tagSci-Fi & FantasyCaptain Amsterdam

Captain Amsterdam


(C) - GratefulFred

It was the year 2010 and female orgasms were a thing of the past. It took all but a swift 6 months for this man made virus to spread throughout the planet and suck the sexual pleasure right out of womankind. The male run religious right dominated planet suggested that God had something to do with it and seemed to downplay the virus since it wasn't fatal. Women worldwide were helpless to promote their cause as wars were waging, the economy was floundering, and every other commercial on TV was about being God fearing believers.

This being said, one place in Europe wasn't falling in line with this philosophy – the Netherlands. In a secret underground laboratory dozens of women with highly sensitive probes attached to their heads were taking on a few hundred men in a mad orgy. Scientists studied the results analytically looking for any sign of female arousal. After several days one woman was chosen for a very dangerous procedure. Her name was Stephanie Rogers and though she wasn't your typical working prostitute, the Danes knew she was the best for the job and they needed to move fast. Stephanie was tied spread eagle on a table as a giant dildo slowly was inserted in her shooting out some special blue cum of unknown origins. Stephanie passed out as her vital signs shut down.

Suddenly a giant explosion rocked the bunker as American army men with crosses on their uniforms charged in killing everybody in the name of God. They grabbed the man they were looking for – the lead scientist. They demanded the secret formula he was working on. The lead scientist smiled as he looked at the empty table for he knew that Stephanie had escaped. He defied them to the bitter end and screamed, "Captain Amsterdam – Avenge me!" as a hundred bullets ended his life.

Meanwhile somewhere in an alley Stephanie was feeling quite horny. In no time she realized that she had incredible strength and agility and her body was the utmost of perfection. She broke into a nearby closed dominatrix shop and took some appropriate garb. As she made her way amongst the city, she started asking girls for sex every chance she had. Most girls now living in deep depression didn't see the purpose, but one did – her name was Sucky Bones.

The moment Sucky Bones licked Stephanie's hot wet pussy she felt a surge of electricity. Both girls were cumming in no time as they rocked in orgasmic delight making love over and over again. By morning Sucky knew that Stephanie was womankind's savior and though she knew she'd have to share her with others, Sucky felt in love with Stephanie and Stephanie felt that love back. Stephanie told Sucky of the operation that nearly killed her and that she would stop at nothing to avenge womankind anywhere they were in peril. They formed a powerful friendship and together went out to save a planet.

Meanwhile back in the states, the head of the southern Baptists, an ugly old balding lady was having a private meeting with President Jeb. Her name was of little importance as she fancied the nickname she was given – The Red Scum. She informed Jeb about some unconfirmed reports of women having orgasms in Holland. Jeb grew worried and sent her to check things out.

The Red Scum walked through the red light district in Amsterdam and everywhere she saw women having sex and enjoying it. Posters on the walls had words of praise for Captain Amsterdam and Sucky. The Red Scum took a nice young girl aside and asked her about where she could meet this Captain Amsterdam. The girl told them that Captain Amsterdam would be around this Friday night at "Club 69". The Red Scum thanked her and sprayed some perfume on the girl. The girl started to feel her hair fall out, her face turn a bright red. Some "Jesus music" played over the Red Scum's MP3 player as she watched the girl die before her eyes.

Friday morning arrived and Sucky and Captain Amsterdam were pleasing another dozen ladies when bullets shot through their apartment. Captain America made easy work of the dozen or so American soldiers as no one could match her reflexes and power. She dodged bullets with ease, snapped cocks off in a split second, and broke a man's jaws between her breasts. However, Sucky was the real target and she was knocked out. Stephanie fought another dozen but couldn't catch up to Sucky's captors. She ran as fast as she could, making it to the port where a submarine was stationed in nearby waters. She grabbed a boat and raced it like the devil to destroy any who stood in her way. She fought many more weak men as she saw Sucky tied to a large missile. A woman stood before her with an evil look in her eye. She proclaimed that the missile will destroy the red light district and of course Sucky. The Red Scum in a surprise move disrobed herself revealing she had no breasts or pussy. This distracted Captain Amsterdam enough so that the missile began to lift off. Captain Amsterdam made a mad dash grabbing a hold of the missile as it lifted off. She had but one chance and that was to jam the controls on the rocket. She succeeded as the rocket spun off course in a northern direction. Captain Amsterdam made eye contact with the tied up Sucky for one last time as the missile landed seconds latter in the frozen icy sea.

20 long years passed as an Eskimo tribe worshiped a frozen female whose body was encased in four foot deep in ice. Slowly global warming kicked in as the ice melted and the female miraculously comes back to life. To bring her body heat back to normal she has sex with the grateful Eskimos and gets a sled ride back to the mainland. Stephanie learns that though time has passed she is still as young and hot as she was 20 years ago. She fucks her way across Canada and North America with a destination set for Washington DC.

She catches up with the news that little has changed in the last 20 years save the world is even worse off now. George Bush IV is President and his aunt the Red Scum lives in the White House. Though security is tight, nothing is too tight for Captain Amsterdam as she breaks into the White House. She confronts the Red Scum in the Lincoln bedroom catching her in a state of disbelief. She reaches for her perfume bottle and Captain Amsterdam twists her wrists as the spray catches the Red Scum face first causing her to scream in agony. The Red Scum's shriveled face turns into that of a red faced skull, as she dies a most painful death.

The President's wife, Hillary comes in and before she can speak Captain Amsterdam throws her on the bed and has wild sex with her. Hillary is totally taken over by the rush of excitement, having her first orgasm in over 20 years. As the two girls lie on the bed exchanging sweet touches and kisses Hillary tells Stephanie that it's really she who holds the power, not her witless husband, and she'll do everything she can to getting things back to the old days before the virus.

The girls kiss as Captain Amsterdam departs for Manhattan on a mission to save womankind one woman at a time.

The End

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