click" as he lunged on top of her "Now bitch do as I say and maybe I wont hurt you" he boomed flashing the knife in his hand giving Christina a view of its blade "you see this? scream and I will cut your tongue out, we can do this the hard way or the harder way!". She was stunned who was this man? who does he think he is? she thought and suddenly she realised she was in trouble this man wanted something if she didn't do as he wanted she would get hurt maybe worse. Her mind raced half hoping her room mate Lauren would come home early from work or her sister would call round as she often did anything to stop what was happening.

"Do you like to suck bitch?" he said menacingly Christina was stunned she thought she was being robbed but this? it had been over 8 months since she been with a man she'd wanted sex badly for awhile now but not like this!. The man got up pulling her with him he almost threw Christina on to her couch. Following her into her living room he pounced on her again "Do you want me to use this" showing her the knife again she looked at him and shook her head to say no "Then do as your told, your going to suck and your goin to enjoy it like the little slut you are!" he stood up and unzipping himself his trousers fell above his knees revealing his white boxers and he sat on the couch grabbing Christina he pulled her around her knees hitting the floor hard her head in his lap, Christina began to sob her knees throbbed from hitting the hard floor and the situation was too just much for her to take in.

"Shut up and suck!" he yelled taking his cock out of his boxers with his left hand the knife in the other Christina knew just what she had to do. She eyed his cock it was big not quite 8 inches she'd never seen a real live cock as big as this it was thick and hard and ready for action. "If I feel any teeth you will feel this blade understand!" Christina nodded shaking in fear. He grabbed her long hair pulling her on to him and forcing her lips to open they struggled tfor a few minutes before she relented and opened her mouth allowing his cock to slide in to her mouth no use making this worse than it already is she thought. He grunted in obvious pleasure as it hit her warm mouth. "Now suck bitch" he said Christina hadnt noticed it before but his accent was unfamiliar he wasn't from this area that's for sure she thought.

Not sure what to do next she had wanted cock so badly for a few months now but this wasn't the way, he began to slowly force her head up and down his thick shaft grasping her hair in both hands the knife blade held firmly against the back of her head in his right hand it was an ever present reminder of what lay in store for her if she didn't comply with his demands. He began humping her mouth fucking it with his cock slowly forcing more of it into her mouth. She began to relax her mouth slightly accepting her fate as a fuck toy for this rapist she gagged slightly as the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat but he continued undisturbed by her discomfort thrusting her head up and down.

Suddenly she found her tongue began to swirl along his length and around the head of his cock she was confused was she beginning to enjoy this? she soon wiped those thoughts from her mind justifying it with the fact she was trying to get him to cum so he would go the sooner he cum's the sooner he will be gone she thought. He began to hump faster feeling her more willing to suck on his member now, soft moans began emanating from his throat in pleasure of her attentions faster he pulled her head down hitting the back of her throat tickling her throat Christina relaxed her mouth and throat as much as she could not wanting to gag on him or worse be sick in his lap.

His pace quickened and his soft moans grew louder Christina could feel the blood pumping he was close to ending this she thought to herself. "You better swallow it all bitch" he moaned, his words echoed around her apartment. He groaned loudly and she tried to pull back but to no avail his hands held her too tightly for her to move. His cock spasmed shooting a load of cum into her mouth and down her throat her reaction was to spit it out but she couldn't there was only one place it was going and that was down, she swallowed the first load half choking on it as another load began to again fill her mouth and throat this time she managed to swallow it more down easily. He withdrew from her throat it was sore from being the rapist's toy as Christina collapsed to the floor swallowing what was left of his cum as best she could knowing harm may become of her if she instead spat it out. She could smell his sweaty odour and taste his sweet salty cum in her mouth this was not a feeling she had experienced in some time and was a feeling she missed more than she had realised.

When she looked up again he had removed his jeans and had tossed them to one side his cock was beginning to harden still glistening from the wetness of her mouth and his cum she suddenly realised she was going to be raped. He straddled Christina and shredded the tank top she was wearing off with ease revealing her white lacy bra he began to play with her breasts feeling the firmness of her 34D's he stopped grasping the knife he ran the blade under the straps and severed them and removed her bra. She instinctively covered herself as best she could with her arms but he quickly grasped both her wrists overpowering her he held them to her sides, she was pinned unable to move totally at her rapists mercy. He began to kissing her pushing his lips against hers but she moved her head to the side so he began moving down her neck caressing it he quickly reached her breast and sucked and bit at her left nipple sucking it in to his mouth he sucked hard caressing it with his tongue.

Christina's nipples always had been sensitive and this drew a yelp of pleasure, pain and delight out of her all at the same time she gasped as he continued, trying not to give her rapist the pleasure of knowing how good this felt she bit her bottom lip but she wouldn't be able to control the effect this was having between her thighs. Having her nipples sucked and played with always had made her very wet and this time was no different she tried to remember she was being raped but it was no use as his tongue continued its assault on her right nipple she could feel the warmness between her thighs and the hardness of his cock pinned between his body and her legs.

he stopped and Christina let out a slight moan as he released her nipple from his mouth "You little slut your enjoying this" he said laughing slightly to himself he released her hands he quickly moved his attentions to her jeans his swiftly unzipped her and lifted her butt allowing him to slip her jeans and her soaking panties off in one go as he tossed them to one side she tried to get up and run but he grabbed her by the ankle causing her to fall to her knees. "Bitch stay still this is your last warning" Christina new his tone it was one her heard her boss use when he was angry he meant business and she began to sob knowing her rapist was going to fuck her. By now he had moved in behind her and she soon felt his cock and balls brush on her butt he held her by the shoulder with his left hand while rubbing the head of his prick up and down her slit. Christina's body had betrayed her she was wet and her juices met his cock running down its shaft "I knew you were enjoying this, your nothing but a fucking slut" he laughed as he rammed his cock into her, she gasped as did this her muscles instinctively tightening around him as she continued to sob.

He grabbed her by the waist and began fucking her slamming his cock deep within her body ramming it against the walls of her vagina, she had never had anyone as big as him before and it hurt her slightly but her body was now adjusting to him helped by her juices lubricating his cock allowing it to invade her at will. He began to pant feeling another load building in his balls and she could feel and hear the unmistakable sound of his balls slapping on her butt, she too was feeling herself warming to the task and she suddenly realised she was fucking him back she began to rock with him meeting him pushing her butt back to meet his cock as it moved in and out of her body. Christina didn't care now she was broken she was being fucked by some man, a rapist someone she didn't know and the pleasure and pain was all too much for her and she began to moan and grunt with him as he fucked her.

Suddenly she could feel his cock begin to spasm inside of her and his pace quickened wildly he slammed in once more and it finally erupted spraying his seed deep within her body, this was too much for her and her pussy erupted clamping around him causing him to send stream after stream of his thick cum in to her vaginal walls she moaned in obvious pleasure as an orgasm sent her body slumping to the floor in delight. His cock had left her body as she slumped onto the carpet leaving her sobbing with cum drizzling out of her body she was confused, scared and yet fulfilled all at the same time. He had got up and was shuffling around the room he flicked on the lamp by the couch filling the room with light, Christina looked into his eyes and at his glistening body wet with there juices "Tom" she beamed wiping away her tears she smiled and hugged her new boyfriend warmly.

* * * * *

*This is a combined fantasy of mine and an online girlfriend obviously the names have been changed I wrote it for her as a joke at first now I'm just wondering how well or how badly I wrote this but frankly I don't care too much as long as she enjoys it that's all that matters*

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